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Who’s Your Captain – Round 2

Published by Damo on

WE’RE BACK! It feels so damn good to be able to say that footy is on this weekend. Blockbusters galore, a West Coast vs Gold Coast interlude and then some more blockbusters!

When Footy’s back, you know what that means? SuperCoach is back and because SuperCoach is back the agonising task of choosing your captain is also back.

Not going to list every captaincy option because otherwise, I’ll be here all day writing and you’ll be here all day reading. I’m only going to list who I consider to be the best options. You tell me if you think I’ve grossly overlooked someone.


Brodie Grundy
Last 3 vs Richmond:
137, 117, 115
Probably the pick of the bunch, and the most popular pick for obvious and well-deserved reasons. Started the season with a 179 and is now up against the moustachioed man (No, not Lekdog) and whoever else Richmond decide to use.

Dustin Martin
Last 3 vs Collingwood
: 66, 104, 88
The shortened quarters seem to allow Dustin Martin to stay on the field longer and therefore do more damage on the stat sheet. Hasn’t got a great history against the Pies but don’t write off the chances he could have a big night out after a long layoff.


Patrick Dangerfield
Last 3 vs Hawthorn: 127, 106, 130
GEELONG ARE PLAYING AT HOME and old Danger loves playing at GMHBA, averaging 120.17 there. If you don’t have Grundy to put the VC on for some strange reason, I’d put money on Dangerfield to pump out a Captain worthy score in game 250.

Tom Mitchell
Last 3 vs Geelong: 148, 102, 136
The question on everyone’s mind; will Tom Mitchell be back at his best with more time to recover and reach full fitness after his broken leg? It’s a question that we won’t know the answer to until we see him play. A 119 in round one though, almost 12 weeks ago, was a good sign and he could do better vs the Cats.


Lachie Neale
Last 3 vs Fremantle: 79, nil, nil
Only played his old side once and was well held because for some reason Chris Fagan thought going head to head with Nat Fyfe was a good idea. I don’t think Fages’ will be trying to that again and as such, I believe he’ll go absolutely bananas against his old side.

Nat Fyfe
Last 3 vs Fremantle: 126, 43, 81
The one worry I have is that when Mitch Robinson tags him, if he tags him, he does a bloody good job, and Fyfe’s less likely to spend time forward after what happened in round 1, and more likely to run through the middle. He’ll be scoring at a decent rate, but the tag could prove a problem.

Max Gawn
Last 3 vs Carlton: 121, 111, 79
Doesn’t usually completely dominate the Blues in the ruck department but with Kreuzer going down, he could run riot against the fairly inexperienced big man, Marc Pittonet. A great option.

(Other options not listed: Patrick Cripps, Andrew Gaff, Tim Kelly)


Stephen Coniglio
Last 3 vs North Melbourne: 130, 89, 62
Call me crazy but I reckon Gonigliog is a great captaincy option if for some reason you haven’t settled on a captain by this stage of the weekend. Hasn’t set the world on fire against the Kangaroos apart from the last game he played against them, but if he could get near that 130 again, you’d be laughing.

Josh Kelly
Last 3 vs North Melbourne: 128, 110, 59
Much of a muchness if you go for Coniglio or Kelly in this game, both could go absolutely bananas at GIANTS Stadium. A fully fit Josh Kelly is a beautiful sight and very interested to see what the long break has done for him.

Jack Macrae
Last 3 vs St Kilda: 120, 121, 85
Didn’t set the world on fire in Round 1, but did a lot better than his other Bulldog counterparts who played alongside him. Can he return to form and add another 120 to his run against the Saints? You’d be waiting a long for your captain if you go with him.

(Other options not listed: Marcus Bontempelli, Ben Cunnington)

TOP VC Options:
Brodie Grundy
Patrick Dangerfield
Lachie Neale

TOP C Options:
Patrick Dangerfield
Max Gawn
Stephen Coniglio

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Mitch is Back

For me its –

VC – Grundy
C – Coniglio

Fully expect to be loopholing to take Grundy's score.


Everyone will have Grundy VC. If he does great, no big deal. But if he has an average night and we have to rely on a C that might separate the pack a bit


Hoping Grundy is better than last time out against the Tigs but if not we have some solid back-up options. Probably just go with Gawn myself.

Just taking a look and there is a non-zero chance that next week I'll want to bring in Bennell, Stephen Hill, Darcy Cameron, Trent Rivers and Will Gould (if named).

That means if I want them all I need to take a punt on two (or even three) this week. Literally none have job security considering injury risk. How would you rank them?


Bennell at lowish rookie price I'm personally taking a punt there for sure.
I'm afraid of DC in and out team player once big yank is fully fit (still great price for great talent, also wish Swans kept him as a fan) Rivers and Gould I believe in next few weeks will be mostly constant selections with no 2nds division this season


Cheers mate yeah Cameron is definitely iffy. Would love to make some money in that R3 spot if I could — ROB there last year helped us reach full premo, without him many would have been shagged.

Hill and Bennell are in if fit. That's a big if though. Love Hill's DPP too — whole reason I picked Dawson so I could have him and Hill up either end.

Hopefully Gould isn't named so we can get him the week after. I presume that the price changes are still on after the second game for the year (not just for round two)??


Grundy VC and take a punt on Titch as C if BG can't hit a Nankless tigers out the park

Big Maxy

Grundy VC, Bont or J. Kelly as backup.
Does anyone know how many trades we get next week, back to 2 as usual?


Pretty sure back to usual next week


Also just in case anyone was planning to keep BZT he's rubbed out for breaching rona rules


He has to go but what about D.Roberton hold or trade?


I'm holding. If he spuds again won't lose much money, wait for Gould (or Stephen Hill) to be on the bubble I say. Best case scenario he recaptures some form and could be handy D7 bench cover

Swans 2012

I think both are a hold….I dont understand the rush to trade them. Could be out of the frying pan into the fire bringing in other rooms, unless you need bzt replacement on field of course, or missed an important rook. even with bzt out this week they seem to want to get games into him…..


That should say other rooks


This cover is the best ever! <img src="; width="1"/> <img src="; width="1"/>


How good to be back! Any thoughts on putting the C on Cripps?


Not sure who to fill my final midfield place between Hugh Greenwood, Jack Viney or Jy Simpkin? Am somewhat leaning towards Simpkin die to DPP status and leaves me a bit more coin for next week but would appreciate any thoughts, thanks.


Viney – will make you a heap of cash


Had the VC on Grundy, will look to roll the dice with the C.

Options are Neale, Cripps or Oliver.
Neale seems like the obvious, but Cripps is very tempting.
Oliver got 158 last year, but Cripps wasn't playing.
In 2018 with both playing, Cripps scored 152 while Oliver had 88

Almost forgot, I've also got Macrae, consistent 120's against the Saints in the last couple of years


Even Danger and Macrae are tempting me


VC – Reg Grundy
C – Dangerfield – I'm catching up with a couple of friends tonight to watch this. One a Cats supporter, the other a Hawks supporter.

Stupid Coach

I also had the VC on Grundy and not sure whether to take his score or roll the dice on Neale or Cripps.

My opponents have gone for Dusty, Grundy and Cripps in my respective leagues.



Neale for mine, he was brilliant in Rd 1 with 150 odd and Freo don't have any taggers of note.


VC – Grundy. Put the C on Danger. 🙁