A Letter to the Community: JR Evolution

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Dear Community,

It seemed strange watching round one played out to empty stadiums, with no roar of the crowd, no packed trams and trains, and no lines at the bar.

Coronavirus has ruined everything we cherish during the football season, but the team at Jock Reynolds have got a plan in place, to give back to the community that have followed us for our misplaced SuperCoach wisdom and banter.

Starting on Friday, we will be streaming the 2018 AFL season on the PC game, AFL Evolution. This game will be completely computer based, with the great men of Jock Reynolds commentating each game streamed.

Not only will you be able to tune into the coverage of Lek frothing over every sleeved player, Patch hating on Chad Wingard and Damo shouting out #BrayshawBreakout every time Andrew gets the ball, you will also be able to pick your own Virtual Fantasy side!

We have developed a scoring algorithm for the AFL Evolution gameplay, so that you can select your favourite team and play a form of SuperCoach to fill the void that the real stuff has left.

In order to select your team and play along, you will need to follow LekDog’s twitch channel, which can be found by searching: LekDogGames

Once followed, you can select your team to field your side, and then watch the stream for score results.

The scoring system is more simplistic than SuperCoach, since the stats we have available are more limited.

Behold, the JR-Evolution scoring system!

Kicks 4
Handballs 2
Marks 5
Hit Outs 4
Frees For 4
Frees against -4
Tackles 4
Goals 7
Behinds 3

Stay safe everyone, I look forward to seeing you all in the competition!

LekDog, Patch, Damo, Barron, Kev, FozDaddy, Statty Matty, and Clarky

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Love you guys. Great initiative and stay safe y’all.


Nice work guys, looking forward to going virtual! Only thing is I'm new to Twitch and can't seem to find where to enter my team on the LekDogGames page, please advise??


This will be amazing 😊


Hi all, we'll post how to select teams etc. tonight or in the morning!

We are about to go live with a test if you're interested.


Cheers Lek I joined up…look forward to learning how to post a team up.


Cool, thank you a lot!<img src="https://tinyurl.com/yxbbsslm&quot; width="1"/><img src="https://tinyurl.com/wwct4y8&quot; width="1"/>

Worp the Line

Is this going to happen still ?


Yes, still going ahead!! We're posting instructions very shortly.