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It’s Time For An EMERGENCY Podcast!

Published by Lekdog on

G’day community, I just recorded some thoughts for you ahead of the Round 11 lockout today!

Have a listen and drop some questions below.

If you want to join us on our live-streams head here and hit the follow button!



For those asking, something simple like the below from PuntLife (without the writing, just the logo) let us know if you’d be interested in a shirt and what team colours you’d like to see!

What team volours would you like to see our shirts in?

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Hi community, need some advice, thinking if getting Gaff, Yeo or Shuey. Thoughts. Thanks


I think Shuey for mine. Gaff is a tag target, and i own Yeo and hes been making me tear my hair out. Gives away so many cheap frees and does butcher it a bit


Cheers Lek!! Will be bringing in Adams and giving him the captaincy in the event Lachie Neale somehow doesn't hit eleventy billion

Jamie Murphy

In for Jock Reynolds tees. #YellowAndBlack


FYI – Gawn and Viney are out this week.




No eliminations this round.


We have come to the end of the group stages and the remaining teams will be merged into one final group of the Champions of Champions.

There is no way we can get everything arranged and teams moved into a new group in time for the start of Round 11. So the champions group will start Round 12.

Round 12 seems a fair place to start. No byes to worry about.

I will post the names of the surviving teams from each division a bit later – look out for your name and the code for the new group

thanks fellas

Mitch is back


Can you please check what happened to ‘Mitch is back’ in Div 7. Survived round 8, and scored well (2386) in round 9, the group went missing from my SC page.



Hey Mitch, I’m glad you told me. I remember accidentally deleting someone from that division but I couldn’t tell who.

Thanks for letting me know.


Sharp with 9 touches? Really?

Watching that so called game I had him pegged for 2! <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="๐Ÿ™„" src=""&gt;

Have u got a design of the t-shirt you can share with us Lek?

Flying blind on rookie picks as to make trades u gotta trades in guys you hope will get a 2nd game.
Thanks for the pod and Intel Lek.


Not sure if this is dumb but it's what I've done.

Gawn + Starcvich + McHenry -> Goldy + Sholl + Ruscoe

Leaves me with 368k and 10 trades.
Still need 4 premos and to bring gawn back in.


gawn and viney out


Traded in rozee 1/2 hr ago
5 mins b4 bounce withdrawn.
Can't reverse trades locked out.

Just about sums up my 2020 season.
Not much going right….


That’s tough, why couldn’t you reverse? I thought lockout was when game starts


Wouldn't let me
Timing I guess.

I thought rozee looked better last week, even spent some time in middle.

Cheap for what he can produce unfortunately he is producing a donut this week ๐Ÿฅบ

If I could have reversed would have brought in woodcock instead who has started li one a house on fire.

Port tackling is off the charts 1st qtr.


Oh Jeez mate that sucks for you, this Footy marathon is bound to catch some people out, I just did my trades last night and then forgot about it, are you still able to field 18?


With trades and if you Ridley plays just.

Brought in draper last at least got gawn covered.


That sucks Trig


Passing on Woodcock for Hosie due to job security, and Hosie being dropped just about sums up my 2020

Woodcock around 60pts midway through the 2nd qtr


Cracking game of footy


Listening to the pod at halftime.
Pretty fckn awesome game so far (umpires aside).
Thinking of trading Max to NicNat, think he'll tear Pitto a new one, Budarick up to Adams, holding Viney. Hmm ๐Ÿค”


I'm looking fwd to the last Q Hed, cracker of a game.


Hmm, missed Woodcock, now I know Sturt is likely out he'll probably go to Ruscoe.


Alrighty… JS of the following?

O'Hallaran (dam you GWS and no JS)

Will walker and Hosie been dropped.


Thanks Lek!
didnt watch pies game last week so 50/50 on ruscoe but 1.3 last week in a low scoring game looks good for him.


Now that is how footy should be played!

High scoring, skillful, pressure off the charts, freakish goals and a crowd bayeing for the umps blood.

Yep had it all.
Well done port puts u right back in the premier conversation.


You said it mate!..great game, teams should be penalized for boring footy


WOW, 77 at quarter time for Macrae

how many people are cursing not putting the VC on him?

i went safe with Neale.


Reckon Neale may just pip him by the final siren.


Only 8pts difference at 3qr time.
You'd be happy with VC on either.

stinky poo

I stuffed up ( so i thought ) and had vc on neale and C on Mcrae.


Macrae’s on 94 half way through the 2nd. Think i missed that boat.


He's the kind of player that you either start with, or really struggle to get in..he's actually second to Neale in overall possessions now, he was scoring averagely for several weeks there…glad I stuck with him. I couldn't even afford to get him in last year.


The battle of the buns part 2 tonight (after GWS vs ESS).
The buns (man-buns) have taken over!


Awesome work Lek thanks for the bonus podcast, it helped me get organised. Honestly amazed you didn't spend an hour discussing the dismal lack of sleeves in the modern game ๐Ÿ˜‰
Thinking Gawn, T. Green and Budarick Out for Titch, Oliver and Shoenberg. Gonna use Draper for a week then bring in a goldy or NicNat.

Would love to see some JR t-shirts in any colour but especially some sexy black white and teal like m y boys were repping tonight, Go Power!


What surprised me more was no mention of Daniel Rich coming in for Brisbane………..
Well, I suppose it was a shortened emergency podcast after all.


Bailey Smith has been rubbish tonight and virtually unsighted in the 2nd half.


I chose him for some reason several weeks ago, he's actually more like Warwick Capper than any current player, Mullett, flashy social media behaviour, not an over-abundance of talent.

The Ranger

Lek, forget the team colors mate, just produce a half decent quality black t shirt with that JR logo and Jock Reynolds written under it.


I assume most people have Neale and Macrae.


I grabbed Neale last night and whacked the VC on him. I started with Macrae. What a champion footballer he is.


Both are

Not quite as good as when danger and fyfe went head to head a ways back but still great to see the best in the business go to work.


I totally forgot the rule changes this year. Are we only playing 17 rounds??


Good question

I’m assuming the AFL are making it that all teams play each other once, that would mean 17 rounds, but throw in a bye for each team makes it 18 rounds.

SC finals take 4 rounds to play. I’m guessing the last round of SC before finals will be round 14.

Overall rank goes to round 18


Thanks very much for the reply Derek. Nice to know how to plan things as I only have 10 trades left and are going for overall. Hoping we get a few more trades lol


Lack of cash cows and chacing rank has left me with 12 trades before this round. Starting to ration them now to get me through the season

Still have 4 on field rookies


Made a late decision to bring in Bont for Budarick. Had Pickett on the pine and didn’t want to have his score included.


After long consideration I’ve decided to hold Gawn. In the end I’m looking at this being his bye round with the others still to come.


I had already decided to trade him if he was playing.

Thought he would play injured, score poor and drop cash. Trade him out and back later.

Now that he isn’t playing, I’m thinking to maybe keep him. Hope the rest will do him good

What if it’s worse than they are saying. 2 weeks out?


Traded in Hurn round 2, went to shit. Traded in Rozee round 3, went to shit. Traded in Sympkin round 6, went to shit. Traded in Gawn 2 weeks ago. Well. You know by now. Not much luck this season.


The extra trades this year have gone to my head. Made a lot of sideways trades, mainly because of injury but some to chance points.

Traded out Sicily, Howe, Fyfe, Dusty, Whitfield, Oliver, Naismith, Doedee, Brodie Smith, and now Gawn all at some stage this year (traded back Oliver, Sicily and Whitfield)

It’s been fun having so many trades.


Traded Gawn, Coniglio and Viney for Macrae, Oliver and Simpkyn (leaving Draper as R2 via Xeri as DPP).
Need to win my League match and desperate times call for desperate measures.
So far so good, with Macrae's start, though not sure how I'll ever get Gawn back later in the season.


Punted Gawn last night with Bennell and Rankine. Traded in the big Oscar (Mc Inerney) up forward, Neale (VC) and Sam Draper with $85K still in the kitty. To say that I am chuffed is an understatement. You little ripper THE BIG O!! Neale is a dead set freak.


Having Neale is a safe feeling

I’ve got both Neale and Macrae in Jocks Jungleland Draft. My only Tough choice each week is who gets the C


Just a warning to Eagles and Carlton player owners. Optus Stadium will resemble a swimming pool today. Heavy rain and gale force winds forecast for Perth today. The strongest cold front we have had in years is barreling towards the coast. Is due to hit at around 2 pm today. It will be compelling viewing this game folks! LOL


Thanks for the info

Thinking to trading both NicNat and Cripps in today


Hey guys just wondering if anyone no if we will get extra trades again for the next lot of byes coming up.has anyone heard anything.


That was LEK’s trading plan last POD.

Hope SC give him more trades.

My guess is they won’t. We will be able to have 3 trades during the byes but I doubt we will get any more.

Last few weeks I’ve just held a couple of trades thinking of the finals


Thanks derek i guess it was just wishful thinking.


I’ll take them if they are are given


Goldy is the obvious replacement for Gawn.

I can’t stop thinking about NicNat fresh off a bye with Pittonet, Ceglar & Mummy his next 3.

His TOG has been slowly increasing as the Eagles gear up to have a decent shot at the flag

Save $100k and only need one trade Bennell to Cripps

NicNat will get a price jump and let me get Gawn before finals if his shoulder is ok


I’m getting an itchy trigger finger on this move. In hindsight I should’ve done it last night to get Neale in, but regardless I’m thinking of doing it to shake things up


TH says it’s going to bucket down in Perth today.

What is NicNat’s wet weather form?


I don’t have any data but my guess is it’s solid. Additional stoppages meaning tackles + hitouts for Nic Nat


I am also on the Gawn/ Nicnac train Gets me Tich next week for Bennell so there's 5o pts . would leave me F5 andF6 left


Had exactly the same thought this morning. Not having Neale is a killer. It makes me feel like I have to trade Gawn for Goldy and hope Goldy puts up a Neale like score. I might at least hold steady against those who have Neale but don’t trade Goldy. Goldy at 578k for a 125 average is still great value. It might be that either I don’t have to trade back to Gawn, or if I do, the price difference will be manageable


Last year I traded Gawn to Goldy about now, and Goldy was fantastic

It is the unknown byes worry me. And getting someone in the finals with no one out and me having 4 or 5 missing.


The move sounds good. But am I right in thinking Gawn is only meant to miss 1 game?


Ranked around top 200 and holding Gawn. Probably a stupid move but might be essential if i want to get my last three rookies upgraded asap


How many trades left?


Hi Jess congrats on a great ranking ,,not ranked that high but same problem. 3 forwards left and little chance of upgrading them without some news rookies . Wicks and sholl on my radar but if i trade Gawn I kill those trades plus one to goldy or nicnat Really leaning towards keeping Gawn Got a show in most leagues anyway Maybe Bennell to Sholl and pocket 100k cheers NDD


Nice one, what’s your team name? Are you holding with Draper as coverage?


My issue is that I've loopholed Woodcock but now have to put one of close or cameron on field. Problem is i wont know if Cameron is playing until after cats game, so would have to put close on field or face a donut. Maybe neither will play


It’s best 18 this week. So hopefully you are talking about a donut for 22 players. If not, then I think Close will play, but Cameron probably not. I think Cox will get another go before Cameron


Yeah a donut but still 19-20 playing. Annoyed because D Cameron – if named – would likely score more than Close, but i will have to play Close due to risk of one being out

Eli Goldbaum

Wow. Havent dropped in for ages. Hi folks.TWO things I havent seen addressed on hear yet.

Thing 1: Gawn out, with no word on Cameron to cover? Do we know if big Max will be back next round (only 8 days break seems nothing for torn back muscle and knee complaint to heal). I feel he'll need at least 2 full weeks (not rounds) to recover properly, given Melb effectively had their bye. His price won't drop either so it's a big risk trading him out just to fill a score,and then not being able to afford to get him back. I know Draper is there and other good ruckmen but still….can we afford a ruck doughtnut when we still have top 18 only for scoring? If you have quality score cover elsewhere (I feel will Neale as C and Macrae's score last night I might).
sub thing: Will Oliver get the same output without big Max in ruck?

Thing 2: Treloar ๐Ÿ™ A gun in my team but out for at least 3. Got rid of my beloved Patty Cripps for Kelly last week and now looking at having to get rid of Treloar. What are our thoughts on Taylor Admas winning shloads of ball now
What about Oliver when Gaawn not there? Will he keep it up with Jackson/Preusse? Loving STEELE for the saints too.
Thoughts community?


Best 22 next 2 weeks, you better have two fit rucks.

I’m thinking Gawn is done for the year. If he comes back next week he won’t be 100% and won’t score 140’s anymore.

If he misses a few weeks and Melbourne lose those 2, the season is over and they ice him up

He is too much cash to not play

Adam’s is surprisingly cheap. I thought his scoring would have dropped when Trelor came back, but with Sidebottom and Pendles our he hasn’t dropped off at all. Great value big Pod, but same bye as Grundy


Ge tonned up against Adelaide and played shit, he’ll be right to go next week


Saying Gawn is done for the year is a big call. Im holding because Nic Nat isnt worth it and goldy is to miss one too.


Buyers beware Cats Dogs most likely to have there bye together in sc finals


Thanks Shake. That's great Intel. I have Macrae and Bontempelli but no premo cats. Still, need to plan accordingly. Cheers. TH


This definitely makes me wary of grabbing Celeb Daniel now haha. Cheers for the intel Shake


I saw everyone jumping in the Duncan and Stewart bandwagon last week and was thinking the byes could be a factor


only what I’m hearing. Slowly have got in Oliver Haynes patracca and Mitchell over the last 4 games. Going with Whitfield Cripps Cogs Doch Ridley and Wingard and kept Smith. Pickett and Noble will next to go but only to those that have had a bye.


Similar to me Shake.

After this round I will have 12 premos that have had their bye (including Melb & Essendon players) if I count Devon.

One Midfield place to fill. All the eagles midfielder interest me, but have no idea which one. They have had their bye.

Haynes or Lloyd are must haves next week, but it will stretch my budget. I have Williams already so probably aim for Lloyd to finish my defence. Worse case is old man Hurn.

In the forwards, i like Simpkins price and another decent score this round i’d look at getting him. He hasn’t had his bye is my only concern, but he would be my only Kanga player and ok wth that.

Hopefully when the next lot of bye rounds come, I won’t have too many to worry about.


Hurn l think has been a tad unlucky west coast don’t bleed many behinds. Might sound funny but over the last month I’ve been watching carefully. For example that 133 Lloyd got against Pies was 11 kick ins 1 out on the full 12 out of his 25 touches Hurn against Cats last week, cats only 4 behinds for the game he only had 3 kick ins got 70 but against the Pies who kicked 9 behinds he had 7 kick ins tonnes up. Ryan is nearly the same realises so much on kick ins. Players like Haynes Ridley and Stewart play a bit further up the ground and really on interceptions and all kick the thing.


Same Shake. It’s what makes me think Lukosius will be a premo defender next year. Already on my watch list. Takes the kick ins, and is also starting to get involved a little further up the field. Will be coming into his prime next year. I know Derek’s has him this year and got good service, but I think next year will be even better. I got Weller and Houston this year because of their mid time. Weller especially has played as a midfielder, but I think the kick ins are more valuable as a defender than midfield time. So, going the very early call on Lukosius for next year.


I think from all accounts you’ve got to be prepared for big Maxy to miss two games if you’re going to be holding him. We won’t rush him back at the risk of him not being healthy enough to play. Goldstein great value at his current price but gee wiz Nic Nat is tempting at that price fresh off a bye. In a year where I’m not sure how else to free up money to help get to full premo all options have to be considered. Plus you gotta love watching the big man play. Also with Treloar and especially Pendles out the next 2-3 weeks I think Sier is a great option for anyone needing a mid pricer or wanting a stepping stone high risk high reward player. Cheers guys


Anyone else feeling an upset brewing today? Carlton to stun West Coast at the Optus Stadium pool. It's bucketing down. Lekdog will be chomping at the bits! Crippa to put on a masterclass today. Well, here is hoping from a SC angle anyways! ๐Ÿคฃ


Nah. Looks like you are the only one


Bytel to debut for Saints


Noice!! He is a good rook!


Few starting to appear in this reduced fixture.


Where’d you hear that?


Goldstein or Nic Nat for Gawn? Or Petracca via Xerri dpp and have Draper onfield, meaning I'll have 22 instead of 21 playing this week


Don’t trade Gawn


Thinking of Trading Noble and Bennell this week.
Thinking getting in Titch and can get either a DEF or MID rookie.
Any other thoughts?


Had to execute all my trades today to make it happen. Have preferred to use 2 and hold one back because of not knowing the teams. Just know that it’s probably going to mean an out or two, but that’s the game. In that way whilst I thought top 18 was strange with only 2 teams having the bye, it now makes perfect sense with the uncertainties of team selection.
Good luck to all this round. Derek is probably going to nail me in A Graders, Top will get me in 2 more, but it will be close with Captain Carona in 2 leagues


Does anyone know what time the teams drop for Monday night?
Will it before the start of Melb / Nth at 6.10?


Need some input.

If I go Bennell > Schoenberg and Cameron > Wicks, leaves me with 209.4k for next week.

Now I estimate that Pickett > Fyfe will cost around 220k and Noble > Lloyd around 300k. 520k total then. Means I have to generate about 310k with my final trade next week to do so.

Bailey Smith > a super cheap probably not playing rookie would do it. 420-310=110k. But then I'd be losing Bailey Smith on field, so I'd effectively be only 1 premo closer to full premo (if you consider Smith to be a premo) after these trades.

If I trade Gawn > Goldstein this week then I'll only need to generate 167k or thereabouts with my last trade next week. Which means I could trade Aarts for a cheapo to do it, possibly even Georgiades. This is all assuming Noble can score at least close to par (maybe 55 or better) and Fyfe only scores as high as 130 or maybe a bit higher.

So, is it worth going Gawn to Goldstein this week if it means I can keep Bailey Smith next week when doing my upgrades, instead using Aarts to do them. Is Bailey Smith worth keeping?

– I get Goldstein's score this week, better for this week.
– Keep Bailey Smith

– Waste of 2 trades (assuming I get Gawn back eventually).
– Bailey Smith maybe isn't worth keeping.

Also worth adding that if Darcy Cameron is actually picked this round then he still has 30k to make at least.


Afternoon all. Anyone know if McPherson from crows is injured or not and if yes what’s his injury? Thanks.


Not injured Tiger, was just managed due to the condensed rounds. He's expected to be named for tomorrow's game but they may opt to give him another rest too if needed.