Friday Footy Frenzy – Round 15

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Brisbane, who are fresh off their bye, will host Collingwood, who are about to go onto a bye! This will be a cracking contest. Will the Lions be refreshed and be able to give all they’ve got? or will Collingwood come out firing and revved up because they don’t have to play in Round 16?

Brisbane vs Collingwood – 7.50PM EST


High BEs

  • Lachie Neale 216
  • Jarryd Lyons 173
  • Brodie Grundy 147
  • Daniel Rich 145
  • Hugh McCluggage 134
  • Charlie Cameron 134
  • Noah Answerth 129
  • Dayne Zorko 121
  • Oscar McInerney 121
  • Brody Mihocek 120

Low BEs

  • Brandon Starcevich -23
  • Thomas Fullarton -2
  • Ryan Lester 19
  • Will Hoskin-Elliott 21
  • Keidean Coleman 24
  • Max Lynch 25
  • Darcy Moore 39
  • Mason Cox 42
  • Josh Daicos 46
  • Harris Andrews 52
  • Jack Crisp 54


If you’re not going with Lachie Neale then you’re going with Brodie Grundy, right? Grundy vs a Martin-less Lions, or Neale vs a team he averages 112 against.

New Faces

Keidean Coleman will debut for the Lions, he averaged 80 points at NEAFL level, and 54 in the U18s competition and is available as a MID-FWD for $117,300.

Max Lynch will debut for Collingwood. He was drafted in the 2017 rookie draft. He’s available as a RUCK for $123,900.

Good luck, community! Remember this is the last game of Round 15 and Round 16 starts TOMORROW.
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Cheers Damo…I was gonna leave the VC on Merrett but what the hell, may as well chuck it on Grundy and see what happens, my score will be crap this week regardless lol


Yeah I know I’m probably gonna only make things worse, but I’ll be lucky to crack 1500 this week anyhoo, haha..always next year mate 🙂


With all the spud scores out there this rd and a number of guns with the bye 1800 is looking like a good score this rd.


Wonder if Cox will look for a new club now. The doggies could do worse partnering him with English


I think through the number of games he’s played this year he’s triggered a clause in his contract that gives him an extra year. That said he has gone backwards this year and who knows if he’s best 22 next year?


I think he’ll get delisted ..he’s almost 30 and hasn’t really produced the output they hoped he would.


Good luck John, if you get around that score this week you should jump up the rankings a fair bit I’d imagine?


Went against my own advice. Got TKelly in for JKelly instead of JPK.

Held off going NicNat to Gawn when NN was named, but got sucked into his 58% TOG.

Did the Macrae to Neale trade back as planned.

My 3 rookies Mozie, Rivers and Shoenburg’s scores all counted ahead of TKelly and Tracca’s.

Cogs and NicNat underwhelmed, but the Chad and Devon did good

Didn’t take stitch’s VC but backed Oliver to do it again. His 65%TOG to 3/4 time had me worried, but he brought home a solid C score.

Got Me 1907 Which might be ok but lose a few ranks


It was all about the cash. Still have Rankine and lukisious and have the cash to upgrade them


Well done mate…my poxy 1400 odd score pushed me past the 30k mark last week haha


Why are so many games so low scoring this season?, I know the quarters have been shortened, and the covid hubs thing and all that, resulting in more fatigue, and less skill execution etc…. but it feels to me like there’s just too much congestion all the time, and consequently less chance to score. The scores of some games this year are ridiculously low.
I wonder if the possibility of zones will come into the future planning?…a certain amount of players allowed in an in that other game called football, Soccer.
I think the AFL should be promoting higher amounts of goals per game..low scoring games suck.


Lots of goal less qtrs this year 🙄


Don’t even go theremate. Too many changes as it is


Just look at SuperCoach. Defenders are scoring very well. Forwards, hard to find a good one


2010 for me. Too many spuds to mention this week – really costing me points in the 15-18 player range. But Crisp, Lyons, Neale and Grundy brought the round home solid (though not spectacular for the last pair),


Hi guys, running out of trades and can’t decide between:
1, Haynes and looping Ricardi/Mozzi in the fwds for the rest of the year or

2, Taking a chance with Scimshaw and Acres

Thanks in advance.


First one is a safer option.

Scrimshaw should be good for the rest of the year but Acres has only had one good game, not enough of a sample size. Any other fallen premos around Acres price?


Hey guys,

Got 7 trades left with 1 upgrade to go and really not sure what else to do. So would like your thoughts!
76k in the bank
Def: Lloyd, Laird, Stewart, Doch, Williams, Williamson, (B Williams, Gould)
Mid: Neale, Macrae, Bont, Oliver, Fyfe, Duncan, Adams, Cripps (wicks, Foot, Dow)
Ruc: Grundy, Goldy (coomben)
Fwd: Whitfield. tracca, Brayshaw, Dusty, Baz, Dev Smith (Riccardi Mozzie)

So im pretty happy with how my team looks, but with 7 trades i dont wanna waste them. Wicks downgrade to go Williamson – Haynes seems like a no brainer but Wicks BE would surely still be very low. Other than that maybe upgrade the likes of Dev smith? But even hes had a role change and is finding some form.
What would you do community?


I think you should also consider Goldy to Gawn. He’s a real Captain option, so the upgrade could be doubly valuable.


Hey Keen, thanks for the reply!

Yeah Goldy has a 165 BE so as much as i should be prioritizing that last def spot, its now or never for goldy – gawn.

Im thinking Wicks – Coleman (early on wicks but has to be done) which allows me to do goldy to gawn.
60k in the bank to hopefully downgrade mozzie and upgrade williamson to a premo def next week.

No Second Prizes

Ridley or Haynes are both safe options to fill the last defensive spot Tommy and both are still affordable plus reliable.


Hey mate, yeah have been eyeing haynes off for 2-3 weeks now. That 139 makes it tricky to afford him so may need mozzie/riccardi to go big this week


Thinking of rage trading Coniglio after just a week.
What a spud that man is – got to be the worst captain in the league. Watched his pathetic efforts and lazy scrub kicks forward on Thurs. Don’t think I could bare to do it again.
May trade out Crisp for Ridley and Conig for Danger/Crouch – see if I can crack the top 500 for my highest ever finish.

No Second Prizes

If coniglio was going to go big is should have been last game with no Kelly in the team. I traded him mid season as I couldn’t watch his lazy football any longer. Trade him out to Danger who is coming of a rest and will smash a tired Essendon. Crouch may get tagged this week so maybe avoid 😉


He can’t run. Takes tiny steps

The Ranger

5 trades left. No cash. Still no M8. Only got Close, Cameron, Brander, Mozzie or Rivers to downgrade to raise funds. No league games for me this week and I’m trying to stay in the top 500.
Cameron – 102K rookie and Cogs – Steele/Danger?
With it being best 18 this week I’m tempted to just do one downgrade and hold 4 trades for the last two rounds.
If I do, which one would you downgrade?


Congrats on a great season/round ,really climbed the ranks and you have a great team I am playing you so zac dawson would be your best in. but must admit Steele or Danger are good choices i will be looking at Gawn and Parker for two west coasters,but i still have the faith in NN AND Sheed CHEERS NDD

The Ranger

You’re having a pretty good year yaself mate, I noticed that just 40pts separates the top 4 in A Graders.


This is the first year i have done ok in my own league .Plenty of competition there


You’re both bloody legends so there! 😉


Just remember that fabulous 1st round Russty 514 was a mighty effort mate just a season where luck was a major player


7 trades left so it’s use them or lose them this week. 3 trades so which ones? 113k in the bank ranked 3552 overall but going for league with some interest in beating my best overall rank of 1736. Through to the prelim so have the week this week.

D Ridley Lloyd Stewart Daniel Williams Doc RIvers B Williams
M Neale McCrae Merret Mitchell Steele Cripps JPK Coniglio Schoenberg Bytel Bennel
Gawn Grundy Draper
Dusty Whitfield Petracca B Smith D Smith Mosquito Comden Skinner

I was thinking of Rivers out for Perez and Bennel out for Coleman for two of them but any ideas on the third?