Festival Of Fantasy | Day 3

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Funny name for high breakevens 

Lachie Neale 170

Jonathon Ceglar 153

Tom Mitchell 149

Marc Pittonet 135

Sam Docherty 128

Funny name for low breakevens

Ned Cahill -1

Will Day 18

Sam Draper 25

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher 29

James Sicily 33


TOP VC/C Options:

Tom Mitchell
Averages 127 against the Blues. Last two games against the Blues he has scored 192 and 161. Probably has to deal with Ed Curnow tonight though…

Lachie Neale
The man is averaging 143 points this year and scored 152 last week. Averages 112 against Essendon. I dunno…just pick him.

Zach Merrett
Loves playing against Brisbane. 155, 120 and 112 in his last three against the Lions.


Connor Ballenden – $123k FWD
Comes into the Brisbane side to provide some assistance in the ruck/forward line.

Sam Skinner – $111k FWD
Played one game in 2017 and scored 62 points. A cheap option to look at if he holds his spot.

Sam Draper – $123k RUC
Touted as the next great Essendon ruckman, can he shoulder the expectations of fans after a long time out with injury? I’m not sure but I’ll be trading him in if he looks half decent.


Who is your top trade in target for today?

  • Sam Draper (25%, 18 Votes)
  • Zach Merrett (19%, 14 Votes)
  • James Sicily (19%, 14 Votes)
  • Jordan Ridley (13%, 9 Votes)
  • Adam Saad (11%, 8 Votes)
  • Sam Skinner (10%, 7 Votes)
  • Connor Ballenden (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Will Setterfield (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Brandon Zerk-Thatcher (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Callum Moore (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 66

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Great content as always here!

So, I’ve had to revise my last trade a bit. With Doedee guaranteed to miss, it could be the opportunity for me to go Doedee – Ridley, who’s looking more and more likely to finish in the top eschelon of defenders come this short season’s end.

Here’s my defense as well right now:

Sicily, Doc, Short, Laird, DOEDEE, McPherson (O’Connor, Starc)

Thanks again!


So what do we reckon with that move anyway? Or do I hold Doedee for the one week he’s out?


If Draper does well it's going to be a major dilemma.
Do I sub out my perfectly good non playing 102k ruck to make some cash and have bench cover? Even if that disrupts painting the fence to get in Macrae…

It's not often I look forward to the Blues winning. But seeing Clarko afterwards is going to be very satisfying indeed.



Hawthorn (16 wins) have owned Carlton (1 win) the last 17 meetings.

Jarman Impey, Jonathon Ceglar, Luke Breust, Tim O’Brien are back with 4 players omitted.
Ricky Henderson the only injury of note.

Carlton has many players missing from injury such as : Charlie Curnow, Mitch McGovern, Matthew Kreuzer, Caleb Marchbank, Nic Newman.

Clarkson went in top heavy (2018 qualifying final VS Richmond) Ceglar/McEvoy/Nash/Roughead was ridiculous (5 marks between all of them)

Has he learnt his lesson with a top heavy backline yet ? McEvoy-Frost-Frawley + Sicily-Stratton-Hardwick
Unfortunately Carlton are helping Hawthorn by playing Callum Moore this week. (Casboult+McKay)

Clarkson you heard of a forward pocket? 2 years late on that one – Puopolo (32yr 7mth)
Yes Bruest/Wingard are good as smaller forward options but a genuine replacement for Puopolo who has only kicked 15 goals, 14 behinds in his last 32 games (182 goals, 89 behinds career)
Also goal-less in 22 of his last 32 games. Dan Butler anyone? No Clarkson was busy getting talls from anywhere he could find them (Patton, Frost, Hartley, Brooksby etc)


McKay owners might be relieved – seems Majak is replacing Brown.


Doedee out throws a spanner in the works. At least we found out now instead of pre game.
Originally planned on trading williamson, but now i need him to avoid a donut.
I was planning on keeping Doedee as he is doing enough for D6, but i also dont wanna cop a donut.

Trade Doedee or S HIll? Hill has only made 70k and has a 30 BE but i need to trade one of the 2!

The Lost Boys

I'd be looking to hold Doedee as he has been looking good (until injured) and is a possibility to be held for the rest of the season, whereas hill will need to be replaced at some point.


Have had doedee all year. Trade if you are highly ranked or are facing a possible donut. He was always a stepping stone for me


Upgrading Noah Anderson – thoughts on best to bring in? Thinking Gaff or Yeo


After Big Max stunk it up with 87 points last night who is everyone opting for Captain? I'm having a hard time deciding between Neale and Grundy but probably leaning towards Neale as Grundy looked well off the pace and tired last week. Are the Bombers likey to put a hard tag on Neale? Who is the better Captain option of the two and why?


I thought i had made the biggest mistake ever (with the exception of trading in Heater just before he was suspended for his little punt many years ago) by fiddling around with my c and vc as the game started and having neither on Gawn when it counted.

I’ve gone Neale into Grundy and am very happy with my stuff up.


Hope you went Neale Pman, he's killing it.


I did!


Who should I bring in my backline tonight loyd or Haynes


If you can afford it then grab Lloyd over Haynes.


Lloyd. Had him all year and couldn't be happier.


Who's got the best JS out of Elijah Taylor, James Bell or Matt Ling? Any Swans supporters able to shed some light?


OK Community. I need a midfield rook. Traded close into my forward line. Have to pick one from Elijah Taylor, Ned Cahill or James Bell. Which one would be best out of those 3?


Neale or grundy C? Dons not having a tagger excites me but grundy against darcy


Neale, no ruck has gone 105+ vs Darcy


curnow tagging everyone besides the one that destroying them in mitchel lol


Now as a Cripp’s owner and a Carlton supporter, I love the bloke but when you cough up the ball twice in the second quarter (which should of resulted in goals) and the opposition score goals as a result of the mistakes, how does he score 26 points in the 2nd from only 3 touches?


Mahony, Cahill or Close on field?


Carlton are still crap they have gone backwards by a huge margin since I left.


Love your work Mick. Are you and Mr E Mcguire still doing your “thing”?


I honestly thought Carlton had turned the corner this season and then they serve up this tonight. Seems this is going to be another disappointing season watching my team.


I'm also a Carlton fan but I'm old enough to have seen them win 3 Premierships live and another 2 on TV.In my lifetime they have won 7 and played in 12. I can tell you that the bad-years are entirely due to their refusal to gift the VFL the digital rights to their home games in the mid 90's. Every other club in the competition was being run by luddites and all of them were dependent on handouts from the vfl to survive so they aligned with the vfl and handed over their digital rights because nobody in Australia would ever watch footy on the internet right? (Carlton even bailed out collingwood in this period) Carlton were pure Aussie and despised dictatorship and communism so they stood strong against the VFL and so the assault against them began. At every opportunity they were penalised more than any other club before or since and were even penalised for the actions of other clubs (had a player suspended because his previous club breached their salary cap! Bizzare but true). A succession of anit-Carlton imbeciles ran the VFL/AFL and the Blue murder continued assisted by anti-carlton personalities like E.McGuire and K.Sheedy. Eventually the now AFL saw an opportunity to cripple them and they jumped at by applying what is still the harshest penalty ever imposed against an Australian club or corporation. Multiple teams have committed the same transgression since and the harshest penalty that they've received isn't equal to 10% of the penalty that Carlton received. Dogmetriou continued the hatred and persecution applying severe penalties for the mildest transgressions whilst also protecting other clubs who made monumental transgressions (He informed Essendon of the pending asada raid minutes after he was himself informed). Yes non-carlton supporters hate Carlton but they hate them because they were great. As Australians they should all now be behind the blues out of respect for their true Aussie grit in surviving 20 years of sytemic attempted Blue Murder


To emphasise the point. For more than 80 years Carlton cultivated Australian football in the central victorian zone and invested millions in the development of regional football clubs in the area and in return they were able to recruit dozens of players who became VFL stars.
During the period of Blue Murder that zone was taken from them and gifted to a club that has never spent a single cent cultivating footy outside of their own suburb. In return for losing their country heartland Carlton was given Melbournes soccer stronghold as their new zone.


I got home from work tonight just after quarter time. My son is lying on the lounge with the TV off. Said he couldn’t bear to watch it anymore (obviously both Hawk supporters).

It can’t be that bad I said, and turned it on just to see the Chad break through a pack, tap the ball to himself, loop a beautiful hand ball to issac who snapped truely….. the next 2 and a half quarters was champagne football…. we do like playing the blues.

The Chad and Titch were SuperCoach gold tonight.


ling or watson for my defensive rookie?

Reckon I'll also grab close and possibly draper early or bell, free up some cash build that warchest




I like the look of Keane, i think he'll be very serviceable for us Shake. What's your take on him?


Watched at the club for a while now. Hope he doesn’t get overawed. Is deceiving tall moves well reads it well good overhead


very hard 22 to cement yourself in fellas.. hows the JS?
don't know anything about him is all


JS is the big risk here, He'll basically play the role of 3rd tall/key defender with Moore and Roughead. Langdon is back playing his first practice match this weekend and could potentially look to come in next week or the week after (assuming his body holds up). The other obvious one to come in here is Howe.

Basically his JS depends on how Langers and Howe track with their injuries.


Witherden. WTF!!


How 🤔


At halftime he’s had 15 touches at 80%, 12 of which are kicks along with 8 contested possessions, 7 intercept possessions and 3 frees for


I think he musta had some NZT before the game lol


Witho given the DRich role. Won’t last long. Rich won’t miss many.


Witho likes the Rich role. Witho scored more points tonight than Rich produced in the last fortnight. Rich needs to find a new role.

The Ranger

Two years in a bloody row I started with him Toppa and he burnt me.
He showed how good he can be last night, very good user of the ball, Lions would be rapt.


Devon Smith with 57 points at half time! Stands to reason considering I traded him for Bailey Smith last night…


Still there at 3/4 time, went backwards for most of that quarter.


Is lessening the pain somewhat, hopefully he stays anchored in the 60's…


Looks like he's gonna score around 10 points in the 2nd half, good trade!


Had a mark & 3 kicks in the last 90 sec so far not 1 pt for it. Stayed on 66


Must've been an ineffective mark and 3 kicks backwards or out on the full haha, I give up.


Did you see it Russty? Should be scaled up by at least 10


Yeah I did mate, reckon they're just being very slow tonight..and they're probably trainees from Centrelink.


73 for Dev and 157 for Neale…yowza!


I'm relieved Russty as I was sure this trade would blow up in my face! That said much better effort by Devon Smith tonight.


Devon 57 at half time. First clearance of 3rd quarter Tippa hit him right in the bread basket with a bullet pass and it bounced 20 meters off his chest. He didn’t have another touch until half way through the last quarter.

Don’t know if I’m happy if not about his 73. Could have been so much better


Do I take Starcevics 53 or risk it with McKay in defence?


I reckon McKay can do better but don't blame me if he doesn't lol


Draper looked promising and I'll be trading Conroy to him next week. Will lose $20K but will have solid R3 coverage should Gawn or Grundy get rested in the next few week.


R3 for me too looked good but not sure of Bellchambers role now


8 of my 9 opponents also had Neale as C. The other had McCrea.


Is it just me, or Have rucks stopped scoring as well the last round and a half?


Is it that, or were non-premo rucks scoring way higher than normal earlier in the season, and now returning to their long term averages?
I'm expecting Gawn and Grundy to bounce straight back.
Incidently, Gawns next three opponents are R.O.B., Goldy and Grundy.


I think CD have started scoring rucks a bit less generously.


Just in time with bringing in Gawn 🙄


Yeah im absolutely stoked i brought in gawn this week!


After Gawn didn’t score to well l couldn’t risk going Grundy just for that reason.


Take Starcevich 53 or back in Watson?


I'd be inclined to take the 53 as Watson playing in only his second match may get second game blues and have a stinker and churn out a 30 odd and has a projected score of only 49.


Need to field 1. Close, simpson or taylor?


Id be leaning to Simpson. It is a clear sunny day in Perth today. Simpson prefers dry conditions. Close will be playing in wet conditions against Freo tomorrow as showers are forecast for Perth. Curtis Taylor just behind Simpson for mine.


Hey Tophawk, Close plays for the Cats as well (I've also been a bit all over the place with so much footy happening lol) but for what it's worth I'd also be fielding Simpson out of those 3


Well that would be 100% correct! LOL With these rolling team drops and games being played all over the place its easy to confuse things. Despite Close also playing in fine conditions, I think Simpson could benefit more as he plays more in an on ball role and should get more pozzies.


C on Grundy or Danger?


Dangerfield for mine. Nice weather in Perth today. He should get plenty of the pill. Grundy will be playing in the rain tomorrow. Always worried when the tall guys play in the wet.


best defender to bring in this week ?
already have ridley and can’t get caleb daniel now.


If you do not have Nick Haynes, he is probably your man.


Haynes or Lloyd if you don't have either of them, Mills as an expensive pod or Maynard, Ryan or Crisp as (marginally) cheaper pods


Im bringing stewart in this week but you could wait a week on him due to high BE. Haynes for mine

Pauly Walnuts

Is Brodie Smith a potential top 8 defender ? I don't want to cop a donut with Doedee, only have 440k or do I downgrade to Macpherson or McKay

Already have – Lloyd,Doc,Sicily Laird

Thanks in advance


I bought in Ling to cover the donut. I’ve decided to stop these sideways trades especially for someone who maybe only out for a week. Plus this should allow me to bring in 2 premo’s next week and still have Doedee.


exactly my thinking but will cost a few leagues including a close one with Russty Two prems both cats Duncs and Stewart in next week


You'll probably flog me this week mate cause of this game now with my poxy North Melbourne players.


Do we get to use three trades any week there are byes?


Probably but hasn't been clarified as yet, certainly do for Rd's 9, 10 and 11.


My understanding was we got an extra trade for each week of best 18, 4 weeks = 4 trades.


That’s what I thought but we don’t get extra total, only 3 instead of 2 through this period


Yes we do, it went from 30 to 34


Mine hasn’t


If you look in your trade history mate you'll see, I've done 20 trades and now have 14 left


I want to bring McPherson from Adelaide into my backline for either Noble or Brander but can't decide who should go as if I trade Noble out I will have $263K for next weeks trade but nil DEF bench coverage for this week (assuming Noble is picked). If I trade Brander out then I will have bench coverage & $210K (if Noble picked) but Brander still has coin to make and is no longer injured but unsure if and when he's likely to get another game. Finally I could trade Mcasey who isn't playing but would lose circa $20K on the trade. Thoughts??


I’m really torn and need advice. C on Grundy, Danger or Cogs?


Think you might've posted in the wrong thread Andy…I would've said Danger over the other 2.He ain't doing much though.


I’m so over putting faith in Danger. Stuff him. Never in my team again!


Not too bad in the end Andy