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The end is nigh, community – and I’m not talking about coronavirus. I’m talking about the end of preseason, the end of hours of calculations and changes and tinkering.

I have a side I’m happy with. Three weeks ago, I didn’t think it would be possible, but it’s a mixture of scoring potential, flashy premiums and oh so much structural risk. Oh so much!

Way back in November, I made the call the backline was where the rookies would be and that’s where we should go skinny. Three months on, I didn’t realise how right I would be, and to help build the tension towards how skinny I’m going, I’ll be naming my side the way they do west of Broken Hill – with forwards at the top.


#BrayshawBreakout is on – for now. Damo’s been in my ear – and the ear of anyone who’s listened to more than 60 seconds of a Jock Reynolds podcast – and I’ve heard enough. Am I picking Brayshaw to shut him up? Maybe. But he also has a point, and if when it goes belly-up, 90k will send him to Christian Petracca, or I flick him to Steven.

Lachie Whitfield will be the highest-scoring forward for the year, even if he is slightly overpriced, but I’m starting him. Genuine captaincy option, too. MacPherson showed enough to make me think he’s not a preseason hero and Smith will average 90 to fit into the top eight for the year. I still want Petracca, but can’t quite fit him in.

I sat Ben Long at F5 for a long time last week, but he becomes more of a risk than I’d like to take – as you’ll see in a second – and with Taylor, Rankine, Budarick and King all due to play, I’ll take my chances with them – and potentially Xerri if he’s named.


Points! POINTS! Points everywhere. Macrae, Neale and Oliver are all points machines and need no introduction. I’ve missed the Josh Dunkley bandwagon two years in a row and I’m not missing out again.

Josh Kelly will a full preseason under his belt is a train I don’t want to miss out on, and everyone else in my midfield has good injury history – historically they don’t tend to miss. Kelly may miss, but I’m hoping finally he gets a 22 game season under his belt.

McLuggage has been spoken about a lot and I’m onboard. With a 105-110 average I’m more than happy for him to be an M8 by season’s end.

I’ve loaded up on a few players who’ll miss in the final bye week, but if you’ve got players missing any weeks, that’s the week you want.


Set. And. Forget. If your ruck line doesn’t look like this, do not @ me. I’ll permit a different R3. Maybe.


Aaaaaaaaaand here it is. Here’s how he’s afforded to go six deep in the midfield, and pick both Whitfield and Gawn. Here is where my side could – and will – very quickly go belly-up.

John Noble is my D2. Second defender. Yep, yes, I know. Why am I going so, so skinny down back? Because I want all these other things. I want McLuggage. I want Gawn. I want Whitfield, and because there are simply no rookies worth trusting anywhere else on the park – at this stage.

Am I confident in them? Gosh no. Golly gosh no. I’m missing potential value in Docherty and Houston – although the latter’s bye puts me off him – and I’m missing points from a Ryan or Sicily. But – BUT – I’m strong elsewhere.

Noble should be picked if you can fit him in, Zerk-Thatcher is a lock for a 65 average, and I’m bullish on Young should he come in for Hill. Brander will play and score, if Williams is named he’ll be good bench cover. Gould should play. Lachie Ash should also play, and I reckon Williams will knock Cumming out of the side.

I’ve never been someone who’s loved keeping cash in the bank, but this year I’ve got 90k worth of ‘break glass in case of emergency’ money.

If it all falls apart, Darcy MacPherson becomes the sacrificial lamb – he gets cut, Brander swings forward and Docherty or Ryan comes in. If Ash is dropped for Williams, he’s flicked and Robertson comes in. Bailey Williams can come in. Young can become Robbo. It might even result in Cameron swinging forward and Luke Jackson coming in at R3.

There’s agility and flexibility, meaning this team – obviously – could shift depending on the backline rookies.

However, this is the team I want to select. I want to be bold, be daring and push the envelope. It’s not a safe side. It might not come off. And that’s the way I like it – if you’re not risking the potential of it all crashing down around your ears, you’re not having fun.

What do you reckon? Have I gone too far?

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did you proof read this article before you posted mate hahah it doesn't quiet line up! Please escort yourself down to your local hospital and have yourself tested for coronavirus right away mate.. I am gravely concerned for you haha


I've fixed most of that now mate – serves me right for making changes while writing


On another note just watched a max gawn interview… For those of you familiar with CP3 in the NBA petracca since his marsh week 1 game has been peacocking around the club and nicknamed himself CP38&3 After having 38 disposals & 3 goals hahaha That's enough for me to select him based on that alone, absolute gold from him haha
oh and Gawn said tracca is locked for the midfield in 2020. jump on!


Haha he's a funny guy Maxy. Also, when asked of a teammate who we should pick in fantasy, he said Petracca because he'd be cheap surely… A nice little dig


Saw an interview with CP38and3 from their pre season camp that he chose to do with his shirt off. Clearly on good terms with himself.

Put the sponsors gear on Christian you tool


Are we witnessing the emergence of the next AFL flog?


Nah, don’t think he is a flog, more your class clown type. Plenty of setting himself up for ridicule and seems to enjoy others taking the P155


"I’ve missed the Josh Dunkley bandwagon two years in a row and I’m not missing out again."

****Proceeds to not pick Dunkley in midfield screenshot****

Love ya Patch. McBags is gaining more and more traction.


You should find him at M4 in the screenshot, unless it’s been edited since you commented BB


yeah its been edited Foz.. he didnt have dunkley originallly he had TKelly and had budarick in both his fwd and midfield line.


Classic case of editing my team while writing, apologies all.


Don't mind it at all, although as pointed out by others you still don't have Dunkley!
I want Houston and Roberton in my backline but will have to make sure I have both bench players when the Power and Saints have their early bye. If so, would be great to have both through the byes (and upgrade Robbo after that if needed)


Shaky backline Patchy boy, however if it works you'll be laughing!

Jorg Ancrath

You re gonna be sweating the tram sheets each week with that backline. I'm going 4 rookies on field down back and even that's giving me Covid-19 type symptoms.

Jorg Ancrath

*Team sheets. There aint gonna be any trams . Nor any footy, most likely.


What no Chad????


If you really want McCluggage, then you could consider getting rid of J Kelly. Bring Starcevich down. This brings Pickett onfield. Seems a waste to not have Pickett onfield – it’s like looking the proverbial gift horse in the mouth. Green is probably too expensive for a bench spot.

With the 717k you can get Docherty and have 282k to sit on the head of one of those rookies to turn into a breakout. For example on top of Noble to get Houston, or on top of Ash to get Weller.

I don’t share the concern over Houston’s bye. If I said right now you’d get 20 games each out if Whitfield and Kelly, people would unhesitatingly pick them, but somehow only 21 games from Houston is causing jitters.


Ahhm, Houston can still play 22 !!


Yes, you are right. I was trying to point out that we would tolerate missing a game or two from some players, yet we are seeing this as a reason not to pick Houston.


No Docherty is madness.


Docherty will be top 3 defender


Definitely 'Ken Bruce'


'Gould should play' – how confident are you in this Patch, given he didn't make Marsh 2? Even if he is named rd 1, I'm not sure he is secure.


Gould dont think plays rd 1.
Horse said last week rd 1 might have 4 new players and gould wasnt one of them.


MID from M6-M8 Walsh Rowell Pickett
FWD F3-F6 Steven Dev Taylor Budarick

MID from M6-M8 Rowell Green Pickett
FWD F3-F6 Petracca Steven Dev Taylor

I think walsh presents huge value for an M6 he could do an oliver a late season upgrade i think but comes at the price of having too run steven at F3 instead of tracca, risky? look over the options carefully & let me know πŸ™‚

Jorg Ancrath

Option A. Don't fancy Trapacca.


hard to split them on points.
option A) purely because walsh is a far better player than petracca and we know walsh's role.
also don't know how solid greens JS is in a star studded side look at hately in 2019

The Ranger

According to the lovely little yellow exclamation mark next to Docs name on my team sheet he "hit 100 in Marsh 2 from 8% time on ground".
You'd have to be mad not pick him on that stat…imagine if he played a full game!


Hey patch saved you a place in the happy place.

Code is 439713

Who is Trev who has jumped in? – is that the Trev who run the other website?


Hey Trig, if Patch doesn't come to the party, can i jump in.

Shake n bake

Still interested in up there cazaly Derek?


yep. what is the code. i'll jump in

Shake n bake



thanks mate. i'm in


Hey Derek

Saved you a spot on the happy place jump in .


Is he a crows man?
Name crowmanic?


Hey Trig if you don't know who that Trevor guy is, Mav asked the other day if there was a spot and also Derek below..dunno maybe flip a coin?

Shake n bake

17rd season!


No byes to worry about in SC. I'm already licking my lips.


Can we make enough cash from rookies now or need to add a few more mid pricers?
How many trades will we get?
Will they cancel SC?


this will make things interesting with trades, rookies etc…
I just hope they don't can SC all together I've spent far too much time on my team this pre season to have it cancelled.


Tee hee

Stuff the byes philosophy wins again! πŸ˜‚

Shake n bake

Definitely be some announcements on changes. Watch this space l suppose. If not many changes will definitely look at mid priced players


the AFL statement said today that is any player gets the Coronavius, the AFL would have no choice but to suspend the competition.

the chances of one fella amoungst all the teams is very high.


Well, so much for that. Emergency pod dropping in an hour, stay tuned.



This is the Ultimate test of supercoach skill.

Outsuper, Outcoach, Outlast.

Rules are pretty much same as last year:

We will start with groups of 22 (number of groups will depend on popularity. We will start with 5 groups and see how it goes, we can add more groups later)

To start the season nice and easy, no-one is eliminated in Week 1, however, The team with the highest score from each group in Week 1 will have the IMMUNITY NECKLACE for Week 2 and therefore can not be eliminated in week 2.

This will continue each week, the team with the highest score for the week in their group will have immunity the following week.

In Week 2, the team with the lowest score for that week (and that week only, nothing to do with overall score or rank, just the one week's score) will be eliminated from the group. Fire snuffed out, gone! Unless that team has immunity. If that is the case, the team with the second lowest score will be eliminated.

In the case of a tie, the team with the lowest overall rank of the tied teams will be eliminated.

The same will happen in Week 3, the lowest score for that week will be eliminated (unless they have immunity)

Week 4 to Week 11 we step it up. TWO teams will be eliminated each week until there is 4 teams left in each group.

We don't play during the byes. This is to much of a big deal to be stuffed up with bye rounds.

After Week 14, the surviving teams from the divisions, will go into the Champion of Champions Group, and battle it out to find out who will be the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR.

Same rules will apply in the Champion of Champions Group (exact details will depend on the final numbers)


I have set up a number of "JR Survivor Divisions" in GROUPS.

Not to be confused with LEAGUES (which i'm sure most people have already filled to their max 10)

JR Survivor Division 1 – FULL

JR Survivor Division 2 – FULL

JR Survivor Division 3 – FULL

JR Survivor Division 4 – FULL

JR Survivor Division 5 – FULL

JR Survivor Division 6 – 894861 (5 spots left)

JR Survivor Division 7 – 118872 (12 spots left)

You can join any group, but you can only join ONE.

If i see anyone in more than one group, they will be eliminated from all the groups they are in.

IF there is already 22 people in the group, DON'T JOIN IT, join the next group. Once these initial groups are filled, i will add more groups if needed.

Anyone who was involved last year will know how it all works, and hopefully had some fun.

Let me know if there are any questions.

thanks Fellas

Shake n bake

Home and away games will be interesting if you play each other once!


Can we play 17 at the cattery?


Not sure that public cleanliness and hygiene passes muster. Best they just drop a tarp over the joint until cricket season.


Ha ha πŸ‘


Probably a bit harsh, you people haven’t had Collingwood, Essendon or Richmond supporters in the joint for years. It’s probably the cleanest venue in Australia.


17 rounds

30 trades


Can we get enough cash gen by then?


yes. i'm usually losing team value over the last few rounds

have a look at your history – team Value.

i hit my peak value last year in round 16, the year before in r19, and in 2017 it was round 17.


Interesting, cheers Derek.


Yep bang on, I was 17-19 last 3 years


16 rounds unless they start this week.. R2 is normal start..
The issue for SC is that after R4 the rounds will be a dynamic .. can SC system cope?


i love how you left the defenders until last in your team reveal patch…. i was very impressed with your team until i got to the bottom


So what's the assumption? AFL is postponed a month? AFL plays to empty stadiums for a month then reassesses (what would the point of that be?).
Either way the fixture needs to be changed which will mean changes for Supercoach. Wonder if those in charge have the ability/resources to change SC accordingly in time for round one lockout if it really is this Thursday…


Decision in the next 24 hours if Rd 1 goes ahead this week Steeeve, players are conferencing and doing a survey at 7pm tonight.
Not sure if the SC game can be adjusted in 3 days.


what do you expect the following too average over the season, ill start.
Petracca – 94
Walsh – 105
McCluggage – 107
Brayshaw – 85
Ceglar – 90
coniglio – 108
Macpherson – 93
TJLynch – 94


I’ll play this game

Petracca – 90
Walsh – 95
McCluggage – 105
Brayshaw – 88
Ceglar – 77
coniglio – 112
Macpherson – 90
TJLynch – 80


thanks derek… looks like im a little too optimistic with a few of my scores!
hope your right about coniglio though that'd make him fantastic value.
Doesn't make my decision on tracca, macpherson & brayshaw any easier though haha


Hi Mav, here's my 2 cents…
Petracca – 82
Walsh – 100
McCluggage – 105 ish
Brayshaw – 80
Ceglar – 80
coniglio – 105
Macpherson – 85
TJLynch- 75

Shake n bake

So 17rds but first 4games your fixtured against remains the same.


Oops, there's a change in the wind. Only 17 rounds. Wonder what this all means. Will we still have a bye?


So, im hearing 17 rounds with 22 trades…..Does this change anything with starting teams? I think with the less starting trades I’m be trying to nail down cheap premiums and leaving out expensive ones for upgrades.

So I’m theory, I’d probably leave out Gawn, throw on Petracca for Whitfield and bring in an extra back premo or 2


Where did you hear 22 trades?

Jorg Ancrath

So, pretty much screw up our teams and start again. Hope SC isn't scrapped entirely.


Hi all,

Got a few spots left in a top 200 league. League code is 593782

The Saltshaker

Patch that def is swiss cheese πŸ‘€

Jamie Pearce

Afl Fantasy League V2WZC9J6


Where's Damo? His Brayshaw Breakout is a flop!!! Maybe he should sing 'The Pretender' instead!