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Supercoach Trade Winds – Round 14

Published by Barron Von Crow on

Hello everyone and welcome to the Supercoach Trade Winds for Round 14. It’s another mixed up, muddled up round of AFL football, we’ve hit the bye roudns for the year, which means it’s Best of 18 this week with Adelaide (thank god!) and Brisbane having the week off. That’s gonna throw some interesting (or painful) spanners in the works and we can certainly see how that’s playing out in the player movement for this week. So let’s go take a look and see how it’s all shasking out.


Max Gawn 242

Lachie Neale 216

Toby Greene 180

Clayton Oliver 179

Christian Petracca 173

Jarryd Lyons 173

Quinton Narkle 172

Josh P. Kennedy 170

Jack Macrea 167

Stephen Coniglio 166

Lachie Neale has a large BE and the week off, which probably makes this the perfect time to trade him out. He scored 72 last week, but still has a peak price of $698,200, which means there is a bit of cash to be made by doing a slight downgrade to a Jack Steele (cost of $571,700 giving you a profit of $126,500) without sacrificing too much in the points department, with Neale having a 3 round average of 124.3 and Steele having a 3 round average of 115.0. Plenty of different options to take though, Tom Mitchell, Taylor Adams, Travis Boak, Zach Merrett etc. Clayton Oliver and Christian Petracca also fall into the same bucket of being on the bye round and having high BE’s as well.


Jake Riccardi -33

Tobe Watson -28

Xavier O’Halloran -28

Irving Mosqiuto -25

Brandon Starcevich -23

Darren Minchington -17

Louis Butler -16

Lewis Melican -12

Lachie Fogarty -11

Nicholas Reid -10

Jake Riccardi is the man this week, having his debut game in Round 13 and producing a score of 82. A very handy forward downgrade option, whi is also joined by Irving Mosquito who produced a score of 77 in his debut game. A more expensive option is Brandon Starcevich who won the Round 13 Rising Star nomination with a score of 79. He’s costing $256,800, but the backline downgrades are a bit thin currently, with Bailey J. Williams another option, though one with very iffy job security.


Jake Riccardi +10.8%

Irving Mosquito +6.8%

Jack Steele +3.0%

Xavier O’Neill +2.5%

Luke Ryan +1.8%

Jack Martin +1.7%

Brayden Maynard +1.6%

Tom Mitchell +1.5%

Bailey J. Williams +1.5%

Josh Kelly +1.3%

No surprise to see Jake Riccardi and Irving Mosquito as the two biggest bolters this week, both scored very well last week and there’s plenty of cash to be made by downgrading to them. Jack Steele looks to be the pick of the midfield this week, with Tim Mitchell and Josh Kelly taking up the rear while Luke Ryan and Brayden Maynard look to be popular premo upgrades down back.


Izak Rankine -6.1%

Darcy Cameron -4.3%

Lachie Neale -4.2%

Sam Simpson -3.1%

Mitchell Georgiades -2.6%

Jake Aarts -2.1%

Bradley Close -2.0%

Andrew McPherson -1.3%

James Bell -1.1%

Dan Houston -1.1%

The time seems to have come for Izak Rankine, he made a little bit of cash last week, but now has a BE of 81, which he has scored high than in the past, but we have two perfect downgrade options to pick from this week. The same applies to Darcy Cameron who has scores of 45 and 26 in the last fortnight and now has a BE of 102 to his name. Lachie Neale is being moved out for reasons as explained above, while Andrew McPherson is still injured and Dan Houston is serving his suspension.


Jake Riccardi for Izak Rankine

Irving Mosquito for Izak Rankine

Jake Riccardi for Mitchell Georgiades

Jake Riccardi for Jake Aarts

Jake Riccardi for Darcy Cameron

Irving Mosquito for Darcy Cameron

Irving Mosquito for Mitchell Georgiades

Jake Riccardi for Bradley Close

Jake Riccardi for Boyd Woodcock

Jake Riccardi for Max King

Jake and Irving are the two biggest priorityies this week for the Supercoach community it seems. It doesn’t matter who you are, they’re coming in to a lot of sides this week!

Dont forget to check out the Jock Reynolds Podcast this week, with a very special guest, our very own General Soreness who is killing it this year and currently ranked 4th overall. We also have Kev over at the Panic Room where you can get some last minute help for the round

As usual you can whack your comments below or hit me up on the Twitters at @BarronVonCrow. Seeya next week!

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Thought North & Bullies were playing this week!


Ahh, itโ€™s only the Crows and the Lions with the bye this week champ haha.


I’ve jumped in and fixed it.


This week I went Neale to Bont, Darcy Cameron to Dusty and Draper to Dr Konging. Opinions?


Is that King Dr Konging Kangaz? ๐Ÿ™‚ I like it mate

Last edited 9 months ago by Russty_

Cheers thanks for this effort Barron ๐Ÿ™‚ looks like someone sprayed mozzy with Mortein

Last edited 9 months ago by Russty_

Can’t decide between J Martin or Greenwood for my last Forward what’s everyone’s thoughts.


I’m a Martin owner but Greenwood

Paul Wearing

Should I take 122 as my captain, Bont was my VC, or see if Luke McDOnald gets a better score vs Gold Coast?


Take it