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PODCAST | Supercoach Advice From 4th Overall Coach

Published by Lekdog on

Lekdog & Patch are joined by the 4th ranked Supercoach, General Soreness.

10/10 – “This podcast is why I’m top-4 baby!” – General Soreness, probably.

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Lekdog Twitter: @LekdogSC

Patch Twitter: @PatchToTheMax

General Soreness Twitter: @GenSorenessSC

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Mitch is back

Well done on a great season General. Go for glory, and best of luck.


Hey lads
So ive got a conumdrum that id like some opinions on. I’ve got 262k in the bank, with 2 upgrades left, and 10 trades.
One of them will be walters/brayshaw (id rather brayshaw but if he doesnt drop ill get walters), and the other is potentially Lloyd, but im not sure if i have the cash for lloyd.
Ill be using close and Day as the 2 players to be trading out for the 2 above. Im projecting ill need to get to 650k for lloyd and 535k for brayshaw.
I’ve got williamson, Bytel, wicks, foot, Riccardi +262k to make this happen.
I think ive got the funds for the fwd upgrade, but should i:
A) Go for Lloyd, which i should have 5 trades left over if Bytel/Wicks can get to 230k, if not 4 trades left over.
B) Bring in someone cheaper instead of lloyd, and use the additional cash to upgrade the likes of dev, doch, cripps and goldy.
Cheers guys!


if Fyfe isn’t in the guts, does Brayshaw get the de bore tag?


Gee I hope so Derek. Would make him a bargain


Long sleeves, Michael Tuck, ken judge.


Good luck General! I’m currently sitting on 6 trades if I use all 3 this week. Do we get another 3, and if so when do we get them?

Seriously considering trading out Neale for the Bont just for the week then trading him back next week.

The Ranger

I think we’ve been given all the trades we’re gonna get Jez


In a draft league boys, who wins this trade?
Houli + Viney vs. Jake Lloyd + Treloar? (assume Treloar only misses 2 more games excluding his bye)


when are your finals?


Fantasy Finals start next week, R15


most are starting this week and having R15 as a bye


Yeah ours are starting next week and then playing through till the end of the season, no byes. just get their average.
I decided against it, too much uncertainty with whether or not Treloar will play and I might’ve been knocked out already by the time he even plays for me.

Mitch is back

If scoring is top 18 during bye rounds, I’d prefer Lloyd in my team


Sorry guys I should’ve mentioned this is on AFL Fantasy, didn’t get to my SC draft finals this season.

The finals for me start next week and go all the way through to round 18. If a player has a bye you get their average score (provided that they played the round before their bye).


Hi Community, I need your advice,
I have 11 trades left and 257K in the Bank
Ridley, Haynes, Z.Williams, T.Stewart, Docherty, B.Williams (McPherson, Watson)
Neale, Macrae, T.Mitchell, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Cripps, Coniglio, Viney (Close, Schoenberg, Foot)
Grundy, Gawn (Draper)
Whitfield, Dusty, B.Smith, D.Smith, Aarts, Woodcock (Skinner, Davis)

I know I can get to Lloyd from McPherson through getting Mosquito in but I’m not sure I can finish my team if I go all in on Lloyd when I still have 2 forward spots to fill and not much cash gen. Should I go for Lloyd or look at someone more budget like May or Maynard and use to extra cash to target better forward premiums in the coming rounds?

Appreciate any advice provided!:)

The Ranger

Great to see you having such a good year General! Brings a smile to a my face in what has otherwise been a sh^thouse year.
Best of luck mate.

The Ranger

580K to spend. Has to be a player that’s had their bye.
So, Merret or Fyfe? Similar runs home.


As a fyfe owner, merrett for mine. Fyfe scored poorly against the swans. If his role doesn’t change I can’t see big scores coming against the giants and tigers


In a similar conundrum, tossing up between JKelly, Zerret ans Fyfe is life. Leaning towards Jelly. Thoughts welcome, ty.

The Ranger

If I could afford Jelly I’d be getting him


Do we reckon Lloyd is going to rise or fall in price over the next 2 weeks?
Was originally going to bring in Haynes this week and lloyd as my last upgrade in a few weeks, but i can do the Lloyd trade and still have 124k in the bank next week for 1 of my last 2 upgrades.
What do we think?

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The Ranger

If it was tight for money I’d say Maynard or Haynes over Lloyd but seeing as you’ve got the cash…


Cheers Ranger! I’m hoping to end up with both of them in 2 weeks time but seeing as Haynes should drop and Lloyd has beaten his BE the past 5 games, i think Lloyd is the safe pick

Demons Deelight

Well done on your rank Shane Geez I hope you get here NDD


Luke Parker………This why he is on my never again list. On track for another massive turd. That is two on the spin…….This bloke cannot be trusted.


Riccardi on fire!! Just hammered through his 4th goal and has tonned up by 3/4 time. Glad I grabbed him over Mosquito. I knew Riccardi was the better rook.