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My team has been like a science experiment over the pre-season. I’ve tinkered, I’ve experimented, I’ve done all sorts of crazy things just because I could do them, and out of all that, this is the end result.

This is my team, I hope you like it.


My backline isn’t anything out of the ordinary here with Laird being an always reliable pick, Houston being highly selected due to the promise of midfield minutes and Docherty being Docherty. Cumming performed well over the Marsh Series games, so gets an early nod at D4, while Zerk, Williams, McAsey and Gould are all speculative at this stage and could still be moved on, pending Round 1 selections.


I’ve taken a chance on Kelly staying healthy this year as my M1, while Cripps, Dunkley and Danger select themselves. I’ve always been a big fan of Elliot Yeo, but never gone with him as a starting selection, so I’ve decided to take the plunge this year with him. People will ask about his scores going down with the addition of Tim Kelly, obviously I’ve selected him believing that won’t happen, with talk that Kelly may be spending time forward and the likes of the Western Bulldogs as an example of a team being able to have multiple high scoring midfielders.


Can’t beat Grundy/Gawn!


The riskiest line I have with 3 midprice speculations on Wingard, Brayshaw and Smith. It’s probably a make-or-break for my side, if they fail then there’s a lot of work to be done in fixing this line, but risks are all part of picking your Supercoach team. This has led me to pick Dustin Martin as my F1, a stabilising pick who will keep his value at worst. Crocker has been busy for the Crows and I like his job security slightly more then Ben Davis’ who I think will also be available to select for Round 1. Brander is in on the promise of a wing role, which may or may not eventuate.

So that’s my side for now, as with all our sides it’s totally dependent on what the teams look like for Round 1, but at this stage it’ll be changes around the edges, rather than a total overhaul on any changes from here.

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Nice team Barron.

I am worried a little on McAsey and Cumming’s job security. I think Doedee takes McAsey’s spot. If these two switched to Noble and Starcevich, then you could upgrade Martin to Whitfield.

Not sure on your cash, but it might even be a Danger down to Oliver and you could take Wingard to Whitfield instead, leaving Whitfield and Martin at F1 and F2.


Ooooh, is Chad in there just to rile Patch up?
Nice squad BVC ๐Ÿ‘


I don’t mind the Wingard pick. I’ve been getting him late in my draft leagues this year.

He is certain for midfield time at the Hawks

In Marsh 2, he was in the guts all day. And a lot like Petracca, seemed to be doing all the right things, but failed to score any points. On another day they might have both got 100.

You gotta be in there, and he is for now.


Be interesting to hear Patch's reaction to the Winged selection.


Wingard bloody auto spell


He plays like he's winged half the time


Barron. We've spoken about this. At lenght. At. Length. I'm going to count to 10, and if you haven't switched Wingard out for literally any other player in the AFL by the time I get there I'm going to take everything you know and love and set fire to it.










Barron. Don't make me come in there.


Wingard to Steven has to be considered.


Big no to Yeo and Wingard from me.

Could change yeo to almost any top mids and the same in the fwds with Wingard for smith/steven. I repeat, Yeo is almost 27 and with WC's team, he won't go beyond his 107 peak. There are at least five players who are pushing an easy 120 this year, so why lose a massive (estimated) 15 points for a few dollars. Thats like choosing a noble over a sicily or even witherden. Sorry but merge some of those mids into some proven premos. Just an opinion.

What do you think Wingard can get to? I have him in as a low 80s odd. God those two aline could ruin you. But you have obviously thought this out and are hoping for some massive changes – i simply just dont think they will happen.


In the words of Sir Humphrey Appleby, "that's extremely courageous"

Kelly & Wingard scare me, hope they work out.


A very nice team Barron.

Although to be honest I am not sure about the Grawndy set and forget ruck play in 2020. Enter Tim English. Why not Grundish! That sounds like word with real grunt! Here is my current side community;

DEF: Sicily, Houston, Crisp (God forbid after last year), Docherty, Noble, BZT (Starcevich- E, Gould)

MID: Cripps, T Mitchell, Bontempelli, Coniglio, Mc Cluggage, Rowell, Green, M Pickett (Robertson- E, Rivers, Budarick)

RUC: Grundy (C), English (Comben)

FWD: Whitfield, D Martin, Steven, D Smith, C Taylor, Brander (Georgiades-E, M King)

100 bucks in the bank.

Now it is just a matter of making adjustments when teams drop during the week.

Cheers community! TH


You might be able to afford a 350 pack of dunny paper with that $100 mate, from a local scalper lol
On a more serious note, I like your Grundish Team, nice strong backline, are you picking Crisp because of his 2 marsh tons or do you think his average improves this year?..he seems to fluctuate a bit, up and down, 89 last year, 95 the year before, 82 before that.
Like the McClugg pick too, reckon I'm doing the same, worth a punt I say, he's pretty good.
You'd be stoked if English Bob averages 100 or so this year…the 25 or so point difference from him and Gawn would be easily made up with your extra picks and overall strengthening.


Hey fellas..
What are you guys expecting McCluggage too average over the season, 105ish?
Are you blokes happy enough with that as M8 at the end of the season or will upgrade him…
atm it is cogs V McClugg for my M5 proven player V breakout hopeful.

Love the team by the way TH I like the english and crisp picks & cogs at M4 is interesting.. all the best for the season mate


Hi Mav, yep I'm expecting him to go 105-110 this year, if not, it's not the end of the world, could do worse having him at M8, at least he's young and pretty durable I think.


Don't mind it Barron. Love the Cummings pick, I changed Roberton for him myself just today. Admittedly, it's a wait and see with Giants team. If he is named and Ash and Williams aren't, I'll be worried. But if 2 of them are named I'll back him in. Giants are a great SC team full of pigs.

Don't mind all the premos, but Wingard scares me.

For rookies, I know your a Crows man, but for me Crocker & McAsey haven't done enough for me to justify the elevated price

Good luck!


Hey patch and mo still no show in the happy place.

Code is 439713

Jump in b4 lockout!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ


Made it, phew!


missed out, bugger.
maybe next year


I am running Jacobs at R2…

Should I have petracca F3 or ceglar for the ruck cover not really sold on either option but money’s tights I Could go macpherson but not big on him either… some advice please


If you are running with Jacobs, I think it’s important the extra cash gets you another keeper on another line, almost a like for like.

I used cash to get Sicily.

This means you have no net loss in trades for the year.

I like Petracca as a selection. Looks like he is in the guts. A forward playing midfield is good for SC. There is a chance he could become a keeper. Ceglar there is very little chance. The experiment won’t last at hawthorn, my guess is Round 3 vs Grundy, Clarko would have seen enough.


I tend to agree with Derek on this one. I see a lot of teams with Jacobs or Naismith at R2 also picking Ceglar as 'insurance'. I think this strategy only works if you genuinely see Ceglar as a top6 forward (top8 at best).

Unless you're just playing for leagues. But even still, in a competitive league I wouldn't want to go too long without Grawndy.

Of course, if Naismith/Jacobs average 100+ and play 22 this comment won't age well.

Shake n bake

Pendals quarantine with flu symptoms.