2020 Hindsight: Round 5

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Wowee, what a stinker of a round! We all faced rookie madness before the first bounce, then Matty Rowell went down (sad) after a few minutes, THEN Bazlenka was concussed after even less minutes (sad), THEN the rookies that did play were trash (SAD). The only thing that made me happy this round was Eddie McGuire sounding like a fool.

Ahh, that was fun to watch. Let’s break down the round, then breakdown together.

The Top

Brodie Grundy (151) is such a good footballer. You pay top dollar and he delivers all the time. He had 20 touches and 37 hit outs, as well as 10 clearances. Lock. Adam Treloar (119) returned and had 30 touches but at just 40%. His TOG was 74%, so hopefully as he gets fitter he’ll bump that up and shake off some rust. Brayden Maynard (116) looked fantastic in Howe’s absence and hopefully will keep scoring well. He had 24 touches at 62%. Dylan Shiel (156) has had two monster games and is providing a good POD option, collecting 29 touches and a goal.

Elliot Yeo (121) has flicked the switch and had a great game. He had 21 touches and five tackles, providing the Eagles with some grunt. Dom Sheed (119) had 24 touches and 10 marks to go with a goal. Jake Lloyd (132) had 26 touches off the half back line at 92%, proving why he’s the top-priced defender for the last few years. Callum Mills (119) had 18 touches and played his second great game in a row, featuring down back and through the midfield, while Luke Parker (110) had 19 touches and 6 tackles.

Mitch Duncan (117) had 25 touches for the Cats, continuing his amazing start to the season where his point differential between lowest and highest scores is 9 points (114-123). Pat Dangerfield (104) had 20 touches and a goal, while Tom Hawkins (152) had 3 goals from 17 touches and ate up Charlie Ballard a couple of times. Hugh Greenwood (132) had 21 touches and 11 tackles in a permanent midfield position.

I don’t know why I can’t just lock Lachie Neale (130) in here and not have to write about him every week. 29 touches and a goal. Gun. Jarryd Lyons (124) had 27 himself, while Hugh McCluggage (116) has come alive the past few rounds, collecting 19 touches, seven tackles and a goal. Travis Boak (133) continued his hot start to the season with 24 touches (17 contested), while Dan Houston (117) finally pulled through with 21 touches.

Josh Bruce (138) kicked six goals for the Bulldogs, for anyone who has him that’s a great return. Tim English (125) has been on fire recently, finishing the game with 22 touches and 15 hit outs. Caleb Daniel (107) had 22 touches off the half back line, while Todd Goldstein (137) continued his great season with 31 hit outs, 15 touches and two goals.

It was the battle of the Spuds on Sunday, and Andrew Brayshaw (144) fuelled the #BrayshawBreakout fire with a fantastic performance. He had 23 touches and eight marks, but what was so promising was the 86% TOG, up from his usual 68%. Adam Cerra (134) was fantastic as well, collecting 19 touches and providing a great doppelganger for Brayshaw. Matt/Brad Crouch (113/110) had 27 and 28 disposals for the Crows, while Rory Laird (107) had 25 in defence.

Max Gawn (163) provided owners with another Captainable game, with 22 touches and 33 hit outs. Christian Petracca (111) started like a house on fire but cooled off, with 20 of his 27 touches handballs. Kane Lanbert (158) had 27 touches and three goals in an out of the box game.

Nick Haynes (148) had 21 touches and 11 marks as an interceptor against the Hawks, while Harry Perryman (136) is going to the Coleman/Brownlow double with 28 touches and 11 marks. Josh Kelly (122) had 30 touches and 12 marks, while Harry Himmelberg (122) and Jeremy Finlayson (111) kicked four goals each. Jack Gunston (118) had three goals himself, and soon-to-be the first Triple Position Player Ben McEvoy (115) kicked two goals, had 17 hit outs and 13 touches as a key defender.

The Flop

Jack Crisp (68) was disappointing off the half back line, collecting just 13 touches at 53% efficiency, while Scott Pendlebury (84) had 22 touches, but 14 were handballs, which hindered his scoring ability. Darcy Parish (62) is concerning owners with his lack of midfield time, only managing 4 CBA’s and 12 touches.

Isaac Heeney (79) has been decreasing his output after a stellar start to the season, managing 15 touches and a goal. He’s playing deep forward with Buddy out, which is concerning for his owners. Shannon Hurn (68) is a different player at the moment, but a return to Optus Stadium might cheer him up. He had just 16 touches. Andrew Gaff (83) was tagged and managed just 18 touches, which is much lower than the high 20’s he’s been getting.

Matt Rowell (6) popped his shoulder out and will probably miss a couple of weeks, at the absolute minimum. Even if you wanted to wait it out, his breakeven is 150+. Time to trade. Gary Ablett jnr (49) had minimal impact with his 14 touches, despite kicking a goal. He went at 57% efficiency.

Connor Rozee (53) has disappointed ever since Wines returned, and that form continued with 13 touches and a goal as a forward flank. Justin Westhoff (30) had just 5 touches, while Brandon Starcevich (38) had five.

Shaun Higgins (35) had just 14 touches at 57% efficiency, while Ben Cunnington (50) only managed half the game after coming off injured. Bailey Smith (3) was concussed in the first quarter and didn’t return, while Marcus Bontempelli (55) had 12 touches at 58% after copping a tag.

Taylor Walker (40) had 6 touches and should be dropped, while Stephen Hill (55) had just 12 touches.

Jack Viney (60) will start bleeding cash after six clangers from his 18 touches, while Clayton Oliver (96) had 18 handballs from his 26 touches.

Chad Wingard (76) would’ve disappointed owners who brought him in, finishing with 12 disposals (50% efficient) and two behinds. James Sicily (44) was barely sighted, finishing with 10 disposals.


Jordan Ridley (122) was so efficient with the ball in hand, going at 83% for his 18 touches. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when McKenna returns, but you’d think Ridley would remain in his role. Josh Daicos (95) is playing good footy, and had 21 touches and a goal. Tyler Brown (29) has reached the end of his cash making and needs to go after just 9 touches.

Oscar Allen (117) kicked three goals from his 11 touches, providing a focal point for the Eagles’ offence. Nic Naitanui (107) had 39 hit outs to go with 11 touches, while James Rowbottom (81) had 16 touches in the midfield.

Jack Steven (95) had 17 touches and a goal despite the slow start to the year, so hopefully he can now turn it around. Sam Menegola (116) had 23 touches and a goal, while Darcy Fort (107) had 25 hit outs. Lachie Weller (97) kicked two goals from his 11 touches.

Jarrod Berry (121) has been underappreciated this season, but his form has been great. He had 19 touches (11 contested) and five tackles, while Brad Ebert (84) had 15 touches and four tackles. Zak Butters (124) kicked two goals to go with his 18 touches.

Patrick Lipinski (94) has played Dunkley’s role pretty well, and finished on 20 touches. Curtis Taylor (100) locked himself in for a few more weeks of cash generation with 2 goals, while Tristan Xerri (42) just managed 6 touches and two hit outs.

Luke Ryan (109) has had a poor start to the year, but he had 18 kicks and is now playing predominantly in Perth, so hopefully will get back to his former self. Caleb Serong (53) played his 2nd game, but had just 10 touches and 58% TOG.

Steven May (118) had 20 touches and 8 marks for his best game of the season, while Trent Rivers (46) has been questionable the last two weeks, finishing on 8 touches.

Lachie Ash (56) had 15 touches but went at 60% efficiency, while Tom Green (71) had 14 at 64%. Lachie Whitfield (93) had 28 touches and 10 marks, and his price won’t go any lower after that 8 has rolled out of his breakeven.

First Dates

Mitch Hibberd (39) played his first game of the season and had 10 touches at 90% efficiency. Hopefully he can string some games together and churn out some cash. Andrew Phillips (110) also made his club debut and had 11 touches and 13 hit outs against Grundy.

Jamaine Jones (63) was looking good in his second game before hurting his hamstring. Jarrod Brander will probably replace him on that wing. Not his first game, but Justin McInerney (51) had just 13 touches at 53% efficiency.

Tom Berry (90) played again, and had 11 touches. It’s not a first date, but I’m running out of debutants to put in this section.

Jack Mahony (50) played his second game, and had 9 touches and copped a sling tackle from Crozier, which saw him get a week.

Shane McAdam (64) played his second game and had 7 touches and a goal, while Ned McHenry (55) had 12 touches and two behinds.

Jake Aarts (76) had 15 touches at 77% efficiency in his debut game, and will be looked at heavily by anyone making a downgrade. With five injuries to senior Tigers (Prestia, Nankervis, Broad, Cotchin and Lynch), and two not making the trek to the hub (Edwards and Houli) Aarts should play senior footy for a while.

Harry Jones (54) was impressive in his debut, with 11 touches at 100% efficiency. He played plenty of on ball, which is promising. He should keep his spot with Scrimshaw, Shiels and Lewis all getting injured.

I feel so sad. Hopefully next week is better.

*Carlton vs St Kilda’s stats on FanFooty aren’t loading, but Cripps, Butler and Martin were good, Doch disappointed, and Max King was good for a couple of snags.

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Didn't want to mention anyone from the Saints vs Blues game??? Hmmm


The SuperCoach scores on FanFooty aren’t loading, possibly the reason for no scores?


Thank you, great work as usual <img src="https://tinyurl.com/yxbbsslm&quot; width="1"/><img src="https://tinyurl.com/wwct4y8&quot; width="1"/>


Nice one Foz.

So far this year I've had to to replace dunkley, Howe, Stewart and now Rowell after only 5 rounds.
Maybe this week will get through unscathed but doubt it based on the story so far…

Draft not much better
4 man bench consists of
Williams, sidebum and now prestia and capt cotch.

Lady luck will have her say ….

Shake n bake

Fyfe likely to be back this week.


Yeah hopefully, glad I held onto him. Hopefully Bennell and Georgiades finally play again this week. Been holding on to both for a while.


If fyfe is back. Should i trade Rowell for Fyfe or Cripps


This will be 2nd week in a row with a doughnut if Noble doesn't come back. Dàmn injuries cost me with not enough trades


Is Bailey Smith going to miss weeks?
Did so well with Ridley and Maynard only to come a cropper with Rowell (like most others) and Smith.


I'm looking at trading Rowell to Haynes and Starcevich to Doedee need to sort out my defence…have i missed the boat on Doedee? Not many cheapish options around that can average 80 or more…current backline…Doc.Houston.Ridley.Starcevich.Young.Rivers.Brander.William…any advice appreciated


I’m looking at Starcevich to Doedee

Crows defence will see plenty of the ball this year

Shake n bake

Got him in 3 weeks ago because of his price and his ceiling has got over 110 in 2 of those games. And 100k + hope to keep maybe as a D6 with the tigers decimated Short might be one to look at Houli gone has avg 95 in his last $440k


Thanks Shake n bake and Derek… think i might pull the trigger with Doedee depending on teams..Short is another good option but need enough cash next week to get Whitfield/Smith. Hoping Fyfe comes back this week


Doedee ridiculously up and down. Have had him since round two and i dont recommend

Shake n bake

100% Jess and will continue to be up & down. Only got him 3 weeks a go because price and what he’s capable off. As you have seen what has happened to a lot of def. for now rather then really on a rookie thought it was an ok move.


I started with Roberton. He just stayed downI


Young looks all right though, he'll probably become a beast in a year or 2


I started with Doedee. (Round 2) Since then, he has produced 39 SC, 110 SC, 48 SC, and 116 SC. The scoring trend is heading north but his price is still low due to the two turds in round 2 and 4. Its a no brainer IMO. Either Starcevich or Noble (if not named) to Doedee. Good luck mate. TH


Sticking to the pattern TH, enjoy your 42 from Ohmedoodarday this week lol


Tossed up myself between Doedee and Corr last week. Picked Corr so time will tell the tale.


I don't think it's boat missed, he's still a decent price and if he could average 80 or so he could be one of your last upgrades.
Normal rules don't apply this year, we'll only know how much sideways trading was enough or too much after the year is over, if we get there.


Fyfe back this week might put a hold on #Brayshawbreakout unfortunately.


I'm hoping the CBA's that went to Serong will go to Fyfe


Don't think serong can/will play anywhere else except the guts.


hey Trigga, did you see my trade proposal in JJ Draft?

Shake n bake

Hey Derek l did see ur proposal. Think I’ll keep Williams for a rainy day. Don’t know how l have won a few games as my team is by far the worst. I did think l have 2 players in the top 50! With Howe Williams Sidebottom and no Ruck l might aswell fold. I did see Nic nat was available but was snapped up before l even woke up. So was wiillki.


I’m betting Fyfe will play more fwd on his return as medical/coaching staff wouldn’t want those million dollar hammy’s to fatigue too much.

Jorg Ancrath

Riddle me this, Riddle me that. Is he the man to pick at the back?


considering getting on the Perryman train and trading Rowell and Rozee to Perryman and Aarts. Frees up almost 500k in cash for me to trade pittonet and brown to two premos2


Anyone keen on Jack Steven? Looked so much better Saturday and spent a lot more time in the middle. 306k. The year of risk I’m thinking why not?


I am the opposite of keen on Jack Steven but go for it mate if you think he can average something decent for ya, the only rule this year is, anything goes, whatever works for ya…fubar!


Thanks guys I’m giving it a go. Rowell and Nic Nat out for Gawn and Steven.


I had a look, and I could take him and Yeo this week, but I wouldn’t be able to upgrade next week. Do I am preferring Yeo and Aarts this week and Ryan next week. So I looked it as whether Steven was a keeper or not. Whilst I agree he can make money, the fact that he stopped me from getting a premo next week ruled him out for me. He is too cheap to totally ignore, but how does he fit in your trading plans.


Fat Jack is carrying a mountain of kilos he shouldnt be, and yet scored 93pts from 68% game time. Scary to think what he'll do when fit.


I would prefer Jack to a rookie – i think we were lucky last round with fwd rookies, so i dont want to push it. 'm going Rowell and Budarick to Yeo and Steven (and a little cash).


Handy F6. Trading out Rowell and Nic Nat for Steven and Gawn. It works for me. I’m a cats man and always err on the side of caution when if comes to Geelong players for that reason, but gee he was everywhere last week and his disposal efficiency was do much better.


Great write up as always.


Thoughts on Rowell to Aarts and Pittonet to Gawn this week?


Does that put another rookie back on your field?


It puts a rookie in place of Rowell and a premium in place of a midpricer, but as Rowell has been scoring like a premium to answer your question, yes, I am replacing Rowell with a rookie this week, I’ll be playing 3 of Sturt/king/Taylor/Aarts in the fwd line using georgiades as a loop, 2 of mcinerney/budarick/Pickett and Bennell in the mids and looking starcevich with rivers as my d5 is Ridley.




my plan has been to have as few rookies on field as possible. Fyfe out last week meant i had to put Rivers on field, he stunk it up as expected.

Gawn is a gun, a very expensive gun.

Pittonet is not a gun, but he is scoring much better than a rookie on field.

Have a look at Rowell to a fallen premium. Do you have Whitfield, Dusty, Heeney?


I traded Fyfe and Dusty out for Simpkin and Ridley, I have whitfield but not heeney, could also get in dangerfield, macrae or mcluggage this week, I don't want to miss out on another 140+ score from Gawn though, as all the top ruckmen are scoring really well this season, tough choices to make this week for myself with 20 trades remaining and ranked just inside the top 1500. Maybe I hold off Gawn this week and get a mid or fwd gun in this week. Thanks for your thoughts.


Gawn is $742k. That is alot of k's

Shake n bake

Rowell to another premo. A rookie that you might want to cull to Aarts. Pittonet has now a break even of 77 might hold another week.


Thoughts on Rowell to Steele and Starcevich to Whitfield(Via DPP) ??


Very solid, I'm very keen on Steele though I do keep coming back to, can Yeo average something similar from here on out.


Was always getting Simkins this week? Still go with it or he now the tag focus with Cunnington, Higgins and Ziebell out?




I’m waiting a week ftb and bringing bailey Smith in cheap


Maybe 2 weeks even cheaper Sovereign


Spot on rusty but looks like he could miss this week if they take a careful approach. Might be 3 weeks now!


Hi Beardy, looks like no one else could be bothered but I reckon don't worry about the tag if you want him,it might not happen at all…he is a bit pricey now however.


Thanks Russty for the time as always. Greatly appreciated. Who else would you recommend? I will be slotting him into midfield this week or can spend around 550k. Plan to move him to forward line which will complete it with Heeney, D Smith, Whitfield, Dusty & Tracca.


I can go for Maynard/Haynes up into the D.

Anyone 550kish in midfield to go with Fyfe/Cripps/Neale/Cogs who I've already got (Viney too but hes upgraded next week)


Yo-yo way to go.


His dpp is very handy, but if it was only a mid you're after there's also Steele and mcluggage going pretty well this season, reckon I might take the punt on Steele as a pod, I don't have much to lose, my season's going a bit shite haha
Or as wtf said, Yeo yo but is he a top 8 maybe not.


So would you jump on McCluggage, Steele, Simkins, Haynes, Maynard?


steele for me…yeo is good value though, maybe strengthen your weakest line


Grundy and Brander or Pitto and Brayshaw. G and B LEAVES ME WITH 5 onfield rookies P/B. only 4. Both are projected the same. Leaning towards Grundy and Brander. tough call , sometimes it takes a different approach.


Derek I wan't to accept the trade but it isn't coming up. Selwood to brayshaw have you recosidered?


it should be there now


done good luck


What does everyone think about Haynes, looking like a lock for top 6 defenders? Thinking of getting him in for Rowell as the mids are still a bit of an open race for top 8 spots.


Derek I wan't to accept the trade but it isn't coming up. Selwood to brayshaw have you recosidered?


finally a week where we can loophole rookies

My non-playing rookies are Gould (swans), Cavarra (dogs) and Pickett (tigers). They all play late Sunday.

Shake n bake

Pickett will play. Do you think footy will survive thou? With this new 6 weeks lockdown.


Doesn't look good Maybe regional grounds and Geelong will come into play Shepparton has a good sei up NDD

Shake n bake

I’m sure players wont definitely stay interstate for that long.

Shake n bake

Ward and Taranto available for selection


Rowell out for the season


Bummer, was looking fwd to what he could do in his first year, it's a tragedy


Rowell to Tmitch is my first thought.
However, i think aarts ia a must which will mean swinging simpkin into the midfield and running 7 premiums deep in the midfield (only one rookie). With some potentially decent mid rookies (Picket, Benell, Buderick, McInerney), would it be better to trade rowell to a premium defender and get Rivers off the field? We all know tmitch will average at least the 105, but any defender who can tonne up consistently would have to be a better choice considering my mid rookies should have rivers covered by 10-20 points, right?


Im going with my latter suggestion and bringing in ridley instead of tmitch. Gives me enough to trade any rookie to any mid premium next week.
Team looks like:

Docherty, Sicily, Laird, Ridley, Doedee, Starchevich (rivers, b. Williams)

Neale, Cripps, MacRae, Bont, Danger, Simpkin, McInerney, Pickett (Benell, Buderick, L Butler)

Gawn, Grundy, (conroy)

Petracca, Whitfield, Smith, Taylor, King, Aarts (Cameron, Georgiadis)

Light in the fwds until next week when simpkin comes back fwd and a big mid premium comes in.
Really after some comments on the team. Ranked just outside the top 1000 overall and going to give it a crack


Bit too much deadwood on your bench. 6 rookies (including Conroy) not playing, will hurt you in long term. Might have to bite bullet and trade a few bubble boys in over next few weeks.

You have a lot of cash invested in 3 players, is ok if you can afford to get to full premium, but if you don’t raise the cash, you will be a couple of premiums short.

papa john's pizza

Looking for a replacement for Rowell, does anyone think Perryman can maintain an 100ish average? Will either go Rowell to Perryman or Steele and Rozee down to Aarts to create a warchest for next week, planning on trading Brown and Pittonet for two premos. Thoughts guys?


Hi papa…I think Perryman's going pretty well this year but with Steele being let off the leash as a tagger this season he's starting to show what he can really do, his average is better than ever before too.
Rozee to Aarts is looking like a win with the skinny spud only managing rookie scores the last 3 weeks, bigtime regret here for picking him now. I'd do it and bank some juicy moolah


no. Taranto will be back very soon (maybe even this week)


True, theres talk that Taranto will be back this week – which means Perryman's output will be affected for sure, as they play similar roles.