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Can anyone say blowout?

Trig’s Take.

This week I am going to take you on journey back in time to the film Die Hard. I hope you have seen it otherwise this isn’t going to make much sense. Why Die Hard? Well just the name for a start is what happened to the saints and the pies on the weekend.

But there are two passages in the film which best capture what happened on the weekend. The first is where AL pulls up in his cop car out the front of the Nakatomi building. All is quite so he cruises inside to take a look around, just meandering not really worried or expecting what was to come next. This was the saints who were cruising along had won their first final and were just happy where life was at. Meanwhile the guard at the desk has a different plan and ready to pounce this was Richmond.

Then AL gets back in his car and is about to start (first bounce) turns the engine on and all hell breaks loose. A body falls on the car smashing the windscreen, he is attacked from all sides, he panics under this constant attack, hits reverse and crashes out into a ditch all battered and bruised for the experience and in shock of what has just taken place. Sound familiar?  This was the saints. The Tigers come at them from all angles and they had no answers to the tiges at their brutal best.

At least they go away to patch themselves up – pies not so lucky.

The second passage is right at the end where Hans is hanging onto Holly’s arm while dangling out of a window which is about 30 stories above the ground. He is hanging on for dear life and has a grip on her wrist watch. This watch is the only thing that is stopping him from free falling towards the ground with a final inevitable splat when he hits the ground.

This was the pies on Saturday night. They had hung on by the barest margin against west coast the week before and were a bit battle weary due to the physical nature of the game. The watch is the finest margin. And what happens next? The watch clasp is let go and Hans (pies) plummets into the Abyss, a look of horror on their face until finally splat on the ground below. The pies were unceremoniously dumped out of the finals – will take a while to recover from the splat.

In the end we see John McClane standing up top looking out over the carnage below. This is Geelong and the Tigers, who will go to war to protect their turf and will do whatever it takes.

The End. No wait there is a sequel which will play out next week.

So, what happened in the HAPPY Ending?

We had a few teams who didn’t bother putting in a team for round 2 of the finals which is a shame but we will forge ahead to talk about those who did. The secret this week was to pick the best of the worst pies. That is the only reason some dude who knows a bit about SC beat shake n bake by 1 solitary point as had the 3 in his team. The ruck was a popular capt choice this week. Some teams whacked the C on dusty and we all know what he did on Friday night. Well done. Danger and Duncan were the highest scorers for the round. The top 5 teams can be found below.\

I have created a graph for each team to see how you went for the round with variance to the leader column so you can see how much ground you must make up.  This can be found in the graph tab on the link below.


But we have played two rounds now so who is leading overall?

I have also created a total graph to show who is leading and how much ground you may need to make up on the leader. After two rounds Chartomben is leading all comers with 3205 points. What is his secret? Great captain choices have made the difference. Week 1 Nic Nat, Week 2 Dusty. Gotta love that!

The top 5 teams can be found below:

Click on the link above and look at the SC Total Graph to see how far you are behind Chartomben. I seem to remember this team was right amongst it last year, so they know how to play this SC finals caper.

If you are after a bit of comic relief check out the latest release from the ISOlators. 

Finals Week 3 Happy Ending.

Blank canvas. Start again.

I’m not going to list the rules again, everyone should be familiar of what needs to take place so will just put up the new link. If you need a refresher, please visit last week’s post.


Maximum number of players from each team as set out below.

Week 3 of Finals: (From 4 Teams participating – Maximum of 3 players from each team):

•12 Players consisting of:

o3 Back

o5 Midfield

o1 Ruck

o3 Forwards

Team Selection.

I have created a new spreadsheet for week 3 of the finals.


To ensure all the formulas are working correctly as two teams have been eliminated and we have two teams who have had the week off coming back in, I have reset everyone’s team to the same starting team. You just need to go in and change it for week 3.

Teams must be complete before the first bounce of the first game in each week of the finals.

Note: As the graph is linked to each team can you put your team in the same spot.

Good Luck for Round 3.

Still anyone’s game lots to play out over the next couple of weeks.

Gone to my happy place be back in a few …..

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The Ranger

I can only see it as “view only” Trigga, I can’t edit it.


Hey ranger should be working. Just checked the link seems ok. Maybe try again and let me know of still having trouble.

The Ranger

All good now mate


great stuff mate cant wait for next week Cats and Port for mine

The Ranger

Bloody hard to pick winners this week eh Neil?
I’m going with Port and Lions.


cats and lions the toughie you may be right Ranger lions are good Check out rookie Tom POWELL my TAC spy said this kid is great and relatively unknown TOM POWELL


I’m predicting Cats and Tigers to make the GF, although the Cats will give the Lions a mighty run for their money.


Really is a national comp now.
Could be an all Victorian GF.
Could be SA and QLD.
Could be SA and Vic
Could be QLD and Vic.

That’s what you call a pretty good mix.


a box of chocolates

Shake n bake

I’m with you Neil Cats and Port for me


Port blew their chance with the home crowd behind them…they needed Rocky and Boak/ Wines to fire up a bit more for them, hard in the wet though.
Dixon was almost unseen also, didn’t help.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

100% success if you backed em in to lose Lekky 😉

Shake n bake

Rich Houli Stewart…Prestia wines Boak Neale Duncan…. lycett…. Martin Berry Hawkins. Capt Stewart.


These names all seem quite familiar as Footballinger players of the afl variety.


Did anyone have Nank?
150 if u don’t mind.

Tough game.of footy,
Tiges end up ahead.
Port gave their all.

Last edited 1 year ago by TRIGGA HAPPY

No, I had Lycett, not too bad but then I also had Lynch and Houli…bad.
Had Dusty as C so not too terrible, just sticking to my mediocre ceiling all up.
Well done to you Trig, you’re smashing it.


He’s smashing it alright Russty He seems to love the bigger puss’ But methinks Fluffy might get up


Yeah agree mate, Cats have peaked at the right time..should be a great GF with Cats and Tiggers


Tigers too good Other clubs should take note of their trading process they go after the best and get them. Still think either cats or lions will beat them. NDD


Said at the start of the final series be the two big cats in the GF.

Lions and Tigers.

I’m sticking.


I reckon it’ll be the Cats this year mate but they’ll need to bring their best energy to the big game, Tigers don’t enjoy high pressure footy and being rushed into decisions.


Lol. Some cheeky monkey re-picked my team for me. Hahaha damn good thing there aren’t prizes or I’d be a bit cranky.
At least they gave me Charlie not so excited about em putting the C on short though


That’s a bummer David…unfortunately someone might’ve done that without even realising, what’s your team’s name?
Maybe Trigga could sort it out for you if you posted the team you wanted to use.


Covid Cowboys mate. It doesn’t matter much unless it was somebody doing it to cheat and improve their own chances. Like I said there’s no prizes so you’d need to be a fair dinkum lo$er to be doing that sort of thing with malicious intent.
It was probably my son I took his gun off him this week coz he shot a non-feral bird


Oh haha the spiteful son ya reckon?…well you’re right up there in the running so you shouldn’t just accept it if Trigga can adjust your team for you, I don’t know if he will or not but he’s a pretty fair chill dude so he might if you post your intended, non sabotaged team. 🙂


I can’t remember exactly what it was mate. I know that I didn’t have short or charlie and I had the C on Rich but I set it on Wednesday and I can’t remember the rest. No harm done its just a game


I’ll believe ya Dave.
Great thing about this program is it keeps versions every day.
So I have gone back to Wednesday and put in your team that you had selected on Wednesday. Rich as C,Ollie wines and lynch were the changes,


Thanks mate. Apart from Lynch for Charlie and Rich for short who was Ollie swapped for? Looks like not much difference anyway


agree David ‘just a game’


Same happened to me 2 weeks back changed duncan to reiwoldt and took Butler as C instead of duncan cost a couple hundred but no sheepstations involved numbskulls


You should’ve said something Neil, those stains from 2 seasons ago are still around…could’ve been them, Trigs would’ve adjusted it for you.


not sure why anyone would do that ?


CATS had too many stars Did it without danger giving much.Expect a cracker next week


I reckon Danger was just saving himself for the GF , if they were behind he would’ve raised his output, next week he could go 150 +