Captains Call – Round 6

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Round 6 is upon us and it is time to take a look at who will we be making El Capitano this week. Some fairly safe options it appears, and thankfully the Thursday night game lets us lock in one particularly useful player early.

Geelong vs Brisbane

Thursday is set up perfectly for Lachie Neale to have the VC slapped on him. He is averaging 154.2 SCPoints for the year with a 3-round average of 147.7 SCPoints. His last 3 vs Geelong haven’t been super great, with scores of 103, 132 and 83, but this move is just a no-brainer for you if you have him. If you don’t, Patrick Dangerfield may be a choice. His current form isn’t great (by his usual standards) with a 3-round average of 106.3 SCPoints, but he has scores of 147 and 165 in his last 3 games vs Brisbane. Someone who is flying under the under the radar a bit is Mitch Duncan, who is currently 6th in the AFL for total points, with a season average of 118.8. He has scores of 76, 112 and 114 in his last 3 against Brisbane, his issue is he’s consistent, but not a Captain scorer, with a season high of just 123 SCPoints. Hugh McCluggage has been on a roll too, with a 3-round average of 137.3 SCPoints, as well as Jarrod Berry with a 3-round average of 132.7 SCPoints. Brisbane on fire it seems!

Collingwood vs Hawthorn

Brodie Grundy, born on a Monday, had a Captains score on Friday.

Fremantle vs St Kilda
West Coast vs Adelaide
Melbourne vs Gold Coast
Essendon vs North Melbourne

Jack Steele is another like Mitch Duncan who flies under the radar a bit but is currently 8th in the AFL for total SCPoints scored this year. He’s never gone big against Fremantle before, but has scores of 128, 137 and 136 this year, so could be a VC option if you’re out of any other options. Adelaide have performed very poorly this year and given his recent tweets Nic Naitanui might be considered an option. He hasn’t played against Adelaide since 2018 but will be up and about for this one. Max Gawn should be considered a fairly safe Captain option, given his 3-round average of 162.7 SCPoints, which is a clear #1 in the AFL with second place Lachie Neale at 147.7. Todd Goldstein has had a great year and is currently 2nd in the AFL for total Supercoach points, another guy you can consider.

Port Adelaide vs GWS
Richmond vs Sydney
Carlton vs Western Bulldog

Travis Boak is coming in with a 3-round average of 127.3 SCPoints and has had a few big scores this year. Carlton vs the Bulldogs is likely a Patrick Cripps vs Marcus Bontempelli battle. Cripps has a season high of just 123 SCPoints, which is disappointing for him, the Bont isn’t fairing much better, but at least pumped out a score of 166 a fortnight ago, though his last score of 55 against the Roos was a season low.

For me I’ll be sticking with a Lachie Neale as VC and Brodie Grundy as C this week. Fairly simple but should produce some points! Anyone else planning anything different this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hey Barron, VC Neale into Grundy, would've went Gawn over Grundy if I had him…soon 🙂


whats the story with atu for the pies?
seems to be the flavour of the round atm…

with brown, rowell gould, brander, rivers, noble and possibly pickett all out I need two rookies too pick up this week or im copping donuts… can we throw some options around please and thank you!

PS I think it is danger into titch for me.
I have no decent VC/C options this year and its killing me playing captaincy roullete with no confidence each week!


Is this a form letter Mav?…lol, I don't think Atu is the flavour of anything until we see him play haha
You need to get Gawn, Grundy, Neale etc in asap Mav, one bad game is all they'll need to drop in price a bit.
Neale is on 57 at quarter time, that's very reassuring knowing the VC is on his gotta get him in mate.


Too right John, I've gotta find a way of getting Gawny in soon, although Goldy would also be ok this year, but Max is the best.


Aarts is the obvious up fwd, Scharenburg and Baltasound also went alright at around $250k. If you’re okay with brining in people after their first price rise you could look at Mahony, Philp and McAdam? Unfortunately there’s not a lot of rookie depth this year which is extremely inconsiderate of the coaches 😉


Looks like mcluggage is going to even up his sub 90's and 100+ count tonight. could be worse I suppose at least he's still playing.
I'm not happy though I only bought 10 minutes before the bounce


I'm experiencing a bit of up-chuck too Mick having paid 710k for him in my fantasy side this week..the scoring in that thing is dog's bollocks this year, 1500-ish seems to be a good score this year.


It was a panic buy mate and I did it before checking teams I would have been better off buying any defender at all


Now he's got a shoulder issue!…collarbone or dislocation?….bloody fark.


Mate I don't what I did this week but I upset some unknown power somewhere. Coldest day on record yesterday and I had no firewood and got turned back at the river when trying to get some. Thought I'd have a crack at the 80mil powerball but couldn't get to the online checkout over 15mins which caused the panic buy of mcluggage. If 9,10,17,21,29, 32 +10 as PB come up I'll be very annoyed


I don't believe in higher powers ..but chaos theory makes more sense, hopefully you saved yourself 20 bucks Mick.


Damn. I may have spoken to early with the "at least he's still playing" line 🙁


Good news is he's still playing, bad news is he's sore and is on 44 at 3/4 time.


FFS consecutive backline donuts unless there's a late in


Mitch Duncan done after a quarter, tough stuff for those that had him as a nice POD. Seems like its something every week with these injuries.


Dodged a bullet there. Was tossing the coin berween him and Shiel. Went for Shiel.

The Jinx

Grundy (VC) to Grundy (C)
😁😏should smash Ceglar and McEvoy combined.


Rayner looks like he's about to deliver. Took his time but he seems a different player last 2 weeks and can even kick straight now.


Good to see Danger and Selwood going well, but it reminds me of seeing Murph and Simpson carry Carlton a couple of years back.
When your best players are 30 plus, the premiership window is definitely shut.


Ok, need some help guys. Thinking of Shiel, Adams or Parker to replace Rowell. Thoughts please?

The Jinx

I'd toss a coing between Adams for higher ceiling or Parker for consistency. Personally I'd go for consistency in Parker hardly gets the tag.


Without wanting to put the hex on him, Parker also has a better history with injuries.




Adams has started well, but that was without Trelor

He did ok with Trelor in team, but most his points came in first half when Trelors TOG was less than 60%.

I think Adams scores will be effected

Parker is a good POD


Parker is the one for you <img src="; width="1"/> <img src="; width="1"/>


I think I've played the Bunnies every week since footy started back.
Good start from Neale and Danger, Starcs is a bit slow.
Come on catters


Giday Hed, Derek's been a powerhouse this year, dude is a wealth of knowledge, I should take his advice more often and then my side wouldn't look like the freakin shartbox that it is now.


I see you had Starcrvich on your field, gutsy after last week.

I was a breath away from trading him to Doedee but decided to hold him because he at least was playing. The bench is the safest place for him


Yeah I had to play him down back to avoid a donut, I'll be making a few moves once Sunday teams are finalised.


Charlie Cameron is such a pussy!


Held Starcevic and regretting it big-time. Absolutely horrible game from him, two in a row, will bleed cash and his low TOG indicates he's destined for a spell on the sidelines.


Did you have him on your field, or bench.

Had to hold him with so many other rookies not playing. At least he was a warm body on the bench. Thought he could have done a bit better

Will have to play Hill in field now, was an easy loop this week

The Jinx

Had no choice but to keep him for another week as I have issues to deal with(Howe & Rowell) Good thing I put him on the bench and held on my two trades so far, waiting for the team reveal tomorrow.

The Jinx

Ooops! What happened there. It replied on the wrong comment.


simpson looks like an absolute potato but is somehow playing well


Looks like a jet tonight if you ask me. So many rookies to downgrade to next week, with Narkle and Duncan injured Simpson has to be the top priority now.

Can come in for Starcevich using Rivers DPP for me.

The Ranger

Nice timing eh Steeeve? I''m hoping to do two downgrades next week.


Is everyone taking Neale's 134?


Nope. Maybe Grundy maybe Maxy


Yep. Always take 130+


No I'll be rolling the dice with Grundy as 135 points in my cut off.


The Danger Man is well and truly back with 146 points and his third 100+ score in a row after only scoring 100+ once in his first 3 games. Very happy I didn't trade him out after Rd 3 and will be interested to see how many get back on board as his current ownership is only 20.5% which means he's almost a POD.


Went Dusty to Danger after round 3. Put that down as a win


'Morning community! Who's more likely to come back between Noble and Brander? Need to ditch one of them and just want to get rid of the one who'll be on the pine longer.


Noble is still an emergency but Collingwood brought in Quaynor ahead of him and he will be given a few weeks to cement his spot. Brander probably gets back in once fit again and he was close this week. Based on that I'd trade Noble first.


Cheers David, was leaning towards keeping Brander too since his DPP is handy to move around for trades. There's just been very little info on his injury so hoping it isn't a long term thing.



As John Denver once sang "some days are diamonds, some days are stones"

A week to forget for Supercoach – but as they keep telling us "we are all in this together" (except the teams who were eliminated this week)

The following teams wore the immunity necklaces into round 5

Div 1 – The Grannies
Div 2 – half WITTS
Div 3 – Singapore Flyers
Div 4 – Totti FC
Div 5 – Vicwood
Div 6 – FlockOfSeaguls
Div 7 – Team MAYhem

FlockOfSeagulls would have been very happy to have it around his neck when he realised he was at the bottom of the heap this week. Bullet dodged.

The following teams have been eliminated this week (a few shock results from teams who had immunity not that long ago)


Div 1 – bck2pp & MADMAX

Div 2 – Lewis TaylorMade & Hawker33

Div 3 – Amanda & Shiel be right m8

Div 4 – TheTigers & The Slayers

Div 5 – Penske file & TiddlyWinksFC

Div 6 – Loverly Long Leg & Bear Inn

Div 7 – Jaegarnauts & Phil's Spuds


The teams that will be gladly carrying immunity into next week will be:

Div 1 – Osama (2062)
Div 2 – UG FC (2054)
Div 3 – Dockers2020 (2159)
Div 4 – Shake n Bake (2159)
Div 5 – The Blacksheep (2164)
Div 6 – TalbingoFC (2121)
Div 7 – MosquitoSquad (2269)

Shout out to MosquitoSquad who had the 23rd highest score of the week, has taken him to overall 69th (hehehe)

Good luck everyone

thanks fellas


Nice work Derek.


did you see my trade offer in draft?


Honestly forgot I was in the draft. After the layoff forgot I had entered. I’ll look at it now

Shake n bake

Didn’t realise l got to we’re the necklace. I’ll were it with pride!


you pipped Valens FC by 1 point.


typo; Shake n Bake (2111)

Shake n bake

Nice, I’ll try for back to back. So who is Rowell going to be turned into??


for me it is Whitfield


and i get $30k change


thoughts on bringing in treloar, last week scored 119 and only went at 40%. If he can lift his disposal feel like he could be a huge pick up.


His disposal has always been his only drawback James, it's not going to suddenly improve dramatically. He's reliable for good scores but if he knew how to kick and handball at the same level of other blokes getting paid 800k a year to kick and handball he'd be up with Gawn & Neale as a must have.