Thursday Footy Frenzy – Round 17

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It’s now round 17! All our players have niggling injuries! I don’t know what day it is! Have Essendon crumpled again? I have no idea!!

We do have an enthralling clash between *checks notes* West Coast and St Kilda? tonight, which is a meaningful match which will actually impact finals. That’s despite it being played on a… is it Thursday? TIME IS MEANINGLESS.

Anyway, here’s the regular programming of Stuff:

West Coast v St Kilda, 7.10pm


There are literally no interesting low breakevens, although Hamish Brayshaw is set to make his debut for the Eagles.

189 – Nic Nat
160 – Andrew Gaff
127 – Jeremy McGovern
124 – Josh J Kennedy
119 – Jack Steele


If ya got Jack Steele, you may as well throw the VC on him. Averaging 143 over his last three starts and scored 167 and 151 against packed Brisbane and Melbourne midfields, he’s a chance to score similar here.

Nic Nat is the other option fresh off a rest and without Bailey Williams in the side. He’d be worth a shout as VC if you want to see if he can recapture his four-week stretch of 146, 129, 153 and 146. Likes playing the Saints, too.

New faces

Hamish Brayshaw. He’ll have a few games. Bring in him maybe? I dunno, I’m not your mum.

ALSO – on an important note, today is R U OK Day. We’ve been vocal about it through the year that this is just a rubbish, awful, no good, very bad time for a lot of people. If you’re having a rough trot of it, please do reach out to someone.

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Cheers Patchy…best of luck to all of you who are still in your Leagues with a sniff of final glory, I’m done for the year but I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines, looking forward to seeing some hard fought close results, cheers all. x

The Ranger

Thanks Patch and good luck for Finals mate.
4 trades left and 200K.
I’m considering Williams and Mozzie OUT – Steele/Macrae and Greaves IN
That leaves me with a full team other than D6 where I’d loop Rivers and Greaves and cover on every line.
Goldie and Williams OUT – Gawn and Daniel IN which means I’m looping Close and Coleman at M8.
I’m leaning toward option 1 but it still feels wrong to not have Gawn…


Going for head to head or overall?
I can’t remember the last time someone won H2H without Gawn. If your opponent skippers him and he goes bonkers, good night.

The Ranger

Trying to have it both ways Danny! Trying to stay in the top 1k but got 7 prelims and all of them will be tight. The more I look at it the more I think I have to wait for teams to drop, I need to know if Williams, Doch and Simpkin are playing before I can do anything.

The Ranger

Which means I have to give up on getting Steele which is really annoying seeing as he could go huuuge tonight against the Eagles WAFL mids.

Shake n bake

Play u twice this week Ranger

The Ranger

Gonna be lots of close games methinks, good luck mate


You have the cash to go Goldy to Gawn.

wait to see who isn’t playing

The Ranger

Yep, waiting for teams to drop is going to be key.


Williams is available, confirmed from club twitter.

The Ranger

Good news for many of us.


Z Williams or Doch out ? Do we know?


Williams is available, confirmed from club twitter.
Feel like we won’t hear about doch given kreuzer announced his retirement today.


Thanks so much for the news. Awesome. Hopefully Doch is cleared 😐 I need to make my move tomorrow for R GRAY.


Hey guys, been struggling with a few big assignments while juggling SuperCoach so haven’t been on as much the last couple of weeks. Ranked about 1.1k with 3 trades left. Few issues are ZWill, Docherty and Simpkin this week. Also still have Draper at R3 ready to be culled.

Should I go Draper and Doch/ZWill (whoever is out) for Greaves and Lloyd (via Bailey Williams to R3.
Draper and Riccardi to Greaves and Greenwood to get full premo.

Cheers guys 🙂


zilliams is available to play.
Lloyd > greenwood in terms of priority. Should have both though.


Cheers cash, I went Draper to Greaves via B Williams to give me def bench cover just in case. If not named Doch to Lloyd and if Doch is right to go I’ll bring Greenwood in to go full premo



The end is in sight.

If this was the Cox’s Plate, we would be swinging for the home run down the short Moonie Valley straight.

Will we have a Bonecrusher vs Our Waverly Star finish, or will it be a run-a-way Winx?

At the moment we have Banchang Barflys out in front (6th Overall), he has lead for most of the journey, he looks relaxed, had a quick look over his shoulder, saw the challengers coming but looks focused. Has the immunity Necklace for next week and is quietly confident.

Tucked in behind the leader is Brock’s Beasts (17th overall), has been tracking Barfly’s every step of the way, hasn’t spent a penny and she looks full of running. Will be very hard to beat.

Swinging wide on the bend is One Touch Wonder (203rd overall), has pulled the whip early and is starting to motor home down the outside. Has he got one more Shark Move left?

Going with OTW is demons delights (459th overall), getting a beautiful trail into the straight, is within striking distance if good enough. NDD is much like his beloved demons, on his day he can beat anyone.

Shake n bake (847th) is mid-field and weaving between runners. Shake has always been there about, sitting quietly, still riding hands n heals, waiting to have the last crack at the leaders. Will the old legs of Robbie Gray get him to the finish line?

One of the early leaders was Boris Bumblebees (959th) seems to have found a second wind and is making up a lot of ground, has he got enough left in the tank?

Scorpions FC (1327th) has been saving ground back on the rails, a big gap has opened up for him as OTW went wide on the bend, the room is there if he is good enough.

The widest runner is If it ain’t Boak (1406th) who is coming from a long way back, he is full of running and starting to fly home at the end.

Anyone of the remaining 8 teams can win it from here. All ranked inside the top 1500.

Tailed off this week was (and eliminated from the race);

The Superstarrias
Team MAYhem &

bad luck fellas, did great to survive this long.

Good luck everyone.
Thanks fellas.


Great work again this year Derek.


Cheers for organizing it all Derek! It’s been a good run but my boys just didn’t do well enough this week haha


Great effort TB Hard to win in this class cheers NDD


That’s epic Derek needed a laugh .Great to be even mentioned with these guys. You forgot one ,yourself , a great year also. NDD


Great write up Derek.

I’ve got a pineapple On the nose for lady luck to bring down a couple of favourite in the home straight. 🐎


I asked something similar here a few days ago!
RIdley, Daniel or Cerra?
Ridleys lost a bit of consistency recently but speaking to a few bombers fans cats really nullified him well, Against Port and Dees i reckon hes going to go back to that intercept role and could come home nicely. Opponent in main league doesnt have ridley so even though he may not be a POD rank wise, he will in league.

Daniel come back into form really nicely last 2 weeks. Excluding that 71 hes been super consistent and dogs look to him out of defense. 12% of teams which is less than i thought he’d be, but opponent has him in leagues so would be more nullifying him. I do already have 3 doggies boys and in round 18 5 playing in the freo v dogs game, would a 6th be too many?While i want to win league matchups ive mainly focused on rank all year and ive been hovering around 1k so would like to break in for the first time!

Cerra has come from nowhere really. Got a nice ceiling with fairly good consistency. Very much a POD and scoring well. Like Daniel, i’ve already got quite a few freo boys and round 18 poses a potential issue, but Norf this week is a very favourable one!

Would love your thoughts guys! Sad that we’ve only got 2 weeks left on supercoach for the year, but best make the most of it!

Last edited 1 year ago by tommyc99

If you’re taking a shot at the stumps go Cerra


Good news about Zilliams, Anyone have any intel on Simpkin ?


Was training but don’t know more


Will this Greaves get a second run lads?


Yeah I think so


Good luck all this week with finals etc. Hope a few of us pump out some huge scores


Good luck with your games this week Holty

Shake n bake

Cogs dropped


Far out!