Jock Reynolds Evolution League WRAP: Round 4

Published by Damo on

Wow, what an exciting night that was!

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Started off with Gold Coast being goddamn awful until the final few minutes against Port Adelaide and then Fremantle getting a win over Essendon in what was arguably the most exciting match we’ve ever streamed.

Gold Coast started out not being able to get a score on the board while Port Adelaide just went on their merry way until the final quarter when Alex Sexton went absolutely mental and scored a hat trick of goals to make the margin look much more respectable.

Fremantle won in a topsy-turvy affair against Essendon where Brandon Matera and David Mundy were the standouts for the purple team while Conor McKenna just did not stop for the Bombers.

Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide STATS

Essendon vs Fremantle STATS



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We’ll see you again on Friday night!

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Awesome effort legends and thanks for the laughs. Smashing down some fireball shots whilst watching the AI do its thing is a welcome change from watching people down at the local shops fight over bog roll. For those not crunching numbers these longer quarters seem to have spread the points out a little more. Stay safe all.


Do I get a prize for the LOWEST SCORE of the week?…lol, what a p.o.s team I picked.


Hahah as long as you had fun!


Always fun Lek, can I say I was actually trying to get the lowest score this week?…that's my excuse 😉


You da man Lekdog, nice score! The games were great too, high scoring and free-flowing. I couldn't listen to the commentary as I was watching on my monitor while also in a virtual meeting 😀 but still super entertaining! If you changed anything to the game style, I liked it.

Longer quarters was it? I vote keep it that way. Loved seeing Matera almost tonne up, even if he wasn't in my team!

Russty saving your skills for the real thing when SC is back! Just pick an interesting team, enjoy when your players are doing well and laugh when they go crap, haha. And try to pick players that are going to be the back-up ruckman 😉


Hey mate! Just changed the quarters from 3.5-5 minutes!

Was bloody fun! Great to see Matera going huge again!


Cheers Kdog, yeah it's all a bit of fun mate, I may suck at this but am not too bad at Supercoach sometimes, hoping it all gets back on track at some point soon.
It is better having longer quarters for sure, not for me but for most other coaches haha


This is my new jam! I don't want SC to return. Frankly I'm gutted. I stuffed up my 1st Round loophole which saw me fall from 280th (Nation wide) down to around 5,000th. I had an C on an Emergency player who got a late call up (stupid rookie mistake) and missed out on Grundy's VC score… and had Lachie Neale sitting on the pine. FML
Jockreynolds AFL Evo 2 all the way!


A bad start in SC is hard to recover from too Otis, I had a shocker last year and it took me half the season to get into the top 10000, this year I was lucky enough to get a few things right and started off with 2340, only for the world to then all go to shit.
At least there's Lek and the gang providing us with something! 🙂


Are we back tonight ? . Essential worker night shift tonight and don't want to miss out. Somehow have to watch the live stream at work. Its been a bad week , got drafted by the Blues in AFL Evo 2 …. kill me now.