PODCAST | Last Minute Round 16 Trade Advice

Published by Lekdog on

Lekdog opens his mouth for 20 minutes and words come out. Take advice with caution!

Grab a JR t-shirt in your team colours here: https://tinyurl.com/y6q97bf6

Trigga Happy & the ISOlators are back with another huge AFL parody!

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Love your work Lek.
That pod was like trying to make fruit salad with no fruit.
Tad hard if you don’t know the teams.

News Williams out, harmes out, simpkin knocked out so I guess rich will be the flavour of the round! Yikes.

My team is kaput. Nickname is Swiss cheese.

Anyway good luck to everyone else. Your gonna need it as this season has not finished with us not by a long shot.

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