PODCAST | An Ode To General Soreness From Some Old Friends

Published by Lekdog on

General Soreness enters the final round of Supercoach in 2020 as the number one ranked player in the competition.

He has produced content, joined in the comments, given feedback and made some good friends in this Community.

Well, so respected is he in the community that some old friends have stopped by to pass on their well wishes…


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Great casting of the pod fellas


Got the band back together. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

The community is right behind the individual!

Go for glory General Soreness.

Go you good thing go!!

Doc pod – lukey MacDonald for mine.

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We are in for a massive Grand Final in the JR Survivor Group.

We started with 171 teams and now only 4 remain, and what a star studded field we have for the final week.

The second last week of Survivor is always the toughest, 8 teams have to be reduced to 4. A tough week to get eliminated.

If there was ever a week to have the immunity necklace it was this week. Banchang Barflys was the wearer this week and had a safe passage to the grand final.

Banchang has had a great year, currently ranked 9th Overall (and not that far away from General Soreness), my guess he is the highest ranked team from Thailand.

In addition to Banchang Barflys (2216), the following teams have also made it through to the big show:

Shake n bake (2454) – Star coach this week

Boris Bumblebees (2412)

If it Ain’t Boak (2410)

All these teams are coming good at the right time of the season and it will be anyone’s guess who will take out the ultimate prize.

The teams to miss out of the grand final were;

demons delight (rank 348),

Scorpions FC (rank 1333),

One Touch Wonder (rank 253)

Brock’s Beasts (rank 20)

That is the brutal nature of the game, all 4 eliminated would be worthy champions. demons delights was very unlucky and only missed out by 18pts. Well done fellas, has been an ultimate pleasure having you in the group.

Good luck to the 4 remaining teams.

I suggest you keep an eye on each other via ‘Rivalries’, and may the best team SURVIVE.

thanks fellas.

Shake n bake

And then there were 4


fantastic to hear from Crouching, Higgo and the Great one himself. I miss those fellas. I hope Wayno is ok?

for old times sake, i thought i’d go back and listen to some Pyanmanese Children’s Bedtime stories, but the link doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Are the old Podcasts still available anywhere Lek?

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Great stuff Lek any chance of getting a top 10 progressive score up to cheer The General on? NDD


The top teams become very similar this time of the year, I’d imagine there will only be a handful of players to keep an eye on that will decide the season.

The Ranger

Wow, great pod fellas, so good to hear the old crew! Crouching appears to still have some fire in his belly, Higgo was as enigmatic as ever and the big fella, well, who knew that Soreness actually rhymed with anything other than itself?! Brought a tear to my eye…
Good luck to all in a GF this week and of course a big shout out to the General, we’ll all be rooting for you mate.


General has a pretty solid team

A quick look at the top 10 teams:

The General has three big PODs – Jayden Short & Zac Williams (DEF) & Jack Steele (MIDS)

Two teams don’t have Gawn/Grundy. One has NicNat and one has Goldy.

All teams have Docherty.

8/10 have Rivers on bench and 2/10 have Sholl on bench. Who has trades left to trade Docherty?

The General doesn’t have – Laird, Stewart, Ryan of the popular defender picks. Will General trade Docherty to ‘cover’ one of the popular defenders?

The General doesn’t have Dusty but does have Brayshaw.

Brayshaw is a bit of a POD (only 4/10).

In the Mids, General has Steele. The one who could hurt him the most is Dangerfield (5/10 teams). Surprisingly only 2/10 teams have the Bont.

Lets hope the General has at least 1 trade and a bit of cash to trade Docherty.

He will be wanting big games from: Short, Williams (gulp), Steele, Brayshaw and will be hoping: Laird, Stewart, Ryan, Dusty & Dangerfield have quite ones.

Go you good thing!

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Now THAT’S how you do an β€œode”! Well done all!

General Soreness

Humbled and honoured, thanks JR Crew, Jock, Crouching, Higgo, you have me getting all emotional you beautiful humans.


Good luck for the weekend General.
Stick it up em mate!

Shake n bake

Good luck General!!! Not sure what trades you have left but definitely hope you pull the right strings! Again good luck πŸ€


gonna be epic between us in 3 grannies may the best win just hoping it’s me cheers David top year of coaching. NDD


best of luck General been a cracker of a year for you Phat still has to make a bold move with 40 behind go son. NDD


Onya General, best of luck and hoping for the best for you as we all are here. πŸ™‚


Pull the right TRIGGA General.

Bloody win this thing will ya!


Lek, Patch and all the crew, thanks for all your hard work in what has been a trying (read : shit house) year, hats off to you gentlemen.
Good luck to everyone who made grand finals this weekend.
Also good luck to Derek who I’m up against in Jocks Jungleland draft granny.


Thanks Heddki. Did you see I pulled a Patch Manoeuvre, brought in the little master off the waivers for the GF.


Didn’t see that Derek but I thought about it myself after listening to the pod yesterday, I got Sheed in, hoping he goes well against Norf tonight.


Might be an out hedski with that tight hammy be careful


Hi mate, tight battle between you and I last week…you just got up, think Derek has the jump on you this week with Hurn and Ryan.. ( especially Hurn, wtf?!)lol…..p.s I advise that you don’t take Barass’s VC score lol


Cheers Russty, didn’t Barrass shit the bed?


Oh big time mate, very disappointing! 4 touches


Ryan came off the waiver this week, happy. Had Hurn all year and he comes good at the big dance


Nice pick up Derek, I got him in my other draft league a few weeks ago and he’s been quite solid score wise, I was a bit worried early on as he had bugger all points first quarter, but he tends to score fast when he gets near it.


Last decision to make for the season. Should I trade Docherty for someone like Daniel who would be a solid/safe score or should I have some fun and put Scholl on field (no defence cover then) and trade Simpkin, who hasn’t done much lately, to G Ablett for his last SC game ever or could even go Walters.


Just me but i would preserve rank Daniel is safe boreing yes but the correct call NDD


Thanks for the wise advice Simpkin has come good. A week too late but better late than never


i’m really liking the look of Blicavs. his numbers are very solid and only 2% of teams


Hey Guys..thanks for your help this year…i have 1 trade left…l have coniglio and just enough cash to go to Tim Kelly tonight..should i pull the trigger or wait to cover injuries/outs later in the round? I reckon coniglio might be cooked


Thanks Lekdog


Good advice Lekky!…Kelly scored mediocre and Cogs is playing , will have a point to prove, hopefully his lazy ass tons up!


TSDonors was 2nd last week but nowhere to be found what happened NDD


thanks Lek Personally cant see a problem with their entry looks above board however TooSerious will win. plenty of fans Not all about coin is it. NDD


I just seen the biggest mover round 17 was Shake n bake holy moly he’s everwhere


Not too shabby yourself there young/not so young man, good luck all to all those still in it.


Good luck all for finals. Have Shake in the JR Mega League so good luck mate


Shake must be in 10 GF’s.

I’ve got him in 3, NDD has him in 3 and you have him in 1.

In the last 4 of JR SURVIVOR


He’s a bit of an over achieving showoff lol, just joking shake, well done mate you’re smashing it this year, also Holty…your prediction is strong this week, good luck mate.


Will hopefully be plenty more after I make my 2 trades. Lol


Go well the Brad to the Holt !


How’s the General going?


Anyone got an update or do we have to wait till unlocked?


I think he might have had a donut with Walters out


Pipped at the last hurdle.
Gr8 effort General. πŸ‘



What a fantastic and close Grand Final we had in the JR Survivor Champions Group.

This week it wasn’t about not being the lowest score, it was all about having the best score.

Firstly, congratulations to the four grand finalists, all top 1000 ranked players and i’m sure they all cleaned up in the leagues.

I managed a quick peek at the scores prior to the last game of the round, and i knew we had something special coming up:

Banchang Barflys has been the front runner all season, top 10 overall ranked player and every week set the bar a bit higher. Finished the season with a record 5 immunity necklaces.

Banchang was already in the clubhouse after a strong back 9 with Dangerfield and Ryan setting a decent 2288 score to beat. All he could do was to sit back and watch the last game.

If It Ain’t Boak only had Grundy to play the last game, and surprisingly he was a POD. Sitting 96 behind Banchang it was all or nothing on the big fellas tiring shoulders.

Shake n bake and Boris Bumblebees were 213 and 181 respectively behind Banchang, but both had two POD’s to play. They firstly needed to get past Banchang’s 2288 before worrying about each other.

Shake had gone with a couple of left field Port players, Lycett & Robbie Gray, while Boris was sharing the load with Maynard and Travis Boak.

I didn’t get to watch the game but i managed to check the 3/4 time scores; Grundy was being Grundy and was on 99, edging If It Ain’t Boak into a slender lead; Robbie was on fire, Lycett was playing well and Shake was storming home the back 9. Travis was only 68 and Boris needed a miracle.

The last 16 minutes of the season was going to decide the winner and all 4 teams still had a chance.

But in the end; and will forever be etched into JR SURVIVOR Folklore, Travis Boak lifted in the last quarter, turning his 65 3/4 time score into an even 100 by full time and by doing so, dragged BORIS BUMBLEBEES into supercoach immortality, and ironically beating If It Ain’t Boak by 8 points.

The supercoach gods certainly have an odd sense of humor.

Lycett and Robbie had a nice rest in the last quarter scoring a total of 26pts between them and dashing Shake’s chances.


Boris Bumblebees (2322)

If It Ain’t Boak (2314)

Banchang Barflys (2288)

Shake n bake (2262)

Thankyou to everyone who took part in JR SURVIVOR this year. We had 177 teams enter and i hope to see everyone back next year.

thanks fellas.


Thanks again for running the JR Survivor group Derek πŸ‘.
You were to good for me in draft, congrats to the bunnies πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ°


Thanks Heddki.

Your draft team had some big scores, even your bench went massive. But you had too many really bad scorers that dragged you down


A big thanks to you Derek for all the work and time that you put into this group. Was a great season….
and congrats to Boris and his ‘bees…well done