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Well we can close the book on round 1 of the finals but what a great start with the best teams in the comp going head to head. And they didn’t disappoint! 

Trig’s Take.

To me in the first two games there were two teams who played as a total team, took their chances and were totally focused on the game and winning as a team. As a result, these two teams have a week off in Port and the Lions.

The Tiges and Cats seemed to leave it up to their superstars to get the job done with both teams having a couple of passengers for the night. You can’t do that you will be found wanting as was the case, the tigers especially gave away too many silly free kicks which cost them in the end, they need to bring that back under control. Both get a second chance for redemption this week. Would hate to be Chris Scott if it’s a straight set exit.

Whereas the two elimination finals on Saturday were how finals should be played, no second chance, leave nothing on park and give it your all as there is no tomorrow. These games were of the highest quality and will go down as games to remember. They had everything you could possibly want with a single kick deciding both matches, we say goodbye to the dogs and the eagles. You were brave boys and gave it your all but were behind when the final siren sounded. Although I think Jack Crisp may have been in the QLD hub too long as in the dying seconds, he executed the perfect rugby pass to pendles to ice the game. Spare a thought for Patty Ryder who was a colossus on Saturday and the main reason the saints were able to salute on the day. The shattered look at the end says it all. She can be a harsh mistress.

So, what happened in the HAPPY Ending?

We had a great uptake of teams with over 50 people competing for the title of SC finals champion. There were some unbelievable scores in the Happy Ending with Party Pies scoring a massive 1795 for the round! To put that in perspective with 16 players and the captain score that is an average of 106 per player. Daniel and Ryder were the highest scorers for the round. The top 5 teams can be found below.

I have created a graph for each team to see how you went for the round with variance to the leader column so you can see how much ground you must make up.  This can be found in the graph tab on the link below.


Interestingly most teams selected a mid as their captain this week with Neale a popular choice. Remember if you selected a mid rd 1 you can’t select a mid again as a captain for the rest of the final series.

As we edge closer to the Grand Final make sure you check out the grand final song on the link below. Play it loud!

Finals Week 2 Happy Ending.

Blank canvas. Start again.

•No salary cap! That’s right you can pick whoever you like without breaking the bank as there is no bank if it is within the rules as set out below.

• Can’t have the same captain each week. No vice-captain

•No Bench


1. Maximum number of players from each team as set out below.

Week 2 of Finals: (From 4 Teams participating – Maximum of 3 players from each team):

•12 Players consisting of:

o3 Back

o5 Midfield

o1 Ruck

o3 Forwards

2. Players must be named in the supercoach position that they were given during the regular season (i.e. Danger can’t be a forward)

3. Captain selection.  As there are 4 finals the captain must be selected from the 4 areas of the ground over the final series. So, from a mid, fwd, back and ruck over the 4 weeks of the finals. Not necessarily in that order. It is up to each individual in what week they selected the captain in each position but must be from a different position every week. As per the rules of the regular season your captain pick will double their score each week. To select the captain there must put a “C” next to their name in the highlighted yellow or “golden” column.

4. Team Selection.

I have created a new spreadsheet for week 2 of the finals.


To ensure all the formulas are working correctly as two teams have been eliminated and two have the week off, I have reset everyone’s team to the same starting team. You just need to go in and change it for week 2.

Teams must be complete before the first bounce of the first game in each week of the finals.

Note: As the graph is linked to each team can you put your team in the same spot.

5. If a player is named in the team but is late withdrawal before the first bounce of their match the player can be replaced before the game with a player from the same team in the same position. This change must be made prior to the match or if pressed for time posted on the JR website.

6. Supercoach points to be applied to each player selected as per the Herald Sun SuperCoach point scoring system.

7. The highest combined total of points for the players selected in a team will be deemed the winning team for the week.

8. The highest total number of cumulative points from players selected weeks 1-4 in the AFL final series will be deemed the Supercoach Finals overall winner.

Good Luck for Round 2.

Still anyone’s game though hot pies is going to be hard to catch

Gone to my happy place be back in a few …..

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was it the Hedski rule or am i thinking of someone from last year? Rule 5 is familiar NDD


Yeah think it was good ol hedski aka rule 5.
NDD whaddya think of the GF song? Surprised didnt get a comment from you?
Just wrote one on the ex demon Harley ride. 🤣


cant play it trig computer u/s trying to get gator to fix it needs a tech nerd


my 5 year old neighbour just fixed the the video bit and it sounds just great guitar unreal magic mate magic NDD


Ahh that explains the absence – knew you would love it!


You get blocked when you’re a dick. Simples.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jon

Hi guys
Must be to old to own a computer. Cannot get in to edit the sheet.
If someone could put in my weak 2 teem
Backs – Short, Coffield & Maynard
Mids – Steele, Adams (C), Menegola, Dangerfield & Pendlebury
Ruck – Marshall
Fwds – Hawkins, Martin & Bolton


Just checked and it is open to edit, try again mate


I whacked it in for ya again Dave.


Gee whiz I love this Trig!


A gr8 way to extend SC that bit longer.

Good fun.


Dude you need to get a hobby, or is your hobby whining and hating on Lekdog?
It’s a bit sad, and very boring..every time you start one of your rants, I think of Charlie Brown’s Teacher…wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa.
Much love to you Trigs, for keeping the SC season going a bit longer.

Shake n bake

Houli Stewart Maynard……Steele Duncan Adams Treloer Danger……Marshall……Lynch Martin Butler. Capt Marshall Can you please put this in Trigg 😀


Looks like the front runner based on last night’s scores. 😜


Scores have been updated from last night.
Hard to tell who is leading as a lot had dusty and Marshall as capt while others the capt is still to play.

As it stands right now Shake N Bake is leading after last night’s game.

A few teans dropped off and didnt put in a team for rd 2 including our very own patchy. To quote his Simpson’s “that’s a paddling!:

So as not to distort the figures will zero out the non.selected teams for rd 2. 👍

Shake n bake

Marshall looked ok at half time as capt but fell away


He should’ve scored 150 without Ryder there Shake, just my luck having him as C lol, bad luck for your sucky Pies tonight.


Cats just too good Great year though Shake will be there next year but Cox probably has to go Hedski would be on his 6th now NDD


Pies got their pants pulled down, big cox out. 🤣


LOL, Bruce Mcavaney would be interested in that, not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉


Cats looked great mate and unfortunately Pies just never made a game of it, it was perpetual shellshock as each quarter passed until the end.
Not quite as bad were the Saints yesterday but their accuracy was pathetic as was their general effort to win a final..Saints always seemed to be reacting to what Richmond did.

Shake n bake

Some people are winners and unfortunately some ain’t….Buckley.

Shake n bake

Look on the bright side had Danger Duncan Stewart and Adams in tonight’s game 😀


comisserations my friend just beaten on the day.Need to trade well Shake

Shake n bake

Makes last week mean nothing!!


you missed by one solitary point of getting the highest score this week Shake – love ya work


Nice work Trig, you’re right up there with your score this week, I have confirmed my solid middle of the pack place as the reliable also ran haha
Saints and Pies sucked it big time, wish I’d predicted the Cat’s dominance, I mostly stacked my mids with Pies…uuurgh lol

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

Best of the bad pies was all it was