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Festival of Fantasy | Day 19

Published by Fozdaddy on

It’s Saturday. I haven’t been able to come up for a gasp of air in the last two weeks. But there’s no time to complain. My team is falling apart, and I don’t know what to do before 2:35pm AEST. Can I do anything?

Oh, sorry, I thought this was my personal diary. The message is something I’m sure you’re all thinking as well. May as well leave it in, so you can all stress along with me. At least it’ll make me feel a bit better.

We’ve got three games today:

North Melbourne vs Brisbane – 2:35pm AEST, Metricon Stadium

Melbourne vs Collingwood – 5:10pm AEST, Gabba

Fremantle vs Carlton – 8:10pm AEST, Optus Stadium

The biggest issue for many SuperCoaches this week is the absence of Max Gawn. Melbourne play on Saturday at 5:10pm, and Essendon announce their team selections (officially) at 6:25pm. This is an issue, because many are relying on Sam Draper coming back into the side to provide cover for Gawny.

So where does that leave you? Many are trading Gawn to Goldstein or Nic Nat, but Goldy has a bye coming up, and Nic Nat has 5 games in 18 days, which surely means he cops a rest? Maybe it’s a hold. Maybe. Why can’t John Worsfold reply to our Twitter message???


  • T. Ruscoe -14
  • T. Sparrow -6
  • W. Walker -3
  • L. Hosie -2
  • T. De Koning 14
  • O. McInerney 20


  • M. Gawn 241
  • D. Tucker 167
  • J. Anderson 161
  • J. Berry 148
  • T. Goldstein 145
  • C. Ellis-Yolmen 141

Captaincy Options

If you didn’t take Tommy Hawkins, then may as well give up on SuperCoach… just kidding. If you DID take Tommy Hawkins, send me a message @FozDaddySC on Twitter, I need some help with my side.

Todd Goldstein is the obvious choice for me. Coming up against the Big O, with Majak out, meaning he’ll cop 95-100% of the ruck load. I can see a 160 coming up. Speaking of rucks, Brodie Grundy is facing Brayden Preuss. However, Darcy Cameron is playing. If Grundy takes ownership of the majority of the ruck contests, he could score 300. A little more risky. Lachie Neale is obviously another great choice, however I’m sure Jed Anderson or Luke McDonald will run with him. Not that either of those two will stop him having 30-40 touches. Christian Petracca could get loose as well, with the Pies missing a few key midfielders. They also don’t like to tag. Clayton Oliver could also captain your side pretty well. He’s been in red hot form.

New Faces

Not new, but Hosie and Walker are back for the Kangas. Walker is listed to start at the first centre bounce, which is exciting. Braydon Preuss plays his first game of the year, whilst Josh Honey is debuting for Carlton. He’s a $124,900 Mid/Fwd option who was selected in last year’s rookie draft. Small forward who can go in the midfield, from what I’ve been told. Exciting!

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Tossing up whether to do the following. What are other people’s opinions?

A) trade gawn to premo fwd (Walters/brayshaw/dusty) and run with D.Cameron and Draper at R2 and R3 with the plan of trading one of them up to a premo ruck in a few weeks.

B)trade gawn to premo ruck (thinking nic Nat atm with his breakeven and although condensed run of games, is against easy rucks), and I’ll have D.Cameron as my F6 for the time being.

Not sure if it makes much of a difference as D.Cameron will be on field regardless? Essentially premo ruck v premo fwd and whether Ill be able to upgrade to a premo ruck at the right time in a few weeks… Thoughts?


Id go B mate. Dont like the weaker ruck line personally, but its more about what you can do with the extra cash. Cheers


I have Hawkins in Draft. Do I get kudos for that🤣🤣


Is there something bugged with the comment boxes or is it just me?? Thinking I should go Rivers out instead of Budarick and keep the warm body for at least an extra week. Means I can’t get Fyfe though. Hmm decisions


Neale or macrae captain? The potential norf tag is a little worrying but his average speaks for itself


Macrae could also potentially cop a Keays tag if Nicks feels like tagging tomorrow. You'd think Macrae is the less likely of the two though. Assuming you've already used your VC, I'd stick it on Macrae, he's in stellar form.


Macrae imo


Here’s my team community, would really appreciate some advice on trades this week.

DEF: Lloyd, Sicily, Daniel, Ridley, Docherty, Hurn (BZT, Gould)

MID: Neale, Danger, Steele, Titch, Bont, Cripps, Simpson, Schoenburg (Wicks, Close, Robertson)

RUCK: Nic Nat, Grundy (Draper)

FWD: Brayshaw, Whitfield, Dusty, B Smith, Simpkin, Georgiadis, (Skinner, Cavarra)

I’ve used 2 trades this week already to get Wicks and Lloyd so I have 12 trades and 128k in the bank. I want Bytel but not sure if it’s better to trade Zerk Thatcher to scholl for cash or not?

Thanks guys 👍


Is it just me or is the comment sections bugged out?? Thinking of trading Rivers out instead of Budarick this week in order to have another playing warm body. Means I can’t get Fyfe in though. Hmm decisions


Comments are broken right now


Broken now too Lek, any chance of anyone fixing it?


Best we can do right now, the other comment system is no longer supported and was reporting every comment as spam


Oliver, Fyfe or Macrae? Is Macrae still the best option even though he still has a bye?


That decision is a lot based off if youre going for leagues or rank. Ill own all 3 by the end of the day and id pick macrae if the bye means nothing. Oliver has been amazing last few but before that he was often frustrating to watch due to his butchering. Fyfe no bye but obvious concerns around midfield time.


POD captain Zorko in case Neale gets tagged?


These early decisions. I need to trade our Skinner, Starc, Pickett or Gawn and not because of the early games, I'm not sure what to do, or just hold a trade back. Any news on Draper, or are we all still waiting?

Shake n bake

Tarrant out Xerri in


Should I field Darcy Cameron or Draper guys?


Darcy Cameron. We know he is definately playing. We do not know if Draper is playing as yet. And we wont know until after the Collingwood game has started. So put Cameron on the field and avoid a possible donut. Cheers. TH




I like Cameron against Preuss and T. Mac even sharing the load with Grundy. Draper could also not be back into the team so I reckon go Cameron

The Lost Boys

Definitely Cameron – who knows what the Bombers will do! I'm a supporter and hope Draper comes back in (I don't even have him in Supercoach), but I wouldn't want to be counting on it.


Thinking of going Rivers out now instead of Budarick purely to keep another warm body around, makes $50k odd less though. Also means I can't grab Fyfe this week. Hmm decisions


L McDonald is going well. Someone was talking about him during the week

The Lost Boys

I have Neale as my VC but its not looking like a huge score from him. Should I go with Macrea, Grundy, Oliver or Petracca as Captain if Neale isn't 140+?


Macrae is in red hot form and is your best option.


I'd say Macrae, Petracca, Oliver, Grundy in that order.


Jarryd Lyons is having a stellar year. There would be plenty more chatter about him but he is in Neale's shadow.
Like holding down the other end while Bradman is batting.


Yeah I traded him out last week, apparently now he can play footy!..always the way mate.


In case anyone missed it :

Extra trades: SuperCoach rules for footy frenzy II
Al Paton and The Phantom, Herald Sun
14 Aug 2020, 8:34:00 pm

Another footy frenzy, another round of special rules for KFC SuperCoach.

The AFL has released the fixture for Rounds 14-18 which will feature 17 games over 18 days and three more rounds in which at least two teams have a bye.

But SuperCoach never stops, and there are some changes to the game to get us through another challenging period in the crazy 2020 season.

The same bye rules will apply as we have already seen this year, with “best 18” scoring and an extra trade.


The schedule for finals in head-to-leagues has also been locked in.

Finals will start in Round 14 and skip a round before continuing in Round 16. This dodges the most treacherous bye round when six teams — Geelong, Gold Coast, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide, St Kilda, Western Bulldogs — all have the week off, avoiding SuperCoach elimination finals being decided purely on the number of players available — or unavailable — that week.

The three extra trades will be added to the season total.

Here’s how the rest of the season will play out in KFC SuperCoach:

R12 — normal week: best 22, max 3 trades

R13 — normal week: best 22, max 2 trades

R14 — bye round: best 18, max 3 trades + H2H finals week 1

R15 — bye round: best 18, max 3 trades + H2H week off

R16 — bye round: best 18, max 3 trades + H2H finals week 2

R17 — normal week: best 22, max 2 trades + H2H finals week 3

R18 — normal week: best 22, max 2 trades + H2H Grand Final

The Lost Boys

I traded him this week too! Same as trading our devon smith just before his one decent game against GWS 🙁


What to do with Gawn?

Grab Em Tigers

Draper in to replace Bellchambers.

“Tom hyperextended his knee early in the game against the Suns in a centre-bounce contest and whilst there is no ligament damage, he has bone bruising. He will be given every opportunity to play this week with a decision on his availability being made as late as possible.”


Is it 100% confirmed that Bellchambers is out and Draper in? The above comments don't indicate one way or the other.


The above comments don’t actually confirm that Bellchambers is out and Draper is in so not sure what to read into that. Still don’t have confirmation that Draper is in.


Feel your pain. I was always going to save him as a back up defender but traded him this week after his 11. Not such a smart move now


Devon Smith – out managed, glad I went Simpkin last week instead


I stuck with Devon only because he didn’t have a bye and Simpkin had the round 15 bye. Have to put Aarts on field now, probably not losing much, but Simpkin would have been nice


Why are my posts still not showing???

The Ranger

Take Mahoneys 57 or put Bytel onfield?


If Bytel gets Greshams role he might do well. 57 is pretty good from a rookie, but Bytel should match that and maybe go bigger, I’d give him a run.


Do I take Neale’s score as Captain or stick with McRae. My opponent went with Grundy and I would only be concerning 12 points. Thoughts?




Dogs are playing Crows. I rest my case


I’m taking Macrae’s over Lloyd’s 137 at this point I couldn’t give a fk lol


Wanted to see one more game of Angus Brayshaw playing in the guts and I saw in tonight! Will be bringing him in next week as my M8. Bye already done, Dees are playing well and he will be shooting up in price the next few weeks. Lock him in if youre also struggling for cash gen and want an under priced player with a huge upside. Cheers


Dees looking good now T-Bone, wtf is up with this chat at the moment?…it’s totally fubar.


Cheers Russty! Yeah we are looking great, finally starting to enjoy watching Melbourne games again haha. It’s horrible mate,i think its putting people off posting and coming onto the site too. Also, got one more trade this week for an upgrade for either a fwd or mid. Can go anyone up to Merrett. Any suggestions?


Hmmm not a lot of options left mate, I think Merrett would be the best available and in good form.
How was that win from the Blues just now?…hahaha I love it.

demons delight

New format will turn people off. the dees looked amazing and no gawn


I don’t think this is a new format Neil, I think the page isn’t loading properly, check out day 18, that still looks normal.

Shake n Bake

Go Deeees l sort of even enjoyed watching them ytday!! 🤦‍♂️

Grab Em Tigers

King Manbun (Fyfe) came into my side tonight and its paying off – With Dev Smith now out might as well boot him for Queen Manbun (Bontempelli) to finish of my mids.

demons delight

Too risky


Remember the good old days when Newnes goal would have scored him 80 pts

Shake n Bake

How was brayshaw, was on 67 before the down the field free kick he gave away and stayed on 67!! What a farce.


I think…I'd rather Danger…I'll need time to mull Viney over. Need to assess his game from today again


Danger looks like someone about to have a rest


Testing new comment plugin – test

David C



Test Test


Who to captain…. Mitchell, Bont, Laird or NicNat?

King Max

Bont, I think Macrea will get a tag.


Community I’m really stuck, I have no bench cover in my forwardline and Devon Smith has been rested the good news is I am going to make finals in all my leagues, and have 10 trades in the bank only 30K salary spare. If only the teams came out Thursday Nights and Friday Night I could’ve traded Smith to Simpkin for less then 10K. But now I could be playing with 21. Should I trade or just field 21 and focus on making bulk trades in the bye rounds?