Who’s Your Captain – Round 8

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SuperCoach is about to become a different, but still very lovable, beast. These captain’s article may have to double up and do 2 rounds at once, or become a podcast segment, or something! We’ll work it out.

For now though, you have this in it’s original and less complicated form.

This week does however pose the issue that Brodie Grundy, Max Gawn and Lachie Neale all play on the same day, with the latter two playing against each other.

TOP Vice-Captaincy Options:

Hugh Greenwood
I flagged Greenwood as an outside the box option last week and you would’ve been pleased with a 144 if you took the plunge. The Suns play their first Thursday night game ever, and it will be good to see if Greenwood can back that score up as your VC.

Marcus Bontempelli
The Suns are a different team this year, but Bontempelli loves playing the young Suns, scoring 124 last time they met. No Hunter means Macrae will likely move to the outside a bit more leaving the Bulldogs skipper to lead the midfield brigade, making Bontempelli a good option.

Patrick Cripps
Has Luke McDonald to worry about, but North are playing their B-side with an injury list that looks like a phone book. Hasn’t been his usual self with Carlton relying less on him to have big games, for them to have good games, but I can see a vintage Cripps performance this week. He scored 123 last time he came up against the Roos

Jack Steele
He’s a different type of tagger, his aim isn’t to stop his opponent getting the ball, it’s to get the ball before his opponent does. This has resulted in some massive scores, like the 162 he scored against Adelaide last round. An option.

TOP Captaincy Options:

Brodie Grundy
Has scored 132 and 137 the last two times he’s played West Coast. Add to that that he’s not had a score under 100 this year and he poses as a very good Captaincy option (maybe even VC if you’re quick enough)

Max Gawn
Hasn’t had a score under 140 since the restart and has scored 150+ in the last 3 weeks. TOUGH CHOICE with the man below also playing the same game, worth noting as has been pointed out to me Stefan Martin has nullified big Maxy before.

EDIT: Big Stef has been ruled out with a back injury.

Lachie Neale
Was well held by former teammate Matt de Boer last week, but will be looking to bounce back strongly and assert his dominance again. Scored 137 last time he played Melbourne. Once again though, Tough choice with Max Gawn playing in the same game.

FWIW: I think I’d go with Gawn.

RD 8 Rundown

Suns and Bulldogs play on Thursday night in the Suns first ever prime time slot, and Hugh Greenwood is a tackling machine and could score very well, while Marcus Bontempelli will be leading that Bulldogs midfield from the front with Lachie Hunter missing likely moving Macrae back to the outside.

Giants and Tigers play in a Grand Final rematch on Friday night and I can’t pin any hopes to any player in this game with any great confidence. Intercepting backs always score well against the Tigers though, so Nick Haynes could be in for a massive score, Stephen Coniglio IF he plays midfield again could be a good option. Which version of Dustin Martin turns up?

North Melbourne play Carlton in the early Saturday game and the only player from this game I’d consider is Patrick Cripps. Sydney play Hawthorn in a game of who wants to score less, and Jake Lloyd should be intercepting left, right and centre. Swans with only Luke Parker midfield could also see Tom Mitchell score massively.

Port Adelaide go up against the Saints at the Adelaide Oval and Jack Steele, I think, Is the best option here as he’ll likely tag Travis Boak. Wouldn’t put it past the former POWER captain to put up a good score anyway though.

Adelaide and Essendon face off and people are hoping Zach Merrett can return to his usual high scoring ways, or does Jordan Ridley read the play like a picture book and outscore him? Matt Crouch continues to rack them up but hasn’t really gone massive at all this season.

West Coast and Collingwood play at a Crowd-filled Optus Stadium. Brodie Grundy is always a good option, but Adam Treloar continues to rack them up despite the shortened games and Taylor Adams is yet to go under 100. West Coast players seem to be settling in at home so that makes all the Eagles players options, specifically Tim Kelly and Andrew Gaff.

Melbourne play Brisbane on the Gold Coast and I only need to mention Max Gawn and Lachie Neale here. Like I said earlier, I think Gawn might have the edge.

Fremantle will be searching for their first win at home against the Cats who they usually play pretty well against no matter how well either team is going. I will always mention Andrew Brayshaw, while Michael Walters is a sneaky option. Patrick Dangerfield was well held last time by the Dockers and with him by himself this week could that let Mitch Duncan, who’s due to return, go off the chain?

Who’s your captain, community?

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Port Adelaide and the Saints play at Adelaide Oval fyi haha… Supercoach website has made a mistake lol.


Norf doesn’t have a tagger… Luke McDonald?? And Gawn averages about 75 against Bris…

David Coglan

Yep Stef Martin and Gawn usually cancel each other out and produce crap scores.


Grundy more than an option for me <img src="https://tinyurl.com/yxbbsslm&quot; width="1"/> <img src="https://tinyurl.com/wwct4y8&quot; width="1"/>


grundy into gawn


Take a flyer on Macrae or Mitchell as VC?

Will go Gawn or Grundy for C.


Very open captaincy round of supercoach! I like bont tonight. Correct me if im wrong but suns dont tag? With the potential of macrae going back on the outside i like the look of bont here. Not set on a C but will probs be Neale or Grundy.


Grundy into Gawn for me. Am I making a mistake here?


A good option.

Just make sure you have a non playing option already on the field so you can put the c on them if you want to take Grundys score. And you have already put the e on whoever will come in for them.

I could do it with Rivers, but I’m going Mitchell into Gawn.

I think I’ll leave the c on Gawn no matter what, without Stef Martin to stop him.


We are LIVE chatting #SUPERCOACH – ROUND 8 Q&A https://twitch.tv/lekdoggames

Jorg Ancrath

Go on Timmy English to smash out another double ton!

The Ranger

Think I'm gonna risk Grundy into Neale.


Macrae VC


Stef Martin out 2 months with a back injury. Get on Maxy.


Am thinking Steele inot Gawn.




Yeah that's what I'm doing Pman, although now I wish I'd gone Macrae, he smashed it.



Outwit, outlast, outluck

We are starting to get to the pointy end of the groups stage. Most divisions are down to the final 10.

Remember the top 4 in each group will progress to the Champion of Champions Division


The teams who were eliminated last week:

Div 1 – The Grannies & Jackie Hannah

Div 2 – half-WITTS & The Try Agains

Div 3 – Dockers2020 & stewyswan

Div 4 – Ivanhow Allstars & 8.4 Goals Grenfell

Div 5 – SeddonFC & McMutchDevonHam

Div 6 – Jlow & Jolly Jels

Div 7 – Coopers Poopers & Noirlust

We are saying goodbye to some really top managers. A few of them not long ago had their hands on the immunity necklace.

Speaking of the Immunity Necklace, the following teams get to wear the necklace week and therefore avoid elimination this week.


Div 1 – FuggNuggles (2330)
Div 2 – Tophawks (2423)
Div 3 – Booooom Time (2326)
Div 4 – Wah Wah FC (2365) – Back 2 Back immunity
Div 5 – Brock's Beasts (2369)
Div 6 – Loose Men FC (2447) – WOW!

Good luck everyone

thanks Fellas


It was fun while it lasted.

Thanks for organizing.


Which captaincy option community

1) Cripps into Grundy
2) Cripps into Neale or
3) Grundy into Neale

Always nervous choosing a VC and C when they are playing one after the other and you only have limited time to find a non playing captain to put on the field. Leaning towards option 2 as I feel that Neale will outscore Grundy this week.


Grundy/Neale…Cripps is scoring crap this year.


Whitfield to gawn for me. Rest play too close together or each other


Anyone got history on Docherty V North Melbourne?