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Cheat Sheet | Round 18

Published by Statty Matty on

Afternoon Community. I’ve been so relaxed from listening to Jock, Crouching and Higgo, I nearly forgot to write out a cheat sheet this week.

I know that for most of us, the season is over, and those of you either fighting out your GF or pushing for position are all pretty well set, but if you’re not here’s some last minute suggestions


Jack Crisp – $534k – Jack’s been in the top 6 defenders in previous seasons, and may not have had his best season, but he’s finishing well. Last 3 rounds have been 125, 134 and 138.

Jake Lloyd – $647k – Always in the top 6, and this year is no exception. Has tonned up in every single round this year, except Round 1. Expensive, but worth it.

Tom Barass – $470k – Barass seems to be enjoying the absence of McGovern in the West Coast backline. Definitely a riskier pick that Lloyd or Crisp, but has 110, 112, and 144 for his last 3 rounds.


You can throw a rug over a dozen midfielders who will get you big scores this week. Here’s a few you may not have considered.

Jarryd Lyons – $576k – Often plays second fiddle to Laichie Neale in the press, but Lyons is no slouch. 127pts for a 3 Round Avg, and still in only 4.5% of teams.

Tom Rockliff – $551k – The “fantasy pig” has had his snout in the trough in recent week. 123 3 Round Avg, consisting of 110, 119 and 142 against the Dons last week.


Blake Acres – $440k – Acres has been in fine form since slotting back into the team, with 129, 113 and 117 in the last 3 weeks. Definitely a lower priced option and only 1.9% ownership.

Hugh Greenwood – $539k – Greenwood has really stuck it up the Crows this season, and I expect him to finish strong against the Hawks.

Liam Ryan – $442k – Another lower priced option in the forward line. Ryan’s been averaging 109 in the last 3 weeks, and should punish Norths this weekend.

Well that’s it for cheat sheets for this whirlwind of a season. We’ll all look back at this year and either love it or hate it.

Right now I don’t look at the season with fondness. The Crows have struggled, I’ve made some dumb SC choices, and there’s been limited time between rounds to create content and make better choices.

Good luck to everyone this week, and thanks to the rest of the JR crew for their support. Lek, Patch, Damo, Barron, Kevin, Foz and Clarkey, maybe next year we’ll be in the same state at some point in time and be able to catch up for a beer.


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Haynes and Liam Ryan or Dev Smith
Zac Williams and Greenwood

El Scotto

Labuschagne and Cummins


Williams and Greenwood I reckon.


Any news on whether Doch will play this week as my trades hinge on it. If he is out, I am thinking of trading him to Daniel after I trade Coleman to Jack Buckley. Don’t have much cash left so have to paint the fence instead of doing a double upgrade.

Also, do i put the VC on Neale and the C on Bont or what are the best options if you don’t have Oliver or Gawn.


OUT OUT OUT (see injury update round 18 Carlton website, 54sec video) Admitted they got it wrong playing him last week – he probably would have missed a week or two if it was in the middle of the season.


Well that’s definitive!…thanks Dees, I’m managing my mates’ squad so I might go Doch to Houston and hope he doesn’t have a problem this week…sorry about the lame dad joke.


Hahaha. Hope Houston does not cause a problem for your mates team either. I am tossing up whether to keep Doch and using Watson or Greaves as cover or trade him out. My team is pretty much complete and I don’t have much cash left but I still have two trades left. My other option would be to trade Coleman and upgrade Rivers who is on my midfield bench to another premo mid or forward and try and get them on the field.


Thanks Dees. Looks like Doch may have to go unless I use Watson or Greaves as cover and use my trades elsewhere.


Tim Kelly – win you a prelim and lose you a GF!


He thought he’d just play like shit tonight and not get involved much, Duggan did more than him in the midfield and he’s a defender..and has a stupid bogan haircut.


Gee whiz, couldn’t believe what I was seeing


Bulldogs VS Dockers…
The Battle of the buns, The Battle of the man-buns…
Natalie Fyfe VS Marcy Bontempelli…
There gonna go bun on bun…
Where KING BUN will be crowned…
The winner of the matchup will be crowned king-bun and the loser known as queen-bun…
Good bun everyone…


Hahahah I think Jed Anderson is KING BUN this week 🙂
P.S I like steamed buns.

Last edited 20 hours ago by Russty_

What a bun Anderson has! Wowee


Daniel Rich for Doch?


Do it!