PODCAST | Jock Reynolds Evolution League Explained

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If you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve missed the latest Jock Reynolds expansion – our own fantasy footy, with blackjack and hookers.

Well, the blackjack is AFL Evolution 2 and the hookers are all of not wearing pants because 1) we’re not on-screen and 2) who wears pants these days anyway?

But I digress! We’re doing a thing, and if you haven’t seen the thing come and check it out! All the info is HERE and we’ll have a post up on Friday with the teams to select.

If you’ve played and have feedback, jump down into the comments and let us know what you think! We’ve got plenty of scope to tinker with it and are more than happy to!

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According to the Perth media, Nat Fyfe should be banned for LIFE after his illegal Surfing exploits, and join the ranks of Harry Mckay for his importation of 185000 kgs of Cocaine….. rumours are Nat did in fact infect several fish with Covid 19 while slotting into some gnarly barrels dude…when asked for a comment, Fyfe replied "wooohooo"
His execution is scheduled for Monday week, a stay of execution may be forthcoming if Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger grants leniency..if granted, Fyfe will spend the rest of his days scaling the Virus off the infected Fish until they're clean mate.


Perth media shits me to tears. West Australian does a double page spread on Nic Naitanui once a week and also celebrated when Hogan was in a car crash and then took time off.