Jock Reynolds Evolution League WRAP: Round 5

Published by Patch on

Boy oh boy, wowee. There’s not much more that can be said after those incredible performances on the big screen under Friday night lights. Massive thanks go to Punt Life’s shirts, who we can assure you are better than the play we witnessed.

We had a thriller in both matches as the Blues overcame the Doggies and then the Tigers pipped the Pies at the post, but the big news was we saw TWO TONS. TWO!

Brodie Grundy scored 116 and Matthew Kreuzer a mammoth 144 for the highest JREL score on record, which is incredible for those who had the captaincy on him.

The leaderboard for round five will be updates tomorrow, but you can check out how your team went HERE and check out the full player scores below.

And for Richmond’s win over Collingwood…


A surprise victor this round, with He’s No Papley taking out top spot in their first contest!

And the overall leaderboard remains mostly the same, K’dog’s Killers still dominating.

Let us know how you went, community, and if you missed it, be sure to head over to Twitch to catch the rebroadcast.

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Cheers Patch, well done to Papley for a huge score this week and Kdog's killers leading the way overall with Winnerz hot on his heels!….. is there a game on today fellas and what time is it please?


Cheers Russty, wasn't the best round for me with Kreuzer as C being the only thing that saved me from a really poor score! Well done to Paps with the huge score to take out the round. Loved those 8 out of bounds on the full! Absolute pandemonium


Still haven’t managed to catch K-dog, good stuff mate!
It’s classic some of the stuff the simulation comes up with, great for a laugh!

RailRoad Dodgers

Hi Guys, I am currently playing in the AFL evolution 2 league under the team name Railroad Dodgers and I was wondering if you could change my score because the excel malfunctioned. I have the C next to Kreuzer but for some reason it doubled Bont's score and did not give me any of Kreuzer or Petroski Seton's score, even though their price is right next to their name. If you can fix this and add it to my point total that would great if possible. Look forward to playing again tonight or whenever the next round is! Thanks guys

He's No Papley

Wow, was getting bored with no football and saw the Evolution League and gave it a crack. Be rapt if I can do that again !!! Keep up the good everyone – good fun @jockreynolds !!!