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Festival of Fantasy | Day 13

Published by Damo on

Today the Eagles go up against the Blues in wet and blustery conditions at Optus Stadium, which won’t favour either team, and then Kangaroos go up against a Gawn-less Demons at the Adelaide Oval.


West Coast will be looking to stamp their authority on the competition going up against a fast rising Blues side. Carlton will be keen to atone for their loss to Hawthorn but West Coast are very hard to beat at home. In wet, windy and cold conditions, it will be hard game for both sides; early dominance will be key.


Melbourne have decided to rest Max Gawn and Jack Viney for this game and Harley Bennell has been omitted after a quiet performance against the Crows last game. while North Melbourne are still trying to get their forward mix correct with popular rookie trade-in Lachlan Hosie omitted, and DPP cheapie Will Walker also not holding his spot.

Positively on the rookie front though, for those that held him, Trent Rivers has been recalled!


All these players are probably better suited to the VC rather than C…not traditionally captain filled teams…

Todd Goldstein – This is a no brainer. No Gawn and going up against Luke Jackson and probably Tom McDonald, could score 300.

Clayton Oliver – Unless Luke McDonald decides to tag him then Oliver could go bananas again. If he is clamped then Christian Petracca might be your man.

Tim Kelly – Loves being back at home boasting a five round average of 112.6, could make a mockery of the wet weather.


-15 – Tom Sparrow
8 – Jack Mahony
19 – Josh J. Kennedy
21 – Trent Rivers
39 – Luke Jackson
48 – Luke Shuey
64 – Nic Naitanui
70 – Patrick Cripps


135 – Christian Petracca
125 – Elliot Yeo
118 – Sam Docherty
112 – Kade Simpson
108 – Shaun Higgins
108 – Jack Martin
106 – Todd Goldstein
105 – Andrew Gaff


Matthew Cottrell – DEF – $123,900

Tom De Koning – RUC – $123,900
*not technically a new face but hasn’t played since 2018 and is very cheap*

Any of the cheap guys tempt you for next week if they hold their spot? or Maybe you’re looking at someone with a high breakeven to target? How is your team looking after two games? Let us know in the comments!

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Just traded Max to DogDog.
Wish me luck (not you Jonah the Jinx).


Did the same


Looking good 37 at qtr time Derek.
Sturt and Budarick to Ruscoe and Adams tomorrow let's me hold Simpson for another week or two to fatten for the slaughter, also swings Close fwd for cover/DPP.
Good luck for the rest of the round, keep that rank moving up ☝️.


Do you think Close keeps his place. Rohan and 5 other are said to be returning


Hopefully, but he will be on the bench this week anyway


who's dogdog?


Crouching One called him a Dog Dog.

His neighbour had a dog who could jump over his fence, and NicNat is good at jumping.


me too 120 odd is a good return but Tich for harley is even better Leaves me only F5 andF6 NDD


Titch is coming good. Should problems should be over




I think his be @65 DJ, he might jump $60k with a 130?
Quick maffs.


he'll go up around 30k or so.


That's a risky move <img src="; width="1"/><img src="; width="1"/>


Great call on the Nic Nat trade Derek. Dare I say that your risky R2 is paying big dividends!


It’s been a struggle

Jacobs > Naismith > Pittonet > Gawn > NicNat > ?


Gawn > Jacobs > Pittonet > Gawn for me haha. I've held Gawn this week.


Won't be trading them out, but scores from Crippa and Doch have been a bit disappointing this year.
At least not what we were hoping from them.
Maybe a few of their kids have developed to the point where they are carrying more of the load. Will have to look closer at Carlton next year.


Docherty is no longer SC relevant in my opinion and will cease to be an automatic selection like he has been previously.


what has happened to docherty since earlier in the season, he was on fire, averaging 120+, then since then hes averaged like 80?


Take Hurn's 68 or roll the dice with Tobe Watson? It's best 18 so I'm leaning towards the latter.


Take the 68 as you never know what a Rookie will give you.


Freo's team has just come in, and Watson has been dropped… thats inconvenient for a lot of us….

David C

Tobe has been dropped.

David C

Simpson managed.


Is Simpson to Serong too sideways??




Riddle me this.

We are halfway through rd 11.
Rounds 12 and 13 been announced as full rounds.
17 rounds this season
I assume SC finals start rd 14 as finals started rd 19 in a 22 games normal season.

See where I am going here?

If Rd 14 is finals and some clubs are still to have their bye then this meas there will be byes in SC finals and hence best 18?

Talk about a weird season…..


Yep. Hence the need get players in who have had their bye. And fast.


Byes will really come into it now Trigg Going Tich next week and Ladhams as a forward looks appealing except the bye


Yes mate a weird season indeed!..past full years btw were 19 regular season rounds and 4 weeks of SC finals from 20 – 23


I think there are 18 rounds with everyone getting a bye now


That Cam Sourhair (Zurhaar) is bloody scheizenhouzen with his mate Jasper Pricktard. Absolutely useless both of them.


You don't mess with the Zurhaar! πŸ˜‰
Jy Pimpkin's scoring is shitey also.


LOL. Jye Pimpkin makes up the trifecta! Goldy needs a big last quarter to beat the big O! Be hilarious if Oscar beats Goldy this week!


How is weather down there in Donnybrook Russty? Been smashing down again here in Perth. Eagles got lucky with a break in the rain today.


Hey mate, I'm a bit further south than farmtown donnybrook, Yeah I thought Goldy would've gone nuts but looks like they've got Magic Door doing some rucky duties.
Pretty wild weather last night mate, some seriously destructive North winds battering us all last night.
I missed the Eagles game today, have you been going to many games since the hub started up?


Went to the Hawthorn v Carlton match the other week. A very nice result for TH. Not going tomorrow, as I have pressing matters to deal with at work. Bugger.


Is Tich a must have TH Traded Gawn to fund him Looks like he is back to his best now


Absolutely. I decided to get Neale instead of Titch this week. You already have Neale so why not get Titch. We all know what he is capable of. Cheers. TH


Schoenberg or b.close on field?
leaning the former


depends if you can cover schoenberg if he's dropped or a late out. hopefully he plays but we won't know until after the geelong game starts and for that reason, i've got close on field


Hard to squeeze a decent last score out of Jack Mahony when his time on ground is less than the water carrier……

Mitch is back

Tough round this one.

4 premos with the bye, Lloyd, Haynes, Coniglio & Whitfield, and a rookie with the bye.

Then non-playing players like Gawn, Viney, Bennell, Simpson, & Watson.

This is truely testing the depth of my bench.


I’ll give you another example on how CD is so flawed. I have both players last qtr stats Patracca 2 kicks 3 handballs 1 mark no tackles 49pts!!!! Rivers 3 kicks 2 handballs 3 marks 1 contested no tackles at 100% 14pts. I try not to but l suppose I’ll just keep putting it out there.


Rivers 2 kicks and handball during the last 3 mins of kick to kick.

I do agree Petraca was a bit over the top. His and all to set up that goal was better than average though


I agree he did set up a goal but Rivers had a contested intercept mark. 14 to 49 pts thou. Like l said I’m not complaining l have tracca. I’m trying hard believe me Derek to understand and move on.

Paul Wearing

Should I bank Petrecca’s 160 as captain or take a dusk on Taylor Adams vs the Crows, could go big with no Treloar?


Shirley you can't be serious πŸ˜‰

Paul Wearing

Petrecca was my VC & Adams was my C, so could leave it as it is or make Sam Simpson my captain & bank the 160 x2.


We dare you to put the C on Adams πŸ˜‰


with viney missing Angus took his role and played a slasher. Wonder if he will stay there.


but what happens to viney

The Ranger

Viney has to reinvent himself as small forward?
Blind Freddie can see that Brayshaw needs to be onball.


Tracca Satan and Angus should start mids and Viney the tag or forward


Take river's 54 or go with Sholl?


Do you have to take it? How many do you have playing this week?

You would hope you have 18 others who can do better than 54

Grab Em Tigers

Only have one spot left for the mid bench after completing the premo midfield.
Need some cash for the forward and backline so J.McInerney needs to go.
Should I bring in Schoenberg or Wicks?
Dont need Shoenbergs score this week but need the cash for next weeks upgrade.
Will probably have the player for the rest of the year with Hibberd and Sharp on the pine too.


You could also see how Bytel goes this week but he might not last long if he's only in for the rested Zac Jones.




The will be no eliminations this round.

The group stage has come to an end and it is now time to merge the remaining teams into the Champion of Champions group

The Champions group will start in Round 12

Full details on how many will be eliminated etc later in the week.


There was one team that is breathing much better now, my friend from across the Hacking @VoteSustainable needed their immunity necklace this week to avoid being eliminated. that was another close call mate.

It is also with sadness we see the elimination of our greater leader, Lekdog and his Puppies, bad luck LEK, you survived much longer than a hell of a lot of good players.

The following teams have been eliminated this week:

Div 1 – Osama & Frothies XXII

Div 2 – The Bookhouse Boys & CHAMPS

Div 3 – Tommy's Terminators & Lekdog's Puppies

Div 4 – 21SkiWrldDojaKeefs & Wah Wah FC

Dive 5 – HRBD & The Premium Squad

Div 6 – Talbings FC

Div 7 – That's Riewoldting & The intagator & Rainman

Because of uneven numbers, only 1 was eliminated from Div 6 but 3 from Div 7.


No-one gets to carry forward immunity to the Champions Division, everyone starts even.


The new code is 920656 (Group, not league)

If you still remain in one of the Survivor Divisions, please join the new group before the start of Round 12 (i will be taking a roll call)

I'll put up a full list of everyone later. (Plus Mitch is back, who i accidentally deleted last week)

Thanks fellas.


In the beginning there were 177 teams, all hoping to be the Ultimate Survivor.

Now there are only 34

the following teams have made it out of the group stage and into the CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS GROUP (920656)

Coolburg Rangers
Beer n Snags
Fyfe is Life
Boris Bumblebees
Longy's Legends
Intelligent Design
[email protected]
Maccas' Magic
Kicking Behinds
Boooom Time
The Fishermen
Shake n Bake
demons delight
The Blacksheep
One Touch Wonder
Scorpions FC
If It Ain't Boak
Brock's Beasts
The Reds
Barchang Barflys
The Superstarrias
supreme team
Loose Men FC
Team MAYhem
Mitch is back

Can everyone join the Group Code 920656 before the start of Round 12

(i'll repost reminders during the week)

But if your not in the group by the start of Round 12, we start without you.

once we have the final number (I know its hard to believe that everyone who qualified wouldn't join, but some times a few of us find a life outside of Supercoach), i will do the calculations on how many teams will be eliminated each week and how many will get immunity.

Thanks fellas.


great effort Derek appreciated NDD


you are right in the thick of it NDD


Cheers for organizing this all Derek! You’re a star mate


Cheers Derek!

I’m in (if it ain’t boak)


Fantastic job. 1 for all your organisation, 2 for putting this compilation together. For that I’ll try and win it!


Thanks Derek! The Tophawks have got to the pointy end of the season. Didn't think I would get as far as this as it is my first season playing JR survivor. I must say it is a lot of fun. Let's see what next round brings. Cheers, TH


Thanks for organising Derek,looking forward to the next stage


Derek myself and Hedski were three that traded BIG MAXY out for DOG DOG My reasoning was the extra 200k got me Tich for Harley This would have taken me three more rounds So what have I gained an extra 60 pts this week plus Tich/s differential to a M8 rookie for 3 weeks A nett gain of 240 less max's extra for 3 weeks over dogdog Could well be for less than 100pts but more important 3 league wins . The last 5 weeks not having max will kill us three unless we can get him back I will be praying Draper cracks a few tons and max drops a bit Thank god the dees have an up and coming Luke Jackson who did well against Goldy


i didn't like that gawn had a shoulder injury and was going to 'play sore' for the rest of the year. One week could become two or three later in the year.

I looked at Goldy, but had to deal with him not having a bye yet

Nicnat was coming off his bye. was back home and playing without a second ruckman. His TOG had been increasing the last few weeks and he was $100k cheaper than Goldy.

His next 3 were against Pittonet, Ceglar and Mummy. liked the look of that.

Saving $100k allowed me to go straight Bennell to Cripps with one trade (i was looking at having to trade Rankine early)

i have saved a couple of trades up my sleeve last two weeks with sole purpose to get Gawn (or Goldy if gawn isn't 100%) in a few weeks.


probably a 2 trade deal . Nicnac and draper in 3 weeks So what is a trade worth I did the same with Grundy to PITTO earlier and got Tracca as the bonus . Once again 2 trade deal to get him back pitto and rookie .That deal has been saved by Tracca But GAWN will go nuts if his shoulder is ok There is a difference of 40 in their averages and it should be higher not to mention his capt choice .Need to get him back in 3 weeks and hope DogDog averages 100 and Draper 80 Gawn is slotted to lose 100k over that time and Draper plus the same (Too Serious figures approx) Thats enough to get him back NDD


Did the same thing, definitely happy with Nic Nat. Hopefully he can get that TOG to 80%+


I was going to trade Budarick to Adams but with Simpson missing I might trade him to Titch instead.


what does simmo haveto do with the trade dion


Ruscoe & Shoenberg have been named to play their 2nd game