Saturday Footy Frenzy – Round 16

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High BEs

  • Jack Ziebell 195
  • Todd Goldstein 163
  • Trent Dumont 145
  • Shaun Higgins 130

Low BEs

  • Lachlan Hosie 9
  • Flynn Perez 21
  • Robbie Gray 32
  • Travis Boak 58
  • Tom Rockliff 70

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Travis Boak is probably the key captaincy option from Port tonight. He averages 99 for his career against North. He has scored 109 or more in his last three games against the Roos. Likes to play against teams towards the bottom of the ladder.

Todd Goldstein is averaging 117 for 2020 and despite not tonning up in his last two games he’ll hit the Supercoach scoreboard tonight. If he can repeat his performace from last year we’ll see a huge 176!

New Faces

Flynn Perez will debut for North tonight. He is available at $117k in defence but I don’t know much about him, he didn’t play a game in 2019 after and ACL injury and I’ll be damned if I’ve read any North reserves reviews.

Trigga Happy & the ISOlators are back with another huge AFL parody!

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Do I go really early on Coleman from Brisbane or is there a better option to downgrade Close. My plan is to go Hill to Bailey Williams, Close to Coleman and McKay to Haynes. If I bring in Marchington or Mosquito instead of Coleman, I won’t have enough cash to bring in Haynes.
Appreciate any thoughts or advice.


Getting Haynes is good. I don’t have him and it hursts watching him, great player, great SuperCoach scorer.

My plan was my last defender upgrade lukosious to Haynes, but Lukiosous has been too good to trade out. Will just keep yelling at TV when Haynes gets another intercept mark.

If you can get him, yes


With apologies to Kim Carnes, He’s Lukosius and he knows just what it takes to make a Crow blush. All the girls think he’s a smash, he’s got Bette Davis eyes.

Great fact hunt

As there are only 3 rounds left and if you already have cover on the bench you can now bring in a non playing rookie worth 102k. I would do this from either Essendon or gcs who have late matches in round 17 and 18 which give flexibility in loopholes. This will give you money to get the best possible premo. Cash generation is now irrelevant. Good luck and hope all goes well.


3 trades left and sliding. No cash in hand. Do I try and maximise points this week by trading out Martin, Grundy and Maynard for say Greenwood, Goldy and Lyons, leaving no trades for the last 2 weeks, or do I ditch a Rankine and Starcevich for a rook and a $500k player?


If going for rank, hold your trades. Best 18 this week, won’t do too much damage. Do you have at least 20 playing?

If you are in do or die league matches, you might have to go for a few trades if your team is weaker


Hi Derek, rank is my only consolation at the moment.
Depends who gets picked, but only have Martin, Grundy and Maynard from Essendon and Collingwood. That said, Tobe Watson, D Robertson (Bris), Bytel, Foot etc might not get a gig this week.


What Derek said Westy…study your opponents teams if it’s league you care about, maybe trade if it strengthens your chances.


Best 18 it will be hard to gain or lose much rank, most teams scores are very close.

Last 2 rounds and back to best 22 will be the chance to gain rank or lose rank if you have some weak links.

I would be looking at your team for next week and round 18. So don’t trade out Grundy Martin or Maynard, look at maxing out Rankine’s price rises and use your last trades to upgrade your weakest best 22.

Even though only 2 weeks left after this week, being back to best 22, good chance to still make up nice rank


Who to trade in:

Any other suggestions are welcome but only have $605,000

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Lyons is in some ripping form.


Lions have one of the best draws to finish


Do you have Steele. Only trouble is he could be tagged round 18


Yeah midfield is Steele, Kelly, Boak, Mitchell, Neale, Cripps, Viney and wicks. leaning towards getting in Lyons


wow any of them Gaff is super reliable and Fyfe can go big


Do I trade Walters? Seems he isn’t playing any time in the midfield


When he got injured, Mundy’s TOG increased and he has basically taken Walters midfield time.

There are very few good forward options. Maybe Simpkin or Smith who are getting midfield time.


Suggestions required please, Best F6 from here in. Have Petracca, Dusty, Whitfield, Greenwood and Simpkin. My thoughts are along Greene, B Smith or R Gray as Brayshaw seems to be sliding.


Hawkins if you can afford him.

The Ranger

Think I’m gonna ditcha rookie this week just to have a bank for the last two rounds.
Close, Brander, Rivers or Cameron?

The Lost Boys

Is it worth trading Goldy or Grundy to Gawn? Gawn looking better than both, and Goldy has been terrible recently.
Going for overall rank and have 3 trades left with 1 non premo spot left (in the mid or fwd depending on DPP).
Will have 19 premos playing (including goldy) this week, along with 2 rookies (Ricardi & one of Wicks, Coleman or Shoenburg).
Dusty and Grundy only premos not playing.


If going for rank can’t go wrong with big gawny mate.


If you did it…that would explain why he’s 47 at quarter time lol


We’re we meant to get another trade this rd as it is a bye rd and best18? 🤔


I think we got all we’re gonna get mate…you song making greedy sonofabitch lol

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Looks like a possible concussion for Simpkin, hopefully not or not too bad, that’ll probs be one score this week we won’t be counting.


Lets hope they clear him in time for their next game as will need 22 warm bodies next week!


I’m hoping the same Pman coz I used my last trade this week 🙂


Only have one player from either Port or North and he is Simpkin.


Good choices in your draft side though Derek in Wines and Gray, scored big for ya.

Shake n bake

I got in Gray tonight, risky.


Oh well Dusty to Boak is looking alright at 3/4 time… Boak’s on 117, bummer about Simpkin though..his score won’t count.
Whacked the VC on him too…take that Tumbleweeds blowing down the main street!…seems to be all that’s here at the moment lol

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Nice trade, I got Boak last week and are looking to trade Dusty for one of Lyons, Fyfe or Gaff and are probably leaning towards Lyons but Fyfe is a bargain at $540K and can go huge. Tough decision for M8, any thoughts?


I like Lyons for current form Pman but have never picked him, Fyfe can go huge for sure and probably will cause he’s a superstar.


My opponent in only league that matters has neither one and Lyons is a real POD too which may sway me.


Lyons is pretty much a guaranteed 130 ish, Fyfe has been a bit more sporadic in his scoring, I would choose the one that has the most danger attached to it lol

Shake n bake

Goldy 9 touches 2 kicks 7 handballs 3 frees against 22 hit outs 1 goal 57 meters gained 4 to advantage Lycett 12 touches 1 free against 2 for 7 kicks 5 handballs 27 hit outs 7 to advantage 167 meters gained. Centre clearance Nth 4 Port 11 Goldy 101 Lycett 76

No Second Prizes

Goldy had a goal, two more tackles and 100% DE. But yes some times it’s hard to work out. A few weeks ago I watched Nic Nat go up 32 point for a free kick and a goal.

Shake n bake

3 free kicks against! 7 handballs! Qtr time was on 38. After qtr time got 63 pts for 3 frees against 4 handballs 4 hit outs to advantage. To me that’s lucky to score 15.