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Footy is back! The AFL have kindly given us a 3-day break to reacquaint ourselves with our families and loved ones before jamming even more into our eyeballs next month

Gold Coast and Carlton will kick off the Sir Douglas Nicholls round tonight however the AFL still won’t give us full squads for the weekend, so we’ll just have to make do.

Not a lot of SuperCoach relevancy in this one. David Swallow returns for game 150 in one of three changes for the Suns. Brayden Fiorini has again lost his spot along with Alex Sexton and Nick Holman. At the Blues, Josh Honey only ahem… stuck around for one week. Jack Martin makes his return and Marc Pittonet is back to help Tom De Koning in the ruck.

Vice Captain Options

Patrick Cripps is the obvious choice here scoring 169 in round 4 when these two teams met last year and 173 in round 19, 2018. Gold Coast however haven’t let midfielders off the hook as much so far this year and Crippa hasn’t been his usual high scoring self in 2020. Carlton have given up some easy points to forwards in recent times, though there’s no one at the Suns to take advantage of this.

You might be better served holding your VC until tomorrow.


Big(gish) un’s

Jack Martin – MID?FWD – 148

Touk Miller – MID – 123

David Swallow – MID – 117

Hugh Greenwood – MID / FWD – 116

Ed Curnow – MID – 107

Sam Docherty – DEF – 107

Jarrod Witts – RUC – 106

Connor Budarick – MID / FWD – 78

Little un’s

Tom De Koning – RUC – -19

Matt Cottrell – DEF – -8

Tom Williamson – DEF – 9

Sam Flaaaaaaanders – MID / FWD – 14

Noah “Mr.” Anderson – MID – 21

Jack Lukosius – DEF / FWD – 50

Izak Rankine – FWD – 53

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My team is rubbish, but can only upgrade Georgiades to J. Cameron, Gunston, Cripps, Bruest or Davies Uniake?


Not worth it imo. Maybe Cameron is a decent punt since the giants run home gets pretty good but even then hes looked out of sorts. Id hold a week and get someone better

Shake n Bake

Gawn won’t play this weekend

Shake n Bake

How many trades to teams have left? I have 12 coming into this week.


I have 13 after making 2 trades this week

Shake n Bake

13 after this rd. Nice going.


I have 9 left. Will have 7 after this week. I think trades will be the key at this point, being able to side swap premos through the byes will be priceless

The Ranger

12 for me too


10 for me


Only 7 after this week. Had planned to get last upgrade in midfield this week but had to fix Sicily problem instead so that will have to wait til next week to get team finished (note i said finished, not full premo as still have D Smith but going to keep as he scores better than a rookie and don’t think I can risk a trade to replace him) Sure I will need all of them in the coming weeks.


Anyone thinking about not putting the C on Neale this week? Steele tag imminent but his scoring speaks for itself. All the good options are playing early so if you dont go Neale its going to be a bit of a raffle. I cant really see another clear cut option besides the plethora of options in the dogs dees game. Fyfe has a good matchup but his role scares me. Dustys been far too up and down for a C option. Whitfield is playing the eagles and goldy/grundy are playing each other. Duncan has had a lean 3 weeks as well.
Only real options i can see are titch, whos side is going to get pumped and danger, neither of which I own. Maybe a punt on cripps VC tonight but as the article says, suns dont give up much in the guts. Adams has been super consistent but hasn’t really got the ceiling you’d like for a C.
What are you all going with atm?

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The Ranger

Gonna VC Macrae but not sure after that


Hope you passed on Neale Tommy


Thinking of putting the VC on Cripps tonight, he’s due for a big score, nice have the C locked in early in a round IF it comes off


Haynes or Williams for Sicily?


haynes got a high BE maybe wait if you can.
Got williams, dont have haynes.
Go haynes as he’s less injury prone from what others have said.

Sam Sturmfels

Parish (can also get angus) + Rankine (will trade out soon) + Foot    v   Walsh + Cameron + Reid

Have a lack of cash so can only get these sort of guys. Parish has had good recent form but worried about his fixture, while Walsh has an 108 5 game average. If i were to go with Walsh i have to sacrifice my rookies.


Donavan Fitzsimmons

Oh no, looks like I wasted last weeks trades. Got in Ridley and Ladhams, I hate this game sometimes, they should call it golf.


Hey everyone! Need a W this week to make finals so would love some help on trades!
Got $70k in the bank and thinking potentially Sicily and Simpson to Williams and Brayshaw (melb)
Does anyone have any better suggestions?!
Team is currently-
Laird, Sicily, Haynes, Ridley, Stewart, Docherty (Sholl, Rivers)
Neale, Macrae, Lyons, Adams, Cogs, Duncan, Cripps, Simpson (Shoenberg, Bytel, Wicks)
Grundy, Draper (Conroy)
Whitfield, Martin, B. Smith, Simpkin, D. Smith, Rankine (Hill, Close)

Jorg Ancrath

Sound trades. Brayshaw definitely looks to have turned a corner. Buyer beware tho, when he got pushed out of the middle, he had nothing. Williams is key to GWS, should average 95+.

Jorg Ancrath

Meant to say, Dylan Shiel is cheap and worth a look. Can hit 150, but also drop an 80. Averaging 105 and has tonned up up last two.

Shake n Bake



Some help would be much appreciated

option 1
Sicily to Williams, Serong -> Parker/Fyfe
Option 2
Sicily to Luke Ryan, Sam Simpson to Foot + cash


Williams and Fyfe!
If that’s possible it’s a no brainer to me.

The Ranger

Williams and Fyfe

Shake n Bake

Gould not named


Hope he’s not a late in.


Rankine to Foot and

Mayes to Fyfe


McKay to Luke Ryan/Zac Williams


Option 1 I reckon.


Thanks Russty. I was thinking option 1 as Mayes has a high BE and has been up and down. I can get Ryan or Williams next week as their price won’t go up or down much this week.


the ball has been in the Suns backline a lot the last few week, Lukiousous just keeps racking them up. Takes nearly all the kick ins and always runs out of the goal square.


His kicking skills are elite ;

The Ranger

Good to watch isn’t he? Beautiful kick.

Shake n Bake

Yep 11 kick ins. So only 12 posies in general play. Not just him but absolutely ridiculous how you can score so much by not receiving a handball, taking a mark, loose ball. But just by the other team kicking a behind. You did nothing to earn that kick and with absolutely no pressure to kick it in scores for that definitely have to be reduced.

The Lost Boys

Oliver, Patracca or Macrae for VC tomorrow, into Neale on Sunday?


Hey John, yeah his score ended up pretty good, considering he was 80 at half time I hoped for a bit more but definitely not who are you putting the C on now?…that’s gonna be critical in your matchups this week.


There are some very tight leader boards. With crucial matches everywhere.


Good luck to you DJ! Your team is looking in great nick going into finals


I missed Macrae today! Got busy 🙁
Who do I grab now.. I can afford Neale but his pricey and got a bye in R14. Should I go Josh Kelly or Fyfe? Which one? Other suggestions welcome .


All’s well that ends well mate