Best 18 applies for round three

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The Herald Sun has announced this week’s Supercoach round will use the scores from the best 18 players on the field for round three following the rescheduling of Essendon and Melbourne’s game.

The Essendon and Melbourne game will be played as part of the next block of games, meaning the two clubs will play five games when the AFL releases the next fixture.

The round Essendon and Melbourne play a second game in will count both games as part of the rounds scores, similar to double game weeks in Supercoach BBL.

Players who are listed as emergencies in your side will come onto the field if there is a donut to cover, but if you have Marc Pittonet on the bench with Grundy and Goldstein onfield, you will NOT get his score as there is no donut on the line to cover.

Using the top 18 scorers follows the precedent set by the AFL following the death of Phil Walsh.

In other news, Eddie Betts is the single greatest player to ever play Australian rules football. GO BLUES!

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Lekdog · 20/06/2020 at 22:54

Go Blues.

    holty01 · 20/06/2020 at 23:45

    Bang Bang

    hedski · 21/06/2020 at 08:23

    My cats suck ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ

Dazz · 20/06/2020 at 23:18

We are the Navy Blues
We are the old dark navy Blues
We’re the team that never lets you down
We’re the only team all Carlton knows.

With all the champions
They like to send us
We’ll keep our ends up
And they'll know that they've been playing
Against the famous old dark blues

holty01 · 20/06/2020 at 23:39

Awesome work Patch and Lek. Cheers for keeping us informed.

holty01 · 20/06/2020 at 23:44

Hi community. The bit where it says Melb vs Ess will count both scores for the round, how does that work? Say Gawn gets 140 and 150, does that mean he scores 290 for the round?

    hedski · 21/06/2020 at 08:24

    I think so, will be a good week to captain him.

    demonsdelights · 21/06/2020 at 17:21

    Exactly what it means if you dont have players from melb.or ess you get nothing in that game ndd

Mikee · 21/06/2020 at 00:50

Thank you mates but yes how exactly will the scores count??? <img src="; width="1"/><img src="; width="1"/>

Kangaz · 21/06/2020 at 01:19

Can we get x2 from gawn as captain from 2 games. Easy 500+ points ;-D

    Northerner · 21/06/2020 at 07:14

    That’s how it works in BBL

    Northerner · 21/06/2020 at 07:15

    Even Grundy to Gawn sideways for that week makes sense.

      demonsdelights · 21/06/2020 at 17:23

      but then you have to get him back another trade. that's where the advantage comes in

TelescopicCox · 21/06/2020 at 07:57

Is Pitto a must have? Missed out on him in order to move Kelly to Fyfe instead. Only issue would be using 2 trades to get him, and have him at R3 behind Grawndy

Shake n bake · 21/06/2020 at 08:09

Best 18 scoring: with the postponement of the ess v melb match, best 18 scoring rules apply. Your team scores points for your best 18 players ( top 18 players) selected in your starting 22 only, from any position (including any emergency required)

Jorg Ancrath · 21/06/2020 at 08:28

Need Naismith back on the track so I can turn he and Pittonet into Gawn for his double game week.

Daz · 21/06/2020 at 09:15

I traded in Petracca this week for Houston using Brander to swing back Saturday Arvo, that sucks. It seems if you have alot of Melbourne, Essendon players you're either trading or screwed. Most people now will trade in these players in time for there double scores. Hardly seems fair for those having Gawn, Petracca, Oliver, Viney, McGrath, Rivers, Bennell and Co. Season gone

    John · 21/06/2020 at 09:37

    I agree Daz, Herald Sun mentions teams hurt now will have the edge when the double round is played but I can see a lot of teams bringing in the players you’ve just mentioned as a free boost in points, so essentially if your light in Ess/Melb players now you win, and then you’ll win again once the game is played, their not factoring in the teams being created now as we speak I’m guessing full of Essendon and Melbourne players just for that one week, much like the “bye” teams we’ve seen in the past as well. I suppose there was always going to be winners and losers coming out of this, the one positive is I don’t get Whitfields score now, but with Gawn as a unique in the leagues that matter to me I’m still somewhat disappointed.

TOPHAWK1 · 21/06/2020 at 10:58

Good morning community! Traded in Bennell and Pittonet this week. Bennell gets a week's rest which will do him good, and Pittonet after 134 and 137 SC last night will make some enormous cash now. Despite all the carnage, I am actually having a decent round for a change. I have 22 active players so 4 turds will be wiped. (Prickfield's 8 is one of them. Thank fark for that) I am sitting on 1705 with Rowell, Budarick, Doedee, and Sturt to come. How are others travelling this round? Cheers, TH

    holty01 · 21/06/2020 at 11:12

    Ok Hawk. I have Petracca Gawn Smith Bennell and Rivers but will still manage to have 20 playing. Might get to 1850+ if I’m lucky

Hero · 21/06/2020 at 11:07

Non emergency Benched players should count in top 18 as coaches players would have put them on field if known at start of round

    Kangaz · 21/06/2020 at 15:25

    Completely agree. Not being able to use them hurts

holty01 · 21/06/2020 at 11:11

This double points week for Melb and Ess players seems very unfair. I agree that owners should be awarded but why not just simply take their best score from their 2 matches that week? Will still advantage all those owners and will ultimately prevent everyone trying to bring them in for double points.

    DavidC · 21/06/2020 at 11:20

    Thought the same, agree 100%. As it is now I will probably be bringing in Petracca and Bennell for next week and then saving up to get Gawn at right moment.

    silversovereign · 21/06/2020 at 14:36

    Totally unfair. I’ve got 7 bombers and dees players. Plus dusty and baker out, leaving me with only 18 players to field including Whitfield. Fantasy football is awarding bombers and dees players their average, which is a much better approach.

      Swans2012 · 21/06/2020 at 15:30

      When I heard the game was off I assumed they would just give the players there price average. Best 18 works I think, and surely double scores can’t be counted in the same week, best of the 2 I can see working. They will come to there senses. Let’s keep in mind this may be the first of many schedule changes.

        holty01 · 21/06/2020 at 16:10

        Indeed Swans. Can’t imagine there won’t be another postponed game during the season. Only takes 1 individual to do the wrong thing.

    mick · 21/06/2020 at 16:54

    worst score is fairer

    mick · 21/06/2020 at 16:59

    Everybody is impacted in some way so donuts is perfectly fair. Awarding them their average after 2 games would be totally unfair because some of them played against total spuds in 1 game.
    All those complaining that they wont get Bennells or River's score are nuts you should be happy that those spuds wont be dragging you down.
    Stop crying about it

FearTheBeard · 21/06/2020 at 11:25

Well I was on for an easy win. Now elbow deep.

We both have D Smith & Bennell.

He's had Grundy as captain. I have Gawn with the C (he don't have Gawn) along with Rivers, Petracca, Viney, Rivers. OUCH.

I better get a double wammy next week to even this up. Cover isn't fair for that much $ missing in a head2head.

Fono · 21/06/2020 at 12:01

Dang. Wish I had of put the C on Neale instead of Gawn. Should I take Grundy's V score or roll the dice with…
TU: Rowell (or Brayshaw or Laird)
TD: Take Grundy's 103

Derek · 21/06/2020 at 12:13

I was worried about having 3 donuts on my field, traded out Oliver to Dangerfield 3 mins before game started. Toss up between danger and Cripps.

Dangers stunk

Oliver will get a double game week

I missed out on getting Sturt

And only best 18 count. Went from looking at winning all 9 leagues as 8 if them had Whitfield I I didn’t, to struggling to win any.

At least the Hawks won and the Cats lost.

    Derek · 21/06/2020 at 12:15

    Had Brown on bench without the E. That will cost me a win against Shake

      Shake n bake · 21/06/2020 at 12:34

      Lucky to have the e on brown now Bennell is out. Only the 1 trade l did this week was dusty to Simpkin.

      Shake n bake · 21/06/2020 at 12:40

      I think my bottom 4 drop out if so that’s Whitfield 8 Taylor 44 Pickett 50 and king 51. Am l right?

        Derek · 21/06/2020 at 14:15

        It will come down to Luckious vs Sturt

      Kangaz · 21/06/2020 at 15:28

      Same issue here

    TOPHAWK1 · 21/06/2020 at 13:05

    Danger is past his best. Been saying it for weeks now. Got to back in the young guys. This season is a friggin lottery. Just got to ride that rollercoaster. Good luck for today Derek. TH

      Derek · 21/06/2020 at 13:42

      I agree. It was panic yesterday and I didn’t think it through enough. I thought as a one off he would be ok against Carlton at Geelong.

      Can’t wait to get rid of him now.

        TOPHAWK1 · 21/06/2020 at 20:06

        I understand it mate. I had a panic attack too yesterday when I found out Mc Inerney was a late out. I punted him for Bennell! Then 2 hours later Conor Mc Kenna decided to test positive for Covid-19. Bennell a bench warmer instantly. Its like punching at shadows at the minute. Cheers. TH

Matt · 21/06/2020 at 13:19

What about SuperCoach Draft???

    Lekdog · 22/06/2020 at 12:33

    Seems like it was just 'bad luck', very ahrd to solve a problem given all of the different league setups

mick · 21/06/2020 at 14:32

what happens if i leave the C on Gawn?

    Kangaz · 21/06/2020 at 15:29

    You get vc score doubled

Neverweaken · 21/06/2020 at 16:23

Just to check. I have 18 scoring players on field. Plus 2 emergencies that cover non playing players. Noble for Rivers and Brown for Viney or Robertson. If my emergency scores better than one of the 18 onfield I get the emergencies score??

    hedski · 21/06/2020 at 16:57

    Yep ๐Ÿ‘

Jorg Ancrath · 21/06/2020 at 17:32

At $108k, Budarick is proving to be a fine money spinner.

    Shake n bake · 21/06/2020 at 17:36

    Only played him because Smith was out

The Jinx · 21/06/2020 at 17:47

I don't know how they are going to make this fair.
All I can suggest is that, they treat it as a bye and return Supercoaches their trades they made for this round who brought in Essendon and Melbourne players.

That would mean those who brought in Dons and Demons players will have an extra trade or two than most.

    Jorg Ancrath · 21/06/2020 at 19:01

    Or we just get on with it. It might not be fair, but that's life. I was cruising in my h2hs with no Whitfield. Now I'm not and my trade of Macpherson to Petracca looks dumb as. But not gonna complain.

      The Jinx · 21/06/2020 at 20:55

      Not that I'm complaining at all. It is what is, whatever Supercoach decides just have to cop it in the chin and move on.

Derek · 21/06/2020 at 17:50

I think in The other form of the game, they are taking first 3 round averages for the Melbourne and Essendon players

Finnius · 21/06/2020 at 19:48

I won't have any premium forward in my scores this week ! (Martin, Whitfield, Smith and Petracca) – shows how much of a lottery this year is. Just got to stop complaining and enjoy the rollercoaster I think. Normal strategy goes out the window and I'm going to have a lot fun messing around with extra trades etc. this year :))

    TOPHAWK1 · 21/06/2020 at 20:00

    Hi Finnius. This is going to be a crazy season! I am just going to have fun with it and see where I end up. Started very slowly this season but slowly working back into it after a decent round this week. Good luck with the season Fin. Cheers TH

      Finnius · 21/06/2020 at 20:08

      Very much so TH – you too. I started slowly as well, unfortunately, with a bit of bad luck – but I think it will be easier to come back quickly this year more than most. Going to use plenty of early trades I think.

      Unfortunately, I've lost access to my intense database account this year :((

gator59 · 21/06/2020 at 19:49

I think SC should award the average score of the round to all coaches until it's all clear to start all clubs again into full rounds .. Trades are important and all will be trying to load up on these two clubs to get double points.. I can see a lot of early season finishes to a lot of coaches if they don't hold there trades.. Good Luck to all

    TOPHAWK1 · 21/06/2020 at 20:02

    Hi Gator. Your idea would be a little boring. Lets just roll with the ups and downs and keep playing through the adversity. Is a lottery for all coaches. Cheers. TH

      gator59 · 21/06/2020 at 20:10

      As I say TH a lot of coaches are going to run out of trades

    demonsdelights · 21/06/2020 at 20:17

    I wouldn't pick players i dont want to keep and that's TRACCA and Merrett ,though Merrett is only a slim chance. .Agree after last year we need to still watch trades, Ceglar is interesting.

      Derek · 21/06/2020 at 22:48

      Ceglar is very interesting

      Rucks are scoring massive this year, just look at some of their scores.

      Even English and Jacobs scored well

Pman · 21/06/2020 at 20:56

Just logged onto SC and note Sturt on 0 points half way through 2nd QTR, is he playing?

    gator59 · 21/06/2020 at 21:02

    Yes and doing SFA.. Zero Possies

      Pman · 21/06/2020 at 21:05

      Cheers, hopefully he's not a one hit wonder like Marlon Pickett appears to be.

        gator59 · 21/06/2020 at 21:06

        Agree Pman

gator59 · 21/06/2020 at 21:05

My 8 from Whitfield may come into play.. Sturt Weak as Pi%&

TOPHAWK1 · 21/06/2020 at 21:08

That Travis Boak is a machine. On the watch list he goes.

    Pman · 21/06/2020 at 21:12

    I'm considering a sideways swap of Danger to Boak this week which hopefully will be only trade used depending on injuries/selections.

      Pman · 21/06/2020 at 21:15

      He's a great POD too being in less than 2% of teams and has been pretty consistent last few years. Very tempting..

      TOPHAWK1 · 21/06/2020 at 21:28

      If Dusty fails to come up for round 4, then Dusty straight switch to Boak.

    gator59 · 21/06/2020 at 21:17

    Looking good TH 82 points at half time in that weather

      TOPHAWK1 · 21/06/2020 at 21:26

      He is dominating. Tearing Freo and Sturt a new one.

Kangaz · 21/06/2020 at 21:16

Sturt went on the bench after doing nothing. Lmao

    TOPHAWK1 · 21/06/2020 at 21:26

    Off injured. LOL

TOPHAWK1 · 21/06/2020 at 21:18

WTF is going on with Sam Turt……I mean Sturt. Bloody useless first half. Done SFA. Pull your head out of your Sturt!

Kangaz · 21/06/2020 at 21:20

Ryan and sturt my be what gives me a come from behind win.

Pman · 21/06/2020 at 21:24

Glad I didn't pull the trigger and on Rozee and went for Sympkin instead this week, Rozee on 10 points at half time. Could be a good pick up in a few weeks once price bottoms out though.

    Derek · 21/06/2020 at 22:37

    Wines changed the Port midfield.

    Boat, Rocky and now Wines at nearly all center bounces. Rozee and Houston nowhere to be seen

    Houston playing in defence when Port are going well isn’t good, doesn’t see enough of it

Kangaz · 21/06/2020 at 21:37

Sturt has a possession fml

    Pman · 21/06/2020 at 21:46

    And now he's been carried off the ground injured…a lot of us (myself included) have burned a trade this week!

Billioux · 21/06/2020 at 21:40

Strange days indeed! As mentioned, a few times, above. Surely 2 x points is simple over the top. Best score of the two games is the logical result.

Holty01 · 21/06/2020 at 21:42

Gee traded out Petracca and bought in Rozee. Haven’t seen him play this year but all raving about him. He looks bloody useless. Right now would of been better holding the trade and take Taylor’s score. Hopefully the hype is true and can do something in this 2nd half against a very average side

Kangaz · 21/06/2020 at 21:45

Sturt now out injured. His night is done. Well deserved break lol

gator59 · 21/06/2020 at 22:01

Geez I may get Sturts 9 instead of Whitfields 8.. Happy days

Derek · 21/06/2020 at 22:02

I don’t have Whitfield and I don’t have Sturt, but nearly all of my opponents do, but they won’t count in best 18. Could have been a big chance to have some wins and gain some rank.

    Derek · 21/06/2020 at 22:50

    Pretty happy with the Dusty to Fyfe trade

      Russty_ · 21/06/2020 at 23:26

      Nice score this week Derek, should bump you up the ladder a bit.

Mitch is back · 21/06/2020 at 22:21

Could have been a big score this week, probably going to finish with 2100, with Gawn, DSmith, Bennell not playing, and just 18 scores counting.

Kangaz · 21/06/2020 at 22:32

Lol i have 17 after emergencies and will get about 1600

Kangaz · 21/06/2020 at 22:56

Lost by 10 points. FML

Pman · 21/06/2020 at 22:59

What a bizarre round! How did everyone score? I have an adjusted score of 2117 which has seen me win all my leagues so happy on that front but not sure whats to be considered a good or even par score for this round?

    Mitch is back · 21/06/2020 at 23:05

    That’s a great score, haven’t seen better umongst my leagues.

    Anything over 1950 would be considered a good score IMO. Average scores range significantly between 1700-1900.

    Russty_ · 21/06/2020 at 23:29

    Nice score Pman, only 1885 here but still got up in 6 out of 10 leagues surprisingly enough, I think anything 1900 ish or over is good this week, 2100 to 2200 is top tier

    NoLanguage96 · 21/06/2020 at 23:41

    Ended up on 1998 pretty happy considering all the carnage. Neale as skipper was the saviour

    Connor · 22/06/2020 at 00:07

    Was at work when best 18 was announced, got Pickett (50) and Sturt (11) instead of Brown (80) and Brander (75)!! Cost me 2000+

    Derek · 22/06/2020 at 00:32

    2056 Jumped me up rankings a bit

    Didn’t have Whitfield, Rozee or Sturt, could have Really taken a big jump as many teams would have been taking their scores.

    TelescopicCox · 22/06/2020 at 09:16

    Scored a 1940 which just pushed me to top 20k, which I'm still not happy about. Missed out on Pittonet but got Fyfe instead for Kelly, which is a win. Being let down by Danger & Bont, and not having Neale, but my mid pricers in Doedee, Bewley & Lukosius are tracking nicely.

    Seriously considering Bont & Danger to Pittonet & Neale, however that leaves me $150K behind other coaches who already have those guys

TRIGGA_HAPPY · 21/06/2020 at 23:02

Scorpions bound to leap up the leader board.
Punched out a 2200 + with 18 players!

To put that into perspective that is well over 115 for each player! BANG.

Needless to say didnt win that match up. <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="๐Ÿ™„" src=""&gt;

JohnDJ59 · 21/06/2020 at 23:04

Hey Russty, that was a close one in Holy Grail League, 1883 to 1885, I thought capt Fyfe might get me over the line, but it wasn't meant to be.

    TRIGGA_HAPPY · 21/06/2020 at 23:10

    And I got him by 4 in magnificent 7.

    How does that bridesmaid dress fit Rust?

    Russty_ · 21/06/2020 at 23:21

    Hey John sorry about that mate, another few points from Rozee and you were home, pretty disappointing from him today, reckon he'll bounce back otherwise we flick him.
    Trigga 4 points…you'll keep mate!

      TRIGGA_HAPPY · 21/06/2020 at 23:32

      No thanks to bloody long.
      Geez I thought he was on this year. So precise. Shame really.

      That one just didn't work out.
      You win some you loose some
      Take the cash and punt me reckons.

        Russty_ · 21/06/2020 at 23:45

        Yeah Trig Long has been a flop but we can't get em all right, one thing I won't be doing is stacking my side with Demons and bombers, bugger that..maybe 1 ๐Ÿ˜‰

      JohnDJ59 · 21/06/2020 at 23:33

      I'm tempted to flick him this week Russty, Wines coming back in has changed his role.

        Russty_ · 21/06/2020 at 23:44

        Yeah understandable John, he was rarely sighted and has probably hit max price now, Sturt was a bit duddy also, one hit wonder maybe. My Sturt, Whitfield and Rozee scores didn't count, you were unlucky there bud.

          JohnDJ59 · 21/06/2020 at 23:52

          I've had B.Smith from the bulldogs on my watchlist from the start, seems to be getting his time in the middle, I could do a straight swap.

            Russty_ · 22/06/2020 at 00:37

            Yeah he looks good and Simpkin about the same price.

              JohnDJ59 · 22/06/2020 at 09:49

              Looking at my team I really need some cash generation, so as much as I would like to get B.Smith in, I'm thinking of Butler from the Saints, what do you think of him Russty.

                Russty_ · 22/06/2020 at 10:39

                Hey John, I think he's gone great the last 2 weeks, I was real close to bringing him in instead of Long a few weeks ago, wish I did now, he seems to be coming into his own at the Saints, whether he can maintain it or not is anyone's guess mate.

                  JohnDJ59 · 22/06/2020 at 11:23

                  Thanks Russty, I'll probably get him in, he's gone up heaps already, but he can still make at least another 100k in the next three rounds, then I'll see if it's worth keeping him, or move him on for Walters or B.Smith or whoever looks the goods.

TRIGGA_HAPPY · 21/06/2020 at 23:05

Feel sorry for you NDD and your demons.

Could have been any team playing the bombers.

Just unlucky. <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="๐Ÿ‘Ž" src=""&gt;

But was always bound to happen with that many players and staff in the afl.

    demonsdelights · 21/06/2020 at 23:50

    As you say just unlucky bet we dont meet them at their depleted worst congrats to woods

Russty_ · 22/06/2020 at 00:28

Up there Cazaly is up to rank 9 in Leagues, well done Shake, and everyone who scored well this week, and some of us who didn't lol, let's keep it going!

    Derek · 22/06/2020 at 00:46

    That blood bloody good. Only game I lost this week was to Shake in Cazaly

      Shake n bake · 22/06/2020 at 08:07

      Look l don’t like what they did with this rd. Even thou l won all my games. I just think it just should of been voided full stop. Averages, top 18 scorers nope just should have made it voided. With my league I’m rapt with the participating teams. You guys are gold. Constantly in the top 100. I think the highest we ha been was 32 so to be 9th awesome ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

        demonsdelights · 22/06/2020 at 08:14

        congrats Shake awesome Like Russty ,sorry i let the team down ,but i will bounce back. I was level with Derek in OA but now we are 15k apart ,Like TH keep plodding NDD

          Shake n bake · 22/06/2020 at 09:23

          You’d would never let it down Neil. One of those weeks you couldn’t foresee. Helped some didn’t help other. Was looking fwd to watching ess v melb when l finished work ytday but did settle watching gc v adel.

            Russty_ · 22/06/2020 at 10:52

            Gold Coast are looking revitalised this season, like actual contenders for the first time in a long time, Rowell could be the best young rookie ever the way he's going.
            No one's let anyone down Neil, it was an unfortunate circumstance that benefitted certain teams and punished others, but we can prevail mate!

The Jinx · 22/06/2020 at 02:38

That was a very weird round, not gonna complain ranked at 60k last week to 15K this week. But there's still work to do with my team to keep climbing up the Ranking.

This week was pure luck for me.

Westy · 22/06/2020 at 06:05

Like so many, I had Whitfield and Sturt on field, but didn't have to use their scores, which saved my bacon.

2083 for the round which was top 2000, and I've moved from 34K to 9K in the rankings.

With regards to what happens from here, who knows? Will people get 4 trades this week so they can move out their Essendon players, etc.?

King Max · 22/06/2020 at 09:24

Kelly & Martin already out.
Whitfields and Sturts single digits.
7 Ess and Melb players out.

Cues been put back in the rack for 2020.
I only play for overall, have lost interest now.
Only counting 18 this week really hurt.
How they think that was the most fair outcome for Rd 2.

    Russty_ · 22/06/2020 at 10:47

    Yeah it's been good for some, bad for some others Max, hope you can treat it like a challenge from now on to do the best you can to claw your way back into it.
    Still plenty of games to come.

      demonsdelights · 22/06/2020 at 12:54

      That's right Russty a personal challenge and league wins who knows maybe a premiership it's not all about OA NDD

Matt · 22/06/2020 at 10:33

Can afford to trade Long to any 570k midfielder. Can't afford Oliver or Dunkley unfortunately, especially with Oliver's potential double score soon. Is it worth bringing in Danger, Bont or D Sheil? Learning towards Danger in the hopes he will lift

derek · 22/06/2020 at 10:49


Gil had a press conference last night regarding the JR SURVIVOR Groups and he has made it very clear that this competition is far to important to be stuffed around.

"I am very sorry for the problems the postponement of the Essendon vs Melbourne game had on the JR Survivor Groups. It wasn't our intention to stuff it up. I strongly urge the organisers of this remarkable competition to consider the consequences if any teams are eliminated this week." Gil

As a result; 'Article 3' of the JR Survivor By-laws as been enacted:

Section 18.1 Para (ii): If a game is cancelled or postponed, after the start of the round, No teams shall be eliminated that week, no matter how shot-house their score was. The following week will be DOUBLE ELIMINATION (4 teams per division will be sent home). However, the team with immunity from the previous week will keep their immunity necklace as well as the team who gained immunity this week (2 teams per division will have immunity).

Fairly clear i think.

I will post teams with immunity later in the week.

thanks fellas

    Russty_ · 22/06/2020 at 11:02

    I was hoping the 'no matter how shot house their score was' clause would be enacted Derek.
    I think I might've been in danger this week, good to see Gil has gotten his priorities right and focused on the important parts of this season:)

    JohnDJ59 · 22/06/2020 at 11:14

    I had a look at Div 5 last night and there were eight teams with worst scores than mine, so I was safe, the four teams elimination next week has me a little worried though.

demonsdelights · 22/06/2020 at 10:58

For once a correct decision ndd

holty01 · 22/06/2020 at 10:58

Not a great week for me (just like many). Wasted 2 trades on 1 player who didn’t even make it in my top 18 scorers. Dropped outside the top 1000 but I guess we suck it up and move on. So now we know what will happen if a game is postponed, I think my next 2 weeks trades will be rectifying my team so I don’t have multiple players from 1 team. I might as well accept this season for what it is and manipulate my SuperCoach team to take advantage of what could possibly come our way.

    Russty_ · 22/06/2020 at 11:17

    Bad break Holty this week, although your score wasn't bad mate, it was pretty unfortunate for a lot and not others, think from what they've said about Essendon putting a makeshift team together to field something could mean most of the main players will be quarantined, will have to wait for that news.
    I've only got Smith so could easily boot him or bench him.
    I held Martin this week which hurt my score, could've traded him out for points I guess.

      Holty01 · 22/06/2020 at 11:34

      Can’t blame you for the Martin decision. The postponement came out after Richmonds game. I’m sure you would have made that trade if you knew what was coming.

    The Ranger · 22/06/2020 at 11:35

    You got me by 5pts Holty!
    I think you're spot on saying that we just have to accept it for what it is…it's just a game after all.
    Might as well throw things around and see what happens.

      demonsdelights · 22/06/2020 at 12:48

      Yes Ranger and that's what i will do Dropping a whopping 300 isn;t good but a few years back Shake traded Danger out,who was easily the highest priced player and that's what i will do Out GRUNDY and Whitfield in CEGLAR and Pittonet BANK 600k enough for Whitfield at 50k less or FYFE Points wise the two ins match the two outs it would take me 3weeks to get FYFE so points gained on current M8 would be great. I have a feeling all is not well with Grundy Controversial it is but it is only a game CHEERS BOYS NDD

        Shake n bake · 22/06/2020 at 13:00

        The way other ruckman got scored Grundy definitely robbed. 20 touches 5 marks 4 tackles and 31 hit outs. 5 frees for. Was in the votes most outlets. Only my opinion.

          demonsdelights · 22/06/2020 at 13:09

          I seen that Shake and i know he had a minor back issue .but even at his best, it makes sense to bring in Ceglar and Pittonet for Grundy maybe not Whit as 600 is too much on the pine but Sturt wont play again and that nets me 200k The projected points puts me way in front with one less rookie dud and 200k .why not worked for you cheers

            Shake n bake · 22/06/2020 at 13:26

            Definitely not saying don’t do it just saying for this week l thought he was robbed. Do worry I’m definitely thinking about doing it to and Whitfield

dontblushbaby · 22/06/2020 at 13:27

Herald Sun are reporting that Essendon will be lobbying the AFL to postpone their game against Carlton this week as they will have a diminished backline

    The Ranger · 22/06/2020 at 15:25

    I don't think the AFL will wear that, they went against the AFL recommendation that clubs don't train all members of a certain line together i.e each training group should have been made up of a combination of fwds, mids and defenders.

      Russty_ · 22/06/2020 at 15:41

      The way this one guy getting Covid has stuffed everything around, imagine if another one or two get it?…could be season and Supercoach over.

      demonsdelights · 22/06/2020 at 15:44

      The innocent party is also being dudded why can't the dees play the depleted cheats it's only fair

        TRIGGA_HAPPY · 22/06/2020 at 17:10

        I agree.
        Fairest solution for Dees.
        Only problem is Dees play cats and blues play bombers.
        If u switched blues cant play cats again.
        Guess you could throw hawks v roos into the mix to come up with:
        Dees v bombers
        Blues v hawks
        Cats v roos.

        That could work if afl were willing to run with a fluid fixture.

    Holty01 · 22/06/2020 at 15:38

    Essendon should have no right to ask for this. It was one of their players that has caused this. They need to cop it on the chin and get on with it. In the end, I have no sympathy for them. All players know the rules and what the implications are to the club if a player doesn’t follow protocol and gets corona.

gator59 · 22/06/2020 at 14:45

C'monn Lek and crew I post a post and you delete it for some reason..WHY?

    Russty_ · 22/06/2020 at 15:40

    Have you tried putting it up again Col?…could be an auto detect thing ?
    I know ya can't use the word Pish

      demonsdelights · 22/06/2020 at 15:50

      probably using bad language Saints Stkilda Long grrrr

        gator59 · 22/06/2020 at 16:21

        The only bad word I used in the post was DANK

          demonsdelights · 22/06/2020 at 16:32

          Fair idea about the content. The problem i have is my club is the innocent partyyet we cop 2 games in a week and play the cheats with a full squad. we should play them this week

            gator59 · 22/06/2020 at 19:47

            Agreed Neil..Talk about stuff the SC season up

Don · 22/06/2020 at 19:17

I wonder how the price changes will work for the MELB/ESS players after they have their double game week?

dontblushbaby · 22/06/2020 at 21:14

Josh Dunkley out for 6 weeks , ankle injury

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