Jock Reynolds Evolution League WRAP: Round 1

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Jock Reynolds Evolution League 2 has made an incredible debut under Friday night lights. With two preseason games out of the way, the big league stepped into action with the surprise early release of AFL Evolution 2 and BOY did it deliver.

We saw a hanger, we saw a thriller under lights, we saw a bunch of Carlton players in SLEEVES and, most amazingly, the Wheel of Chaos debuted with spectacular consequences.

This means Harry McKay will miss Carlton’s next game, and every other game until the end of time. He’s gone, done, dusted.

The suspension came after Carlton notched a massive upset win over the Tigers in the pouring rain at the MCG, where Matthew Kreuzer and Caleb Marchbank topped the scoring for the Blues as the Tigers were all at sea.

The second game, which had the massive shadow of McKay’s suspension looming over it, shone in its own right as it turned into a nail-biter.

The second half was goal-for-goal, and was an incredible spectacle of football. Well, as much as you can have an incredible spectacle in AFL Evolution.

However, on an intriguing level, scoring in JREL has gone way, way, WAY down. No players in either games tonned up, and no players registered more than 10 disposals.

It’s had a massive impact on scoring, and has changed the game forever, which is evident in the scoring, with the top scorer – Totts – scoring just 547 points.

Tutts finished in first, just the five points ahead of Monkeying Around and 12 ahead of Kdog’s Killers. Patch (somehow?) finished top of the Inner Sanctum members, while down in last place – bafflingly – is Damo.

We’ll be back again on Sunday evening for more JREL 2, with teams to be announced some time on Saturday. Make sure you’re tuning into Lekdog Games on or following the links of the Jock Reynolds social pages.

Stick together in these tough times, community.

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Wow that's some poxy scoring lol, is the difficulty level set too high?..are the tackles set on a ridiculously high amount?…is that why no one gets any decent amount of disposals, cause they're getting poleaxed into the ground every 2 seconds…are the quarters too short?
Wonder what my illustrious Captain Grundy scored?…bugger all by the looks, scores for the Pies Dogs game?…. I ain't that far behind Damo.
R.I.P Harry Mckay…next time Ben Cousins asks if he can crash for the night..just say no.
Wheel of Chaos…hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚


Great questions Russty. Might be a few kinks to work out but it was still super entertaining!

And yes Patch is it possible to see the stats for the second game as well? Keep up the good work!


Can't answer any of those questions Russty, as with the last game everything is set to default. This appears to be the world we live in now.

Grundy stats here:

Worp the Line

Great job. Can we have a link to see team sheets


My team rickijohn is not on the list from last nights double header.
Can someone check that it was still on the Excel file. I entered it on the 2nd pick your team tab.


Hey mate, you had players out of position, we tried to tell you!