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Cheat Sheet | Round 12

Published by Statty Matty on

We’re back again Supercoaches. This is the last of the condensed rounds, so thank whatever gods you pray to. You still have 3 trades available this week, which gives you a chance to make some big changes or fill in some big gaps due to injury or ‘management’.

Even though the Festival of Fantasy is nearly over, there are still 10 teams that will need to squeeze a bye in over the remaining 7 weeks of the season, so be very mindful of byes to come when trading players in, especially premiums.

Teams that have had bye: Essendon, Melbourne, Carlton, West Coast, Fremantle, Hawthorn, Sydney, GWS

Byes still to come: Port Adelaide, Adelaide, Geelong, North, Brisbane, Collingwood, Bulldogs, Saints, Richmond, GCS

Jake Lloyd DEF $631k – Avg 118 BE 122

Clearly the best defender yet again. Has tonned up every round since Rd 1, and has a 3rd Avg of 138. Yes he’s expensive (right priced) but he’s consistent and had his bye. If you don’t have him, no time to lose.

Nick Haynes DEF $551k – Avg 109 BE 121

Second best Defender on Average after Lloyd excluding Howe (injured) and Thurlow (1 game). Also completed his bye, and at 80k less than Lloyd.

Matt Cottrell DEF $123k Avg 33 BE 19

Possible downgrade target in Defence. Only scored 33 on debut, so not certain on Cottrell’s job security, and with rolling team announcements for the rest of the season, could be a risk.

Luke Parker MID $535k – Avg 106 BE 139

Parker is a consistent performer year on year and week to week. Usually features in the top 15 Mids each year, and doesn’t have wild scoring swings each week. Had 2 sub-100 games this year, including a 45 against Richmond which is denting his overall and 5Rd Avg. And just 2.6% of teams.

Zach Merrett MID $545k – Avg 110 BE 73

After Merrett’s 137 against GCS last night, he should increase in price a little (~$20k) and should probably stay at about that price for the rest of the season. Has had some big tons (159, 137, 135), but also some 60s and 70s. In 4.4% of teams.

Sam Wick MID $123k – Avg 80 BE-28

Excellent 80 on debut for Wick. 9 disposals and 6 tackles. not sold on his job security though. Sydney seem to have had a few rookies play a few games, but not stick around.

Jack Bytel MID $123k – Avg 76 -24

In the same boat as Sam Wick, but a bit more job security for my liking. With the news of Jade Gresham’s injury, Bytel should get a bit more of a run on the field, and possibly through the midfield.

Hugh Greenwood FWD $498k – Avg 103 BE 116

Should easily finish in the top 3 Fwds this season. BE is about his average, so I doubt he changes price too much. Only downside on Greenwood is he is yet to have his bye. If you can cover 1 or 2 people in your Fwd line over the next weeks, he is a good buy.

Michael Walters FWD/MID $550k Avg 111 BE 116

Walters is coming back from a hamstring injury, so check if he’s fit before selecting, but his season has been fantastic so far. lowest score of 92 against Adelaide, and highest of 148 against Brisbane.

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High hopes on Bytel! <img src="; width="1"/><img src="; width="1"/>


Yeah, me too.

He’s my only trade in this week, provided he gets named. I’m tossing up between Butler and BZT as who to offload, via dpp. in both cases. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him outscore Butler from here on.

Ally B

Zach, let's go! <img src="; height="1" width="1">

Jim Gweedz

I already have Whitfield, Cogs and Kelly. Is it silly to bring in Haynes given that all 4 can't fire each week. Alternatively I could select Ryan but would prefer Haynes.

bring back the image

Really miss the pretty red/amber/green cheat sheet.


Nothing on Laird? BE of 14 and 3 round avg. of 132. I know he has a bye to come but plenty of upside.


Thanks once again for the Cheat Sheet, Matty. Community, I have 15 trades left and 72k in the bank. My team is as follows:

B: Lloyd, Ridley, Laird, Doc, McKay, Hill, Rivers, Watson
M: Neale, Mcrae, Bont, Cripps, TMitch, Duncan, Steele, Mayes, Ruscoe, Schoenberg, Mahony
R: Gawn, Grundy, D Cameron
F: Brayshaw (Free), Martin, Whitfield, Smith, Rankine, Close, Skinner, Xerri

At the moment, I am looking to trade Mahony to Woodcock via Close and trade Gawn (if he does not play) to Nic Nat and upgrade Smith or Rankine to a premo forward or upgrade one of my rookie defenders.

However, I am not really sure which way to go and would appreciate any advice. Cheers Community.


Great work again Matty. I have 15 trades left and 72k in the bank. My team is as follows:

B: Lloyd, Laird, Ridley, Doc, Hill, McKay, Rivers, Watson
M: Neale, Mcrae, Bont, TMitch, Duncan, Cripps, Steele, Mayes, Ruscoe, Schoenberg, Mahony
R: Gawn, Grundy, D Cameron
F: Whitfield, Martin, Brayshaw (Free), Smith, Rankine, Close, Skinner, Xerri
At the moment, I am looking at trading Mahony to Woodcock (via Close DPP), Gawn (if not named) to Natanui (or McInerney) and either upgrading Rankine to a premo forward or upgrading Hill or McKay to a premo defender or a POD like Thurlow (Syd) who scored 118 in his first game and is a defender who appears to be playing forward.

However, I am not really sure which way I should go and would really appreciate any advice that the Community could give me this week.

Good luck to everyone this week.


It's a lottery with the rookies

The G Train

In Williams, Bytel and Wick, Out Simpson, Pickett and Hill. Next week Rankine to Neale via DDP to complete full premo.


thanks for pulling this together.
Hoping for some advice. Doedee is out for the year it seems. Gawn seems to have big question marks. I am thinking of moving them both along with Pickett. I can bring in Haynes, NicNat and Fyfe. That would leave me with a close to full team but for D Smith at F6.
Would you suggest pulling the trigger, or looking at other options in ruck (have Grundy) or defence (have Lloyd, Laird, Ridley, Stewert, Doc)? Thx all. Rationale for other options may include saving some cash..



Ally B

Thanks! <img src="; height="1" width="1">


He guys, just curious how many people are trading Gawn? Knee and shoulder injuries. Cant help but think even if he does play his output will be well down and may have stints up forward to manage him through games from here on out. Doesn't feel right but can't see him busting out any more 150s for the rest of the season which will mean he will probably slip back to the pack. Can he score more than Nick Nat for the rest of the season? Just trying to reassure myself about upcoming trades.๐Ÿ˜‚

Mitch is back

Is Max Gawn a hold or a sell?

What is the inside word on his health?


What's this story Bailey Smith had scans? Is he injured ffs?


What's this story Bailey Smith is injured?


B Smith injured?


Is it true b Smith is injured?


Picket or Budarick —> Wicks?

picket BE 90's will lose cash – but could also be an easy upgrade next week if he doesn't lose too much cash
Budarick plays every game could be handy cover during byes if Wicks loses his spot in the swans team.


I have 350k and need to offload a couple over rated tubers called Cripps & Docherty.
Obviously any defender with an ave over 80 is an upgrade for Potatoe Sam I have lloyd,Ridley,Maynard,Haynes and stewart so who should I get to finish the line.
I want to convert Turnip Cripps into an actual premo like Oliver, Petracca, McRae so the defender choice could impact my spendability.
Just realised that I'll be trading out the two losingest captains in AFL/VFL history (pro-rata) so I could probably swap them both for a sausage in bread and a bucket of chips and not score any less but I'm making a run for the finals and need actual footballers.

Ally B

Zach, let's go! <img src="; height="1" width="1">


How many times does Leon Cameron get to crash the Ferrari and still have a job?
GWS have the most talented players in the comp but are the most fragile team of all time!


Any truth B Smith is out?


From the WB website

Luke Beveridge has confirmed the Western Bulldogs will make at least three changes for Sunday afternoon’s clash with the Adelaide Crows.

But speedsters Jason Johannisen and Laitham Vandermeer will both miss the game, joining injured key defender Zaine Cordy as outs from last week’s team that played the Brisbane Lions.


OK I'll try it this way.

I believe B. Smith will play, as I've not read anywhere that he won't.


Sorry people obviously I'm breaking some sort of rule here so I'll leave it.


Nah mate, system is playing up!


Thanks Lek. I thought I was doing something wrong.



With Gawn being ruled out, should he be moved on for Goldy or Grundy?

Demons Delight

I moved him on last week for N N




I've just done the same…Thanks for the help to make up my mind.

Demons Delight

Nic Reid to debut for WCE Probably not too relevant mature age and will be lucky to get many games in that squad


Thoughts on which trades I should make this week. I have 72K in the bank.

A) Mahony-Woody, Gawn to NicNat and Rankine to Petracca. NB: I do have D Cameron at R3.
B) Option A and McKay/Hill to Scholl and Rankine to Butters
C) Option A and Close to Bytel and McKay/Hill to Maynard or Stewart
D) Option C and Rankine to Walters or Greenwood.

Appreciate any advice or thoughts Community. Thanks.


Gawn to Nic Nat โœ…
Do you have any player other than Close to move to Bytel and Stewart? .. though you’re likely to get Stewart cheaper next round.. Rankine still has room to gain $$ however Greenwood is highly likely to be a Top 6 FWD, so should be your target. Like your thinking..