Wednesday Footy Frenzy – Round 16

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To close out Round 16 we’ve got the Lions hosting the Suns for the QClash.



High BEs

Lachie Neale 207
Dayne Zorko 161
Jarryd Lyons 150
Oscar McInerney 124
Jack Bowes 114
Daniel McStay 110
Brandon Ellis 103
Zac Bailey 102

Low BEs

Keidean Coleman -11
Ben Ainsworth -3
Jack Payne 6
Izak Rankine 15
Jarrod Berry 17
Darcy Gardiner 17
Connor Budarick 23
Brandon Starcevich 35


Lachie Neale is really the only captaincy option in this game. Scored 85 and 142 in the corresponding fixtures last season.

New Faces

No new faces in this game, but Jack Payne has been recalled to fill the Harris Andrews sized hole. He’s awaiting his first price rise and is $123,900. Keidean Coleman has also kept his spot after a promising debut and is still $117,300. Archie Smith is under 200k at $185,600.

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Shake n bake

I got in Gray Gawn and Neale this week hopefully that gets me over the line in 5 finals. How is the rest of you going?

Gooo Sainters

I got in Gawn, Bontempelli and Berry for rd16, no trades this week, got one left


I brought in Gawn and Rich so my mood will be dependent on tonight

Shake n bake

Rich close to a ton last week, will go close again


Rich is looking good for you at 3/4 time Lekky, hey mate is it possible to change the ‘my content and settings’ bit back to how it was at the start? We were able to delete our own comments individually then, now the only option is to ‘delete all comments’..much appreciated if you could adjust ๐Ÿ™‚

Shake n bake

Berry had a good game last week. Should back up tonight

The Ranger

I’ve held 4 trades for the last two rounds so this week was always gonna be my worst one of the bye rounds. Prob end up around 1950.
Already got Simpkin, Mozzie and Williams to deal with next week so I’m banking on those trades being really useful.

Shake n bake

Only 3 trades left for me Ranger will only be hopefully used for sideways trades.


Williams should play, dunno about Simpkin though , I have both also , at least we will know on Friday night if they are named

Shake n bake

Doesnโ€™t get any easier hey John. You would be definitely hopeful to get thru to a few GFโ€™s. I might be in 9 prelims win or lose it donโ€™t matter. The year has gone super quick. Hope they fix the scoring!!


Good year all around for you DJ I’d say, pretty abysmal from me but I’ll just blame it on Covid lol


Good score John.

This time of year it gets very hard, when you have premiums in teams out of finals hunt, either drop their effort or they get sent off for an early surgery

Looking forward to our battle in Up the Cazaly this week. Quite a few uniques, will be interesting.


It could all come tumbling down mate but even so…you’ve still had a great run and your score last week was fantastic for 18 players, what was your weekly ranking for that?
Your GF depends on a bit of luck that all your chargers will fire in the same round, good luck bud.


Hey no worries mate, you deserve it, I hope you win at least one GF, then it’s a win of a year for sure…I used to print out my GF wins haha, now I’m decluttering my life so don’t do that anymore but it’s always a nice way to end your SC year. ๐Ÿ™‚

Shake n bake

Sheed out next game Neil


This has to be TKellys time to shine

Shake n bake

Good game this week Derek hope Gaff goes alright to


Your RGray stunt was too good for me this week in the Magnificent 7 league. A bit of a shark move that one. He should be good again this week against Essendon

I see we meet again in JR Mega League but seem to avoid each other in the rest of them.

Shake n bake

Will be interesting to see the outs this week. Simpkin Docherty maybe Williams doesnโ€™t play again do have to keep the feelers out. Good luck hope your able to win most your games!


Season over for my cash league. Projected to win if both sides at full strength. Opponent lost Jelly and Z Williams. Should have been an easy win. Not when 15 of your top 18 score below projected score. Not when you have 19 ‘premos’ to fill a top 18 but then you get 77 from Docherty, 83 from Fyfe, 73 from Ridley, 86 from Parker, sub-100 from Oliver and Titch. Dev Smith at F6 only got an 80 but he was well and truly in my best 18. Simpkin 48, J Martin 36. Lost to someone relying on Trent Rivers and Kaiden Coleman — and that’s before Coleman even gave him his 18th score!!


Well I’m all done for the year folks. Current rank 120, although was 40 a few weeks ago. Had terrible luck with players from the bye rounds, so had to keep the spud Riccardi at f6. Have jack martin who is most likely out with one trade left, question marks on Docherty too. Wont score 2000 this week with oliver C and the team just falling apart. The game is cruel and just too hard to win but will see you all next year to give it a shot again. All the best to teams in their final matches – i couldnt care less about leagues myself. So yeah see you all next year and thanks for your advice. Jess x


Well done Jess. From your previous posts I knew you were trying to get as high as possible in ranks but 120 is an awesome result at the moment. I would love to do that well. While there is skill involved in picking the right players, this year we have also needed a lot of luck to do well with having to make trades etc while only finding teams out the night before and players being managed all the time. Has made it impossible to plan ahead. Throw in the Ess vs Melb cancelled game which I don’t think anyone like yourself with lots of those players from those teams ended up benefiting from later in the season so your current result is awesome. Enjoy the last 2 rounds and would love to hear where you eventually end up.


You have still held an awesome rank Jess. Enjoyed your contribution to this forum. You may not slide as much as you fear. I suspect many will have injuries this round. Think this might be the round of the chewy donut. My advice is still play it out to the end. Trades, no trades. Donuts, no donuts. Only 2 more weeks. Come back after round 22. Trig has run an awesome finals Comp in previous years. Even after my worst years this has been a great way to finish the SC year.


Congrats on a great year Jess, such a bummer about Riccardi, I have him too and now Lukosius looks to be delivering a similar turd, reckon I’ll lose my league games because my bottom 4 are so low lol. Anyways If we don’t see you for Trig’s happy ending which is always fun…see you around next season and take care ๐Ÿ™‚


Bloody Lukosius, what’s he doing out there?…LOL, dropping a big smelly one by the looks, please score something in the last quarter!


He copped the Bangalore wild card mate 16 kicks 627 metres gained (120 more than any other player in the game) for only 35SC! Low DE only 57%
By comparison Jack Payne 8 kicks 178 metres gained scored 93 SC. Low DE only 63%
Supercoach scores are about as indicative of a players influence on the game as the colour of their boots.
If you are a good real-world coach you wont rank top 30,000 in supercoach

The G Train

Zorko 2 frees against…one out on the full and one off the ball against King, neither counted for some reason on the statists/supercoach. Ended up losing by 8 and opponent brought him in just before the match started. Pretty heated


Lesson for others next week. Attention to detail matters.
In one H2H I was consistently ahead through the round. Used two trades yesterday afternoon to make sure I had it in the bag.
I took Gawn’s VC score, which was good enough.
My opponent didn’t, and went the hail mary with captaining Neale. I could have covered him by making Neale captain as well, but didn’t.
End result?……loss by 3pts.

The Ranger

Ow! That hurts Jughead.

One Touch Wonder

2199 this week. SHARK MOVES working well. 9/9 prelim finals. Should be inside Top 300.

One Touch Wonders

203 rank


You are going good OTW

Right in the thick of the action in the JR SURVIVOR GROUP. Barflys just pipped you for immunity this week


Blake Acres worth a shout if Simpkin doesnโ€™t get up? 129 and 113 last two games and appears to be getting a bit of the pill on the wing. Iโ€™ve not seen many Freo games so not sure why heโ€™s missed so many games this year but what do we think? Only got 3 trades and 50k in the bank, hoping to save 2 for the final round.


Hi all 315 for year so far, just traded Mozzie/rivers for Gray/Brayshaw gives me a sub on each line and Riccardi at F6, 1 trade left and only 12k in bank, still in two leagues so fingers crossed


, so when are we gonna address the purple elephant in the room??

#Brayshawbreakout is a bloody legend (most weeks) when are you gonna lord it over Lek and Patch on the pod mate? I’ve had him all year and I’m grateful, I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on Angus Brayshaw 2021 and Sam Walsh too. In fact, where do you see Fyfe playing next year? he’s no lock for me


Any word on Simpkin and Docherty’s availability this week? Good luck to everyone in prelim finals this week


I need to know re Docherty & Z Williams ๐Ÿ™


The end is in sight.

If this was the Cox’s Plate, we would be swinging for the home run down the short Moonie Valley straight.
Will we have a Bonecrusher vs Our Waverly Star finish, or will it be a run-a-way Winx?

At the moment we have Banchang Barflys out in front (6th Overall), he has lead for most of the journey, he looks relaxed, had a quick look over his shoulder, saw the challengers coming but looks focused. Has the immunity Necklace for next week and is quietly confident.

Tucked in behind the leader is Brock’s Beasts (17th overall), has been tracking Barfly’s every step of the way, hasn’t spent a penny and she looks full of running. Will be very hard to beat.

Swinging wide on the bend is One Touch Wonder (203rd overall), has pulled the whip early and is starting to motor home down the outside. Has he got one more Shark Move left?

Going with OTW is demons delights (459th overall), getting a beautiful trail into the straight, is within striking distance if good enough. NDD is much like his beloved demons, on his day he can beat anyone.

Shake n bake (847th) is mid-field and weaving between runners. Shake has always been there about, sitting quietly, still riding hands n heals, waiting to have the last crack at the leaders. Will the old legs of Robbie Gray get him to the finish line?

One of the early leaders was Boris Bumblebees (959th) seems to have found a second wind and is making up a lot of ground, has he got enough left in the tank?

Scorpions FC (1327th) has been saving ground back on the rails, a big gap has opened up for him as OTW went wide on the bend, the room is there if he is good enough.

The widest runner is If it ain’t Boak (1406th) who is coming from a long way back, he is full of running and starting to fly home at the end.

Anyone of the remaining 8 teams can win it from here. All ranked inside the top 1500.

Tailed off this week was (and eliminated from the race);
The Superstarrias
Team MAYhem &
bad luck fellas, did great to survive this long.

Good luck everyone.

Thanks fellas.

Last edited 1 year ago by Derek

Great stuff Derek.. Always a pleasure to read your posts .. Good luck to all remaining


Nice write up, Derek. I’ve been looking over my shoulder since 400 metres into the race.
Will need to pull the whip soon…

Shake n bake

Great stuff ๐Ÿ‘Œ


Thanks again for running this Derek, proud to have made it this far, though i think the end is nigh for myself. Best of luck everyone


Onya Derek, thanks for running this again, even though I was out pretty early on, it’s a great extra to the season for all of us.