Wednesday Footy Frenzy – Round 15

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Don’t you just love Wednesday night footy? Especially when it’s the second night of footy for the round. It’ll be bizarre when 2021 rolls around and we’re back to Friday-Sunday footy only.

We have a blockbuster tonight between Richmond and Fremantle. This game will be played at the sunny home of footy, Metricon Stadium.


Highest Breakevens

  • Darcy Tucker: 168
  • Nat Fyfe: 160
  • Luke Ryan: 158
  • Josh Caddy: 134
  • Dion Prestia: 126

Lowest Breakevens

  • Minario Frederick: -9
  • Tom Dow: 0
  • Griffen Logue: 1
  • Noah Balta: 37
  • David Mundy: 48

Captaincy Options

There’s a few players to have on this list. If you’re the proud owner of Dustin Martin, he’s a good player. Breaking news sort of stuff there. But his last three against Fremantle have been average: 99, 87 and 105. Nat Fyfe has been listed in the centre, which is positive. Would be hard to keep him in a forward line with Lobb, Taberner and Hogan. Andy Brayshaw has scored 150, 122 and 115 in his last four games, with eight tons in his last nine games. Would be a smoky option there. Luke Ryan was hurt last week, but before that he had eight tons in a row. Only three of those were below 110, while four were above 125.

New Faces

Not a new face, but Tom Dow plays his second game. He’s brother of Paddy Dow of Carlton, and he scored 49 last week. Jesse Hogan will also play his fourth game of the season.

Good Luck tonight Community!

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Originally had Lloyd into Neale but the Fyfe point is a really interesting one. If he plays enough mid time surely he scores well? Tigers dont tag so he should run free. Is he a good VC open or wold the Lloyd into neale be the safer pick?


I accidently left my VC on Mitchell so now I have to choose between Gawn and Neale for the C. Thinking Gawn gets 2,387 hit outs so may go him.
I’d go the VC on Fyfe if I were you. Fyfe surely scores a min of 100 playing more mid, but ceiling is up to180. Lloyd will give you solid 125 usually. VC is for taking risks IMO.

Neale is a reliable back-up at C , but don’t the Pies tag? If so Neale might score lower this week. If Fyfe gives you 125 consider taking it if the Pies are likely to tag.


Hey Bells,
Think gawn is no brainer there.
Yeah if we knew for sure fyfe wont play as much forward i think i would go fyfe. As you said VC is more for the risk taking and fyfes got a higher ceiling. But his role past 2 weeks has been poor so thats the only thing scaring me off him atm.


Riley O’Brien’s 142 is it enough for VC or do we hope Neale puts in a blinder?


I think 142 is definitely enough. Have to check teams but Greenwood is a chance to play this week and wouldnt be surprised if he comes in as a tagger. Also had pendles do a little bit of a run with role at stoppages which was interesting. GOtta be taking 142, especially in a bye round


a week where 6 teams are having the bye, you take 142. i’m even thinking of taking 120 this week


Is there any merit in trading Cripps, since he’ll be playing sore and likely have DeBoer for company?


Best 18 not as big an issue, at least he is playing. Best 22 would be different story.

Shoenburg and Mozie dine good, so I’m thinking their scores are worst I’ll probably do this round for best 18, if Cripps scores less it’s ok, have a safety net

Jorg Ancrath

Gee, Dusty is pretty average tonight. Just running around. Might give him the flick next week.


He has a bye next week,then they play the Cats, a big time player is Dusty


5 Trades left, 16 K in bank and almost full team however my D6-8 are Cottrel, Ling and Keane. Thinking to generate some cash as well as I think he might outscore him doing Cripps to Jarrod Berry. Am I crazy? Berry had a real strong patch of form mid year hoping he can replicate it? Only costing 5 points on average if him and cripps stayed to form from here anyway and 80 odd K it would make is invaluable. also POD


Cripps to JPK would be worthy of consideration. Though he had the ACL earlier this year JPK usually comes home strong, no bye and only 417k – Probable scores between 85-125 per game from here on. If that allows you to get a rookie off field….


Brayshaw with the spudscore. Did he play a different role tonight?
Worried Fyfe back in mids will be sharking his points from here on.