Cheat sheet | Round 8

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Good afternoon Community. The Cheat Sheet is back as we wade through the swamp that is Supercoach 2020 … when I say swamp, I mean more Shrek, less Lord of the Rings.

There was obviously some good news from the Supercoach admins this week, with the provision of 4 extra trades and the use of 3 trades per round for Rounds 9-12. This was a huge bonus and allows us a bit more flexibility to chase quick cash. But we still need to be mindful of the same strategies we stick to every year.

We could be tempted to try some left field trades, like trade Grundy up to Gawn. It’s only $100k, and on average will net you 20pts (40 if you captain him). I’m not saying this is a great trade. Great trades should be viewed with hindsight. For example, some genius in the top 50 trades Lachie Neale out last week. I on the other hand made him my Captain. 🙁

One last thing we need to (re)consider is “bye structure”. In normal seasons we think about this from the start of the season, and consider it with every trade we made. This year after CV19 shut the season down we all assumed there’d be no byes … until this week. So start looking at teams with late byes (plus Melbourne and Essendon) to trade in now to provide coverage over the byes.

Anyway, good luck this week everyone.

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thoughts community ?

pitto and d macpherson to t english and baz smith
d macpherson and tyler brown to baz smith and elliot yeo/zorko

d macpherson is bleeding cash and scoring less than my rookies at the moment so think he needs to go.

cheers everyone

Mitch is back

Smith & Zorko for mine.

I couldn’t pay $600k for English, would rather fork out the $777k for Gawn in weeks to come using 2 downgrade trades & Max


Is it crazy to keep simpkin and play Bennell/Buderick loophole if I'm ranked top 300?
Would likely just miss the week, right?


If Simpkin played for GWS I’d say dump him as their 1 weekers turn into a month consistently, Norf I tend to trust more so I’d keep him.


Agree, hold


Trade out Starcevich for Maynard or Sicily


Trade out Taylor for Petracca or Simpkin

David C

Simpkin is injured so cross him off. I'd be bringing in Petracca since he has already had his bye.

Mitch is back

I’d go Starch to Sicily.

Taylor is still scoring ok

Justin Bell

Is better to get Greenwood (BE 62) and Petracca (BE 59) in this week for Taylor and ceglar then bring Baz (BE 47) in next week or bring Baz in this week instead of either if those two players

Mitch is back

I’d bring Baz in, the low key injury impacted score will drop out of his calculation before next week


Gawn's BE is actually 124 so no rush to bring him in. I've got Pitt & Ceglar up forward so if the latter plays I might just swing him up and turn Pitt into Smith.

Mitch is back

Still 30 points below his average


and probably 100 less than what he’ll actually score


Surely you don't think he'll finish the year averaging 150+? #NoChance


I did actually end up bringing in Gawn for Pitt + $380K or whatever. I was only willing to pay that much because we've got the 4 extra trades over the next 4 rounds, which will all have to be downgrades now to rebuild my bank! 🙂


Great work as usual <img src="; width="1"/><img src=&quotcomment image" width="1"/>


Had a plan last week to offload one of Taylor/King to Baz Smith this week. With this news of bye rounds and both the roos and saints not being one of the first 6 or so to have their bye, would it be smart to keep them as warm bodies? If i keep both of them i can do Ben davis – Baz leaving 173k, as opposed to leaving 300k if i offload one of the playing rookies. What do we reckon community?

The Ranger

There'll be differing opinions Tommy but I still think that generally, when a rookie has his b.e. higher than his average it's time for him to go.


I am think of going Starcevich to Dodee but can't decide on where I should use the second trade. I can either trade Pittonet (currently at R2 and Xeri at R3) to ROB or Nicknat (won't have enough for Gawn or English) or keep Pitt and trade one of Green or McInerney down to Sam Simpson (Geelong) as I don't have quiet enough to bring in Zorko unless there is a mid under 480k worth bringing.

Appreciate any advice – keep up the great work.

Mitch is back

I’m not sold on the JS for Simpson, that said I don’t particularly like the ruck options.

Maybe get Will Day if you don’t have him, and when we have 3 trades next week do a double downgrade and try and get enough coin to get to Gawn or Goldy.


We are LIVE chatting #SUPERCOACH – ROUND 8 Q&A


Any Must have rookies this week guys?

I have brander and McInerney to move on I think…
Pittonet also to move on . Gawn too expensive leaning toward english… ceglar to be moved on also thinking petracca or bailey Smith for value?


Pitt will go this week but why do I have that feeling he will go big. I know he will get out rucked but look at Norths mids. Good chance if he gets his hand on a few hit outs, will be plenty of them going to advantage.


Simpkin’s named


Steph Martin out, Max might go big again, I was hoping Martin would play as he has a good record against Max and get him next week

The Ferret

Sam Mayes worth a risk as a right field idea? Experienced big body, went well last week, wasn't dropped or rested this week


Who to get rid of out of Brander, McInerney, Budarick, Bewley, King, Taylor, Fyfe

Want to get in B Smith and what rookie?


Hi Community and good lock to everyone going into this round.

I'm 100% trading Shittonet to Gawn but are having a hard time deciding who to trade Heeney too and would love some feedback on the following trade options;

1. OUT Heeney ($468,300) IN Greenwood ($557,800) & OUT Pittonet ($403,900) IN Gawn ($776,700) with $47K remaining

2. OUT Heeney ($468,300) IN Smith ($409,100) & OUT Pittonet ($403,900) IN Gawn ($776,700) with $195.7K remaining

3. OUT Heeney ($468,300) IN Whitfield ($470,900) & OUT Pittonet ($403,900) IN Gawn ($776,700) with $133.9K remaining

I like option 1 for the point's hit but doesn't leave me much cash for next week and Option 3 also appeals as it's niow or never for Whitfield and Smith will still be relatively cheap next week. Thoughts?

The Ranger

3 for mine Pman



Whitfield is a steal at that price.


Cheers Fella's, Option 3 it is.


Alright fellas so in a nutshell

Option 1 – bailey Smith & gawn 24k

Option 2 – petracca & English & 66k

Got an hour to decide


Ive had both gawn and tracca since the start, but id pick option 1. Think the gap between tracca and smith is smaller than the gap between english and gawn. English doesnt get bulk hitout numbers and i dont think hes going to be allowed to do whatever he likes like he did against essendon, whereas i feel gawn gets his points different ways.


Thanks TOmmy.. good points


If you had to punt 1 out of taylor and king?

Best rookie options this week?


Havent heard a lot about rookies this week, best rookie to get?


Statty Matty – How about adding a watch-list to the cheat-sheet?

Players to keep an eye on in coming weeks (due to injury/falling price etc with BE listed and potential price drop)
T.Stewart, Z.Williams, S.Hurn, N.Fyfe, P.Cripps, M.Duncan etc


Option 1: Green (GWS) to Mayes (PA) or Simpson (Geelong) and Starcevich to Dodee
Option 2: Green (GWS) to Mayes (PA)/Simpson (Geelong) and Pittonet to Goldy or Gawn.

I am really tempted to go option 2 to get rid of Pittonet, however, I really want to bring in Dodee as I was planning to bring him in last week and wasn't able to as I had issues with my midfield that I need to fix.

Thoughts on Mayes as a POD. Scored 115 on debut last week and has kept his spot this week.