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Cheat Sheet | Round 16

Published by Statty Matty on

Welcome back community, to another round in “Festival of Fantasy Part II”. At this stage of the season there’s not a lot we need to do (hopefully). You should either be trading in top line premos (i.e. top 6-8 in their positions), or PODs (high scoring pods). Most of these guys are part of that latter group.

Nick Haynes DEF – $502k – Avg 107 BE 67
Haynes has been a little flat since his bye in Round 11, but pulled out a 139 last week against Carlton to remind us of his value. He’s dropped $60k since his peak mid-season, just in time for the 82% of players who don’t have him yet to sort that out.

Brad Sheppard DEF – $486k – Avg 94 BE 69
I recommended Sheppard last week and he didn’t let me down with his highest score this season, a 121 vs Essendon. He’s been relatively consistent this year, lowest scores of 67. He’s still affordable, and lower ownership if you are looking for another POD (1.6%).

Matt Crouch MID – $590k – Avg 109 BE 59
Was BOG in the Crows first win for the season, and racked up a massive 162. His last 5 rounds have also included 112, 100, 132 and 133. Still in just over 1% of teams.

Jack Steele MID – $600k – Avg 121 BE 42
Steele has been a deadset gun this season. Only a handful of poor scores, but the ability to go BIG, and proved this on numerous occassion going over 125 eight times in 14 games. And in just 15% of teams.

Cam Guthrie MID – $544k – Avg 103 BE 69
The Ringo Starr of the Cats midfield as evidenced by his low ownership, Guthrie holds his own. A low of 58 in Round 1, but a 3 Rd Avg of 121 right now.

Robbie Gray FWD/MID – $465k – Avg 88 BE 32
A perennial SC superstar, Gray (and Boak) haven’t needed to carry their teams midfield this year. Port have a good run home with North, Essendon and Collingwood, so there is a big chance Gray could score well as he starts to get a sniff of finals. 7% of teams.

Jack Lukosius FWD/DEF – $502k – Avg 88 BE 85
The “future Crows superstar” has been on fire in the last few weeks. He has the second highest 3 rd Avg after Tom Hawkins, after scoring 135, 132, and 85. He’s projected to ton-up in all 3 of his final games.

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Hard to believe 82% of teams don’t have Haynes, I brought him in round 5 for Howe. I would be looking at getting in Crouch for Dusty if I wasn’t thinking about getting Max back in.


Was planning Lukosious to Haynes a few weeks ago, but lukosious has been playing too well.


I reckon I might start him next season and hopefully he doesn’t get a role change and turn to crud like Witherden did.


Lukosious takes most of the kick ins. Brisbane have been kicking a lot of points lately


Yo John, it’s hard to know where to post with all these threads but …well here it is, hope you finish the year off well and rank highly and win some league finals, I’m still in it with a sniff if you can believe that !…I brought Boak in this week and made him VC so I’m taking his 149 x 2 and hoping for the best πŸ™‚


That’s huge Russty, Boak is a POD and gives you a great start. I was looking at him a few weeks ago, but couldn’t get him due to his bye and now I’m down to my last two trades, so just had to hold for now.Thanks for the boost Russty, yeah a finish around the 10k rank would be nice and if I can win even just two out of my five semi finals this round, hopefully in Sons and Cazaly, I’ll be happy.

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Cheers bud good luck for the rest of your finals


Boak looks like a great move for you, maybe not so great for me in the Jolly Jockers πŸ™‚
I’ve taken a punt and gotten Maxxy back in, hope that hasn’t compromised my team too much.
good luck


Thanks John good luck to you too mate.


Hey Russty, I just looked at your team and you have Angus on field, he’s injured and won’t be playing. You probably have the E on on either Close or Schoenberg, but the E’s don’t seem to be showing up. I’d have Angus on the bench, the E on Close and Schoenberg on field.


Cheers John thanks for that, I’ve rectified that now, bummer I’m gonna be limping as far as I can get now with no Angus or Simpkin.


No worries Russty, yes bloody injuries, why we needed to conserve trades even this season. Glad to see the Saints finally pull away from the Hawks in the 3rdQ, you need to stop kicking points.


Yeah right?..inaccuracy is the story of the last 10 years at the Saints, just hope we get over the line and make the 8


Good to see you started kicking goals in the end. Yes that 2009 GF should have been yours, if you had kicked just a bit better in those last three quarters. The straight kicking by Geelong in those first three quarters kept them in the game.


It’s good to see some of our recruits and young blokes coming along, I think Coffield is gonna be a good defender, not sure what to make of Clark, he seems to have gone backwards a bit.


Don’t you worry about coffield and clark both are 200 game saints ,though TMac might be a good swap for one


Angus Brayshaw has damaged a ligament in his foot and will miss a couple of weeks.
Josh Kelly has had a light week since suffering the concussion against the Fremantle Dockers in round 14 after being immediately ruled out of round 15 due to the tight turnaround. The 25-year-old has passed all the protocols thus far but will need to train on Sunday and recover well to take on the Crows on Tuesday night.
J.Simpkin (concussion) will be out next week as the Kangaroos next game is on the 12th.


Oh Lukosios sorry mate, just brought him in poor fella