Sunday Footy Frenzy – Round 16

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1:05PM EST




High BEs

  • Nic Naitanui 186
  • Tom Hawkins 168
  • Jack Macrae 167
  • Sam Menegola 158
  • Marcus Bontempelli 145
  • Tom Mitchell 127
  • Bailey Smith 119

Low BEs

  • Liam Ryan -9
  • Sam Draper 0
  • Irving Mosquito 1
  • Xavier O’Neill 11
  • Josh Morris 17
  • Jack Scrimshaw 28
  • Jack Steele 42
  • Dylan Shiel 51
  • Andrew Gaff 65

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Jack Steele has scored 105, 96 and 121 in his last three against the Hawks. Will likely spend some time with Titch today but will still dominate. Scores of 167 and 151 in his last two games, big match ahead.

The Bont is setting the world alight over the last month or so. In a rich vein of form, the big dog has pumped out 114, 138, 199, 135 and 122 over his last five. Worth a crack.

New Faces

Damon Greave will debut for Hawthorn, at $123,900 in defence he’s worth a look if you want a final downgrade. Fancies himself as a very good kick and will look to distribute the ball efficiently, also loves playing one-on-one defence.

Josh Morris isn’t a new face but we certainly haven’t seen him in a while. Available at $131,000 in the forwardline, this Hawk could give you the forward downgrade you need. An average of 29 over his three games isn’t good but he is a warm body.


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Week off trying to decide if best to fill out team or save some $$ for next week and sideways Nicnat to Gawn this week. Wicks, Schoenberg, Day still all on field. trades not an issue, have enough for max each rd.
Nic nat, T.Rivers, Draper to Gawn, Houli (knowing he has bye), Conroy with $290,200 left and aim to upgrapde Wicks/Schoenberg to Neal next week.
Will Day, Schoenberg, Draper to Houli, Conroy, Neale (any other top mid premo) with $18,500 left after.


Crouch or Lyons?


Lyons for me, easier draw and Crouch could cop the De Boer tag this week


Bad luck there for James Worpel, I hate to see good players get injured, hopefully it’s not too serious and he recovers well.

Shake n bake

Traded Worpel back to Neale this week.


Good timing there Shake, I traded Neale out for Merrett a few weeks ago, not regretting it so far but I’m sure I will lol

Shake n bake

Brought in Gray ytday aswell. Bit of a risk but worked ok


we are playing in Magnificent 7 Shake. I saw you had RGray, and i thought where did he come from? What the? especially when you don’t have Simpkin.

Shake n bake

Yeah Gray in and Neale back for Worpel. Took the risk with Gray as they had Nth then Ess next week. Only made one trade last week out of the 3, Neale out for Gaff he did ok.


Gaff got tagged today.


Gawn VC into Lloyd, surely that’s safe as houses


Nic Nat out .. Bummer


you could see that coming. Traded him to Gawn yesterday.


was going to do it next week just a week earlier NN TO GAWN no brainer and vc


only 58% TOG last week. He shouldn’t be that tired.


Hey Col you have the C on Nicnat in Jocks Journeyman Draft
3 minutes to change it !

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

Thanks Russty but i’ve only just seen your post .. Thems the breaks ,, only playing the old fella from the nursing home


Bummer mate cause you would’ve given him a serious run for his money with your first player being Menagola with 193…a top 4 spot was on the line for next week’s finals.
Don’t spose Neil tried to contact you about it?…LOL
I did actually give you about 20 mins notice cause I thought you were still around…I did an edit with 3 mins to go.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

I’ll probably end up winning any how lol


Forgot about the draft. Still could be close


Nope not now Neil, Gat’s C was a DNP…lost 200 + points, maybe you both have Alzheimers?…lol


There’s no VC in this draft!

Does the C go into the subed in player?


Don’t think the C does, just the score of the lowest scoring bench player.


Missed the deadline to trade NN to Gawn.

Dropping to 18 premos this week with NN a late out, is it worth going Grundy to Gawn, leaving me with 1 trade left?

Full premo but I have Simpkin to deal with if he misses


If it means the diff between winning or losing your league final TC for sure, Simpkin could miss next game but he really didn’t look too bad soon after it happened.


Got three trades left. Dont have Gawn and 1 rook cull away from being full premo. I dont think I can achieve both. Its Gawn and one short from full premo, or run it out with Grundy, Mc Evoy and Draper. Then turn Riccardi into a Andrew Brayshaw type. So, which is the greater priority? Grab Gawn and run Riccardi at F6……Thoughts?


Hey TH, don’t think you can rely on bigboy to see you through, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you have Gawny in your stable…Riccardi’s fine as f6 I reckon with his lowest score being 68


The only thing that concerns me now is Brayden Pruess being named tonight. That is a very very interesting inclusion for Melbourne.Just going to sit back and see what happens tomorrow when final teams named……Cheers Russty. TH


I reckon he’s only been included because Brown was omitted, I think historically, Preuss in the same side as Gawny hasn’t affected his scores very much.


I reckon your right there Russty. Imagine if the big maxxx is a late out!! All hell will break loose. LOL


Did the same.

Have Rankine at F6 see how he does next week


Gaff getting the living Jesus tagged out of him by Mclean…36 points at 3/4 time..nice tagging job I guess, glad I don’t have Gaff, I hate taggers.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russty_

Gaff is Gaffed. LOL


Gaffa taped hah


I didn’t see dogs vs WCE tonight, sounds like it was good game.

Dunkley (was $507k – should jump to $520k). Have Hawks and Freo to finish, looks better value than Bont or Macrae. Had Macrae all year until traded him out last week. Anyone else looking at him?

I have Rankine at F6 and Bailey Smith at M8. Rankine might get to $370k therefore need $150k to go Rankine to Dunkley next week. Currently have $103k

there isn’t much at the $470ish mark that i’m interested in, maybe JPK or BCrouch

But… only have two measly trades left (i just don’t know where they have all gone), therefore will need to use both to get him and have no trades left for final week. Gives me something to think about.


I have $200 left, I could wire it to ya ;)…if you have bench cover it won’t matter if you have no trades for final week although it’d be nice to be able to do something before your GF if you had to or want to.


Personally I couldn’t be happier with a couple that you’ve mentioned in JPK & Dunkley, brought JPK in last week for a 110 and Dunkley this week for a 150, the downside is I also brought in Cogs for a lacklustre 70 odd last week, hoping he redeems himself this week.