2020 Hindsight: Round 1

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With the season on hold until June 1 at the earliest, it feels weird writing a piece like this. But it is required. It is important to battle through these trying times as a community, community, otherwise we will all be much worse off. So try not to think about the fact there is no round two for now, and let’s try to focus on the nine games of footy we’ve just witnessed.

I’d also like to apologize. I feel like this is my fault. This is the introduction for my last article for last season.

 But let’s look at the round just gone, shall we?

The Top

The season started with Richmond v Carlton, Thursday night footy, and the atmosphere was… electric? Not really, but it didn’t stop the Tigers from obliterating Carlton in the first half of 2020 football. It was good to see Teague have a chat to the Blues at half time and tell them to stop the social distancing. Dustin Martin (126) had 24 touches and a goal, but he set up a lot of goals for a great first up score. Dion Prestia (118) hasn’t been spoken about as a POD option this preseason, but 25 touches and a goal against the Blues, while Shai Bolton (102) kicked three and Ivan Soldo (100) did most of the ruck work, accumulating 25 hit outs against a predominantly Kreuzer-less Carlton. The best thing about this season starting is seeing Sam Docherty (117) play footy again. He was glorious, with 26 touches off the half back flank. Patrick Cripps (112) had a game-high 31 touches, while Sam Petrevski-Seton (113) played in the back half, helping rebound out of defensive fifty with his 19 touches.  

If there was anyone who had Brodie Grundy (179) and didn’t whack a VC or C on him, I’m sorry, but SuperCoach is not your thing. He’s got a fantastic record of smacking around Tim English, and he continued that trend on Friday night, with 37 hit outs, 19 disposals, and a goal. He would’ve cracked 200 if he kicked straight; with 3 missed shots at goal, and a disposal efficiency of 57%.

Jeremy Howe (156) was magnificent in defence, intercepting at will, finishing with 25 disposals and 9 marks. Steele Sidebottom (125) had 26 touches on a wing, while Taylor Adams (112) continued the good trend he’s set of being decent when Treloar isn’t playing. Bailey Smith (106) was the best Bulldog, finishing with 23 touches, while Jack Macrae (103) finished with 22. 

Dylan Shiel (163) had a monster 35 disposals for the one-goal win for the Bombers on Saturday. Andy McGrath (113) was very strong with 23 himself, while Zac Merrett (111) had 22. Rory Lobb (133) kicked two goals and had 8 hit outs in a multi-role for the Dockers, while Nat Fyfe (110) and Michael Walters (110) did Nat Fyfe and Michael Walters things. 26 and 21 disposals respectively, with Walters kicking himself a goal too.  

Isaac Heeney (152) was a beast for the Swans in their close win over the Crows, kicking 4 goals from 16 touches. 12 touches were contested too. Josh P Kennedy (129) was typically strong in the middle for the Swans, collecting 25 touches and 5 tackles. Luke Parker (125) cracked 30 disposals, which is more difficult now with shortened quarters, and Sam Naismith (121) was huge in the ruck with 28 hit outs to go with 11 disposals. I’m 99% sure Lek traded him to Gawn just before this match, too. Rory Sloane (123) was his usual self, collecting 18 touches and kicking a goal to be Adelaide’s top scorer. Tom Lynch (113) kicked two goals from 14 touches, while Reilly O’Brien (107) had 22 hit outs for the Crows. 

Sam Jacobs (132) had himself a debut for the Giants in the win over the Cats, collecting 10 disposals to go with his 28 hit outs. He also laid five tackles to help his score. Stephen Coniglio (114), Jacob Hopper (112) and Josh Kelly (102) offered the Giants first use out of the middle, with 19, 22 and 18 disposals respectively. Coniglio also kicked two goals, while Hopper took seven marks and Kelly laid seven tackles. Mitch Duncan (120) was the best afield for the Cats, kicking three goals from 21 disposals, while Tom Stewart (100) overcame a slow start to crack the ton.  

Connor Rozee (125) kicked a goal from his 21 disposals, while Travis Boak (125) had 25 touches. Darcy Byrne-Jones (114) played an important role off the half back flank, rebounding the ball with his 25 disposals. Hugh Greenwood (116) was lively for the Suns in the loss, with 13 of his 18 disposals contested.  

Ben Cunnington (185) had 25 touches, and one of his two goals was the match-winning snag. Todd Goldstein (136) continued the trend of ruckmen scoring well, with 14 disposals and 27 hit outs, while Jy Simpkin (131) had 23 disposals and a goal. Jack Billings (120) had 18 disposals and two goals, while Jack Steele (128) had 22 and one.

Chad Wingard (131) was electric, kicking three goals from 21 disposals. Liam Shiels (127) was strong in the midfield, collecting the pill 24 times, while Tom Mitchell (119) had 25 touches in his comeback game. Lachie Neale (157) was as good as he ever was, with 26 disposals, 10 tackles and a goal. Two misses soured his day, and his potential score.

Jack Viney (186) was a popular mid-priced selection before the season started, and he continued his massive scoring trend from the Marsh Series with 34 disposals and a goal. Shannon Hurn (152) went largely unnoticed this preseason but showed why he’s still a valid selection with 23 disposals and nine marks.

The Flop

Ed Curnow (57) was boldly selected by Patch, and briefly by myself, and I am glad I jumped off. He won the first clearance of the night, however he had only 16 touches and was frequently second to the ball.

Sam Walsh (55) had 19 touches but went at a disgusting 31% efficiency, which inhibited his scoring ability. Tom Lynch (55) was kept to one shot at goal (behind) by Jacob Weitering, but it didn’t affect Richmond’s attacking prowess.  

Josh Dunkley (67) had possibly the worst first quarter I’ve ever seen from a dominant midfielder, and his second quarter wasn’t a whole lot better. He saved himself with a decent second half, but 18 disposals at 55% isn’t going to net you a decent score. Good news is he wasn’t a full time forward. Tim English (63) was the floorboards that Grundy walked all over, and M0nty from Fan Footy rightly bestowed a traffic cone beside his name. 11 hit outs and 10 disposals for a popular R2 is gross. Marcus Bontempelli (76) was very quiet in the loss, with only 15 disposals and not much influence. The good news is that if he can score 76 off 15 disappointing touches, he’s still well liked at Champion Data. For the Pies, there weren’t many disappointments, but Jack Crisp (62) gained the trust of foolish coaches everywhere, then he betrayed those who loved him dearest. 15 touches off a half back, and seemed to lose a lot of the rebounding opportunities to John Noble.  

Jake Lloyd (77) was put on a wing and you could tell he wasn’t his usual self, finishing with 17 touches. He had a below average end to last season playing on a wing, so watch to see if he continues this trend. James Rowbottom (46) was listed on the ball and he piqued my attention, so it was disappointing to see him play poorly. 11 touches from 61% game time kept his score very low. Taylor Walker (55) kicked two goals in the first quarter and was on 42 points, so it was disappointing to see him let down Lek by not being sighted in the next three periods.  

Luke Ryan (52) had a ghastly 11 disposals. For someone you’ve spent $520k on, you’d want a bit more than a point per 10k. #BrayshawBreakout? More like, #BrawshawBreakdown (thanks @sugardaisy21 for that one). Andrew Brayshaw (66) had 14 disposals, and twice in the last quarter he had important shots at goal (including one in the final minute) and missed both. The last one, in particular, would’ve made it quite the interesting game (and boosted his score up over 100, I think). Darcy Parish (53) was disappointing for the Bombers, collecting only the 12 disposals. It looks like he’s playing a primarily forward role, with bursts in the midfield. This will mean his scoring fluctuates heavily throughout the season. Brandon Zerk-Thatcher (49) was someone all coaches relied for on-field scores of 60-70, but the intercepting king was kept to just 12 touches and three marks.  

Jeremy Cameron (70) kicked three goals but had little influence elsewhere, collecting only seven touches. Patrick Dangerfield (82) was closely followed around by Matt de Boer, resulting in just 16 disposals.  

Darcy MacPherson (56) was quiet after a strong preseason, collecting 12 disposals. Dan Houston (79) wasn’t awful, but a permanent midfield role calls for 90+.

Dylan Roberton (26) was one of the more popular selections in the back line this year, and those who went without him would be sighing with relief. He only managed 8 touches in his return (82% TOG).

James Sicily (70) had 17 disposals (15 kicks) but went at 58% efficiency which hurt his score. Dayne Zorko (52) had just 14 touches in a quiet game for him.

Tim Kelly (86) was okay in his first game for the Eagles, but at $561k you want more than 19 and a goal. Angus Brayshaw (71) had a really quiet first half, but stepped up in second half to finish with a score over 50, which is surprising. Max Gawn (93) saved his game in the second half as well, but we expected more from the big man after the massive trend of rucks scoring well.


Jayden Short (86) became a popular selection when Houli hurt his calf, and whilst he relied on a big quarter to get his score reasonable, you’ll take 86 any day. He took the majority of the kickouts, but I imagine that changes when Houli comes back. Hopefully gets a decent price rise before dumping him for a premium. Levi Casboult (104) played a bit of everywhere on Thursday. He played down back as an interceptor, he kicked two goals, and he rucked when Kreuzer went down. I don’t expect him to score many more tons, however you’d be happy (as I am) if you have him in draft.  

Hayden Crozier (115) had a great game in a disappointing night for the Dogs, with 17 touches and 7 tackles. I don’t know how his game got such a good score, but his 0% ownership (lol) would be happy with this game. Scott Pendlebury (109) keeps going around at a high level, and no one ever touches him. He had 25 touches out of the middle, with 9 marks and 4 tackles.  

Justin MacInerney (81) is priced as a rookie, but he debuted last season. He had 15 disposals and did enough to hold his spot if they wanted to bring anyone in next week. Wayne Milera (90) played in the back half and played well, accumulating 15 disposals for 353 metres gained at 86% efficiency. If he keeps playing this half back role, he could be a good $400-450k option.   

Jordan Ridley (100) had a great JLT last season, then busted come round one. He then had a great Marsh Series this season, but wasn’t spoken of due to the impending arrival of Connor McKenna. McKenna didn’t play, so Ridley’s role and score was much better. However, he’s due to return soon, so who knows if he keeps this up. 

Isaac Cumming (57) was quiet off the half back flank for the Giants, which disappointed all his owners. He didn’t do enough to keep his spot when Zac Williams returns. Darcy Fort (94) had 8 disposals and 23 hit outs, which will keep Rhys Stanley in the emergencies for the time being. At $264k he provides good value for our forward line.  

Brad Ebert (104) could’ve pushed for a 130+ score if he kicked straight, managing only 1.3 from his 20 disposals. At $415k he could be one to plonk in your forward line, however he was up against the Suns, so we’ll see if he can continue this form. Ben Ainsworth (93) had 15 disposals and a goal in the loss, and is priced at $329k.  

Ben Long (118) provided good value at $283k with 14 disposals (11 contested). He had three really good plays in the last two minutes as the Saints tried to retake the lead.

Shaun Burgoyne (126) kicked three goals from his ten disposals, and set up two more goals in a huge game. If this season doesn’t continue, I hope Hawks give him a contract for 2021 so he can reach 400 games.

First Dates

Marlion Pickett (94) was the highest selected player this season, in over 70% of teams. Those who didn’t select him would be kicking themselves as the second game player scored very well for a 123k player. He only had 14 touches but set up a few goals and looked dangerous. Jack Newnes (67) debuted for Carlton, however I can’t see him improving much on his score this game, while Jack Martin (107) kicked four goals in his debut for the Blues. He was a tempting selection; however, he is more likely to play forward than midfield.  

Tyler Brown (64) debuted for the Pies and had a decent game with 15 touches and a goal assist. He is many people’s bench option, however you’d be pleased if you had him on field. Ben Cavarra (32) made an inspiring debut for the Doggies. Overlooked in 6 drafts, won almost every award you can in the VFL, earned a spot on the Bulldogs’ list last year, he finally cracked a game. He only managed the three touches, but kicked a goal and missed a second shot. Definitely don’t have him on the ground next week if he plays, but it’ll only take a bag for him to make some coin.  

Fischer McAsey (16) played his first game, but you wouldn’t know about it. He had 5 touches, with only one being effective. At this score, he’ll look to lose money, so whether you hold him and hope he scores okay next week, or offload him to a cheaper playing rookie with better scoring potential. He plays a lockdown role, so his scoring capabilities were never great. 

Tom Green (41) debuted for the Giants, however, didn’t reach the levels we saw in the MCS. He managed just six disposals in 68% game time, which worries me, given Jackson Hately was an emergency. Hopefully the rookie holds his spot. 

Rookies galore for the Suns in this one. Matt Rowell (80) was the best of the bunch with 19 touches, while Noah Anderson (42) started strongly but faded with 12 disposals, and Connor Budarick (43) had 8 touches. For the Power, Mitch Georgiades (78) kicked two goals from his 11 disposals.  

Curtis Taylor (79) kicked a goal from his ten disposals, and scored well for a forward rookie-priced option. Max King (42) kicked two goals but the rest of his six disposals were ineffective, which hampered his scoring.

Deven Robertson (47) was a late in for Grant Birchall, and the highly-touted prospect played a decent game, but didn’t set the world on fire with just seven disposals.

Toby Bedford (39) had eight disposals in his debut, while Kysaiah Pickett (57) kicked two goals from 11 touches.

Medical Tent

Matt Kreuzer (33) went down after a ruck contest clutching at his ankle. He’s out for 12-16 weeks, so expect Marc Pittonet and/or Tom De Koning to play plenty of games this year. Nic Newman (39) hyperextended his elbow (I think) but he strapped it and played out the game after a brief break. Nick Vlastuin (78) was looking good before copping a head knock in the third quarter. He only managed 50% game time.  

Brodie Smith (55) hurt himself and spent a chunk of the game on the sidelines, which hurt his scoring. He finished with only 7 touches.

Adam Kennedy (6) pinged his hamstring and didn’t play on after the midway point of the first quarter, while Quinton Narkle (82) dislocated his finger but continued after it was popped back in.  

Hamish Hartlett (68) injured his quad and didn’t return to the field. He had 10 disposals and a goal. 

Jade Gresham (26) managed 12 disposals at 33% efficiency before finishing the game early, while Jack Ziebell (19) looks to have done his knee early in the match. Paul Ahern (19) and Josh Walker (7) also had early exits from Sunday’s game.

Stefan Martin (58) didn’t take any further part in the game after hurting himself. He collected 10 disposals and had 12 hit outs.

So that’s it from me today, community! With football out of action for a while, we’ll be delivering some special SuperCoach content in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for it! Hint: Think e-Sports!

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Great write up Matt, RIP 2020

s c tragic

Plenty of time to make those tricky trade decisions.


SuperCoach scoring ruined by shortened quarters, impossible to predict those scores..


FWIW, Starcevich took his stopping role very seriously, not even allowing himself to score (28). That's some fine dedication right there


Roberton also…didn't want to bring his heart rate over 60 beats per minute.


See you – not – soon 🙁 <img src="https://tinyurl.com/yxbbsslm&quot; width="1"/><img src="https://tinyurl.com/wwct4y8&quot; width="1"/>


Thanks for the review Matt, great work , I fear this could be the last SC article we'll see this season, it's bloody sad and we're all in shock I'm sure. We just all have to get through this thing as best we can and try not to go feral on eachother.
It'd be good to hear from all the Admin lads before everyone disappears for 2 months…and beyond possibly.
Cheers lads for all your pre-season efforts with all the articles and info…hope it can get going again at some point during the year.


Wishing you all a safe time with those you love. Stay in touch.