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Please excuse my abhorrent absence for the last 3 weeks, but have no fear because I have returned to guide you in this strange, unforgiving season.

Captains have been an interesting ride this season especially, more often than not it’s your Vice-Captain getting the armband just due to the safety of a 119 or whatever they score, and it’s meant that some of have lost up to 40 points because they went too safe, easily could’ve lost 40 points just the same though. Safe is safe.


Brodie Grundy
Collingwood enter the Perth hub and play Geelong on Thursday night. He goes up against whoever Geelong decide to run with and I imagine he could be in for a very nice score. He has only played at Optus Stadium three times in its short existence but positively has returned scores of 150, 116 and 137 from each encounter.

Jack Macrae
With Lachie Hunter back have we seen the last of Macrae’s subpar scores? His captain, Bontempelli might be a just as good option but Macrae with Lachie Hunter back in the side feels like a better bet. He scored 138 against Carlton in a heavy loss and attended more centre bounces, are we going to see the Macrae we have grown to love come back into our SuperCoach run lives? I bloody hope so. Worth the risk.

Lachie Neale
I think Lachie may have a date with Matthew de Boer this Saturday, but it hasn’t been beyond the Giants to tag a playmaker rather than an accumulator. You could argue, and I will too, that Lachie is both but there is the off chance that de Boer actually tags someone like McCluggage or Zorko. Do you want to take that chance?

Todd Goldstein
Up against the Tigers this week who don’t rely on their ruck department to be too dominant, Goldstein could go massive. Lowest score this season so far is 116 and then next lowest score is a 129. If you’ve got him, definitely worth the gamble.


Patrick Cripps
Supposedly okay after his shoulder mishap against the Bulldogs, we could see a return to form for the Blues captain. Hasn’t had a huge outing against Port Adelaide in his most recent encounters but as a captain option it’d be fair to assume he scores at least 110.

Travis Boak
Despite Power winning in a tight affair last weekend, the former Port Adelaide skipper will be keen to bounce back after being well held. Still on neutral territory at the Gabba, where Boak scored 133 just two weeks earlier.

Andrew Brayshaw
Yes, really. If Nat Fyfe is cleared to play, he’ll more than likely spend most of the derby playing as a marking target up forward, this should allow Brayshaw to command the midfield again; 144 and 122 in the last two weeks when he’s been allowed to that. This season we’re throwing the rule book out, so who knows maybe this is actually a genius move? #BrayshawBreakout

Nat Fyfe
It feels weird to say this but I actually prefer Brayshaw as a captaincy option. Like I said, if he’s deemed fit then I’d imagine I assume the Freo captain will demand the ball inside the forward 50 for the entire game, but what if he kicks 6? He could come away with a massive score.

Max Gawn
Probably now in front of Neale as the best permacaptain of the season. No score below 140 since the season restart and has been getting it done each and every week as captain for a lot of teams. The safest option, and up against the Hawks this week who he generally scores well against.


Collingwood take on the Geelong Cats at Optus Stadium and Brodie Grundy is probably the best captaincy option out of that game but you could give Patrick Dangerfield a go as well, Sam Menegola or Adam Treloar also pose as interesting outside the box options as well.

Of the Saturday games, it would appear Matt de Boer has a date with Lachie Neale so maybe he’s not the best option but wouldn’t put it past GWS to put time into Zorko or McCluggage instead. Sydney and Gold Coast probably aren’t SuperCoach relevant on the captaincy front as yet, but maybe Hugh Greenwood if you’re wanting to be a bit different. Todd Goldstein goes up against the Tigers who don’t rely on a dominant ruck department. Goldy has also only gone below 130 twice, and those two scores are 129 and 116.

On Sunday we see the spirited Blues take on the ladder leaders in Port Adelaide. Patrick Cripps will be out to prove he’s over his shoulder issues and Travis Boak will be keen to bounce back after being well held against the Giants, despite the Power winning last weekend. Hawthorn take on Melbourne which presents possibly the best, tip-top option of the round in Max Gawn. Tom Mitchell is always an interesting prospect too, and the Derby has a few to consider. Andrew Gaff is going to love being able to run on the expanses of Optus Stadium but with Luke Shuey out (watch for team news) he’s taken a bit of a scoring hit, Tim Kelly back in Perth could go absolutely nuts, but so could Andrew Brayshaw if Nat Fyfe is stationed forward again. Nat Fyfe could also kick six while demanding the ball inside 50.

And on Monday the Saints take on Adelaide. The Saints have a fairly even spread of scorers most weeks but Jack Steele is probably the pick of bunch in this one.

Who’s your Captain this week, Community?

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Grundy into Neale for me. Easy.
Now if only I could find a way to get Max into my team…………..
I think Im just gunna have to trade until I can afford him. There are very few must have players this year. But he is top of the list.


Not worried about Neale copping the De Boer wearing him like a cheap suit tag Jugs?


A bit. But the rest of my team looks like a spud farm Rusty. Nobody else has been a reliable high scorer.
But De Boer is a concern, no doubt. I will probably set the VC bar a bit lower this week.
If Grundy gets 125 I will probably take it.


Know what ya mean bud!…the best thing that could happen for my Supercoach record this year is that the season gets shut down lol

Mitch is back

Grundy into Gawn this week.


Grundy was very underwhelming last week. Tempted to go Neale (even with the heavy tag) into Gawn instead.


Grundy against no one into Jack Steele against an under 16s team for me


Grundy into Macrae

******* Also just posted on the Herald Sun that the AFL are looking bring back the SUB on the bench or even 2 SUBS – FFS NO we don't want this


Seriously? That makes me feel ill


Giving Danger his first crack as VC with a couple of 140’s in the last 3, plus heavy weather forecast in Perth might suit him more than Grundy, then I’ll use the bail out option with Gawn when that fails.


Nealawn for me. On them all year and can’t see it changing


I think VC for Danger as he's averaged 130 in his last 3 and generally is a good weather player and I also have Grundy who is due for a big one after a relatively low score last week. Unfortunately I don't have Gawn (but will next week) so I'll probably put the VC on Danger into Neale as my next best options outside of Neale would probably be Steele against a weak Adelaide side. I'm lowering my VC min score to 125 as I passed on Neale's 134 last week as my cut off was 135 and rolled the dice on Grundy which cost 3 money league wins.


Yep same here. Options are always Neale, Gawn, Grundy and when hes flying and on form, Fyfe.

Vinnie C

Outsider captain.
J Simpkin ( NM ) into M Gawn ( Melb ).