Supercoach Trade Winds – Round 8

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A frustrating week in a frustrating year, that’s what Supercoach has been providing us lately as we deal with continued injures and some poor form heading into Round 8. There could be further headaches coming our way with the compressed schedule just released, but all we can do for the moment is take it one week at a time and see what Round 8 is offering us on the trade table! So let’s go see what other Supercoachers are doing around the joint.

Christian Bale in American Hustle Breakevens

Nat Fyfe 225

Ben Cunnington 213

Mitch Duncan 200

Lachie Neale 199

Tom Stewart 194

Jack Ziebell 193

Travis Boak 172

Sam Docherty 172

Patrick Cripps 168

Quinton Narkle 168

Again another difficult week for Nat Fyfe owners, he is currently slated to return in Round 9 according to Jason Weber, who is the Dockers High Performance Manager, but even if he does he will lose some cash due to that BE. Mitch Duncan is expected back while Lachie Neale has entered a bit of a “lean” patch for him, with a 3 round average of 117.0 sending his BE up to 199. The same applies to Sam Docherty with a 3 round average of just 75.7 while Travis Boak has had sub 100 point scores the past fornight.

Christian Bale in The Machinist Breakevens

Izak Rankine -97

Sam Simpson -80

Will Day -39

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith -37

Andrew McPherson -34

Sam Mayes -27

Ben McKay -24

Mitchell Georgiades -24

Jackson Nelson -18

Louis Butler -18

Again not a surprise to see Izak Rankine leading the way, he’s averaging 106.5 SCPoints in his two games and now will be your last chance to get him in at a reasonable price. He’s currently $195,900, but is projecting to be up in the $350,000 in a fortnight. Will Day and Andrew McPherson are still sub $200K options down back, neither have set the world on fire, but both are in teams struggling and looking to put some youth in, which could be a big help to their job security. Derek Eggmolesse-Smith is the defender to take a real good look at this week though, he scored just 65 on his debut, but dumped out a big score of 119 SCPoints last week against North Melbourne. Likely not to replicate that with a run of GWS, Western Bulldogs, Brisbane, Port and Gold Coast coming up, but a huge sign for his potential that he has tonned up this early in his career.

Trade Bolters

Izak Rankine +5.8%

Bailey Smith +4.6%

Sam Simpson +3.1%

Max Gawn +3.1%

Christian Petracca +2.9%

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith +2.6%

Sam Mayes +2.6%

Hugh Greenwood +2.5%

Ben McKay +2.4%

Will Day +1.7%

Izak Rankine is #1 again this week, which isn’t a surprise at all. Bailey Smith looks like the cheap buy of the week for many, he scores 119 vs Carlton in Round 6 and 77 vs Essendon in Round 7 with Gold Coast, Richmond. Port, Brisbane and Adelaide coming up. Max Gawn and Christian Petracca are also moving back up the charts, they’ve both hit premo territory now, but have been producing great scores and are worth the price. Hugh Greenwood brings up the back half of the list, he’s sitting on a 3 round average of 134 SCPoints and has shown again how his contested game is perfect for Supercoach.

Trade Sliders

Marc Pittonet -5.6%

Max King -3.2%

Brandon Starcevich -3.1%

Jarrod Brander -2.9%

Tom Green -2.5%

Connor Budarick -2.4%

Tyler Brown -1.9%

Devon Smith -1.7%

Curtis Taylor -1.7%

Nat Fyfe -1.7%

Marc Pittonets run looks like it may be over for this year, he’s now running on a 3-round average of just 63.3 SCPoints. Solid work by the big fella this year though, but it may be time to move him on before he loses any mroe cash. Tom Green looks unlikely to nail down a consistent spot in a deep GWS midfield, which is understandable, though disappointing, while Connor Budarick has been playing, but not scoring all that well. Devon Smith may be a bigger issue at the moment, he started hot, but is now sitting on a 5-round average of 76.8 SCPoints and has a high of 71 SCPoints over the last month. Trading him will be a matter of if you’ve got injured players to deal with, or if you’re in a luxurious position where you can take care of poor performers.

Most Popular Trades

Max Gawn for Marc Pittonet

Bailey Smith for Max King

Tim English for Marc Pittonet

Izak Rankine for Max King

Bailey Smith for Curtis Taylor

Izak Rankine for Connor Budarick

Izak Rankine for Connor Rozzee

Sam Simpson for Marc Pittonet

Izak Rankine for Jarrod Brander

Izak Rankine for Sam Sturt

Max Gawn is the clear preference for Marc Pittonet this week, with Tim English also being considered. Can’t really argue against that trade at all. Bailey Smith is a bit surprising, but proving to be a short jump up from the likes of Max King and Curtis Taylor.

And that will be it for me this week. Don’t forget to check out Statty Matty’s Supercoach Cheat Sheet and Damo’s Who’s Your Captain for more advice in Round 8. As usual, you can whack and questions or comments below or hit me up on the Twitters @BarronVonCrow. Seeya next week!

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Jy Simpkin is listed as an in still in the team sheets. Is he 100% going to miss? I just want to be sure if i'm going to to put him in the bench


The injury list on the AFL app says test so I’m assuming he’ll either stay in or be a late out. Personally I’m leaning towards the late out option because I think they’ll be conservative given they decided to play both Zeibell and Cunnington who both re-injured themselves but I’m not part of Roos medical team so take that with a mountain of salt 😉


Higgins has come out and said Simpkin is looking good to play. I think he is a massive chance to play, just have a back up on the bench.


Well, there’s the mountain of salt haha. I hadn’t seen that, cheers Jess


Cheers Ralph and Jess for the info.

Where did higgins come out and say this?


He said it on SEN I believe


Cheers lek


No he'll play A.B but don't field him because he'll get the living shit tagged out of him by Curnow and score sweet bugger all!…better off fielding your worst rookie.
Disclaimer: this comment may be in hindsight 😉


Hi Community and good lock to everyone going into this round.

I'm 100% trading Shittonet to Gawn but are having a hard time deciding who to trade Heeney too and would love some feedback on the following trade options;

1. OUT Heeney ($468,300) IN Greenwood ($557,800) & OUT Pittonet ($403,900) IN Gawn ($776,700) with $47K remaining

2. OUT Heeney ($468,300) IN Smith ($409,100) & OUT Pittonet ($403,900) IN Gawn ($776,700) with $195.7K remaining

3. OUT Heeney ($468,300) IN Whitfield ($470,900) & OUT Pittonet ($403,900) IN Gawn ($776,700) with $133.9K remaining

I like option 1 for the point's hit but doesn't leave me much cash for next week and Option 3 also appeals as it's niow or never for Whitfield and Smith will still be relatively cheap next week. Thoughts?


I'd get smith now Pman in case he gets a big score tonight, nice to have that cash in the bank for next week, I'm hoping Greenwood has a bad game or 2 and drops a bit.


Low D/E and 1/3rd of the time off the field didn't help his cause John.


What might have been for Rankine this week John, he kicked 1.4 …55's not terrible though.
Greenwood ended up scoring ok too.


Cheers Fella's ended up going for 3 and reckon I can still grab Smith next week for a reasonable price.


Who to get rid of out of Brander, McInerney, Budarick, Bewley, King, Taylor, Fyfe

Want to get in B Smith and what rookie?


Mayes for the rookie in? JS is an issue possibly though..


Which two to trade out?


Dump fyfe. pick him up again when he’s dropped a bit.


Brander and McInerney for mine, neither are playing and doesn’t look like they’ll get in any time soon


If I trade those two out, which two can I trade in, B Smith nd?


I don’t know how much cash you’ve got or what swings you have or where you need premos but Zorko and Yeo in the mids are value, Parker is a bit more expensive but flying, they’d be my picks for this week. Greenwood and Petracca are also options depending on the cash situation


Stef Martin out for 8 weeks so surely Gawn has another field day.


Surely he beats Big-O


Would LOVE some opinions here gentleman.. and any ladies of course !

Have about 40 minutes too decide on…
Option 1 : Bailey smith & Gawn

Option 2 : Petracca & English


Bazlenka and Gawn for me, Max is dominating and with Stef Martin out I’d assume he absolutely monsters Archie whereas English is up against and extremely competent ruckman in Witts and is prone to the odd stinker




Bailey all the way!!<img src="; width="1"/> <img src="; width="1"/>


Going to just VC Bont tonight, then confidently put the C on Gawn. Dont expect Bont to go too well honestly, but it will help my bench loopholes if i know what the plan is early


Doing the same with Macrae I think


You would be happy with Macrae's 90 at HT!!


I am very happy

The Jinx

😟😔I have the VC on The Bony I thought I swapped it with Parker. Not looking so great Bonts D/E is killing his score.


Watch Rozzee bang out a 187 now.
Rozzee and Taylor out.
Greenwood and Baz in.
Giving Hugh the vc tonight because why not? I've got Max as backup. 👍🍻


Haha good one mate, I got rid of that mega spud too good riddance!


Hey Hedski! Noice trades mate. Rozee is a supa spud. I am punting Brander to Rankine now, and then on the weekend Curtis Taylor turns into Jordan Ridley via O'Connor DPP. The Ridler does not have a bye so he is da man! 500 bucks in the skyrocket after this week's trades. Good luck this round mate. Got Greenwood last week and he is one mean hombre. LOL Hope he goes large for you as VC. Cheers mate. TH


Cheers TH, Hugh is spudding it up in the third qtr but Baz doing good.
I got Ranks in last week and Riddles in when Howe went down.
Good luck to you too for the weekend bud.


Greenwood was fine with his 97 SC. His DE was down a bit but still racked up 22 odd pozzies. Taylor to the Ridler is perfect as it moves O'Connor to the forward bench who I can loop with Aarts. Hope it pays off. Cheers. TH


Wish I could have like 10 trades this week.
Want them all, smith, whitfield, greenwood and treloar.
Dropping fyfe this week so I got all the cash.


probably grabbing greenwood and whitfield this week.
Also grundy into gawn.

The Jinx

Has anyone noticed we've been given extra 4 trades this week or there's a glitch on my SC account.

Can someone check there's if they have extra 4 trades this week.


Yeah mate it's official, it's on the Supercoach site.


I had 2 and done? So what now I don’t get the other 2 this week?


4 added on overall, and the option to do 3 trades on a couple of the up coming weeks


4 added overall and 3 trades per week over the byes


I switched my VC from Macrae to the Bont last second because i thought he'd get moved back to the wing with Hunter out. He's on 90 at half time :'(


I’ve got it on macrae almost don’t want him to go massive because I know Gawn will go 200 haha


I'd still take Macrae's score if he gets to 150 or so, bird in hand and all that jazz.


he could go very large with Stef Martin out


He seems to be playing mid/def, where Bont is more mid/fwd


God why didn't I VC Macrae?…I almost bloody did, he's killing it at half time.


Yeah Macrae gets his handballs in the pack that go no where, kicks smothered etc still gets full points by the look of it.
90 i will take it, should be on 60 though.


Because he's been shit on the wing!


Rankine not doing much so far, needs a big last quarter to not drop a spud score

Ef The English

All those behinds really hurt his score.


56 was disappointing but could have been very different if he hadn't kicked 1.4.

Ef The English

Confirmed: Tim English is from a 2 father family – Witts and Grundy say who's your daddy?
Absolutely monster-ed in the ruck contests again tonight!

Anyone go cheap and bring this dud in this week instead of Gawn?


I was lucky enough to be able to finally get Gawn in this week Ef..bloody relief that is too!..Witts smashed English in the number of hitouts.


Good work Russty. Max Gaaawwwnnn is da man! And English has fallen back down to earth with an almighty THUD. We both felt the tremors in WA last night. LOL


Thanks mate!…jeez it feels good doesn't it?.to finally have the big fella in the stable, I feel for the coaches who got English this week but he'll probably end up with a pretty good average over the year.


Going with a bit of a smoky VC in Haynes and leaving the C on big Max. Might as well take a punt on Haynes as he could snag a bunch of intercepts and with Gawn rucking against Smith and the Big O I figure if Hayne doesn’t give me something usable then max will give us 150. Good luck for this week everyone!


I like it, Richmond give up heaps of points to the halfback line


Reasonably happy to see Budarick get 59. I might need his bench score if Simpkin is a late out.


I've swung Simpkin forward where I'll have either Taylor or King as Emergency both of which I would exoect more than 59 but not a bad score by Budarick who I may just end up keeping this year as he's going to play every game it would appear and will provide bench cover for the rest of the year.


makes sense to keep him pman especially with that dpp


I’ve got tough choice to take 59 or give Pickett a run


Pickett scored a 105 last week so I'd back him in to top 59.


Got to be Pickett surely


Everybody who VC'd Macrae taking the 169 or backing Maxy to get 200+ haha


Lmao………yeah….if only Macrae had made it to my 170 cutoff……..


I'll take it and cop the missed 30 points haha


I put VC on whitfield. Small risk but with C on Gawn it will work out either way




Not supercoach relevant anymore…… but Pearce Hanley amazes me.
Every time he ran out on the ground for Brisbane, the ambulance driver would warm up the engine.
Now he is at the Suns he is just stepping up every week.


He's been really solid this year!


Best defender to bring in at this stage? What do you guys think?


haynes woud be mine



The Ranger

Ridley? 108 av and he's had his bye.


Anyone with port knowledge know much about ladhams? I know they like him. Seems he put a game together last week (seems underscored considering), apparently knee injury cloud on Lycett, any chance he gets a prolonged run at it as solo ruck? His stats last week and last year (or year before) as solo ruck seem interesting, like a 100+ average waiting to happen. Dpp interests me….


Just wondering if I should take rankine’s 56 or run with Aarts


Saves you getting a 20 or 30 Ryan


Am I imagining it, or are teams concentrating play opposit the interchange bench when the oppositions top players take a break. Last night was a good example with Greenwood caught off the ground for long periods.


They usually use the interchange between goals. But lack of goals makes it hard to get players on the ground


I cant pick between Spudricks 59 or use Max Kings score


i have same problem.

i'm thinking of just trading King to either Simpson, Bennell or Mayes


Have the sam trade in mind derek, which one are you leaning towards? I'm also considering starc – Day


Time for me to the ferryman. I have always played set and forget ruck theory. Not this year i was too smart..not. So Nitnat became Pittonet becomes Gawn at full tote odds. So silly.




Backline is currently in a bit of strife with Hill going out:
Haynes, Doch, Ridley, Laird, Starcevic, Hill (BZT, Brander)

I’ll probably trade someone in via DPP
Any suggestions on who??