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2020 Hindsight: Round 2

Published by Fozdaddy on

How bloody good was that, Community?!?!?

Footy’s return has got me tingling in all the right areas, even though the Mighty Hawks played like they were still practicing social distancing on the field.

It’s been so long since this last segment was written, I had to go back and look at it’s formatting from round one!

The Tops

The first game back gave us the first draw of the season, but Taylor Adams (131) didn’t take long to get back into the swing of things, with 21 touches, 5 tackles, 6 marks and a goal. Jeremy Howe (126) was a popular choice this week and delivered with 20 touches, 7 marks and 100% time on ground! Bachar Houli (111) continued his MCG dominance despite the lack of fans with 26 disposals and eight marks off half back.

Joel Selwood (151) had his best game in over a year on Friday night, collecting 28 disposals (17 contested), eight clearances and a goal. He spent most of last season on a wing as Tim Kelly stole the spotlight, but is his midfield role back? Tom Stewart (119) was great down back for the Cats, collecting 20 disposals and 9 marks, while Gary Ablett jnr (130) kicked two goals from 21 disposals.

Lachie Neale (171) was a fantasy pig on Saturday against his old side, collecting 29 disposals (17 contested), seven marks and two goals in the win. He managed to go at 96% efficiency which was the reason his score was so high. Charlie Cameron (118) was on track for a monster score himself with four first half goals, but he couldn’t find the big sticks in the second half. No owners would be complaining though. Michael Walters (148) and Nat Fyfe (143) played games we expect them to have now, with each collecting 28 and 24 disposals respectively, and slotting 5 goals between them. Fyfe incredibly had two handballs in the first quarter, and then gave away a 50m penalty early in the second to be on 2 points, but rallied with a huge effort. Luke Ryan (123) had 21 disposals and 8 marks, after disappointing in round one.

It was the battle of the rucks in the Carlton v Melbourne game. Max Gawn (184) took the spoils in the form of SuperCoach glory and the four points, but Marc Pittonet (134) certainly made a name for himself. Pittonet had 23 hit outs and 14 disposals to Gawn’s 34 and 21, but at $236k provides everyone with a ROB 2.0 option this season. Kreuzer is still out, missing multiple weeks, but if Pitto performs at this level, does Kreuze earn his spot back?

Clayton Oliver (127) and Christian Petracca (126) dominated in the centre for the Demons, with 28 and 24 disposals each, while Tracc kicked two goals. Patrick Cripps (117) kicked a goal to go with his 21 disposals, but missed two shots on goal in the last quarter when the game was on the line.

Connor Rozee (145) was Port’s best in the smashing Showdown win, with 17 disposals (12 contested), 6 tackles and a goal. Brad Ebert (127) was back in the midfield and had 16 touches and a goal, while Todd Marshall (127) offered his teammates an option up forward, slotting two himself. Reilly O’Brien (161) had 27 hit outs and 16 touches for Adelaide’s only ton.

How bloody good was it watching Gold Coast towel up West Coast? Was it better than watching future Brownlow Medallist Matt Rowell (171) absolutely pants grown men? The number one pick had 26 disposals (14 contested), seven tackles, two goals and five clearances. A definite Rising Star nomination, and probably award, is in the mail. Sam Day (123) kicked two goals to go with his 18 touches in the win, while Andrew Gaff (137) had 29 disposals in the loss.

Stephen Coniglio (111) had 19 disposals and 10 tackles in GWS’s loss on the weekend, while Shaun Higgins (117) had 28 touches. Todd Goldstein (164) pantsed Sam Jacobs with 51 hit outs and 19 disposals, while Jared Polec (120) kicked a goal from his 23 touches.

Dane Rampe (149) and Jake Lloyd (145) were huge down back for the Swans, despite the loss, finishing with 20 and 29 disposals each, as well as 8 and four marks. Rampe went at 100% efficiency for his 20 touches, while Lloyd kicked a goal. Callum Sinclair (144) scored well in the ruck for the Swans, just to scare you Naismith owners, but he didn’t play a dominant game, I think SuperCoach is a ruck-friendly competition this year. Zach Merrett (159) had a ripper for the Bombers in the win with 29 touches, four marks, four tackles and a goal.

Jack Steele (137) at full-forward makes you think of JREL and smile, but it worked on Sunday, as he provided a good lead-up target and snagged a goal to go with his 22 touches. Jack Billings (133) was impressive with 24 touches and 3 goals, but Zak Jones (127) was the best player on the ground, with 29 touches and a goal for his new club. He brings this great energy for someone in his second game with new blokes. Josh Dunkley (131) redeemed himself despite loosing a lot of owners with 28 touches and 8 tackles.

The Flops

John Noble (41) scored well in round one, which made everyone want to start him on field. He stuffed those who did, after he dribbled out 15 touches at 53% efficiency. Jordan De Goey (67) missed two shots at goal and went at 29% efficiency with his 17 disposals, while Marlion Pickett (37) could only find 7 touches and went at 42% when he did get it.

Patrick Dangerfield (101) barely flopped, but he was a popular captaincy choice, and he was looking at a total score of around 60 at half time. He turned it on once Liam Shiels moved onto Selwood, but you would’ve scored a lot better if you didn’t have the C on him. Jonathon Ceglar (71) was a popular DPP ruck option but didn’t seem to score well despite winning 30 hit outs. They did seem to be going down the throats of the Cats most of the night, which explains that? Almost every Hawk was a flop on Friday.

Hugh McCluggage (66) has disappointed so far this season, with his effort of 15 disposals at 53% enough to cause players to trade him out. Hopefully he can turn it around.

Jack Martin (71) could’ve scored a lot better if he had kicked straight, missing two shots from his 11 touches. Jack Viney (86) scored well, but after his round one efforts he was tagged for a bit of the game, resulting in just 18 touches.

Dan Houston (60), we have a problem. He’s playing midfield but he’s not finding enough of the pill. He’ll be a popular out this week. Also a flop: all of Adelaide. Sorry, Statty and Barron.

After the domination we’ve seen from almost all the ruckmen this week, Nic Naitinui (85) was a little disappointing. Especially if you made him captain over Gawn. He had 36 hit outs, which is more than Gawn, but they must’ve been ineffective. I don’t know, I was too mesmerised by Rowell’s shoulders.

Ben Cunnington (72) had 21 touches, but 16 handballs, which let down his scoring. He also went at 61% efficiency. Most GWS players weren’t up to their standards, but most notably for SuperCoach reasons were: Josh Kelly (89), Sam Jacobs (56), Toby Greene (47), Zac Williams (82), Lachie Whitfield (97) and Jeremy Cameron (53). For purely JREL throwbacks, Heath Shaw (47) didn’t get one hit out!!!

After some brought him in, Jacob Townsend (41) disappointed, with just 5 touches. Jordan Dawson (45) had 16 touches but 5 clangers, while Isaac Heeney (60) kicked a goal from his 10 touches but did little else.

Ben Long (41) was a popular selection but didn’t deliver, with just 9 touches. Rowan Marshall (70) also didn’t do much to satisfy owners, with 11 touches and 21 hit outs.


Josh Daicos (126) went huge with 24 touches (11 contested) and 5 marks, all at 87% efficiency. He is now worth $299k after jumping 40 grand. Tom J Lynch (113) was good for the Tigers, which was needed after such a disappointing round one last week… last round. He kicked three goals from his 12 disposals.

Chad Wingard (60) disappointed after scoring 131 in round one, failing to hit the scoreboard. He had 17 disposals, but he couldn’t hit the side of a barn, going at 35%.

Brandon Starcevich (99) had a ripsnorter of a game off half back after having a relatively quiet round one. He had 18 disposals and eight marks in his second game of football, and is firming in the best 22. Brett Bewley (52) was disappointing after all the hype following round one, only managing to touch it 16 times. Hopefully his scoring improves, but at 275k he’s not a massive investment.

Nathan Jones (31) was floated as a potential defender/mid option, but he only had 11 touches and looked off the pace a bit, so I wouldn’t bother with him. Michael Gibbons (90) is a second year player, but he’s still mature-aged and played like it, with 15 disposals, 5 tackles and a goal.

Charlie Dixon (62) had three goals but only 8 touches, so didn’t score as well as you would’ve hoped. Tom Doedee (39) had his first game back from an ACL injury and only had 9 touches. He’ll warm back into it over the next few games.

Josh Kennedy (56) was a bit of a non-factor up forward, with just five disposals leading to one goal. Darcy MacPherson (65) was a popular pick before the season started, but he’ll be lucky to have any owners after his 12 disposal effort.

Jy Simpkin (104) had a huge last quarter to crack the ton, but finished with 25 touches and 7 clearances. He’s a popular breakout option, and this year looks to be his. Isaac Cumming (47) was disappointing with just 11 touches to his name.

James Rowbottom (34) was someone I personally looked at as a mid-pricer, but I’m glad I didn’t select him. He hasn’t done well to start the season. Jordan Ridley (94) is someone I also looked at, but I’m upset I didn’t start him. I had him last year and he did stuff all, but I went a year early on his breakout it seems. Andrew McGrath (98) had 23 touches and a good game in the midfield, while Kyle Langford (104)  is continuing to play impressive football without much attention.

Hunter Clark (105) was impressive for the Saints, finishing with 19 touches and seven marks off the half back flank. Bailey Smith (126) was also very good, but for the Dogs instead, with 29 touches and five marks in the midfield.

First Dates

Darcy Cameron (73) played his first game for the Magpies after coming in for Mason Cox, and had 13 touches, 8 marks, four hit outs and seven contested possessions. He did everything you’d ask from a bloke who’s spent more time in the medical tent than on the football field, but will he keep big Coxzilla out?

Tom Berry (58), brother of Jarrod, made his debut for Brisbane. He only had 9 touches, but he spent a third of the game on the pine. If he plays he could be another bubble boy this week.

Trent Rivers (62) played his first game alongside Luke Jackson (30), and played a bit better than his rucking best mate, with 12 disposals to Luke’s 7. All eyes were on Harley Bennell’s (59) return to footy. He only played 50% game time, due to strict management, but he had 14 disposals playing through the midfield. If they can keep him on the park he’ll be a fantastic pickup.

Ned McHenry (34) made his debut with 12 disposals and two missed shots at goal. If he slots those he scores much better. Ben Crocker (34) kicked a goal, which boosted his previously horrendous score, but he only had 5 disposals.

Not his first game, but Kyron Hayden (26) had his first hit out of the year, but only managed 8 touches. Not one to look at, I’d say.

Lathiam Vandermeer (42) looked good when he had it, but will need to work on getting it a bit more. He had a goal with his 10 touches.

That’s it from me tonight, Community! What stood out for you on our first weekend back?

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Love ya work Foz mate! Not a great week for me with a few premo fires to put out. Most important to grab Bennell and Cameron if they are named this week, Pittonet tempting me for a R2/3 option though. Will be looking forward to trading out Houston as soon as possible for a true premo


Agree with Tbone, onya Fozzybear for the research and the write-up effort mate, thank you!
Agree Tbone, Houston is a spud!

Shake n bake

Is Houston going to be one moved on for you Russty?


I'm seriously thinking bout it shake to either Ridley or someone more proven like Sewart ot Lloyd.
Sure bet as soon as we do it though, he starts scoring well

Shake n bake

Also could be stuck with him which I’m scared of. Seriously was thinking if Stewart myself.


If he was in the guts, he should come good. Remember it is just one game after a long break, could be many reasons he didn’t score.


True Derek, not sure if I'm overreacting or not, after the hype of Houston pre-season I feel like a sucker now but I bet if I get rid of him he'll start scoring lol


I don't think you can go wrong with Stewart Shake, lifted his average 13 points last season, should be good for 100+ average this year.


I had Houston as well. Gone now. Such a fizzer. Doesn't look like being a top 10. At all.


I’m a bit behind the eight ball this year just due to time constraints and I dunno if it’s already been said but I think it’s worth noting that with the early price rises this year (priced average being counted as first game) it’s not quite as vital to pick up this weeks Cheap rookies on the bubble. whereas traditionally the first increase was there biggest price rise, this year it’s there second. Of course they will go up but it’ll be 30 odd k instead of 60.
Just something to note if your like me and can’t squeeze 4 trades into 2 🤪, the rookies will be somewhat affordable next week still.


I'm already dirty on myself for having to pay another 32k on Starcevich from what he was last week, but anyone's better than Cumming.
No it's not as urgent but there's also less time, to catch up, build cash and have a complete team.


Could be worse worse Rust you could have traded in doodee. 😱


I almost did mate but wanted to get mostly rookies in with the 5 last week. I think he'll come good, he's better than that score.


Making up for my forgotten trade Last week and then cashing in on Sturt’s return
Houston to Howe
Cavarra to Sturt


Like it Corey, did you get Harley in last week?…I reckon he's a must.


Exceptional stuff here from big Foz.


After the weekend when anything goes and footy took on a different look it is nice to have that presence that leans back, takes a deep breath and steers it straight through the big sticks.

Gr8 wrap up and look forward Foz.


Stewert or Howe

The Ranger

Stewart for a safe, steady ride, Howe for the rollercoaster.


Stewart because he's against the worst team in afl history this week and could go 150+ no probs..
Howe because he will increase by 50K if he has his worst game for the year and only scores 100


If I didn't know better Mick, I'd say you're not a very big fan of Carlton, I worked this out all by myself.


Your a genius Russty


I think I was a rather successful Detective in former life Gator.


The Inspector in The Pink Panther maybe


I wanna know why Mick hates Carlton so much, maybe he's actually Mick Malthouse, I'll investigate and let you know..actually, that will take time and effort so maybe you can explain why you hate Carlton so much please Mick…over to you Mick.


More like Mick Molloy


Just reminding everybody that when the afl cut clubs to 16 to save money Carlton should be first to go because they are a blight on the national competition. Have they ever made a final without a team who qualified for finals getting banned?

A bloke in the pub reckons that they have the most premierships but he's living in last century when carlton were part of VFL, if we include 2nd string competitions Port Adelaide are the most successful not Carlton. 🙂


me thinks Mick follows Collingwood.
Good onya Mick, it's important yo have an opinion


Did someone just acknowledge Port as the most successful team AND suggest axing a Vic team?

You bloody legend.

ps. great write up Foz


This place is so quiet these days…

Used to love coming to the comments for advice

The Ranger

Hang about Frank, been a bit going on mate. It'll pick up.


I've been holding back a bit Frank waiting for the old crew to jump back in but quite a few haven't yet, I feel like I'm posting too much even though I'm trying to hold back lol, everyone's probably sick to death of me by now anyhoo.
Hope more guys and gals get into it like they used to now that things are normalizing, then I won't have to pollute the comments so much.


Just keep the comments coming Russty.. By the way where is our off sider, Still recovering from a heart attack after the thrashing they gave Carlton


It's probably way past his bedtime Col, or his Harley Davidson mobility scooter ran out of Lithium Ion power, tell ya what though, I wish I could afford the current golden boy of the fortnight, Christian Petracca, he could be the man this year.
I'd be very disappointed now if he starts dropping 70 scores again.
He's just an unstoppable force when he's in full flight, just needs to stay in full flight.


I noticed that John, had a look at you team last night and it's looking good mate, time to get excited big man!
I started with Rozee and that's one of the few good things I've done, actually I think I have a fairly decent team, just didn't execute very well last week. Chose the wrong bloody captain didn't I.


So true mate, He's looking like a bull that means business this year.. Not like other years just running around like a poddy calf


Ranked 2139 and 322k in the bank. Never been so high. Got rid of Bont last week for Howe.
This week. Noble or Houston for Ridley or Starcevich? Thinking Houston to Starcevich unless Ridley is a keeper
In the ruck. Nicnat to Gawn or Goldy? Or down to Pittonet or Darcy Moore?


Have gone NicNat to Pittonet. Houston to Starcevich. 822k in the bank. Then give my self a couple of weeks to work out keepers in defence and let rookies mature. Then should be able to go straight to keepers without a middle trade. Dont think I will lose points going NicNat to Pittonet. Just wont get the extra Gawn Goldie points. But even with the cash I have cash is always king.


I'm sure I shall change again. Keeping Houston. Going NicNat to Pittonet and who ever I had as ruck captain loophole to Cameron 558k in the bank.


Did you get that early season rank by taking advice from guys ranked 10,000 lower than you?
Trust yourself mate you obviously know more about early season SC than most here so don't shoot yourself in the foot by taking advice from people that you are much better than.


I was 500th last week, now I'm 18000 lol so I guess I'm one of the unqualified ones, anyways in regards to the question, Nicnat to Darcy Moore sounds good 😉


I take advice from most people on this forum and a lot of it makes a lot of sense on what they think

I'm sitting at 193 at the moment and regardless if other coaches are sitting at 10 thousand or 100 thousand,, all coaches will have very good valid points and different views.. Plus there is a lot of luck and risk to factor in and intestinal fortitude also.


Nice start to the year Col, keep up the solid work.
Much better than your dog's bollocks last year 😉


Cheers mate, there is only one way for me this year and I can't work out which way it is


Well, the only way is up for you from here, if you don't run out of trades so, don't run out of trades is my humble advice.


I agree gator.I generally just lurk on this website cause I'm based in Thailand and don't feel I'm in a position to offer any sort of advice cause I'm a million miles away but that doesn't stop me from gaining as much info as I can from all contributors, and so far this season, it's helped me no end and currently sitting at 41, the highest ranking I've ever been. Cheers


That's bloody brilliant Choppers and you're based in the land of awesome Green and Red curries, keep it going and offer your own advice because it's all valuable to who knows how many people.


Cheers,Russty, I'll try and be more involved…..


Great stuff Choppers and keep on climbing,, I'll be rooting for you in one way or another, lol


That is a seriously good start mate. Lurking is good


In the mid 30,000s ranking wise.
Thinking about NicNat to Goldy (or O'Brien or Pittonet) – can't stretch to Gawn. I have enough cash to get to O'Brien without another trade, but would need to do something like trading Roberton to Rivers to stretch to Goldy.

If done, that would then result in Goldy becoming my set and forget in the rucks. I currently have Cameron and Ceglar in a Fwd/Ruc swing, but I also have B Williams (D/R) (goodness knows why) on the D bench.

Alternatively, I could trade Bewley for Starcevich by swinging Cameron on field, Williams to the R bench (to be culled in future). I can still get Goldy this way.


If you want Gawn go and get him no matter what .. But if it's trades and money you're worried about I think ROB is your man to look at in such a weakened Crows out fit.. He'll take most of the choccies in that side each week and should score very very well… Roberton not worth a pinch of shit so get Rivers while you can


Just wondering is the price rise for players is still 2nd game or reverting back to the original 3 game as was. Just wondering if if I decide to get Bennel in if I have to do this week or can wait another week to have a look


I'm not 100% sure KAT, But I think it's every 2nd week because of the season being so short

Shake n bake

What is the highest rack league teams are in?


The best two my team (Banchang Barflys) is in, are at 76 and 918.


84 & 455

Shake n bake

Hey John do you always check team rankings? Just wondering if teams do? Because l always have my league up and running l always check.


I like to look at league rankings. Especially the ones I’m doing ok in 😉

Shake n bake

True, doing well in mine Derek & l play u this week! Up there cazaly hasn’t fallen under 100 for the last 4 yrs.

Shake n bake

Sorry hasn’t been out of the top 100 in the last 4 years

Shake n bake

Maybe this year Neil


Same here John Cazaly and Rat Pack, sorry for dragging us down last week with my shitey score.

Shake n bake

Geary out Russty ur thoughts?

Stupid Coach

Great write up Matty. Need some advice on whether to focus this week on replacing non playing rookies such as Green (GWS) and Georgiadies (PA) if they are still not named this week with those on the bubble or get rid of Laird and/or Bont before they lose more cash. I am leaning towards replacing Laird with Stewart (or Howe) which is what I should have done before Round 1 considering I had Stewart last year and he was pretty good, however, always aware of using a trade to get rid of anyone who is considered premium as they eventually find form and return to the scores we know they are capable of.

Appreciate any thoughts, Community.


Green is a bit too much cash to be sitting on bench.

Shake n bake

Dusty out


Can use him as a loop either Shake

Shake n bake

Would use Bedford as my loop but have to play either budarick taylor king or Sturt if he gets up. Only rd 3 but wins are so important now! Just might have to trade.


To J.Macrae owners and I'm one of them,not sure if its been mentioned that he didn't attend a centre bounce until after 1/2 time last week, Beveridge has been copping a lot flak from members over their performance and rightly so,surely he won't let that happen again after being Zero from 2.


Time to get him back in the guts where he belongs. Plus no Lachie Hunter atm where they really feed off one another

Shake n bake

LIbba back this week