Cheat Sheet | Round 7

Published by Statty Matty on

So here we are, Community. Crucial week for supercoach strategy as we can either double downgrade, 1 up 1 down. Both have their pros and their cons. Double downgrade potentially gets you more cash generation, whereas 1 up 1 down gets you more points in the short-term.

Some good news … we have some excellent rookie targets this week, and with the recent announcement of “19 days of Football”, I expect to see lots of rookies come in and out of teams. It almost felt like the Round 1 Rookie Cheatsheet this week.

Anyway, let’s get on with it. Cheat sheet below, comments below that. You know the drill. 🙂

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Shake n bake

Gould l heard to get a gig this week 🤔


What’s the source for that?


Shake just knows stuff. Shake is our source

Shake n bake

Fyfe will miss the next 2 at least Derek.

Shake n bake

Its not confirmed. It’s what I’m hearing out of Sydney’s training.


Simpson is going to stay in Carlton's team? Who did he come in for, and when are they back?


Best 2 options out of day, Simpson, rankine?


Day a bit expensive and don’t like his JS


Simpson looking like the best option <img src="; width="1"/> <img src="; width="1"/>


Brander & Rowell Finally Out

Macrae & Day In


What to do with Fyfe? I could move him to Neale but I'm wary of paying top dollar for him when De Boer could line up on him.


Great work as always Matty and yes I am trying to decide on whether to do the double downgrade or paint the fence. To complicate matters, Fyfe is out injured again after only coming back last week. Here are the trades options I have come up with so far:

1) Sturt to Rankine and Brander/Starch to one of Ridley, Sicily or Doddee.
2) Sturt to Rankine and McInerney to Simpson (Geel).
3) Sturt to Rankine and Fyfe to one of Titch, Boak, Danger or Sympkin.

Leaning towards option 1, particularly if Brander is out again, however, not sure whether I can afford to put Fyfe on the bench again especially as he may be out for longer this time around.

Any advice, much appreciated.


I’d be holding McInerney and trading someone else to Simpson if you can, will probably get a gig with Heeney and JPK out.


Okay so I'm thinking of painting the fence this week, gonna get rid of my biggest mistake of the year (Tom lynch) and bring in Rankine. Then I either wanna get rid of Curtis Taylor (F5) or Budarick (who is on my mid bench) if I get rid of Taylor I have 561k to spend and am looking at Bailey Smith but thinking I can wait till next week to get him. Is is worth getting Brayshaw before he goes up or just get someone like simpkin/Petracca/Greenwood? Or I just double downgrade Lynch and Budarick to Rankine and Simpson leaving me with 392k for next week.


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Cox out……Noble in for the Pies


Cheers Choppers.


Bother I ditched him instead of Brander.