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PODCAST | Fantasy Festival 2: Electric Boogaloo

Published by Lekdog on

Lekdog is joined by Fozdaddy to talk about his impressive rank and pending moves ahead of Round 15.

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Lekdog Twitter: @LekdogSC

Foz Twitter: @FozDaddySC

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Hey Lek.
Can u get the long sleeve shirt with the smaller JR logo?


Gee wizz, there were close games everywhere this round.

JR Survivor Group was super tight at the top, only 5 points separated Barchang Barflys, demons delights & One Touch Wonders.

However, It was Barchang Barflys (2121) who was able to get hold of the immunity necklace this week. Well done.

Also congratulations to Barchang Barflys who is ranked #7 overall and only 97pts off the overall lead.

Shout out also to Brock’s Beasts who is ranked #25 and the Shark Mover himself One Touch Wonder who is ranked #367.

At the other end of the table, we say goodbye to 4 more teams this week. Two of these teams were ranked inside the top 1,000, just goes to show how tough it is to survive in the Champion of Champions group.

Beer n Snags
The Blacksheep
Macca’s Magic

These teams have been eliminated from the group, leaving only 12 teams left.

We aren’t playing round 15

Rounds 16 & 17, we will see another 4 teams eliminated each week, leaving 4 teams to battle it out in Round 18 to see who will be the Ultimate Survivor.

thanks fellas


I’d just like to say a big thank you, to you Derek for your efforts throughout , putting all this together and it’s just pure a*se that I’m up this high as I’ve never broken 1000 before this year.
I’d also like to point out the typo in my team name. It’s Banchang not Barchang.
Banchang is my home town and has been for the past 13yrs. Ban means village and Chang means elephant in the Thai language so I guess I’m living in an elephant village, although I haven’t seen one within 100 miles of here…plenty of snakes though.
Anyway I digress. Once again thanks for all your efforts,


all plans are out the window.

went neale to Jelly & SHill to Lloyd last week

planned to go Macrae to Neale, NicNat to gawn and Rankine to JPK this week.

ah, but the SC gods are a tricky bunch.
Nicnat is playing, would have put money on him getting rested.
Jelly had his head kicked in by Mummy and might miss a couple. He probably cost me 5 league wins on the weekend.
Rankine goes and…. and just goes Big.

Don’t have the usual week to think about it, need to get back into it today.

before trades, I have 18 warm bodies this week (Jelly confirmed out) including Mozie, Rivers & Shooenberg. At least Mozie and Shoenburg play today so I can see what score they can produce before other trades.

Thinking I hold NicNat who has Draper this week (and English/Dunkley next week if he plays).
Although, I look at Gawn’s draw against swans, fremantle, GWS and Essendon and think he is a must have. If NicNat has a rest next week it is a no-brainer to Gawn.

thinking of throwing caution to the wind and going:
JKelly to TKelly
Close to JPK (Chad becomes my M9/F7, with Rankine at F6 before upgrade him to Dusty round 17)
Macrae to Neale (Neale plays last game, can hold that trade and see how the other 18 have gone, get Neale next week for a bit cheaper)

what do people think of the value that Tim Kelly $449k and JPK $417k offer?


I prefer JPK over TK purely because he is cheaper and I still have that fear of West Coast going to crap back in Queensland and thus their SC scores dropping. I’m going Jelly to Titch (and putting the VC on him) and debating whether I hold my other trades as I have 18 playing (provided Wicks gets named) and double chance in all leagues or move NicNat to Gawn this week given NicNat’s 130ish breakeven and all his good scores coming at Optus


Is it just me, but most of posts never appear?


I’ve found you have to refresh the site (F5). Sometimes even more than once.

Jorg Ancrath

Every bloke you spruiked on this podcast is spudding it big time. Glad you didn’t mention Parish.


most of my posts don’t appear anymore.
quite frustrating when I write a message and it doesn’t get posted, usually don’t bother to re-type. Must have happened 10 or 20 times in the last couple of days.