Talking Fantasy: Paige Cardona talks Supercoach

Published by Lekdog on

In this new podcast series, Lekdog sits down with Fox Footy Supercoach star Paige Cardona.

Paige goes through her history in fantasy footy from Supercoach Paige to heading up Supercoach content at Fox Footy.

The conversation also covers:

  • How it’s never too late to chase your dreams
  • How to break into the media industry
  • Paige Cardona’s favourite Supercoach selection of all time
  • Maintaining a healthy balance of life and footy



Lekdog Twitter: @LekdogSC
Paige Twitter: @paigecardona

Who would you like to hear interviewed next?

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Nice one Lek, good stuff Paige…appreciate all your Supercoach and Fantasy Footy efforts.