2020 Hindsight: Round 8

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The fixture is soon to be condensed, which will cause havoc on content being pumped out of the Jock Reynolds Cave. I am unsure on how we’ll structure up, but let’s just wait until the footy gods and their prophets speak to us, shall we?

The Top

Touk Miller (140) was Gold Coast’s best, with 26 touches (16 contested), seven clearances and seven tackles. Jack Macrae (169) has truly found his form and will collect three votes for his 29 touches, seven clearances and six tackles. In true JREL style, he also managed two hit outs as English’s backup. Caleb Daniel (128) had 25 touches at 84% efficiency in defence. Bailey Smith (104) had 22 touches and a goal, but missed two shots at the big sticks.

Josh Kelly (195) fell short of the second double ton on Friday, but was super impressive with 26 touches at 69%, four marks, eight tackles and a stunning goal from the pocket. Toby Greene (166) kicked five goals from his 18 touches, and also laid eight tackles. Nick Haynes (129) had 15 touches but also took 10 marks and provided the Giants a rebounding option. Jayden Short (110) hit another ton with Houli out, collecting 18 touches and seven marks. Dustin Martin (108) had 23 touches and two gaols, but went at 56% and had eight clangers, which hurt his scoring.

Sam Walsh (140) had 21 disposals and a goal for the Blues in their win over the Roos. Ed Curnow (123) had the job on Jy Simpkin and did well, finishing with 19 touches and ten tackles, whilst also keeping Simpkin to 11 disposals. Jared Polec (136) had 25 touches, six tackles and a goal, while Trent Dumont (122) continued his good form in the wet, with 22 touches, four marks and four tackles.

Jake Lloyd (157) and James Sicily (164) battled it out as the top defender in this game. Sicily won the battle, but Sydney won the war. Lloyd had 34 touches and seven marks, while Sicily had 23 touches, seven marks and a goal. Lloyd had 83 points in the third quarter to help set up Sydney’s comeback and win.

Rowan Marshall (160) and Paddy Ryder (142) shared the ruck duties very well. Rowan had 15 touches, 11 hit outs and two goals, while Paddy had 10 touches, 29 hit outs and two goals. Jack Steele (114) had 21 touches and six tackles, while Ollie Wines (100) had 17 touches, but at 47% efficiency.

Zach Merrett (135) played 74% of the game, but that didn’t stop him from collecting 33 touches, nine marks and six tackles. He had six clearances, which was only beaten by Andrew McGrath (124), who had 25 touches and ten tackles. Jordan Ridley (114) had 18 touches and went at 94% efficiency. Brodie Smith (129) had 24 touches and a goal in the loss.

Tim Kelly (150) is hitting his straps back in Perth, collecting 30 touches and a goal, whilst also going at 90% efficiency. Andrew Gaff (130) and Luke Shuey (130) assisted Kelly, collecting 26 and 19 touches respectively, while Gaff also took 11 marks and kicked a goal.

Clayton Oliver (177) was huge for the Demons with 28 disposals, ten tackles and five marks. He also had five clearances and went at 75% efficiency. He battled Lachie Neale (152), who had 33 disposals, six marks and seven clearances. Hugh McCluggage (131) had 22 touches himself, ten of those contested. Max Gawn (157) was a popular captaincy option and didn’t disappoint, finishing with 13 disposals and 41 hit outs. Christian Petracca (141) wouldn’t be a bad left-field VC option either, finishing with 24 disposals (14 contested), eight tackles and four clearances, all while going at 83%. Jack Viney (118) also got in on the action with 24 touches, three tackles and a goal… *finally takes a breath*

The Flop

Izak Rankine (56) missed four shots in the last quarter, including one to tie the game. He finished with 11 touches at 1.4, and went at 54%. Hopefully he can clean up his goal kicking and efficiency next week. Marcus Bontempelli (87) had 20 touches but went at 35% efficiency. He also had four clangers, but took a potentially game saving mark on the half back flank which was worth plenty of points.

Jeremy Cameron (48) had just 12 touches and no goals, going at 58%, in a poor performance. Tom Lynch (35) was also poor in a game that wasn’t dominated by key forwards. He had 6 touches and two behinds.

Sam Docherty (66) was followed around by Pittard all day, and he is yet to break a tag this year. He had 13 touches, five tackles and six clangers, as well as three free kicks against. Jy Simpkin (35) had 11 touches, four free kicks against and six clangers, whilst going at 54% efficiency. It wasn’t a pretty day for him, after being tagged by Curnow and not looking 100%.

Dylan Stephens (46) only had 9 touches for the Swans. Despite being rated so highly preseason, he’s yet to fire a shot. Ben Stratton (22) went backwards after half time, much to Lek’s dismay. Chad Wingard (87) scored pretty well, but he had three missed shots at goal and his 17 touches were at 41% efficiency.

Travis Boak (54) only managed 15 touches at 60% in the loss, which really hurts owners. Dan Houston (67) had 18 touches at 55% and also dropped back to what he was scoring at the start of the season.

Tom Doedee (31) had seven touches before he hurt his hamstring and spent the rest of the game on the sidelines. Brad Crouch (15) also was injured and spent over three quarters on the bench. Conor McKenna (38) had 14 touches at 42% efficiency. He also overran the ball late and almost cost the Bombers a win.

Collingwood were poor across the board, but Brodie Grundy (61) was particularly disappointing. Buckley put the star at Full Forward for much of the game, and he only managed 10 touches and 24 hit outs.

Harley Bennell (42) is playing, which is good, but he’s not scoring fantastically well. He had 11 touches at 63%, and he had a shot on goal from 10 metres out which he botched. Daniel Rich (22) only had 5 touches before his day ended. It looks like he’ll miss some games. Sorry Lek.


Sam Collins (117) had 17 touches (12 contested) and four marks as a key defender. He has been a good player for the Suns, but is not really SuperCoach relevant. Hayden Crozier (108) had 19 touches and nine marks at 84% efficiency in the back half with Daniel, and looked really good.

Lachie Whitfield (116) is still somehow sub-500k, but is a proven premium and played like it, collecting 26 touches, nine marks and two clearances. He did have six clangers, which really hurt his score, but you’ll take 116 any day. Jake Aarts (46) kicked a goal, but didn’t do much else, finishing with 5 touches and three tackles.

Tom Williamson (28) is due to go now, with just 10 touches against North. Curtis Taylor (37) is also probably due to be flicked, with just 6 touches in the wet.

Liam Shiels (110) had 24 touches and a goal for the Hawks, as well as laying nine tackles. Despite going at 41%, he scored well. Dane Rampe (139) had 25 touches and five marks, and played very well despite suffering a suspected broken hand. James Rowbottom (76) played plenty of the game in the midfield but the seven clangers hurt his output.

Connor Rozee (39) has a bad habit of going backwards after halftime. He was sitting on 49 at the main break, but had a poor second half. Hunter Clark (103) had 24 touches and played well, but had 5 clangers, which didn’t help his scoring.

Mitch Hibberd (84) had 15 touches and nine tackles, and has pretty much taken over Devon Smith (49) on the pecking order. He had 13 touches at 53%, and laid 3 tackles. Owners are getting very sick of his inability to post a score. Will Hamill (96) had a great game in the back half, collecting 17 touches and laying six tackles.

Shannon Hurn (114) has turned it around now he’s back in WA, collecting 15 touches at 100%. He’s now at a very affordable price. Isaac Quaynor (79) had 18 touches in the back half himself, and is looking like a future star.

Jarryd Lyons (147) has pieced together a nice patch of form, and is performing very well as Neale’s Robin. 22 disposals helped pave the way for plenty of clearances. Dayne Zorko (106) was looking ugly in the early part of the season, but he seems to have shaken that off and is back at his best. 17 disposals and a goal against the Dees.

First Dates

Matthew Ling (47) played his first game for the Swans and had 10 touches. He played primarily in defence and looked solid, not spectacular. Elijah Taylor (60) played his second game and had a goal from his eight touches.

Sam Mayes (39) had his second game for the Power, and only had 12 touches. His first game was a great one out of the block, but hopefully he averages a score in between his first two.

Ned Cahill (44) had seven touches and two goals in the win for the Bombers.

Atu Bosenvulagi (12) was a late in for Scott Pendlebury, and boy did he deliver… 2 touches, neither effective, one mark, one tackle and two free kicks against. A total of four clangers.

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Well how's everyone else's week looking? Had a horrible week with a donut and I'm 1785 with Danger, Brayshaw and Simpson to come. Let's hope for 2100 💀


I'll be lucky to get 2100 as well, this year is dead to me…<img src="https://tinyurl.com/yxbbsslm&quot; width="1"/><img src="https://tinyurl.com/wwct4y8&quot; width="1"/>


2150 if I am lucky


2006 with brayshaw, bewley, simpson to go tonight.. probably hit the 2200 mark. Cant wait to flick D.Smith to B.smith this week. Hopefully doodoo gets up for next week


Struggling too with some really poor under performing Premiums stinking it up (Simpkin, Grundy, Maynard, Cripps and Docherty) and will be lucky to get to 2100.


2108 with Danger and Walters to go 🙂




Projected 2280 this week but let me list some of the players i have had on field:

Simkpin, D smith, Doedee, Bennell, Rankine, C Taylor, and to a lesser extent, Bont, Grundy & Docherty.

Will a score of 2280 see me fall much from top 200 rank?
I'm so mad at this week its not funny


I don't think your rank decline will be too dramatic. The carnage has been widespread this week so most coaches have been impacted. You will be fine with that 2280. Solid score considering. Cheers, TH


You will move up I’d Imagine


My team is starting to look more like an NRL side Cameron Smith in the forwards and Jarrad Haynes DEF Wonder if there is a lock called GAWN ?


2214 with Danger and Duncan to come….Goldy Simpkin and D.Smith didn't help the cause….


and of course Doedee.How could I forget his 31.

Shake n bake

Pendals to miss up to 4 weeks

Shake n bake

Yeo susp 1 match




I’m really hating this year of SC. What for?

Shake n bake

Striking Wills. Will miss 2 now with the bye the week after.


Double Fugg


I know I've been pumping up patchy tyres this weekend but boy oh boy wowee he has a seriously crackin side at the moment.

Pretty close to 16 keepers already (how is that even possible after 8 rds?)

Rooks on ground are Rankine, doodee, simpson, Taylor, pickett and noble.
So 3-4 of those have made cash and can be upgraded

Bench has budarick, king, the egg, starc and Cameron with a couple who didnt play this week.

So some of those can be also be cashed in.

With 3 trades he is a cert to be full premo by rd 11 as can just pick off the fallen premos next couple of weeks.

Geez my team looks dimboola 2nds in comparison.

2020 year of the patch.


Watch out for any dreaded 'One Tonne Wonders'


2146 with Brayshaw to come. I was down in 50k plus territory, but have worked back ok to be around 12k. I have done ok in the leagues I am in, and not dragging down good leagues. My average is just on or a fraction below the league average, so in good leagues like Lek & Patch’s Rubble with a ranking of 47, that’s pleasing. Got full complement of trades left for the year, so could push ok in the last few weeks.

In looking at why I fell so far behind so early, it really only came down to a couple of choices. I chose Ceglar and Whitfield over Petracca because of bye structure and like Derek can’t resist a risky R2, I can’t resist a Ruck/Forward swing. I chose Bont over Neale also for bye structure. Just go to show, you can over emphasise that side of the game. Probably the one I am most disappointed in was not gambling against Whitfield. Ultimately it was Petracca and Roberton versus Whitfield and a rookie. Might be the sensible choice, but again shows that sometimes you are better following your gut. Weller was my gut pick, and even though he’s been just Ok I am more happy with following my gut and it not working out than not following my gut. I wonder if Petracca failed whether I would be still feeling that, but I think so.

What I will be taking into next year was the analysis of players performance against their age. That has worked well. As has the philosophy of not taking players who miss with injury. Not touching Fyfe this year seems really logical on both fronts. Jury is out on Dangerfield, and possibly Cripps. But happy I bet against them. I also bet against Martin, thinking of age especially and his declining points. Feel like I want to pick him up now that he has bottomed out in price and his current form.

Best trade of the year was Dunkley when injured down to McCluggage and Noble when he was dropped to Ridley at around 320k. (It was either Noble or Pickett, I can’t find trade history this year.) I didn’t take Marshall early last year and regretted it, but grabbing Ridley early felt real good! It’s funny how a trade like that can turn even the most rubbish season into something that makes you feel better about SC.

If I grab Martin next week and Stewart the week after, will leave me with one rookie onfield in def (Hill, Starc, Ling). One rookie in the mid – Bennell, Rivers, Mahoney, +1. And one rookie up forward – Rankine, King Aarts. Once I clear the rookies, D Smith will be first to go, then probably Weller.

Hope everyone can still enjoy this wild season. Was genuinely upset to see Derek miss trading Pittonet to Gawn. He has been a rock of this community, and it was good to see his ranking so high. Good luck for the rest of the season all.

The Ranger

Nice one Keen, been a strange ride so far but I'm enjoying the gameplay of it this year, its good to try out some different things.


Well said Keen We all enjoy seeing people like Derek do well With 3 left you have done well cheers NDD


Thanks Keen. Out walking the dog and not thinking the games start at 1.05 now.

To make matters worse, I used my Gawn trade this week on Doedee

Need Danger to have a good one


It has just started raining in Perth. Windy and showers forecast for the rest of today and tonight. Looks like wet conditions for the Freo-Cats clash.


Down and dirty.

Not a good night for key fwds.


I'm in a tight tussle with you in 2 leagues Trigga, you have Bewley and 75 points versus my Danger…..
I think you've got me.


Geez danger as a pure mid
Gonna be close!


Im not confident TH, Freo always play well against us.
On just over 1900 with Danger/Simpson to come, hopefully can crack 2100.

Shake n bake

We have the same players to come Hedski just hoping Danger at least can score 100.


Hope so Shake, you've got me covered 👍

Shake n bake

Did see that. If Danger get at least over 88 will win me 4 league games. I’ll be like Derek behind the couch 🛋


I need him to get over 120.

And/or him to beat Brayshaw by 72

Danger 10 at quarter time.

Brayshaw 32

Oh dear

The Ranger

Oh no Shake! 87!


Scaled to 88

Shake n bake

Looks like 1 draw


Would this round hurry up and finish. My itchy trade finger needs to go to work.


Yep. Gotto deal with Doedee and D Smith. Unless Doedee makes a miracle recovery and just misses the one week, he is gone. D Smith is damned. LOL


Funny TH I am benching both Both are potential keepers or F7 ,D7 and could prove invaluable Fattened cows more important Keep an eye on clos tonight .i had him from the start but dumped him for Buda not a bad player


should be Close my bad


low grade a week tops

Shake n bake

Watson comes in for Cox Geelong as selected


Hope no one is using Watson for a Gawn loop


Hahahahaha!! There will be! You watch. LOL


Someone has to say something about Dangerfield. Not much to say really. 10 SC at the quarter…….


Oh dear.


Pretty slippery going there, although plenty of defenders seem to be scoring well.


Really like gutheries game last 2 weeks.

Picking up the slack/hole left by Kelly


As I say that hasn't had a touch this qtr. <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="🙉" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/12.0.0-1/svg/1f649.svg"&gt;


I don't think his score has changed since you typed that Trig..lol
You may have inadvertently ruined his career.


Probably still ton up.


Its early. Not sure if you are watching the game, however Danger a bit unlucky that quarter with his play involvements. Expect a massive improvement.


Close playing well Hurn and Close for a couple of cows dpp helps


Hmmmm, maybe not.


I’m not watching game, just the scores on fanfooty.

Duncan and Danger were both about 23. Duncan jumps to 74 and Danger goes down to 21.

Nightmare scenario


Bummer you didn't go Macrae VC Derek, just unlucky this week with the weather, hope Danger scores something half decent for ya.

Shake n bake

Ryan kicked out from fullback early in that qtr Danger intercept mark from his kick in both went up 6pts

Shake n bake

Danger 21 half time


Was hoping to get Duncan in for cheap in a couple of weeks time, looks like that may not happen after all. on 88 at half time


Duncan $531400


But still 157 break even, so probably will come down again. Waiting another week won’t hurt


menegola is arousing 522k Plays forward well when resting


Selwood should be back soon


Brayshaw > Smith trade just keeps getting worse :’(


I feel your pain, I traded him and Viney at the start of Rd5 for Maynard and Haynes, even though both have been good I’ve missed a lot of points.


Whoever out of Shake and Hawk said there would be 3 trades this week and I said there wouldn’t be as no byes in the round, I apologise. Seems there is 3 this week.

Shake n bake

Yeah 3 trades next 2 weeks Holty. Only reason l didn’t look at WC players is because there one of 4 teams that have the bye rd 10. Noticed a few teams out there brought in Hurn and Yeo. I thought they might have waited.


Copped a donut this week with Hill Brander and still Zerk-Thatcher not playing. Thinking of trading one of them to either McKay, Watson or Ling. Am I too late for McKay or is he still an option with his scoring so far? Haven't been able to watch the games but two good scores to start off with. At this stage, I am thinking Hill to McKay


D Smith & King & C Taylor OUT

Macrae & B Smith & Close IN

Just have to hope ANY of S Hill, Butler, Rivers get a run to allow this trade for D6 for a week then Lloyd in next week. Otherwise Lloyd in this week and Macrae next week 😐


Devon smith or jye simpkin… which one should i trade out


Devon Smith who hasn't socred over 70 for 5 weeks running, he is a SC Dud this year and needs to be dumped.


Soooo thinking what I'm going to do this week. If I can get some thoughts that would be great 🙂

1. M King, J Noble and T Brown out. L Parker, C Daniel and B Close in, leaving me with 187k left over

2. M King, J Simpkin and J Noble out. C Petracca/H Greenwood, C Daniel and B Close in with 396k left over

3. M King, J Simpkin and J Noble out. L Parker, C Daniel and B Close in with 444k left over.

The idea being wanting to maximise cash for getting some other premos in next week, but also torn with wanting to maximise the number of premos (hence not trading out Simpkin in option 1).


Option 1 for me too.


Option 1 for me, Simpkin has played under injury and heavy tag last week and should come good and Parker is a great POD selection.

Ally B.

Looks awesome! <img src="http://tinyurl.com/fl4gg&quot; height="1" width="1">