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Cheat Sheet | Round 11

Published by Statty Matty on

Let’s get straight into it Community. Another round of footy starts in just a few hours.

The general theme is still “trade in premos who’ve had their byes” (preferably under priced/fallen premos) or “get in rookies who will play over the next few games”. We’ve got a few players across each line that fill those requirements, plus a couple of PODs.

Luke Ryan DEF $551k – Avg 101 BE 83

A top 6 defender last year and looking like he’ll repeat that again in 2020. Last 5 outings have been tons, with 131 VS Collingwood in Rd 9.

Shannon Hurn DEF $429k – Avg 90 BE 81

Hurn hasn’t reached his usual lofty standards this year, hence him dropping $131k since his starting price of $562k. But he’s just had his bye and is a cheaper option for a D5 or D6 if you are cash strapped.

Tobe Watson DEF $155k – Avg 61 BE -21

Looked good in his 2 outings for the Dockers so far. 12 disposals and 5 tackles against Collingwood earned him 73 points. One of the rare rookies defenders around at the moment.

Patrick Cripps MID $488k – Avg 101 BE 70

Hard to believe Cripps is under $500k, but a string of sub-Cripps scores from Rd 6-8 saw him drop $110k in 3 weeks. He replied with a 149 against the Hawks, but still has a very achievable BE this week.

Tom Mitchell MID $568k – Avg 114 BE 75

Titchell seems to be back to his 2018 “ball magnet” best. $60k under his starting price and he won’t be this cheap again this season. Dominated with 164 against Carlton in Round 9.

Harry Schoenberg MID $117k Avg 59 BE -10

Schoenberg did enough in his debut to impress and should get a few more games to prove himself. A cheap downgrade option in your midfield.

Andrew Brayshaw MID/FWD $546k Avg 102 BE 87

5 round avg for Brayshaw of 122. He stood up while Fyfe was injured, and it remains to be seen if he can maintain that output with Fyfe back in the team.

Noah Balta RUC/FWD $325k Avg 71 BE -7

Balta is a bit of a MPR but has been solid in the absences of Alex Rance and David Astbury. If he can maintain his 107 and 96 from the last 2 weeks, Balta (who is in 3% of teams) could be the player that makes or breaks your run home.

Lachlan Hosie FWD $123k Avg 54 BE -2

Looked the goods on debut, and is a very good (read cheap) rookie option to downgrade to in the next few weeks.

Now is the time when we start to think about PODs who are performing well. I’ve identified a couple who might be on your radar. These guys might not be a good bargain (or expensive), they are most likely correctly priced for consistent output.

Jarryd Lyons MID $596k Avg 114 BE 125

Every year Lyons is around the mark, averaging high 90s with patches of greatness. This year he’s upped his average by 20 points, and he sits as the 5th ranked midfielder in the comp. And he’s only in 2,900 teams (1.7%). How this guy stays under the radar is incredible, a virtual stealth fighter.

Taylor Adams MID $528 Avg 110 BE 113

Adams in 2020 goes to show how a consistent run injury free will elevate your scores. But rewards often require risk and Adams has that in spades. If you bring him in and he remains injury free, you’re a genius.


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Hi Community. Need some advice. Thinking of getting Yeo, Gaff or Shuey. Thoughts?


Shuey for mine, 110 average if you take out the game he got injured


Not sure I'd go for any of em Trent tbh, but if pushed Shuey.

I'd steer clear of Yeo; had him from the get go and have been trying to get rid for weeks but just had other priorities with injuries everywhere to my team; it's been like sliding down a cheese-grater! Having said that, given my luck this year, he'll probably clean up the brownlow and SC points at will from here on in!


Shuey 100% <img src="; width="1"/><img src="; width="1"/>


Mitchell (already had bye) or Adams (with treloar and pendles out)?


I'd get titch, looking almost back to his best now…can go huge.


Titch has a more proven higher ceiling and is looking back to his previous best, Adam's is having his best year yet and still a very good pick but Pendles could be back next week also so not sure that will influence his scores too much.

For me, I went with Titch over Treloar last week….just, (suspect hammys were my concern there)….maybe the SC Gods have turned for me again….finally! Given the choice now I'd still pick him over Adams.


Maynard or Stewart?
Also how’s Schoenberg’s js?


Hey Sam, had the same dilemma and went with Stewart and whilst he was disappointing last week I'm still backing him in as I need to climb my leagues and needed the higher ceilings through the blues which he provides over Maynard.

If i was travelling well I'd have probably gone with Maynard for the consistency; so for me comes down to your own situation and what type of player your seeking.

Good luck, it's a tough year!


I went with:
OUT- Treloar, Pickett, Rankine
IN- Macrae, Mitchell, Schoenberg


Nice Phil!


Should I go:
1) Williamson to Ruscoe, D Cameron to Woodcock/Hosie and Pickett to Mitchell
2) Option 1 and McInerney to Schoenberg (instead of Cameron to Woodcock/Hosie). It would mean Schoenberg is on field.
3) Option 1 and Close to Woodcock/Hosie and Pickett to Simpkin
4) Option 1 and Rankine to Sparrow/Hosie and Pickett to T Mitch or Adams.



FYI – Gawn and Viney are both out this week


Hi Dan where are you getting that from? Is it confirmed or just rumour at this stage?


Thanks Russty, good thing I bought in Draper last round which was the only decent trade I made as I also brought in Skinner who has been dropped and Mayes who is suspended! Not my finest efforts…


Would you trade D Cameron to Draper to cover Gawn this round (means I would lose my swing with Xerri ) or cop a zero from Gawn.


It's best 18, so if you have enough other players on the park, I wouldn't do it.
No guarantee that Draper will be in your best 18.


II went Starc, Sturt and Mcinerney out for Shoenberg, Rusco and Ladhams, Ladhams covers for Gawn but Woodcock looks the goods and I didn't choose him. P.S I got Mayes in last week too haha


Thinking of Pickett Rankine Bennell to Mitchell Sholl Schoenberg. Thoughts?


Looks good to me Manolaki


Thanks. May need to reconsider now however I have Gawn and Viney if the rumours are true


They're definitely not playing mate.


This may be a silly question but where is the cheetsheet?…I didn't see it anywhere.


It's in written form these days Russty


Hi, trade in Steele or Adams for season remainder ?


Depends on yr cash gen, Adams 100k cheaper or there abouts but has history with inj … I went Steele myself


Cheers stirlsy.
Adams has a couple of nice match ups.