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Supercoach Trade Winds – Round 3

Published by Barron Von Crow on

Howdy folks, we’re back again with the Trade Wins for Round 3. I was planning on only making this for last week due to the nature of the re-started season, but what the hell, since the state leagues aren’t doing anything we’ll keep on going with this so it gives me something to do. Last week was the crazy week, with all of us having 5 trades to splurge with, unfortunately we’re back to just the 2 trades a week going forward, which makes it all the more important we nail those trades we do make.

So first up, we’ll take a look at the upcoming breakevens for this week.

Fat Bastard Break Evens

Nic Newman 210

Ricky Henderson 171

Matthew Kruzer 168

Jack Macrae 166

Marcus Bontempelli 164

Stefan Martin 162

Phil Davis 162

Rowan Marshall 159

Jarrod Witts 158

Josh Kelly 155

Patrick Dangerfield 155

Nic Newman suffered a knee injury in the Blues game against Melbourne, so will be an automatic trade out if you do own him for that reason. Jack Macrae and Marcus Bontempelli had scores in the 90’s last week, might as well ride with them and fix your rookies first at this point. Patrick Dangerfield just nudged past triple digits last week, so hopefully it’s a sign he is getting his mojo back.

Mini-Me Break Evens

Matthew Rowell -91

Curtis Taylor -59

Sam Sturt -53

Marc Pittonet -44

Marlion Pickett -40

Justin McInerney -38

Max King -31

Connor Budarick -29

Dan Butler -28

Mitchell Georgades -28

Matthew Rowell is the most obvious choice in the history of obvious choices this week. A HUGE score against a strong Eagles side, followed up by an upcoming game with a Crows midfield who couldn’t stop a toddler at the moment. That BE may not come down for some time. Marc Pittonet was great against Gawn in the ruck, but he may be a luxury trade at this stage for some. Will continue to generate some good cash however. Marlion Pickett and Justin McInerney had disappointing scores, but that’s the life of these types of players sometimes. Their BE’s are still in strong positions and a few good games will boost those cash prices right back up once those poor scores roll out their average.

Trade Bolters

Trent Rivers +5.1%

Jeremy Howe +5%

Marc Pittonet +4.1%

Connor Rozee +3.2%

Brandon Starcevich +3.1%

Harley Bennell +2.8%

Darcy Cameron +2%

Matthew Rowell +2%

Lachie Neale +1.5%

Michael Walters +1.3%

Christian Petracca +1.3%

I was somewhat surprised not to see Matthew Rowell’s name leading the pack by the length of the Flemington straight, but I imagine a lot of that may have to do with his price of $284,900 and people not having the money in the bank to upgrade a cheap rookie priced player to him. Trent Rivers leads the pack this week, he had a solid score of 62 and makes a nice downgrade option should he be selected. Jeremy Howe put up another premo score against the Tigers, he has the Saints this week in which he has scores of 121 and 130 in his 3 round average against. Another potential big score coming up for him, so now is the time to grab him if you don’t as he is projected to be over $550K in a fortnight.

Marc Pittonet has been extremely popular after his great game against the Demons. With Sam Naismith out again and Sam Jacobs and Tim English having a poor game he is getting plenty of attention this week. He has Geelong, Essendon and St Kilda in his next 3, there’s no exposed form to back him on there, but he took Gawn on and came out OK, so if you can do that you can do anything. The only one I can see being a potential issue is St Kilda who can double team him with Ryder and Marshall and wear him down that way.

Conor Rozee has started off huge and is the favourite replacement for Dustin Martin so far, Harley Bennell got through his game against Carlton on restricted minutes and still scored 59, so there’s obvious potential to improve as the minutes do, he scored 1.2 Points Per Minute on the field, which is a pretty good return.

Trade Sliders

Dustin Martin -5.2%

Dan Houston -3.6%

Tom Green -2.5%

Dylan Roberton -2.1%

Sam Jacobs -1.3%

Ben Cavarra -1.2%

Brodie Smith -1.2%

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher -1%

Marcus Bontempelli -0.9%

Rory Laird -0.9%

No surprise Dustin Martin leads the way given his injury and the Tigers Thursday night game on the schedule. Dan Houston was the talk of the pre-season, but those midfield minutes just don’t seem to be there yet and his scores have been disappointing given his starting price. Those two traded out will be the moves I make this week for sure. Tom Green slides again this week with selection spots looking mighty tough to find at the Giants currently. Sam Jacobs had a bit of a stinker last week, but the Giants in general did and he was coming against Todd Goldstein who Jacobs has not scored well on in the past. Might be a bit premature for me, but there’s the obvious cash to be made from a Jacobs to Pittonet trade. Brodie Smith and Rory Laird performed about as well as the Crows did last week, which is to say they were absolutely s**thouse, so no surprise to see them in the top 10 this week, especially given the easy move to Jeremy Howe.

Most Popular Trades

Dan Houston to Jeremy Howe

Dustin Martin to Connor Rozee

Tom Green to Harley Bennell

Sam Jacobs to Marc Pittonet

Tom Green to Trent Rivers

Rory Laird to Jeremy Howe

Brodie Smith to Jeremy Howe

Dustin Martin to Christian Petracca

Dylan Roberton to Trent Rivers

Dustin Martin to Trent Rivers

And that’s it for me this week, make sure you go check out Damo with “Who’s Your Captain?” as well as FozDaddy with his “2020 Hindsight” for some more great info on what to do for Round 3. As always you can catch me on the Twitters @BarronVonCrow or whack a comment below. Seeya all next week!

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Forward line looking bare this week with no Dusty and people saying Sturt unlikely to get a spot.
Leaves me with a starting forward line of Smith, Taylor, Brander, Budarick, Cameron, King – scary.
Don't really want to trade out Sturt or Dusty so if there's another out of the forward line from above I may have to suck a donut.
Trades this week:
Xerri to Pittonet – cash grab
Roberton to Rivers – cash grab

Team after trades, $168K in bank, 25 trades left, current rank 10,339:

DEF: Howe, Doch, Short, Rivers, Starcevich, Noble, Mcasey, Williams
MID: Neale, Fyfe, Macrae, Crippa, Kelly, Bont, Rowell, Pickett, McInerney, TBrown, Robertson
RUC: Grundy, Gawn, Pittonet
FWD: Smith, Taylor, Brander, Budarick, Cameron, King, Dusty, Sturt


i would be surprised Sturt doesn't play


Is Pittonet a luxury at this stage? Facing a donut up FWD I'll be moving Toby Greene. I can go Greene to Pittonet and swing Cameron to help cash gen (Naismith is R3), or move Greene to Petracca/Rozee/Greenwood

new zealander



Barraon, Whats up with your man Laird ? should i flick him off for Petrappa via DPP. Current rank 140


Rookie question.

Two on field out of: Brander, Rivers or Starcevich?

One on field out of: McInnerney, Budarick or Brown?

Two on field out of: Sturt, King or Taylor?


thanks BVC

i can swing Lukosius back to defense and choose between Rivers & King?


I'd go the same but instead of Budarick I'd go Mclnnerney.

new zealander

rivers and brander


Community Announcement

Anyone who has Grundy/Gawn at R1, Jacobs R2 (Conroy R3)

make sure you have Jacobs on bench with E on before tonights game

Otherwise you could struggle to loop Grundy/Gawn as VC

don't forget the E


Good call Derek




Looks like Houston is getting sent back to play a defensive role once again which means for me, he has to go I think, wasn't going to but he'll no longer be in the midfield like he was touted to be.
P.S cheers Barron, this needs to be at the top of the page mate…I only just spotted it and you wrote it yesterday.




where is jack Watts when you need him


Have the problem of 2 under performing pre season false alerts in Houston from PA and Dawson from Sydney clogging up my list but can only afford to trade one of them out this week in order to bring in Bubble Boy Sturt for the injured Cavarra.

Who do you think is a more presing trade? At this stage I'm leaning towards trading Dawson from my forward line for Simpkin who is in great form and then thinking of downgrading Houston next week if he stinks it up again this week for Stephen Hill should he play well this week.

Who do you think should be the priority trade out of Houston and Dawson? Cheers…




This week I traded him out for SPS (Sam Petrevski-Seton) who is pretty much the exact same price. I know its a sideways trade but Houston just isn't performing plus Ollie Wines coming back in might mean he gets pushed out of the middle.


Good call re Ollie Wines return which probably means I need to dump both Houston and Dawson this week but not sold on SPS, do you think he can be consistent? Am now leaning towards Houston for Stewart and Dawson for Sturt with gives me $387K to spend next week. Nothing wrong with sideways trades either!


Have you got Docherty?


$378K is amazing! You could do A LOT with that! Dawson for Sturt sounds good too!

SPS is approaching his prime. I think now that Kade Simpson is getting older, SPS will be the one who the Carlton back line go to to get it out. Also he can easily go through the middle which helps!!!


So yeah I think he can keep it up!


Yes I do have Docherty.


What about Howe!?


Already have him.

Am warming towards SPS after your comments re SPS and the the ageing Simpson and I retain a MID/DEF swing set with Starcevich in my Mids.

My other trade would be Dawson to either Simpkin which means I've done 2 sideways trades or Sturt which leaves me with 4 starting Rookies in Fwd line with Dusty out but $345K in the kitty for next weeK?


Big moves Johnny, I held Dusty but punted Houston this week, went with Stewart as my favourite keeper defender.
Other one was Cumming to Starcevich

Stupid Coach

Great work Barron. Thinking of two trades this week
Georgiades to D Cameron
Zerk Thatcher to one of Young, Williamson or Hamill – need bench cover and have Rivers, Brander and Starcevich.
I am slightly unsure on the first trade since Georgiades is named as an emergency tomorrow so could return to the side next week and I don't want to bring Cameron in if Cox will be back in the next 1-2 weeks.

Any help or advice is much appreciated.