Jock Reynolds Evolution League WRAP: Round 3

Published by Patch on

There were plenty of JREL 2 firsts on Friday. Firstly, it was our first foray into Good Friday football; secondly, we had our first triple header and, last but not least, we had our first ever game on another planet as the AFL Evolution simulator took us to… Tattoine?

Don’t ask us to explain what happens in this game.

We saw some thrillers on the field and some thrillers off it – particularly between Clarky and Damo to see who could self-sabotage their sides the most.

But looking at the round three leaderboard, it was no surprise to see the mercurial Kdog’s Killers again at the top, continuing a stellar run of JREL football.

Kdog is also on top of the overall leaderboard, which as a reminder doesn’t mean squat (unless Patch wins, in which case it’s the most important thing to have ever existed).

Reminder – we’re more than open to feedback so chuck it below – especially re: salary cap and what the limit should be, if it needs changing, and get ready for a MONDAY night fixture this week as we hit the public holidays in a one-two punch. Details on those games will be available soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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How do you check your own individual players scores


Can still check until the next game starts here:


Hey, you guys are doing an awesome job. This is all way above my pay scale in terms of how it all works so big props for how you guys manage it. I had probs with Neale and Yeo when I put them in and think I may have missed their points in the washup. Chartomben


Hey mate, I know if their name isn't spelled correctly it won't register, it has to show the price before it locks in, I mis-spelled a few names typing it myself like Nic instead of Nick Naitanui and it didn't save..basically, you need to doublecheck your work, the best way to do it is on a p.c


Will have a look!

Gawn Again

hey guys – not sure what happened with my team but in the spreadsheet I didn't have two scores – for my captain (Neale) and the other player was Todd Goldstein – it just had zero next to both?


Yep sorry about that G.A both of those guys scored zero….you may need to double-check that though….;)


Updated and your into the top 10 for overall here:


Cheers Patch! It does mean squat to me in these sad time as JREL is one of the only things keeping me sane. But I agree it would mean a lot more squat if Patch wins.

Was a bit worried with Oliver and Neale not seeming to get it done for me as my premos, but luckily Gawn as C had a day out. Tarrant's epic specky followed by efficient disposal also helped. Looking forward to Monday already!


Well done K-Dawg…you'll be hard to catch now, for other good players out there…(not me)…lol
This is a great distraction from our frustrating cooped up everyday lives happening now, much love to all the lads who made this happen.


Kdog is our king