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Supercoach Trade Winds – Round 13

Published by Barron Von Crow on

Hello everyone it’s now Round….13! Round 13 of the AFL season. The Festival of Football is now over and I for one could not be happier about this. I love me some football, but it has just become a deadset nightmare for Supercoach purposes! It’s also a celebration round this week with Sir Douglas Nicholls round, but what we’re here for today is to see what is happening with the trade winds in the Supercoach world. So let’s go have a look.


Max Gawn 244

Quinton Narkle 173

Jack Steele 170

Bachar Houli 170

Tom Hickey 165

Tim Kelly 164

Dustin Martin 163

Dan Butler 163

Clayton Oliver 160

Tim Taranto 156


Boyd Woodcock -38

Jack Bytel -29

Tobe Watson -28

Xavier O’Halloran -27

Samuel Wicks -22

Tom De Koning -19

Oleg Markov -18

Gary Rohan -17

Darren Minchington -17

Charlie Spargo -16

Boyd Woodcock looks like the buy of the round, he’s still under $200K costing just $186,700 and has been ticking over nicely with a 64.7 SCPoint average. Good depth at this time of year where you’ll want to finalize your side, up/down trade to a premo and some bench cover on offer here. Jack Bytel scored just 47 last week, but had 76 in his debut game, and is the likely pick for a midfield downgrade option. Xavier O’Halloran scored 53 last week, but job security for the youngsters in GWS can be iffy at best, so I would probably avoid this one.


Zac Foot +7.3%

Luke Ryan +2.5%

Jake Lloyd +1.9%

Zac Williams +1.7%

Bailey Smith +1.7%

Nicholas Reid +1.4%

Jy Simpkin +1.2%

Nat Fyfe +1.2%

Caleb Daniel +1.0%

Matthew Cottrell +1.0%

Defensive swaps are the thing this week due to the unfortunate injury to James Sicily, with Luke Ryan, Jake Lloyd, Zac Williams and Caleb Daniel all making the top 10. Luke Ryan is the one running hot, with a score of 162 last week and a 3 round average of 131, while producing 7 100+ scores in a row. His price is now $582,200, which is steep, but not quite as steep as Jake Lloyd‘s pricetag of $636,900. He has shown to be worth the cash, he’s had one score below 100 this year, producing a 77 in Round 1 and has a season average of 120.3. If you have the cash he’s worth it. On the cheaper side of things Zac Williams is $487,200, he scored 111 last week and has a 3 round average of 109.3. Caleb Daniel is slightly more expensive at $494,300, he’s been a bit down on form with a 3 round average of 89.3, but has a season average of 101.3. Ryan, Williams, Lloyd, Daniel is how i’d rank them if you were thinking of upgrading a defender this week. Jy Simpkin is also sneaking back up the charts. He’s just $413,400 and is running on a 3 round average of 94 after a score of 105 last week. A cheaper forward line option to consider who should continue to score decently at worst now his injury issues seem to have stopped slowing him down.


James Sicilly -9.6%

Sam Simpson -4.2%

Mitchell Georgiades -2.1%

Devon Smith -1.9%

Izak Ranking -1.6%

Elliot Yeo -1.6%

Jake Aarts -1.3%

Andrew McPherson -1.2%

Max Gawn -1.1%

Darcy Cameron -0.9%

No surprise to see James Sicilly top the list, but it looks like downgrade time has hit Sam Simpson he’s probably peaked, he has a BE of 64 this week, with a 3 round average of 65.3. Has an easy game against Adelaide this week if selected, so will probably keep for one more. It looks similar to Izak Rankine, who has a BE of 53 this week and a game against Carlton. Like Simpson he’ll keep for one more week, but has done his job of making some cash. Elliot Yeo, Andrew McPherson and Max Gawn all come out for injury reasons also.


Luke Ryan for James Sicily

Jake Lloyd for James Sicily

Zac Foot for Sam Simpson

Zac Foot for Mitchell Georgiades

Zac Williams for James Sicily

Zac Foot for Jake Aarts

Zac Foot for Izak Rankine

Caleb Daniel for James Sicily

Nick Haynes for James Sicily

Nicholas Reid for Mitchell Georgiades

Two themes dominating this week. People trading out James Sicily and people downgrading to Zac Foot from the Sydney Swans. He debuted last week and scored 61 and will cover both the forward and midfield at a cost of $123,900. Looks to be the buy this week if he is named.

Remember if you want some Captains advice to go see Damo with Who’s Your Captain? and if you want to hear more about James Sicily replacements then give the Jock Reynolds Podcast a listen to with Lek and Patch.

That’s it for me this week, as usual, whack any comments in the section below (if it works now) or hit me up on the Twitters @BarronVonCrow. Seeya next week!

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Hi John, it’ll be good for you to get Lloyd in finally mate, I got him last week and he delivered, I have to get rid of Ladhams this week, cause of his stupidity.


Standard trades this week I think. Asked last week about Lloyd but seems like I gotta get him anyways.
Sicily + Georgiades -> Lloyd + Foot
Rookie status after trading:
1 – def, 2 – mid (including d.smith), 1 – fwd
Still got Cameron, Aarts and Simpson to cull with 200k in the kitty.
Or option 2.
Sicily + Simpson -> Stewart + Walters


Option 1 mate, Lloyd is practically another midfielder

Shake n Bake

Can’t believe last rd before finals. Good luck all.


Same to you Shake, it’s gone quick ay? Hopefully it’s a relatively ‘normal’ season next year.

Shake n Bake

Everybody probably knows I’ve hated the scoring. But l can build a bridge! And like you said let’s hopefully get back to some normality next yr.


Damn, didn’t realise we were having finals. Thought it was like the EPL where everyone plays each other once and minor premiers take it out. Might have to make the extra trade this week and hopefully salvage a extra finals appearance. And yes Shake, hopefully the scoring improves for next season as it has been somewhat of a joke imo. Good luck this week.

Shake n Bake

I have 12 trades left which gives me 2 trades a week till the end of the season. I will paint the fence this week. How are you tracking Holty? And everyone else for that matter?


10 left and have Sicily and Simpson. Lloyd will come in but not sure if it will be this week or the next.


Low cash, 10 trades and need 3 more premos
MacPherson & Aarts to which of these? 1 was my preference but byes lean me to 3. Thoughts?

1. Boak & Reid
2. Witherden & Reid
3. Vlaustin & Foot
4. Lukosious & Foot


Out of those for sure Boak and Reid mate. I’d almost rather take the punt on Gus Brayshaw and Foot and save some cash


Thanks tbone.
Boak has the dreaded Rnd 15 bye. If I go with Brayshaw I have to deal with Viney at M7 also.
Hence Boak felt a safer bet.


What about Gaff & Reid?

One Touch Wonder

I thought this was a’normal round’ with all teams being named on Thursday night?


Unfortunately not for the rest of this season mate. Hey OTW, any SHARK MOVE cheaper defenders you like the look of?


Looking like Georgiades – Foot and Yeo – Adams for myself at this moment.
Want the communities thoughts on something. What effect does a sides performance have on the intercept marking defenders like Haynes for example. Like the giants run home after this week is very good. Obviously they aren’t playing well at the moment but if they picked it up and charged home late, would dominant wins help Haynes because there would be many hack clearing kicks? Or would his scoring drop because they ball just isnt coming in as much? Been trying to work it out and havent come to a conclusion ahaha

Demons Deelight

Adams is a ripper Tommy especially with no Treloar I am also doing the Georgiadis to Foot swap A real smoky that has passed under the radar is Dom Sheed .He loves this stage of the year and just looks like he could explode also byeless. I will also be looking closely at Tich ,Shuey and Parker during the byes NDD


I’m tossing up between going Sic to Cerra and Simpson to Fyfe (Cerra is the only way I can afford Fyfe) it Sic to Haynes/Williams and Simpson to Gaff/Boak/Shiel if I get Williams or a mid for $554.5k or less. What does everyone think?


I got Fyfe last week and whilst he did the job he was pretty frustrating to watch. Only scored well in the first and last quarters, and played the majority of the game forward, even when the blues made a charge in the 3rd quarter he stayed forward. Plus NDD made a good point they play 3 games of minimal rest which should mean he either gets managed or he doesnt leave the forward 50 during that period. Plus the freo run home is tough as it is. So he should score well this week, im not 100% sure we can trust he remains a good pick.
I really like the look of Haynes, but with a BE of 150 and playing the eagles, its probs a wait a week for mine. Ill be snapping him up next week for sure. If you need someone this week, i think williams and the 554k mid is the go, but if you can wait a week i think Haynes consistency is too good to refuse.


Thanks mate, I’m thinking of going Williams but honestly not sure what mid to get, Cogs, Parker, Miller, gaff, Boak honestly idk


Can trade in any mid I want this week besides Macrae. Wanted to get Steele but he’s probbaly gonna fall in price. Deciding between Lyons who has his bye, Taylor Adams who is injury prone but having a great year and Fyfe who I had at the start of the season but is also injury prone. Any suggestions?

Jorg Ancrath

I’m going Lyons think. Will not afford Neale any time soon. Lyons had been super consistent, 110-120 every week. Have a feeling he might go huge this weekend, too.


I really want to go Lyons but his bye comes in line with first week of finals 🙁 This is the only reason I’m considering Fyfe because Freo’s already had their bye.

The Ranger

Do we think Brander will hold his spot?
No sign of any def rookies to replace McPherson with so I need Brander to play.

Demons Deelight

gawn out

Demons Deelight

Preus set to play

Demons Deelight

And we have a rookie def Butts Adelaide

Demons Deelight

Adelaide might give Butts a few games a big lad 198cms plays like collins or Doedee and improved out of sight in 2019. Played against the big bodies in a premiership year at Shepparton so that wont bother him I was going Foot but this has thrown it open Those intercept guys score well NDD

The Ranger

I can’t say I’m tempted by Butts.


To get to full premo on field I need +1 in def, +1 in mid, +2 in fwd. Got a fair bit of cash in the bank from Gawn down to nic Nat last week. So have a few options and I should be ok for rd15 byes. What are your thoughts?

A) Simpson & Aarts -> Foot & Hawkins. Leaves me with $395k for double upgrade next week.

B) Simpson & Aarts -> Foot & Fyfe.

C) Simpson & Noble -> Z.Williams & Fyfe. Leaves me with $71k.

Option C sounds good but wouldnt have much cash generation with current bench rookies. Leaning towards option A as I’ll be ok for rd15 byes and I like Foot’s job security. Geelong have a very easy run home and I can see Hawkins putting up some big scores (also has a low breakeven). Fyfe breakeven at 102 so he should go up in price but would still be gettable for me next week