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Welcome to Supercoach-megeddon, where a dozen of the most commonly selected premo picks all have concurrent byes. Mwah-ha-ha!

But let’s face it, we’ve all had a heap of extra trades in a shortened season, so if you haven’t semi-planned for this … well that’s why you’re probably checking out this cheat sheet.

There are always obvious choices for trade targets, Lachie Neale, Tom Mitchell and Clayton Oliver are all in fine form, and don’t need more spruiking. Max Gawn is obvious too, if you don’t have a combination of Grundy, Goldy NicNat already. Lachie Whitfield and Christian Petracca are the clear cut forwards this week.

Rory Laird DEF – $576k – Avg 101 BE 151
Back from his bye, Laird has been named on the ball this week. This move over the last few weeks has seen him average 127 over 3 games, so he should score well.

Steven May DEF – $482k – Avg 92 BE 32
May had a BOG 149 last week, and has a 3 Round Avg of 124. Only 1.2% ownership makes him a great POD. If you had him last week (and you’re other players did as expected) you’d have enjoyed the bump in rank he would have provided.

Brad Sheppard DEF – $462k – Avg 95 BE 68
Sheppard is relatively consistent this year, lowest scores of 67, but highest of only 116. But he’s affordable, and lower ownership if you are looking for another POD.

Zach Merrett MID – $590k – Avg 114 BE 69
Merrett is flying at present. 128 3 Rd Avg after consecutive 143 and 145 last week. Has a tough run home, but according to the SC boffins, he’s projected to score in the 130s for his final 4 games.

Matt Crouch MID – $546k – Avg 105 BE 65
While Crouch’s actual games might not be having the impact for the Crows that they used to have, his ability to wrack up stats and SC points is almost unchanged. With a 3 Rd Avg of 121, and scores of 100, 132, 133, and ownership of just 1.0%, he could be the slightly cheaper midfield POD you need to round out your team.

Nic Naitinui RUC – $618k – Avg 110 BE 130
I’ve spruiked him for weeks, and there were fears he’d get rested, but not this week. NicNat vs Draper looks good on paper, so based on that he’s my best ruck option this week.

Joe Daniher FWD – $270k – Avg 103 BE 10
Seems like everyone is on the Daniher train this week, and why wouldn’t you be. Long awaited comeback from injury, likeable bloke, oh and pumping out a ton on return … yeah that’ll do it for me. We all shy away from key forwards for a reason as they are up and down, but at $270k Daniher is priced just above a top rookie. If you have spare trades, or looking for a POD (0.7% of teams) Daniher could be a good fit.

Jake Riccardi FWD – $173k – Avg 99 BE -71
If you missed Riccardi’s first 2 rounds, there’s still hope. If he makes his Avg 88 again this week, he jumps another $70k, and if he does it again a further $50k. $120k may be the difference between a premo and and Ultra premo mid if you are vying for big scores in the last couple of rounds.

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I mentioned this on a previous article and russty suggested Dow and Williams as potential rookies. At this stage neither really need to make cash just need them to play for the next couple of weeks. Do we think williams can hold his spot once JJK returns? Brander being omitted probably helps somewhat.
Annoying that now with day being managed i will be offloading him instead of williamson, and of course day is the first game of the round so i can’t wait for any more potential inclusions.

Last edited 1 year ago by tommyc99

NicNat was named.

my plan was to go NicNat to Gawn this week, thinking that NicNat will get a rest

NicNat against Essendon this week, nice match up.

Gawn has Sinclair, not bad either.

what are the NicNat owners doing?


keeping him for now

The Ranger

Not sure they can afford to rest NicNat if they want a top four spot.

S C tragic

keeping, when they rest him I’ll look at Gawn.


keeping him


59% TOG was the answer. Should have seen that coming


brought in JKelly for Neale last week. sigh.

Plan was to go Macrae to Neale this week, but with JKelly missing and might miss 2 weeks.

Could do JKelly back to Neale but he lost some cash last week

was thinking JKelly to Merrett, but then I saw Tim Kelly is $449k.

If I go JKelly to TKelly, lets me go Close to JPK. Hold Macrae and get Neale next week a bit cheaper. (probably trade Cripps, who I got two weeks ago and doesn’t look Uber)

What are peoples thoughts on Tim Kelly and/of JPK. So much value.

This would then have Rankine at F6 and Chad F7 swinger.

Last edited 1 year ago by derek

Same boat cheif with jelly 🙁
Personally I think that JPK is more reliable than telly and will score 90 min each week. Yes he is older but seems like he is still playing solid midfield minutes and is cheaper too


I quite like JPK Derek. Usually finishes every season strong and works his way into games. Merrett has been scoring well but I’d be keen to see how he goes with Heppell back in too

Does Rankine have to be a keeper? Jack Martin is a good option too if you can afford going Rankine or Wingard to him


JPK looks good value Wont get a tag from the dees so a ton looks on got him in this week


I’ve gone Cripps to Neale this week, think there might be a 100 point gain with the DeBoer tag. My only concern with Neale is his rd 18 matchup.


Taranto also an option instead of JPK, easy run home and no Jelly currently.


fyfe or matt crouch?


Hope you went Crouch


I did 😁


Who would you put the VC on this week – Dusty, LLoyd, Nic Nat, Titch, Whitfield or Petracca. I am leaning towards Lloyd against the Dees, Titch against the Crows (could get 50 disposals) or Nic Nat against Draper tonight. Appreciate your thoughts, especially if you think I should go early on Titch or Nic Nat.


im really tossing up between titch and nic nat, honestly not sure who to go its a hard choice.


Thanks K Sinny. Based on projected scores there is not much between them (125 for Titch and 135 for Nic Nat). My only hesitation with putting the VC on Titch is that when I put the C on Macrae against the Crows a few weeks back he only got 118 after getting 183 the week before.


i think the main reason for that was so many of his teammates getting huge scores

The G Train

How much is Neale set to drop this week if he gets say 110 with a B/E over 200? Tossing up whether to trade Viney to Neale this week or hold off a week and trade Crisp to Lloyd this week instead of next. That extra 50k could be the difference between getting Macrae in the GF week.


Neale will drop some money but I expect a captains score this week. Crisp has a 3 rd avg of 104 against Brisbane so you could hold him, 54 BE also.

Luke Parisot

If he gets like 135 he’ll drop around 35k. 125 about 40k. 145 probably about 30k. 110 probably about 47-48k. I think 135 is a pretty realistic projection so 35k drop.


Who is the best defender to bring in for under $544k. I already have Lloyd, Doc, Ridley and Laird. Looking to trade Close to Mozzie, S Hill to Bailey Williams and upgrade McKay.


Haynes has a great run home and should score well, Harris Andrews if you want to save 50k but I love the look of Houli. Shame he has rd16 bye.


NicNat sucked me in.

Was going to trade NicNat to Gawn because I was certain he would be rested.

I was half right, he was ‘half rested’. 59% TOG tonight.


Don’t think Nic Nat is enjoying QLD. 121 avg at Optus stadium and 94 avg elsewhere this year.

Telescopic Cox

The good thing is that if he’s resting in-game, he might not cop a rest in the closing rounds.

Although NN to Gawn is definitely tempting


Is it just me, but most of my posts don’t ever appear?


Is it just me, but most of my posts never appear?

The Ranger

The new comments system doesn’t seem to reload the new comments at the top of the page Derek, I have to refresh the page and then click “Newest” in order to see the latest posts


most of my posts don’t appear anymore.
quite frustrating when I write a message and it doesn’t get posted, usually don’t bother to re-type. Must have happened 10 or 20 times in the last couple of days.


There appearing Derek, quite a few times infact.


was thinking T Kelly myself


My Midfield is Neale, Oliver, Bontempelli, Mitchell, Danger, Wines, Gaff and Shiel. I want to upgrade 1 to Steel next week. Thoughts anyone, I’m thinking Shiel or Gaff.


When all the Port midfielders are available, Wines TOG can be quite low. He has more chance of having a low score.

Steele has been super good, but would still be worried about him getting a tagging role one week. He did a bit of tagging last game, second half, and his score really fell away. He should have scored 200.


Thanks Derek, I thought Viney tagged Steele second half and Seb Ross has been doing the tagging duties at the Saints. Happy to be proven wrong.


you might be right. I knew Steele had something to do with a tag.

I just have Steele Envy. he is a very good player. But Viney did slow him down last game.


The Hawks are such a pitiful team after last night. Adelaide are right on track with many good young recruits coming through, whereas the hawks have Gunston Breust and Burgoyne joined by recruits Patton Frost Hartley and Wingarde. They need a good clean out like the Saints did to climb back but Clarko just wont accept that… After Tich i am battling to find players to build a finals team on Injuries to SICILY AND JOM have not helped but even that seems to happen regularly . At least they can try for Tex next year to join the other great recruits .Com on hawks do something. NDD


Stratton made C was a mistake
Crawford > Mitchell > Hodge > Roughead > Stratton?

Last edited 1 year ago by Derek

Do you take ROB vc Score or hold out for L Neale?


I don’t even know anyone with ROB, let alone have the VC on him. you gotta take that, and gloat. (even though I knew you were going to take it, you just needed a bit of gloating ;))

Last edited 1 year ago by Derek

I missed the opportunity to bring in Mozzie and Bailey Williams this week as for some reason I thought the game was tonight and not last night. Is it still worth me trading out Close and S Hill this week as I can’t find any other rookies to bring in. I already have Rivers and Watson in DEF, Foot in the Midfield and Riccardi and Skinner in the Forward Line. Should I hold off trading this week and bring in Mozzie and Williams next week even if it will cost me more cash or are there any rookies that I have missed.. I need to make these two trades to be able to upgrade McKay (DEF) to a premo or semi-premo defender.