The ISOlaters are back with a new song!

Published by Trigger Happy on

Hope you have entered the HAPPY place final series and are busy constructing your teams. Bit quiet though, so thought that you may need some rock and roll to listen and sing along to.

So, the ISOlators have delivered!

For any Bon Jovi fans or AFL fans this one is for you.


When you think about it we are experiencing a historic event where the 2020 AFL Grand final is not going to be played at the MCG and for the first time ever is moving interstate to be played at the GABBA.

But the AFL has not stopped there.

The 2020 AFL Grand Final is also going to be played at night for the first time.

So, to capture both historic events the ISOlators have created the song below.

This is our take of the classic:

It’s my life.

The ISOlators version is called:

Played at night.

There is only one way to play this and that is loud!

Crank up the stereo and join in the chorus.

This song is a rippa but help me out guys and spread the word. Tell your friends, share, repeat!

Especially if you know or have contacts in the AFL. Let them know. Who knows it only takes one contact to make it the song of the AFL Finals!

Thanks for listening and your help.

Let’s go out there and smash it JR Crew.

Gone to my happy place back in a few……

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Nice one Trig…love the song, that bit of video with annastacia palaszczuk pretending she knows what a Football is, is priceless.


Thanks Rust. Yeah love that bit and the song is a rippa.
Bit surprised out of all JR crew I got one comment.
Anyone else?
Wiley ol demon, col, hedski etc ???


computer problems can’t play it yet


go sainters


Great stuff Trigga .. Just love the work you put in on this site and your Leagues.. Keep up the great work mate.


Thanks Gator. You’re not too shabby yourself, always see ya in the comments and your leagues are bloody competitive