Supercoach Trade Winds – Round 18

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It’s finally here, the last round of the AFL season before we hit Finals. It was a difficult, confusing, frustrating and troublesome road, but we finally got there. For some you’ll be fighting for your over rank, some will be fighting for a league win and some will be fighting for nothing more than not ending the year on a bad note. We’re not going to bother with any breakevens today, we’re just going to look at the moves people are making and who is running hot and cold to hopefully get you a trade that puts you over the top.


Jack Buckley +1.5%

Caleb Daniel +0.8%

Tim Kelly +0.7%

Rory Laird +0.6%

Michael Walters +0.5%

Luke Ryan +0.5%

Tom Barrass +0.5%

Damon Greaves +0.4%

Blake Acres +0.4%

Daniel Rich +0.3%

So the big 3 people look to be pinning their hopes on are Caleb Daniel, Tim Kelly and Rory Laird. Daniel has had a hot 3 weeks, averaging 116 over his last 3, Kelly is slightly cooler on a 3 round average of 108, but the price is right at $461,400 and Laird has been good in his move to the midfield with a 120 3 round average.

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Sam Docherty -6.5%

Jake Riccardi -1.5%

Izak Rankine -0.8%

Stephen Coniglio -0.4%

Sam Draper -0.4%

Bradley Close -0.3%

Irving Mosquito -0.3%

Jack Martin -0.3%

Harry Schoenberg -0.3%

Jy Simpkin -0.3%

Sam Docherty is sliding for obvious reasons, while Jake Riccardi and Izak Rankine are likely being moved out for upgrades.


Max Gawn – 3 round average of 144.0

Matt Crouch – 3 round average of 135.3

Jack Crisp – 3 round average of 132.3

Marcus Bontempelli – 3 round average of 129.7

Jack Steele – 3 round average of 128.0

Jarryd Lyons – 3 round average of 127.7

Travis Boak – 3 round average of 127.3

Sam Walsh – 3 round average of 125.7

Jake Lloyd – 3 round average of 125.3

Tom Rockliff – 3 round average of 123.7

In terms of cheap value, there isn’t much hereas all these blokes are fairly expensive, but Jack Crisp could be a good Docherty trade if you have the cash given he’s $534,400. Tom Rockliff isn’t too bad at $551,300 and Jarryd Lyons still sits at $576,900 with Travis Boak slightly more expensive on $589,200 and Sam Walsh sandwiched inbetween on $582,600.

WHO’S NOT (Price $450K+)

Jack Billings – 3 round average of 77.7

Dustin Martin – 3 round average of 78.7

Ben McEvoy – 3 round average of 86.7

Trent Dumont – 3 round average of 86.7

Luke Shuey – 3 round average of 87

Ed Curnow – 3 round average of 88.3

Andrew Brayshaw – 3 round average of 89.0

Ed Langdon – 3 round average of 89.0

Brad Sheperd – 3 round average of 89.3

Darcy Parish – 3 round average of 90.0


The most popular trade moves this week are

Sam Docherty to Caleb Daniel

Sam Docherty to Rory Laird

Jake Riccardi to Jack Buckley

Sam Docherty to Luke Ryan

Sam Docherty to Tom Barrass

Sam Docherty to Dan Houston

Sam Docherty to Jack Crisp

Sam Docherty to Daniel Rich

Sam Docherty to Jake Lloyd

Sam Docherty to Zac Williams

Sam Docherty to……Sorry, lost track there. So there is the obvious move this week for those who still have trades left in moving Sam Docherty out!

Before we leave for the week we will need to throw a big shoutout to all the retiring players, Bryce Gibbs, Kade Simpson (Get your sleeves out for Kade!), Matthew Kreuzer, Tom Bellchambers, Conor McKenna, Paul Puopolo, Ben Stratton and Justin Westhoff, thankyou for all the Supercoach contributions over your amazing careers!

Now there’s two more things you need to do. First, go listen to Lek and Patch on the Jock Reynolds Podcast and secondly clear your mind in preperation for this last week of Supercoach with some Guided Supercoach Meditation with the amazing Jock Reynolds, Higgo and The Crouching One.

That’ll be it for me this year, thank you to all who took the time to read and contribute, General Soreness I will be cheering for you to take out the Supercoach win, good luck to you all in your league and ranking results and see you all next year!

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No mention of JPK @ $466k… With a 3 round average of 106. Up against the Cats.


How are ya Lazza?…Jpk scored nicely last week, could be a great pick up mate.


Can’t blame ya for recommending Barrass this week Lek, dude had a 3 round ave of 122…who would’ve expected a 39 this week?…lol, bloody letting downer spudarama..his 4 possies must’ve been special though.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

The Draft Doctors boys pointed out that Barass averages 40pts higher a game when McGovern plays. Attention to detail.


Told ya lukey mac for mine. 😜


He’s has crushed my chance of taking the flag in my draft side


It was an EmBARRASSing performance Lekky

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

Thinking Doc to Luke Ryan.
If Jack Martin doesn’t get up I have both. Might just loophole T Watson and T Rivers to cover Doc, and upgrade Martin to Petracca/Greenwood. Might be worth doing the latter anyway???

The Ranger

Thanks for all of your posts this year Barron, onya mate.


might just trust Rivers to get it done and upgrade Doc to FYFE Close to jelly looks appealing also Allround great year BVC thanks for your guidance NDD

The Ranger

I decided to do the same NDD, I can loop Rivers and Greaves thru Ling.
Doch and Goldie – Gawn and Acres for me


i’m even thinking about putting Rivers on field ahead of Lukosious


You know if you do, he’ll probably score 130 again.


Luk scoring has been poor last 2 weeks, but he has still been getting 20 touches.


Yep and he’s keeping up that trend today, 16 points with a quarter and a half to go, he was going so well too, now he’s doing a Rozee

Telescopic Cox

At the moment I’ve still got 2 trades after holding on to Simpkin and Nic Nat.

If Rivers goes sub 100 I’ll more than likely upgrade Doc to anyone. Would Laird be the choice of them (I have Llloyd)? Richmond don’t pay too much attention to mids so Laird could be good for 25+ touches

The Ranger

Hard to go past Laird


I like Laird


Houston is interesting. Will Port ‘rest’ their regular mids and let Houston play in guts?


Blicavs, Ridley, ryan or Daniel? (either of the last 2 means i have 6 playing from dogs/freo game)


Daniel is my preferred option but Blicavs has a bit of POD tastiness about him


Blics has become a nice reliable defender, might even start with him next season.


Ridley against Melbourne’s poor kicking looks a good bet. Will get plenty of intercept marks

Ryan might have to do a lockdown role


Only problem since round 11 is…Ridley has been going 100, 70, 100, 70, 100, 70, 100 and’s a disturbing pattern.


Got 1 luxury trade left.

Should i trade Dusty or Cripps?


Richmond has more to play for


If i didnt have doch to deal with i was going to trade cripps this week. More options to sideways trade in the guts