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The Jock Reynolds crew has welcomed two new faces to their fold to help with some SuperCoach BBL content for BBL|10. SuperCoach BBL launches on October 29, and we encourage you all to go and sign up and come with us as we start a brand new journey.

One of the new faces has already come through with the goods and has delivered a fixture planner for you all!

Azza (@azzajewell on Twitter – go give him a follow and say hi) has done the hard yards for us. You’ll see each team’s bye week and double game week clearly marked in the table below, as well as the international matches which may impact player availability during the tournament.

You can view the full size planner here.

In the spreadsheet linked above, you’ll find a detailed tab, outlining home and away games and international matches that will impact on availability of some players.

What do you think your initial side will look like? Which team will dominate and which team will you be steering clear of with your early selections?

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Gra Pol

My Basic plan based on dwg early and byes is to start:
3 renegades
3 strikers
2 scrothers
2 sixers
1 Hurricane.