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Trig’s Take.

Can you believe it?

The Grand Final is on Saturday.


Did you ever think we would get there?

Wow it has been quite a year so let’s take a minute to recap. The AFL season kicked off in March After 7.5 games it was decided that the AFL season would be suspended. That is just the first of many firsts! They decided at half time on the Sunday arvo game to suspend the season due to health and safety and orders from the state government. So, the guys had to play half a game (not sure if they knew or not) and then the other game started and finished knowing there was no game next week – Bizarro. And there were no crowds allowed to go the footy. How strange was it when they kicked a goal and it was like a training session, just chirping of crickets. In fact, some players had to go retrieve the ball from the stands!

No one could train together and had to try and stay fit during the lockdown. After 7 weeks the AFL commenced again but with no crowds. But channel seven had a plan and “fake” crowd noise was introduced. It was nothing like the real thing but at least it drowned out the silence. Some clubs even put cardboard cut outs in the crowd. Guess they did wave in the wind.

It was also decided to cut the season and the game time down to, so each team played each other only once during the home and away season. We also had interstate teams sharing the one plane in and out of Victoria. I wonder what Toby Green and Dane Rampe would have discussed?

Not sure about the timing but bear with me on this. Next, we had a player test positive to Coronavirus which turned out to be a false negative? This meant that the Bombers and the Demons game couldn’t take place, so we had 8 games completed that round. It was deemed safe for the AFL to continue after the negative result but the State Government was mishandling the hotel quarantine at the time so it was deemed unsafe to continue to play AFL in Victoria so all the Vic teams packed their bags and headed to Qld. To help the season continue both WA teams also joined the hub in Qld.

Not long after most of the families headed north to join their partners. Wouldn’t be long before we had some hub breaches with fines issued. Players started to come to terms with living in a hub and flying in and out, some settled better than others with West Coast really struggling playing in Qld but would be rewarded with some home games in WA later in fixture.

The AFL decided that they wanted the season in totality finished by October so put the season into overdrive and on steroids with 20 games being played in 30 days. I think it was 20 days of continuous footy with footy played every night. After that they decided the players needed a break so granted them a bye except the bombers and the demons. Once everyone had a rest, they decided nope we are not done yet. They ramped it up again a couple of weeks later to get the home and away season done and dusted. If you have read any of my other reviews you would be well caught up on what happened in the finals. Then we had Lachie Neale win the Brownlow by a street on Monday night but had to present his own medal?

I know it would be have been great for Qld to have the home team play in the GF but when you think about it this is the perfect end to the strangest season of AFL ever.

To top off “the crazy season” we have two Victorian teams playing in Grand Final interstate and under lights! Perfect.

Ta da – this calls for a song!

So, what happened in the HAPPY Ending?

For those still following along at home. We had a few more teams who didn’t bother putting in a team for round 3 of the finals which is a shame, but we will forge ahead to talk about those who did. Don’t Blush baby took the chockies this week with Singapore flyers right on his tail. Big Nank and the Hawk were the top scorers this week. The top 5 teams can be found below.

I have created a graph for each team to see how you went for the round with variance to the leader column so you can see how much ground you must make up.  This can be found in the graph tab on the link below.


But we have played three rounds now so who is leading overall?

I have also created a total graph to show who is leading and how much ground you may need to make up on the leader. After three rounds Chartomben is leading all comers with 4462 points. Can he hang on and win overall we will know in a couple of days.

The top 5 teams can be found below:

Click on the link above and look at the SC Total Graph to see how far you are behind Chartomben.

Grand Final Happy Ending.

Blank canvas. Start again.

I’m not going to list the rules again, everyone should be familiar of what needs to take place so will just put up the new link. If you need a refresher, please visit last week’s post.


Maximum number of players from each team as set out below.

Week 3 of Finals: (From 4 Teams participating – Maximum of 3 players from each team):

•10 Players consisting of:

O2 Back

o5 Midfield

o1 Ruck

o2 Forwards

Team Selection.

I have created a new spreadsheet for the Grand Final!


To ensure all the formulas are working correctly as two teams have been eliminated and we have two teams who have had the week off coming back in, I have reset everyone’s team to the same starting team. You just need to go in and change it in the Grand Final.

Teams must be complete before the first bounce on Saturday Night.

Note: As the graph is linked to each team can you put your team in the same spot.

To Add a bit of spice to the Ground Final I have also added a Norm Smith Line. This may give the teams who are lagging the leader a chance to catch him if they correctly pick the Norm Smith. This will operate the same as the Captains choice except you need to put an “N” next to the player who you think will win the Norm Smith for the best player on the ground during the Grand Final. If you correctly pick the winner, you will also receive their supercoach points to be added to you total for the Grand Final!

Good Luck for the Grand Final!

With the Norm Smith now in play Still anyone’s game.

Gone to my happy place be back in a few …..

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Hey Trig. Have enjoyed this again! How can you make someone captain and NS medallist? Or must they be two different players?


Thanks keen takes a bit of work to run this each year.
Couldn’t figure out a way for NS and capt to be the same so they have to be different players.

See both teams have gone on unchanged.


Last edited 1 year ago by TRIGGA HAPPY

You can put the N and C together trig, Instagators did it, I’ve tried it and can too 🙂


Saints off season is looking good Russty Crouch will help Steele no end Will Hogan be a chance imagine king and hogan at his best


Hey mate, yeah good to see they’re strengthening up the mids, not sure about Hogan, he has plenty of talent but also some head issues to work out.


Gator is so Tech clued up isn’t he ,,definitely the go to man tech wise.wonderful job Trigg and top entertainment by the ISOlators kudos to you NDD


Yeah I have the C and N both on Danger, hope that’s legal?!


Best of luck in the GF bud, go the Cattas!

Shake n bake

Stewart Edwards….Duncan menegola Guthrie Danger Prestia…. Nank….. Bolton Martin. Capt Martin Norm Prestia.


Seriously BT!

Ablett injury – looks like a knee or leg injury 🤣🤣


Hi mate, hoping the little legend sees out his final game well.
P.S bring back Cometti! lol

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

That handball was SPEECIALL!

One more to add to the collection.

Last edited 1 year ago by TRIGGA HAPPY
Shake n bake

Had Dusty as capt hopefully gets me over the line


Choosing Houli over Short wasn’t my best call, also thought Gazza might’ve had a big one for his last hurrah..

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

Tiges too good Russty Short brilliant as was Dusty


Thanks for the competition Trig. Putting the C on Vlastuin didn’t work out too well.


Geez that’s bad luck mate.


Ouchee-wa wa, rotten luck that.


The Duncan and Dusty double

I like it. 😁


Thanks for the comp Was a bit of fun. Don’t think I got the captain call right once though, all were disasters. Great game to watch last night though. Well done to the AFL to get the season completed. Was great to see a big crowd at the ground enjoying the game, hard to believe watching here in VIc. Maybe there’s some hope for us


Cheers for running the happy ending again Trigga, my cats went to sleep at halftime 😭😭.


really tough luck hedski beaten by a team way superior to all others next year mate NDD


Thanks for doing this again Trigs, I had a disastrous last week lol but still had a bit of fun, was hoping the Cats would’ve gotten up but too many of their guns didn’t fire, see you in the new year for what will hopefully be a relatively normal season, but who knows?
Cheers mate.


Just wondering is there any way we can see how the comp finished up I cant seem to find the Gf scores and the final totals


are you there Trigg thought it was my computer until Kat commented NDD


I think you came last overall Neil and Gator was 2nd last…I came first or second I think, and hardly even tried, it was either that or I finished 25th or so lol


Preusse worth a 2nd rounder


Big Benny Brown should help the Dees chances in your fwd line next year mate.